Forest Fans Views On Ben Osborn

“a marmite player, some think he is up there with Messi, some think he runs around a lot and not much else.”

“He’s not the greatest player but he’s reliable”

“You can’t deny Benny the chance to play in the prem, but it would be a real shame to lose him, a proper player in the Pearce / Cohen mould, always gave it everything”

“I’d rather Osborn not leave, because I think he’s much better than people give him credit for, but if it’s a choice between the Premier League and a club that’s been nowhere near it for two decades he’d be mad not to grab the chance.”

“I think he’ll do better in the prem than in Champ – really hope he does well at Sheff Utd if he goes – think he needs a refresh”

“Let the lad go and have a taste of the big time. He’ll be missed more than most think. He can be replaced by a continental flair player.But remember this years continental flair player is next years bomb squad”

“I think Sheff Utd’s system probably suits him best. Can play as a wing-back or in their CM as a three.”

“We don’t play a system – if Lamouchi continues his previous systems – that suits Ben. We don’t need a left sided midfielder as we don’t play 433/352 and we don’t need a left sided wingback as we don’t play 352. He isn’t the strongest left back in the team and he isn’t the strongest left winger in the team.
Whereas Wilder does play a 352, which suits Ben to a tee as he can play either in their 2 central mids on the left or as a wingback.
He’s a victim of the style of football we’re playing. He’s good enough to cover any position on the left for us but none of those positions are where I’d say he plays the best football. He could be a backup #10 for us, IMO, but again he’s not been prolific enough in an attacking sense to really push Carvalho for the starting spot.
A massive shame, he will be a success elsewhere but this is the right move for player and for club at this stage in his career if it happens. If not, he continues and maybe he makes one of the positions in our system his own and I eat my words.”

“One of the things that has really warmed me to Osborb over the last few years is how he always shows for the ball regardless of how the game is going”

“Don’t want Ben to go, for various reasons mentioned above, not least of all him being a good footballer who has not been used properly by several managers. As a fan of the lad, however, I want the best for him, and he’ll know what that is”

“1 Osborn’s best position is clearly left side of midfield, with a decent left back behind him. He was most effective when it was like that and has created and scored some good goals when given that rile.
2 Saying that, we have Lolley who is our best left sided attacking midfield player and he creates and scores far more chances because of his direct dribbling, pace and skill.
3 As “one of our own” I would be sad to see him line up against us.
4 We keep bringing in continental show-ponies who haven’t paid off and I would pick Osborn ahead of all of them bar Carvalho.”

“We’ve had 6 or so years with Ben now, and IMO we’ll see what he could have been given prolongued time under a good manager like Wilder (of which IMO we have had several here)”

“there’s a reason Wilder wants him for a Prem fight and those who think we easily can do better need a dose of reality.”

“If Wilder can get something out of average players like McGoldrick and Leon Clarke, Benny should absolutely smash it at Sheffield United.”

“Wilder will now show everyone what a great player Benny is, and how we’ve wasted another opportunity with another player simply through the club being in a constant state of flux, and not embracing our own.”

“I reckon Ben will do a good job for Sheffield United as well, he will suit them well and Wilder is a good manager,”

“Every manager in Benny’s career have him as one of the first names on the team sheet, he regularly gets raves reviews from people inside football and gets regular premier league interest.
Not good enough to get into the side now we have signed players that literally nobody on here has ever seen play and valued at £1-2 million.”

“Benny gives 100% every game and buzzes around the opposition which is another reason for inclusion, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s because he is an outstanding footballer.
He’s an average footballer that works extremely hard”

“Average at best. Just runs a lot”

“Average championship player. Likes to do a lot of Cruyff turns and can float a ball onto a defenders head with his crosses. Oh yea he is a superstar because he works hard, gives 100% and scored against Derby.”

