View From Brighton

“That’s no wins and just 2 goals scored against the bottom 3 this season. Even by our standards that’s genuinely embarrassing.”

“Disgraceful performance and such a predictable result as the game went on. West Brom away over again.
Do not recognise that side from the one that played against Chelsea. Unforgiveable decline in preformance, we have a highly talented but mentally weak squad of players.”

“What a pathetic performance”

“What do I tell my 7 year old lad tomorrow? Shocking tonight”

“Potter should come on and apologise for that.”

“They were crap
Were were crapper”

“Sheff Utd were fighting hard, not to stay up of course, but to prove themselves.”

“I agree about relegation being finalised released Sheff Utd and they played like preparation for next season.
2nd half flattered us because they sat deep. Yeah, you can say we looked decent because we had possession and knocked it around well, but how many chances, I mean good chances did we create? Maybe the woeful Maupay miss the best of them”

“Fair play to SU in that they defended very well second half although we need plan B when teams defend deep.”

“We didn’t really deserve anything”

“they nullified us the same way we did Chelsea.”

“Tactically and physically dominated there, I’m afraid to say. Lots of niggly little fouls by the Blades, high intensity and not letting us play.”

” I have to say, there was a certain predictable quality to that second half. We couldn’t have been much worse than the first half, against what was a spirited but technically team of grafters.
Tactically, I was astonished that the tweaks made were so minor, until the first substitutions. It was painfully obvious that the Blades had our number. It was eerily reminiscent of us under Hughton playing against the big sides; we’d occasionally snatch a win under almost identical circumstances.”

“As expected, no idea how to break down a defensive team, Potter, our tactical genius has no clue how to play any team that doesn’t leave spavce behind them.
We will never be top ten without an ability to shift and change tactics, something which under GP we are incapable of. “

” SU did the same to us tonight as they did at The Amex. We simply cannot play against the bus parkers”

“Bissouma was superb and, aside from perhaps John Egan the best player in the pitch”

“McGoldrick looked like prime Muzza, owning our entire defence as a target man”

“Can we sing McGoldrick for next season please, he always scores against us.”

“On paper, yes, we had chances, but if you watched the match, those stats flatter to deceive.”

“Of our 17 shots, only 4 were on target, do you recall Ramsdale making any particularly great saves? Having lots of awful shots doesn’t really equate to creating loads of chances. “

“24% of Sheffield United’s points this season have come courtesy of us”

“Being beaten again by one of the teams we rely on being worse than us. Pathetic. “

“Four points dropped against WBA and Sheffield United, how is that even possible with the players we have?”

“Any poster who says we dropped three points can never moan about #teamslikebrighton again.”


“If we don’t think we can get 3 points against a team that had 14 points all season we may as well give up!”

“We don’t deserve to be in this league if Sheffield Utd can do the double on us”

“I would have been happy with a draw, because Sheff Utd aren’t as bad as their points tally suggests.”

“I couldn’t see them scoring against our recently impressive defence, but knew we would struggle against a well organised defence.
Gifting them a goal was typical of us.
They weren’t going to score without it.
But equally we really didn’t look like scoring either. “

“Maupay isn’t good enough for this level”

“Maupay doesn’t like a pass behind him, in front of him, too fast, too slow, etc etc”

“The problem with Brighton is they always try to walk it in”

Pre-Match View From Brighton

“These are the games we struggle with sadly. Something GP and the boys will need to resolve next season.
Unquestionably if we play to our best we could turn them over Newcastle levels.”

“I know we should win by a country mile but we’re the Albion – it’s never that easy is it?”

“We have an almost innate ability to find a way to not win these games “

“They aren’t a terrible side really and we struggle against the lower rated teams.
They are relegated and will be playing freely.
Suspect we will stand a better chance of beating West Ham and Leeds.
I would be disappointed losing to them, but would happily take a point. “

“I don’t think for one minute the Sheff Utd games is going to be a walk in the park. This one could go either way so for that reason…..”

“It won’t be easy as the Blades can now relax knowing that however they play, they are gone. Relegated sides usually pick up strange results.”

“I think we will be looking to be tight at Sheff United and certainly not lose the point we start with. Our record against the lower sides (excepting Newcastle) is pretty dire.”

“Got 0 – 0 written all over it. “

“Can’t see us going a third game without scoring but only a 1-1 draw for me.”

“I would happily take a point at Sheff U.
I think it will be a very difficult game for us , we have struggled against them in our previous 3 prem games against them. I think they will be out to prove a point after getting relegated and have nothing to play for but pride – a very dangerous animal.”

