“If we win this, as we should, all bets on the title are back on.
Every chance for the champions to do it again.”

“should be a regulation win.”

“Destroy mode will be back”

“Hoping for a convincing win to 0. Need to stop conceding goals. Hopefully some of our injured players back.”

“With respect to them we should be looking at this to give us a shot in the arm for our goal difference.”

“smash them. Let’s get that goal difference up. 5-0 or more please City.”

“Somehow you just know the Blades will score with their one shot against the run of play. We’ll still win though.”

“No excuses, these are getting relegated! Played with a bit of newly promoted vigour at Branhall Lane as expected and made it tougher than it should have been. But that was then. Reality has set in since that game and they just dont have enough quality in their squad to hurt us often enough.
Can McAtee play against us? I suspect not, not so thats a blow for them from a creative point of view, they don’t have a lot else going forward apart from honest endeavour.
Wilders back so they’ll work like dogs in a rigid 5-4-1 like all poor footballing sides do against us at home Eg Palace.
Should be 3- 0 easily but I’ll take another win no matter how it comes and we might even get to see the return of the “Ginger Prince” towards the end.”

“Based on previous battles with Chris Wilder, expect 5 at the back, an humongous parked bus, and a stressful 1-0 win for City……”

“Another alamo coming up.”

“Now; there’s not any point in talking this lot up. That’d be silly. Let’s be honest, they’re shite. However, as with any opponent, they’re a potential banana skin. Particularly if we go into the game thinking we’ve only got to turn up to win. Go in with the right attitude (respect them, but don’t fear them), and I would be hopeful of a win. 3-1 for us; let’s be honest, we don’t do clean sheets, do we?”

“I’d give Rodri a rest for this one. With all due respect to Sheffield United, if we can’t beat them at home without him, then we’ve got bigger issues.”

“They gave Villa a tough match away, mind you Villa blew a 2 goal lead at the swamp so that is not a good guide.”

“We never smash a Chris Wilder team. Usually very narrow scoreline.”

“Pay attention on Ahmedhodzic.
He is very similar to Stones. Has great passing. Can play that inverted central defender role.”

“He’s suspended. And he’s been awful this season by all accounts.”

“Tierney will do his usual of letting teams be over physically v us and any touch on them will be a free kick. PGMOL have zero shame in sending Hooper back here so soon also”

By Roy

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