“shit. cruyff turns. loses the ball. can’t pass. works hard. (because he’s bad technically) shit. runs around a lot. and shit. “

“When I watch Ben Osborn on the ball sometimes and he looks like an 11 year old dribbling I just can’t excuse it”

“he’s been a mainstay in a team that’s achieved nothing. I’m not sure he’s even stood out.
If he aint the problem, then you have to build around him, where do you put him? he hasn’t even nailed down a position.”

“We have invested alot of time & money in the player, but can anyone say he’s found a position & made it his own?”

“He is an excellent pro who always gives 100% but his problem is he’s a great player to have on the bench. He’s great cover for a variety of positions but a master of none. So far. Good luck to him. He’ll be better off warming Sheff Utd’s bench for a season in the EPL rather than whatever happens here”

“Best as a CM in a 3 but not seen him there for a while, I’d take the money and wish him well to be honest, looks a deal that’s good for all parties.”

“Osborn’s best position I’ve seen him play is LWB. Too small and easily beat for LB, too slow and no trickery for LM.LWB can utilise his energy and fairly decent delivery.”

“Last season was comfortably the worst Osborn’s had since becoming a squad regular.
Ideally we’d keep him around because of what he offers but 5 seasons in, I still couldn’t tell you where I’d play him. LWB probably suits him the most but there’s no guarantee we’ll play that system with any regularity.”

“Why does he need to have made a position his own?
He’s been moved around mostly due to the clubs sketchy recruitment in certain positions, that’s not his fault. If anything it tells you he is good in 2 or 3 positions. It’s not done James Milner’s career any harm.”

“Hope they play him at left back. Will be a laugh”

“Wing-back is his best position IMO, not sure if we will be using wing-backs under Lamouchi though. Still can do a reasonable job in midfield, I prefer him to Yates, Yacob and Guedioura anyhow.
I hope he stays, but Sheffield United would be a very good move for him I reckon. Wilder knows his stuff and will utilise him properly rather than have the poor bloke playing left back every season.”

“Wilder need players to run through walls ? Ben will do it , then again and again and again . He’s a marmite player at the CG , me ? Rate him .”

“Most of the divvy forest fans who hate him is due to fact to him and families ly supporting derby”

“I was talking to one of the Sheff Utd coaches on Saturday. His view was that this season was a free hit. They were looking at signing decent top Championship quality players, staying relatively sensible with transfers, and not taking too many financial risks. With the knowledge that survival would be the ultimate bonus, and even if the worst were to happen, they’d have a balanced squad ready-made to hopefully bounce back, all the better for the parachute payments for a couple of years. Sounded sensible to me.”

“What are Sheffield United playing at? Are they actively trying to beat Derby’s record?”

“Sheff Utd are the scum of the earth”

View From Chesterfield

“Sheffield United showed their Premier League quality tonight but it’s nothing for Chesterfield fans to worry about.”

“Friendlies aren’t for the fans in my opinion, they are for the players to get up to speed, they don’t really prove to much on how a seasons going to pan out, know one ever got promoted or relegated winning friendlies. I would sooner have a couple of beers than watch them to be honest, an save the energy, tears an stress levels for when the season gets going.”

“Good work out, nothing more nothing less. Wholesale changes second half, development squad players getting a run out whilst they bring on million pound players. No comparison. Anyone who gets depressed by the result wants their head looking at.”

“I accept your point but still found it increasingly depressing with every second half minute, good for the finances but nothing else”

“humiliation on and off the field as expected”

“Total humiliation”

“Friendly or not depressing. We are miles off. If nothing else shows the size of the task. Embarrassing”

“Yep, that’s right we’ll be playing the premier standard of Sheffield United week in week out”

“One of their players cost more than our clubs worth, that should put some perspective on it.”

“The difference in these sides in comparison to where both were five years ago is frightening. Spireites were arguably a better team then. Blades a class above in every single area now. Easy in the end for United.”

“We need players to beat National League teams at the current time, not Premier League teams. I know it sticks in the throat that we were on a par with the Blunts 4 short years ago & now there is a massive gulf but it really is irrelevant to our current plight. Sheridan is putting together a team I think will challenge so throwing toys out of the pram after tonight really isn’t necessary. Like I say, it still rankles but let’s keep our eyes on what’s immediately in fro nt of us, The National League & winning it.”