“We should be beating teams like Sheffield United !
But that’s not the Brighton way ….
Expect us to lose to them but then pick up 3 points by drawing our next 3 games: Leeds, Wolves & West Ham”

“Settling for a point against an already-relegated side with nothing to play for other than pride wouldn’t be great.”

“At this stage of the season I am not turning down any point, we can draw our way to safety.
That said let’s just flipping win, we are better than them.”

“If Sheffield play like the other bottom half sides against us, let us have the ball up to the final third, pack the box with tall defenders, then a 0-0 draw.
If, because they have been relegated already they come out and play attacking football against us, it could be a 0-3,or 0-4 rout. I’m hoping they decide to go out in a blaze of glory, and attack us, as we’re so much better against that. “

“The reason that weve performed so badly against the bottom half sides is that they tend to sit back and defend and we struggle to break them down. Sheffield Utd have no real reason to do that now.”

“It’s about time we gave someone a spanking.”

“We should go there and absolutely kick the stuffing out of them”.

“Time for the team to absolutely destroy them….
Anything other than 3 points will be an utter disappointment. “

“I’m confident that we will win.”

“I just feel like the team is now playing without fear and I’m thinking we’re gonna ‘ave em’ “

“Expecting Sheffield to play with more freedom and leave some gaps at the back as a result that we can exploit”

“think they are down now and will likely play more squad players ready for next season”

“Blades players won’t be risking much, none will want to pick up injuries especially those looking for other PL moves in the summer.”

“Sheffield. My last away day. Sheffield Tap, Devonshire Cat & the Triple Point Brewery. Unquestionably one of the best away days ever for pub/ale selection.
This weekend sat indoors drinking Aldi American IPA. Sad.”

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View From Wolves

“A win but God awful.”

“I’ll take the three points, but that was an absolutely dreadful performance yet again.”

“Awful match but 3 points against a bottom of the table team who were probably better than us!”

“That was a football match, with two halves. I have little more to say”

“Aside from a nice move for the goal, it’s a pretty disappointing effort against the worst team in the league. Yes we have injuries to key players but we still have enough talent on field to cause them more problems than we did.
However, it’s a win, a clean sheet and we relegated Sheff Utd”

“Turgid, boring, dull, pragmatic.
We won.
Football at its lowest point for entertainment and I include Pulisball in that.

“Another yawnfest. I barely watched really, much like the end of the Jackett era, just turning up (in this case putting it on TV) because that’s what you do.
Covid permitting I’ll be there again next year home most most aways, but realistically if it wasn’t basically a religion why would you”

“Without big changes, we will be in the relegation battle next season.”

“Awful game of football between two poor teams. Consolation is we won and there’s only six more games to go.”

“The lack of fans is just making this all dull as dishwater now.
As for the match, I’m just glad it’s over.”

“Seriously what has happened to us? Win yes, bloody awful performance once again.
Need a massive overhaul or we‘ ll be doing a Sheff U next season.”

“Much like the Fulham game, no point in pretending we did well, did we do enough to win the game though, probably yes. They offered practically nothing (as you might expect from a team rooted to the bottom with their goalscoring record), wish the comms would have shut up about them “deserving” something, on what basis? We know where we are, play three centre halves and we’re broadly speaking very hard to score against but create very little ourselves, a back four and it’s like a basketball game.”

“Despite offering them encouragement SU could have played until midnight and not scored. Possibly the most unmemorable game under Nuno.”

“Boring game. If Sheffield had any decent quality upfront they might have got a goal.”

“Awful. Watching Wolves this season is not an enjoyable experience at all. Our games have generally been terrible entertainment. And that is because of the way we play. Its horrible. If we start next season playing like this then Nuno will not be getting any sentimental goodwill from many fans. We are horrible.”

“I’m conflicted on the one hand I hate this season, think it’s a facsimile of real football, we were without 4 of our best 11, we aren’t going down and we won.
All that said, I’m concerned by Nuno, the negative approach against a side with zero confidence isn’t acceptable and it’s a consistent tactic. If I could change one thing about him it’s that, there is no reason to feel your way into games like tonight. 4231 is too gung ho, 343 too conservative. I don’t know why he can’t get the balance right in either”

“Thought McGoldrick looked OK.
Who should we have? Willian Jose for £20m or McGoldrick for circe £2m?”

“Going off the scale used for a and b options, c would be Leon for 200k”

“We won, not a good performance though, my god we missed Neves. Three points though, so lets not be dispondent.”