“Is now a bad time to remind ourselves Wilder was seriously linked with our job?
But if memory serves our owner went for some Welsh bloke instead.”

“I’m all for taking the urine out of both Sheffield clubs when they’re scrapping with us in the upper echelons of L1
But show some grace, they have done remarkably well to reach the PL, on much much smaller budget than their rivals
Fair play to them, we could learn something from them, they’ve achieved due to work ethic, team spirit and stability”

“Don’t be surprised if United surprise a few during next season….Billy Sharp is a class goal scorer, he’ll still bang a few in next season.
Obviously making loads of substitutions doesn’t help the flow, so second half United were bound to take advantage…still positives to take from the game versus a premier league with a strong lineup”

“Seems main defensive tactic tonight was don’t mark Billy Sharp!”

“Let’s be honest, Billy Sharp is light years ahead of any of our defenders.”

“Defenders at our level wouldn’t stop Billy Sharp if he played with a ball and chain on his ankles – no comparison.”

“Defenders at our level would get outpaced by the ball n chain lol”

“I didn’t go tonight, but I can’t believe the fuss being made on here. Nobody in possession of their senses could have expected any other outcome when a NL team faces a Premier League team. A striker like Sharp is going to walk over a National League defence every time”

“if you think that a pre season game against a Premiership side proves anything, and you shout out things like ‘close them down’ or ‘play it out’ – you probably drink bath water. Don’t know what lowered the IQ more, the ‘meet me at Mcdonalds’ kids who’d never been to a game and left when we were losing to a Premiership team – or the dee daah bellends who raved whilst offering out fans in a pre season game ”

Bournemouth Fans Views On Lys Mousset

“£10million seems a good deal with less than a year left on his contract.”

“He’s a talented lad but flattered to deceive in my opinion. Good deal for us I say!”

“Hopefully we’ll get a buy back clause
Just in case!”

“I’m a bit sad about this one, would like to have seen him play more. Am concerned he’s no worse than Solanke on evidence so far. Happy for time to show otherwise!”

“Undoubted talent but flattered to deceive in his time with us.”

“he’s always had talent and I saw more in Lys than I’ve seen in Jordon (Ibe) IMHO. Wish him well and recognise there’s a chance he could really come good in the right setup.”

“An absolute wildcard, heck of a shot on him.
From the bench he’s a game change as so unpredictable…but has never changed a game successfully.”

“He never really did enough to be considered an established PL striker, so like us Sheffield are having to take a punt on him maybe realising some untapped potential in the future. Don’t think Lys has the stats to justify a higher price. His development here may have been hampered by a lack of game time so maybe Sheffield will get a bit more out of him. Will be interesting to observe.”

“Sad to see Mousset leave but probably best all round – fee will be interesting. Clearly talented but mercurial and inconsistent and I wonder if he will ever put it all together to realise that talent.”

“Can be a handful”

“All the attributes are there, he just needs goals, and that will come with confidence”

“Was our most improved player last season”

“Mousset had just 1200 mins as a bit player over 3 seasons. Hardly had a run to get going because Wilson King and Afobe kept him out.”

“A run of games would do him the world of good”

“A run of games is what he needs, never going to get that with us. I think there is a decent player in there and wish him well”

“Bitter sweet really. Can’t say no to the money, but he always shows a lot of raw potential and can be exciting, but similar to Ibe there’s always a lack of end product. He’s 23 now so there’s still time, but the clock has definitely started ticking.”

“actually think Lys did OK in the PL for us. Certainly in the 17/18 season when he was probably the best Plan B option we’ve ever had. A few things I think let him down:
His performances in cups left a lot to be desired. Same for a lot of our fringe players but especially Lys.
He seemed to enjoy the footballer lifestyle more than actually being a footballer. Not likely to impress Eddie
Again another speculative point but Eddie has often suggested he gets frustrated by certain players who don’t take on board his coaching. Possibly Lys was one of the culprits This move could either make or break him. Sheffield is a much different place to Bournemouth. I’m sure Wilder will have made clear he needs to knuckle down. If he does that he could do very well.”