“GUYS, GUYS…. we beat them! they’re tied for earliest relegation of all time, but at least they didn’t do the double over us like the almighty huddersfield. “

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Pre-Match View From Wolves

“Every logic says we should win even with our injuries. But we said this v Albion in January.”

“With our injuries too could be a long 90 mins against the blades they won’t want to be relegated Saturday evening”

“This looks an awful fixture to have now with our injuries. Good job we are pretty safe.”

“Anyone actually confident we will beat Sheff Utd this would just be typical of Wolves…..”

“I can see us losing anyway typical Wolves fashion”

“you just know with the pressure off they will play like Man City…”

“Sheff Utd are broken, lost 5 on the bounce and every game since they sacked Wilder. Score first and it’ll be a comfortable night. Our only danger is players going through the motions like Southampton yesterday. It’s one of the reasons I’d play guys with something to prove”

“Now we are pretty much safe and with blades down you would think some of the squad players might start”

“If we can’t play some younger players against these – who are effectively relegated – at home in essentially a dead rubber then we’ll never play them.”

“I don’t see us going to a back three for this one, we’re playing one of the worst PL teams ever. They’ve lost eight of their last nine games. They didn’t score in six of those. Lost all of the last four, scoring one goal.”

“Sheffield United also been playing a 4-4-2 since Wilder left, so there could be more to exploit with an adventurous front 4 and the handbrake off a bit.”

“On Friday, when Neto went off injured, i was in despair, and would have took the draw there and then. Then Adama came out of his shell. Fulham are much better than Sheff Utd so we should pull this one off…….Just.”

“McBurnie is faking injury as he doesn’t want to play against his next club.”

“I confess that the 1989 match against Sheff Utd is possibly my all-time favourite Wolves game. I know that there have been greater matches I have attended – at Wembley and Cardiff 🙂
BUT that was a fantastic night. We needed a draw to be champions and Blades needed to draw to be promoted. It was all a cut and thrust honest battle and 2-2 with about 10 minutes to go. Blades then got a free kick in a dangerous position about 20 yards outside Wolves penalty area – and the Blades player then picked the ball up and moved the ball back 10 yards!! It was clear to everyone that this was the signal to both sides not to ‘spoil the evening’ (or words to that effect! 😉 There was energy and fight for the last 10 minutes but somehow the ball ended out of play quite a lot with shots high into the terraces!! The funniest thing was right at the end the referee blew his whistle and the two Blades defenders thought the game was over – they ran over to their fans in the South Bank and climbed the fence – one was taking off his boots and one his shirt to throw them into the fans!! But the ref had only blown for offside or a foul!! Pandemonium!! They panicked and rushed back on to the pitch desperately putting back on what they had half taken off! :p 30 seconds later it was all over and they were able to go back and celebrate with their fans!
It was great to be at a match where ALL the fans were celebrating afterwards – Blades and Wolves fans were best mates 🙂 (A bit like Wolves and Blackburn fans at the end of 2010/11 when we both narrowly escaped relegation)
So I guess I have a bit of a soft spot for the Blades….”

“I go back to the away games when Agana and Deane used to run us ragged.”

“I recall a 0-0 in September 2000 was possibly the worst of the lot. Peak Warnock of just deliberately playing cra football. The horrible prick got sent to the stand. We had Robert Taylor up front. Crowd of under 15k (unthinkable at the time) as we had a bizarre fuel “crisis” (which wasn’t a crisis).
Phil Jagielka might end up playing against us on Saturday, he was on the bench for that one!”

“When was the game when all our nutters ran into the away part of the South Bank? That’s the one Blades remember. Living here (Sheffield) now I can say they don’t like us, neither do their neighbours after the end of season game where our mob ended up in their seats. Blades are a proper club though and I quite respect them.
I remember going there mid-90s and seeing a Wolves eejit get on the back of a police motorbike, then get dealt with forcefully by the police. London Road pubs near Bramall Lane always used to be interesting…”

“I’ve always found Bramall Lane quite intimidating. I remember getting locked into the pub opposite the station by the Yorkshire Constabulary and then being joined by the occupants of a couple of coaches that had been intercepted coming into Sheffield (our Firm on an away day).
Had to stay there until escorted to the ground just before the kick off.”

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View From Arsenal

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“That’s our first ever Premiership win away to Sheffield United…Mikel Arteta, record breaker, history maker”

“Overall a great performance yesterday, even though Sheffield Utd is by far the worst team in the league this season.”

“Tbf, you can’t even praise Arteta too much for this…you don’t deserve too much praise for beating the worst team in the league, just get the job done and we did.”

“We beat a mid table championship team.”