“By some accounts Mousset is most talented player in training. We haven’t seen that on the pitch yet but there’s plenty of evidence in French U21s”

“It’s all good having talent in training. Theres been no time when they’ve made the most of it in the games”

“mousset is still raw, but we can’t carry raw potential.”

“Thought mousset was a good prospect to start with but changed my mind now. Has anyone else noticed he never seems very professional in the warmups . Always joking and messing around .Needs to concentrate on the job in hand”

“he seems to like the lifestyle of a footballer as opposed to actually being a footballer”

“Think Lys is the kind of player that can be both brilliant and terrible in the space of five minutes. We all urged him to reach his potential, I am not sure it would ever have happened and that’s what Eddie thinks too, apparently. Solanke is several levels above him, pretty convinced on that. We read that Solanke was bought in January unexpectedly early when he became available….so I assume now it was always the plan to bring him in and let Lys go.
Not sure I ever saw Lys come on and think….great….we”ll get back into the game now! But seems a nice lad, he does have talent, I wish him well and hope his lightbulb moment doesn’t come against us!”

“great potential but gets brain freeze when deciding whether to run, cross or shoot and ends up doing neither and losing the ball”

“League goals per season: 0, 2, 1.
From a forward…….
yes we can all point to limited minutes etc etc but the numbers just don’t stack up. Rantie4 had better stats……. I like watching Lys and think he’s a funny guy, he’s batshit mad crazy when he comes on even he doesn’t know what his body is going to do next but with those numbers you’re sort of admitting that you’re bringing on a forward to not do the thing that a forward is meant to do.”

“It will be fascinating to see how he does with a run of games .Some players are just not meant to be intact subs .We could have lost a gem ,we could have cashed in at the right time …personally I think Championship standard which hopefully he will be when United pick up one of those relegation spots “

“Wait… did we just basically swap Mousset for Brooks?”

“How much we paying them to take him”

“He plays one nice pass a match. No striker sense at all. As in zero”

“Will never be at the level required”

“£10m for that crap”

“Possible sum of over £35m for Mings and Mousset is unbelievable shithousery”

“After wasting money on players in past seasons its good to see Blake pulling others pants down on players. I’d have taken 15 for both”

“They’ll be testing Neill Blake for performance enhancing substances after this window. £36m for Mings and Mousset. What a summer that geezer is having”

“Game Week 1: Mousset scores last minute winner

Game Week 2: Mings scores last minute winner”

View From Burton

“Good win against a premier league team.”

“Encouraging performance”

“An impressive win”

“I thought United could have been out of sight in the first half.
Post and bar and bad finishing.
Second half top they had lots of chances but woeful finishing and great defending.
Great goal to win it.”

“Good workout against strong opposition where for large parts it was a backs to the wall job. Nice to get the winner at the end with all the young lads on and Marcus’s goal was an absolute stunner and even drew applause from the away end.”

“It’s a shame that a brilliant goal like that doesn’t mean anything.”

“Sheff Utd put out what seemed a full strength Prem side. We looked weak on paper; no Collins, no Fadz, no Allen plus Quinn and Fox out injured. They started really brightly moving the ball sharply all across the park and it was no surprise they went ahead. Sharp and McGoldrick looked a real handful up front. Somehow we clawed our way into the game and although Sheff Utd were clearly the better side, we got the result and for a friendly it wasn’t a bad game. Not sure you can deduce much from the game. Not sure it helps our cause playing a full strength Prem side. 1900 there mainly from Sheffield. “

“ Much of the time saw Albion’s players sticking to their defensive duties to withstand waves of Blades pressure.”

“ Clough may well have uncovered a gem in Richard Nartey. He was excellent tonight after a cagey start, understandbale when they had the powerhouses of Billy Sharp and David McGoldrick up front.”

“ Very enjoyable game at the Pirelli tonight, a 2-1 win for the Brewers, but a great work out against a very good team”

“ Best wishes to them in The Premier League next season”

“ You’re always gonna slip on the occasional greasy chip butty”

Views On Ravel Morrison

Views From Fans Of Östersund

“This player had a lot of potential but chose to be a badboy”

“Can be really good I think. I am a little split to. Dows well sometimes, but is not in shape yet can not be judged 100%”

“Morrison is not written off, so we have to give a little credit to our current management staff.”

“Morrison is calm defensively”

“I would have liked to have seen him start more”

“he does not seem to be fit”

“The plan with Morrison was to get him in shape for the championship”

“He will get into the Jamiaca squad soon. I wish him well”

“Its been a pleasure having him”

Views From Fans Of Atlas

“Ravel Morrison was transformed from attacking midfielder, to deeper-lying, “number 8”

“ he was mostly a deeper lying playmaker, which was interesting, and worked well.”

“I know why Rio Ferdinand would pay to watch him train”

“I love him”

“I thought he did pretty fair at Atlas, should have stayed longer.”

“Wish he had stayed”

“had a decent season”

“Ravel Morrison is a very skillful player that has no idea how to play soccer!”

Views From Fans Of QPR

“adel taarabt and ravel morrison‘s careers man .. what absolute waste of talents”

“First time around at QPR he had some brilliant games. Second time around he never seemed fit or trying very hard and rumours around the ground were that he rarely turned up for training, let alone on time. “

“Think you’ve got to look at the manager, when we had Ravel, ‘Arry had a different dressing room. I would of loved to see him back. “

“Well I’d rather watch a Taarabt or Morrison over Smith or a Mackie-type. “

“Was sent back to Lazio for not turning up for training, more than once. Wasted talent.”

“The clock on Ravel Morrison’s career is ticking”

“Thanks god we did not sign Morrison permanetly”

“He’s a bad egg”

“I’d love him back”

View From Fans Of Birmingham

“I wish we could get him back”

“I would love him back at Blues”

“He’s the type of player we’ve been missing!”

I’d take him back all day long”

“One can only dream. He’d be the missing piece I really think so”

“Feel like shit, just want Ravel back”

“Got quality, but I question his attitude.”

“He is a waste of space. Why do people keep banging in about old players. He did very little then and even less since.”

View From Fans Of West Ham

“Can’t believe he was forced out of West Ham. They should have built the whole team around him.”

“Built a team around a player who ended up at Östersunds FK? His attitude never matched his talent – and that’s why his spell at West Ham ended the same way it ended at every other club he’s played for. “

“Genuinely believe he had that much talent. He was running games in an essentially crap West Ham side. Then the contract happened. Stopped a player flourishing.”

“Morrison’s failures was of his own doing. He’s got nobody to blame but himself. “

“Too bad it didn’t work out, he was one hell of a talent.”

“Wish it had worked out at West Ham, he was ace at times”

“Very very talented but also an utter idiot and pissed his talent down the toilet”

View From Real Betis

“Good game, but as long as there’s no striker in the team, we’re still with last year’s deficiency.”

“We didn’t deserve to lose, the referee couldn’t be more bad. We had two good chances and I don’t know how the other team stopped them “

“Disappointed but not surprised.”

“If you missed the game…. you didn’t miss a thing… don’t bother to see it… hurting the eyes”

“up to the miniture 30 or by there not a shot at the door basically the same as last year with pre-season match level

“Inept , sign someone at once”

“What a bunch of inepts”

“Shame even in pre-season losing to newly promoted team”

“we don’t applaud like seals in a circus like it was a great with a newly promoted English team.”