“We have found our level”

“Wish we could play against Sheffield United every game”

“Sheffield are so slow”

“Sheffield were crap to be fair. Bottom of the table and nothing to play for. “

“I mean let’s be honest Sheffield United are just about the worst Premiership team I can remember, but it’s fun to watch a match in which we’re clearly superior because I’d forgotten what that felt like.”

“Good result, not so good performance. Fortunately for us Sheffield had nothing. We subbed Saka for Willian who can harass them to force an error and solve the game, they sub McGoldrick for.. Brewster.”

“Great result and performance. Who we played must be taken in to consideration as they were awful.”

“Good performance, but as many have pointed out the opposition was pretty hopeless.”

“Make no mistake that Sheff Utd team is firmly in the top 2/3 worst sides of the PL era so I was annoyed to see us bringing on Willian and Elneny rather than Nelson or Azeez.”

“Good result but won’t read too much into it. Sheffield had no plan to get the ball forward and the players have given up.”

“Sheffield did not care at all”

“Sheffield Utd’s season so far.
P30 W4 D2 L25 F17 A55

“They are awful”

“I don’t want to kick Sheffield United when they’re down, but Ramsdale is one of the worst goalkeepers the PL has ever had.”

“Can’t think of many worse downgrades than Henderson last season to Ramsdale this”

“That sponsor on Sheffield United’s kit makes them look proper Brexit”

“Shefflield’s warmup jacket is dope AF though tbf”

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Pre-Match View From Arsenal

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“Oh this will be so very exciting….”

“Who cares really?”

“Looking forward to seeing how we lose to Sheffield United in the slot that we lose in every time”

“These are bottom of the table and the game means f**k all to us, play the back ups.”

“This is definitely gonna be another draw.”

“Should win but we won’t it’ll end with draw just like Burnley game dominate score 1 miss couple gift them a goal.”

“Two dead teams in a dead rubber game”.

“2 teams that are an absolute shambles. Could be a great match for a change.”

“They’ve looked even worse somehow since they’ve sacked Wilder and are in complete shambles.
Their back line is ravaged by injury, one of the worst keepers in the league, their four strikers have scored four times in 2021 and their best player in midfield is out for the season.
We’ll be lucky to win.”

“They were like this last season only difference was they had a rock solid defence”

“Think these were one of the teams who really missed the fans being at the game.
Granted they where always going to struggle but it seemed instant with them.”

“1-0 Sheff Utd. Big Christian Nade with the winner.”

“The Duke of Edinburgh just couldn’t face watching this game.”

“even Sheffield Uniteds name sounds like a sweary “go away””

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Loan Updates

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Stoke City Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Really don’t get the love in with him. So far offered nothing apart from alot of huff and puff. For me Fox every time at LB..”

“He can’t defend very well and I still don’t think he adds more going forward than Fox does. “

“He is a useful squad member, not a wing back at all. Fox is steadier and more versatile”

“He looked the part in his first couple of outings but now looks very ordinary and a bit of a liability at defending and in temperament. He’s been Stoked!!”

“He looked superb in his first couple of games we’ve gradually dragged him down to the level of the rest of the dross.”

“He’s been pretty average since his sending off……”

“He’s a young player learning his trade and that reflects in his play.
He’s rash and stupid but equally he has some good qualities as well.”

“Has at least one psychotic challenge in him a game.”

“A very poor man’s Stuart Pearce.”

“Watching him on the pitch I could imagine he could start a fight in a bar where only he is in there, and come out bloodied and smiling”

“Walking red card.If we can steady him down a little, he is a good player. “

“Decent up an down fullback,we ain’t going get much better am afraid”

“Another modern fullback who is better going forward than he is defending. Seem to be all the rage these days.”

“Bit of defensive coaching and he will be a decent prem/Championship wing back”

“RND seems to be a livewire player who certainly likes to be involved in the action on the pitch. When he plays in a match we are certainly aware that he is there and is not generally a passenger.”

“He’s got pace and is good on the recovery. If he’s affordable we should sign him”

“He’s by no means the finished article but if there’s a deal to be done with Sheffield, we should beat their door down for it.”

“shame he won’t be here next season.”

“do like his all action style after some of the left backs we’ve been subjected to.”

“He’s done great so far overall, just needs to channel his aggression sometimes which will come with time. Easy to forget he’s 21.”

“Some of the criticism is a bit bizarre. He’s only 21. Of course he’s not going to be the finished article!
Will be a really good Premier League player in a few years.”

“Very very decent, said it since day one, some forget he’s only 21.”

“I really like him.
As been said he’s still learning his trade and he’ll only get better.
Give him a couple of years and he’ll be one of the better left backs in the Premier League.”