“We conceded to a menu name from McDonald’s”

“Let the pessimistic, fatalist comments begin and messing with players who wear our jersey, it’s a season first game. For me we can lose all pre-season games and win the league. I will stay calm”

“Can you really draw conclusions and say the barbarities you’re saying for losing this game? The team hasn’t been training for two weeks and a new coach. Let’s put her on the ground for God’s sake. “

“This is pre-season, negative people who criticize the minimum, to suck them”

“some go dramatic . A week of training, half-gas match, 45 minutes with quarries and players out. “

“Betis will be a good team to watch this season .. Dark horse for champions league place if they add the right players”

“hope it’s a good year for Sheffield. “

“Good luck to them in The Premier League”

Preston Fans Views On Callum Robinson

“Firstly I think we should all say thank you to Calum for providing us with his talents for a number of years, the lad comes across from a distance as a decent sort of lad…. hopefully he will do well and go on and prove himself as a prem player. Could anybody not allow him this chance to firstly prove himself at a better level and make himself rich at the same time? I would suggest that deep down they are kidding themselves….. every club in the land at what stage or other has had to sell!”

“Best of luck to CR 7. Top lad. Good player.”

“Huge loss.”

“what a massive loss. Nothing against Robinson either follow your dreams pal”

“Cant blame him for going and cant begrudge the lad he has been excellent for us!”

“Good luck to him, think he’ll do really well”

“Terrible news for us. Undoubtedly a class player now who has started to show his potential.”

“progressed year after year and gave us your all. You deserve your chance at the prem big man!”

“been terrific for us, good luck for the future. Top pro”

“Anything less thsn £10m in this hyperinflated market would be hugely disappointing and I’d want more like £15m. “

“I couldn’t believe how Callum had bulked up last season and was far stronger on the ball. Good luck to the lad, I say, as it’s a short career. Make what you can and thanks for your efforts.”

“christ we got £10m for Hugill and Callum is a much better player imo …bit disappointing with all the recent guff that we are no longer a selling club ! off for a pint now to commiserate and we are still in pre season and we have lost our highest scorer from last season …it was beginning to look promising too”

“Leading scorer last season and a young, current international. 12 months to go or not, anything south of £10M is cheap in the current climate.”

“James went to Man Utd for £18m with 12 months left. He isnt worth £10m more than Robbo”

“I agree entirely, but James is younger than Robbo (not by much but still younger), United are morons when it comes to signings (they overpay constantly these days) and James became a high-profile sensation overnight with that goal where he ran half the pitch in the FA Cup. As a player, nowhere near Robinson. Just some added context meant he went for more.”

“I hate the amount we are getting for robinson.. Its an absolute joke but is it mainly because we know he’s worth more.”

“They’ve robbed us”

“Whoever he ends up playing for, either in the near future or further down the line, whether that be us or another club are very lucky to have him and have a genuinely quality player on their hands.”

“28 appearences 13 goals and he was out for half the season ffs”

“I dont think anyone would begrudge Robbo the move. He has earned the right to play in the Premiership and gave his all everytime he pulled on the shirt.”

“For me he looks like a top top Championship player which at the right club could impress in the Prem. If that’s Sheff Utd then we’ll soon find out. Good luck to him, it’s hard to deny a player a move to the Premier League, just think that £8M feels low.

“Not saying I’m surprised… but that’s ruined my day!”

“I like CR & I don’t think anyone can begrudge the lad a shot at the Premiership. However he needs to look at what happened to Cunningham who hardly got a game & is now back in our division albeit with a lot more money in his bank account. Sheff U will be in for a long hard season but good luck to him. “

“I hope we have a good sell on fee for when they are relegated”

“I don’t think it’s that big of a loss. He’s ok in this league, but he can be muscled out of the game too easily. Remember how good he was at Bristol City. I can’t see him doing it in the Prem, another JH.”

“Did you attend a single game last season? if you did, then you will know that post is a massive, steaming pile of horse shit. What has Bristol City got to do with anything, he hasn’t been muscled off the ball for ages and he’s clearly more than ok.”

“I’m surprised he thinks that Sheff Utd is the best premiership move, unless its the only one on the table. Might have been better sitting it out for this year, having a good season, and hoping a more established Prem team comes in for him. He’ll probably be back in the championship next year, and back on championship wages.”

“Probably the second name entered on the PNE team sheet. Can’t head, cant tackle and will just be a squad player in the Prem. “

“I would suggest most left wingers have weaknesses with their heading and tackling. Not exactly what they’re their to do. “

“He’s not a conventional winger. More a wide striker. We’ve played him as part of a front 3 mostly. He can play either side. Works hard and tracks back these days which wasnt always the case. He will provide goals and assists. Really improved his all round game in the last 2 years”

“shame but no surprise and 8mil is pretty good money for a player with 12 months left and been injured for half the season. hes also failed to perform anywhere but with us, sheff u are taking a fair risk too. “

“Won’t hit double figures in the Prem IMO…….didn’t miss him during his injury”

“Fucking bin Laden from the grave to terrorise Preston.”

“That’s me on the shots of bleach tonight.”

“Suicide rate in Preston just increased to 100%”

Everton Fans Views On Phil Jagielka

“Made up for him. Such a pro deserves to return there and he’ll put a shift in. As a player and end to a career he can’t lose with that”

“Great move for him and for the Blades. I think he still has loads to offer and especially for them as a newly promoted club. Will really miss him but hopefully he will be back at the club one day in some capacity.”

“Good luck skipper… Fantastic service to our club… We will welcome him very warmly”

“Will get the biggest roar at Goodison for a visiting player ever!! “I wish him all the best, got a feeling he will have a brilliant season just to show us up.”

“I miss him already”

“Jags can still do a job”

“Great signing for both of them”

“A great move for him and I wish him all the best.”

“Perfect move for him”

“Jags was proper, proper boss for us.”

“He got in the team in his latter years because even at half pace he was still a better defender than anyone we bought. In his peak he pissed over nearly every centreback in the league.”

“He’d be the best CB for the next 4 years at least if he went north of the boarder.”

“I love Jags, was a superb centre half for us and was still our best defender in his last real run under BFS. I wish him nothing but the best”

“Typical dogs of war defender and was very good at it. Was poor in possession though and I think that was the reason we never won anything in those times. Not his fault, we just didn’t have a ball playing centre half next to him. Wish him all the best. Will do a great job for a team coming up to the Prem.”

“Absolutely made up for him, will be a great signing for Sheffield Utd. Top pro, top fella and I hope he doesn’t take it personally when Bernard dummies him 27 times in the first half hour of a match.”

“Bottom 6 of the PL and top half of the Championship. That’s the top end of his abilities.”

“expecting sheff utd to spinelessly get relegated with jellyfish jags in the squad”

“I’ll never understand why promoted clubs think they’ll do well by buying busted flush hasbeens. It’s little wonder they usually go straight back down. I’d be a bit annoyed if I was one of their youngsters pushing through, with 37 year-old Jagielka coming in. I don’t understand is why Sheffield United think this is good for them. “

“Good luck to him. This move should’ve come 3 years ago though.”

“We outgrew Jagileka in about 2014/15. It’s a disgrace he was allowed to stay on beyond that, and it underlines how piss poor we’ve become – accepting players like him as ‘being good enough’.”

“I actually feel sorry for Sheffield United.”

“He was not a great player or a great captain.He had no leadership qualities whatsoever.”

“you give us 10+ good years mate but fck off now”

QPR Fans Views On Luke Freeman

“Hes our best player, terrific energy, skill. Gets you out of your seat if played at CAM. 6m and hes a bargain”

“Easy good enough for The Premiership and then some on his day he will twist defenders up and make them dizzy”

“Top player, tricky feet, brilliant crosser, can play in the middle or out wide, works hard in defence! Best midfielder we’ve had since taarabt, 4 mil would be an absolute steal”

“Our best player by a country mile ”

“why cant we just keep him, warburton seems to want to work with him, reckon he’ll be wasted at sheff utd……another smithies/Austin.
if he has a good season, his value will go up, and a bigger club will come in for him with more money……keep him.”

“got to be worth 6/7 million , look at some of players going for more and they’re no better than him , also he has a good attitude”

“4 million for Freeman will be an absolute steal. If that’s what we can only get for him than keep him. He’s by far our best player and can keep the club floating in the Championship”

“Great player, has the ability. Good enough for the prem just don’t expect too much of him, the premier league is just different gravy altogether”

“He looked at ease when playing Watford in the FA cup, was beating players for fun.”

“His form faded so badly towards end of season ,but it would still be very disappointing to lose our only quality player for just £4 million”

“Freeman has shown he is a very good player, and I for one would be disappointed to see him go for anything less than 5 million”

“Good feet, good dead ball delivery; not a team player and much overrated by QPR fans.”

“He looks okay in a ropey bottom of the division side but you’re all living in LaLa land if you think anyone would pay £8+Million for Freeman. I’d be staggered if any Prem team bought Luke given how slow he is….. suppose you could argue Blades are just lodging in Prem for a season and already building their 2020/21 squad for Championship so hence their interest.”

“Freeman is a good player but if you are not a QPR fan then this is a player who struggled to get into a good Bristol City side and hasn’t finished above 16th since joining QPR, if we get 6 million for him we’ve done well imo.Any scout who watched him in the last 10 games of last season wouldn’t be recommending him.”

“thought he was poor after that Leeds game and did very little which came at a bad time for him if he wants a move”

“For whatever reason, he certainly went seriously downhill after the Leeds game for the rest of the season.”

“he was absolutely shagged. He’d been carrying the fcking team for 2.5 years had for several months been asked/forced/volunteered to play through a hip injury. That Leeds game came after one of his rare missed games at Boro – no coincidence.”

“Was hoping they would throw mark duffy in the deal”

“Losing Freeman is a huge blow, especially for such a pathetic amount of money, poor form from Sheffield United for exploiting our financial frailties”

“Sheff Utd gonna have a name change themselves at this rate, Sheff R’s
Ravel is training with them too”

“Freeman is good but, at this stage in his career, he’s probably not Premiership material which is why he’s being considered by top end Championship sides (I consider Sheff Utd that)”

“Hope he enjoys his season in the Prem and gets a few games ,nailed on for relegation but a good bit of cash in back pocket then look for new club next year , not really a great football move for him “

” And another year of toiling away in the lower reaches of the Championship would be ? I’m pleased for him. He’s been brilliant for us and has earned his chance to play at the top level. “

“Sheff Utd must be nailed on to come straight back down…”

“i think sheff utd will stay up,think villa will implode”

Bournemouth Fans Reaction To The Opening Day

“Great start”

“David Brooks versus his old team, opening day. “

“The Davey Brooks derby to start the season, let’s go!”

“I feel a bit for Sheffield United because their big opening day is in a tiny away end so loads will miss out. Having said that Sheffield Wednesday won us the Championship so f*ck ’em.”

“1100 away allocation”

“Nice home game to start the season. Sheff utd will be thinking it’s a winnable game and it’ll be nice to burst their bubble early.”

“Must be happy with that start”

“Think Sheff Utd may be one to go, hope there are two more worse than us.”

“Cardiff, Aston Villa & WBA the first match curse……………….What happened to those clubs at the end of the season?”

“Just to clarify for any visiting blades fan… Other than Man Utd, every club who has played AFCB on the first game of a Premier League season has ended up being relegated. Have a lovely day”

“First 2 matches, 6 points. There’s no other way.”

“Trickier first 6 games than last season. Being Villa’s first home oppo back in #EPL looks slippery”

“Newly promoted teams at the start, a terrible run in – it’s not great. Absolutely vital we don’t mess about against the bottom half clubs or down tools after Christmas this season!”

“Let’s be honest not the real fixture list tho as sky and bt will shaft fans by changing dates and kick off times to suit them no thought for fans planning on going to games especially away all about money nowadays”

“Anyone remember going Sheff U away first game when we went up to..? old div 2? (wow I can’t remember now lol)…getting on for 30 years ago”

“Our history against Sheffield United: Played: 15, Won: 1, Drawn: 4, Lost: 10. But that famous win in 1987 was so fucking sweet man”