Nottingham Forest Fans Views On Luke Freeman

“He’s a tidy player with decent feet but simply out of shape. You’ve got to have exceptional tekkers to get away with being fat these days”

” fancy asking him breaking from his own half. Its like Tomlin you need to give them ball near the oppositions box and let them run riot.”

“offered very little. Still carrying some extra timber. Not much fitness or pace.
Show good technical skill with ball at feet but then again so does Ameobi”

“Great thing about Luke is we can send him back in 8 games.
Hes not our problem anymore then and as such early worth bothering talking about.”

“Desperately wanted this to be the Luke Freeman that carved through opposition midfield for fun, it just aint though, safe to say it doesnt look like its happening for him here.”

“Some players work, some don’t – but it’s fair to say Freeman has offered absolutely nothing in his time here. My biggest problem is he just looks easy to play against.”

“very disappointing.
A proper Bullseye signing – “let’s see what you could have won…”.

“Fatter than Andy Reid. Get rid”

“Time he was released on a free, man.”

“Never thought he fitted in with Sabri, I just thought it was a strange signing for a team sitting deep and countering. Under Hughton his lack of pace set him back, shame he hasnt had more opportunities at 10 as thats more suited to him. Some players fit certain managers, if we had Warbuton Freeman would have been perfect.”

“Freeman was a top signing, anything that’s played out subsequently is purely down to a palpable lack of fitness.”

“I can only speak from experience of watching him comer to the city ground with the likes of QPR & Sheff Utd. I can tell you he often strolled through our midfield with relative ease using his own half as the starting point. Granted thats hardly a ringing endorsement, but he was a player who travelled freely with the ball, at pace.
Based on what Ive seen, he’s a player who travels with the ball in space, rather than a player who operates in traffic, to that end, he works in either of the last two approaches.”

Hull City Fans Views On Regan Slater

“He’s playing very well at the moment”

“Thought Regan Slater really stepped up to the plate today”

” Slater especially has been outstanding”

“Not put a foot wrong when come into the team, good engine & likes a tackle, whats not to like.”

“Slater done well. Was concerned about the latter, though to his credit, he’s done well”

“Not seen too much of him but from what I’ve seen he’s not shown enough.”

“Slater needs to up his game”

“He owes us some performances”

” Slater has largely been anonymous in all the games he’s played.”

“he’s a waste of a shirt.”

“I’d play the tea lady over Slater (Sorry if you’re reading Regan)”

“Slater has been involved in a lot of games, I still wonder if Sheff Utd’s loan contract stipulates he has to play a percentage of games if fit and available for selection”

Beerschot Fans Views On Ismalia Coulibaly

“COULIBALY-SANUSI-PIETERMAAT. Strongest midfield in the league”

“Coulibaly was born on 25 December 2000. For this reason he is immediately nicknamed the Malian Jesus Christ. Midfielder of enormous depth, used to working miracles on the pitch”

“Such an exciting young talent”

“Coulibaly is really an animal”

“One of the players of the season. Only 20 years old!”

“Thank Sheffield United very much for him”

“Having a very good season”

“Very big talent”

“Dream on AC Milan”

“remember this name please”

FC Emmen Fans Views On Micheal Verrips

“verrips has been outstanding.”

“Verrips makes an excellent impression, and I dare him calmly with the best keepers in the league”

“Man of the match tonight”

“Best player!”

“Verrips made at least two great saves.”

“Verrips kept us in the match”

“We now have a good goalkeeper”

“Goalkeeper with the most potential in the Netherlands”

“Should be in Netherlands roster”

“Been very strong”

“Verrips’ mistake, but it remains a great goalie”

” goalkeeper was still the hero against FC Utrecht, his blunder seemed to lead to the 17th defeat of the season”

“Verrips too expensive to buy”

Swindon Town Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“is Tyler still with us? Surprised he can’t even make the bench ahead of Omotoye.”

“We tried to send him back but Sheff said no”

“been dropped completely”

“Feel sorry for him as he is always bright and positive when we speak to him. Seems a difficult one for everyone to deal with”

“Tyler smith should be the one most frustrated, scored some good goals and can’t come on in front of zero goals Omotye. Hope has also had a very good season”

“Thing is Tyler Smith showed plenty of promise but then you can expect performances like yesterday when you get left out in the cold for so long”

” cant understand the love for Tyler Smith “

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View From Leeds

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“No disrespect to Sheff Utd.. but I LOVE IT when we play a weaker team and get to watch pure Bielsa ball”

“Played well, just not as clinical as we can be.”

“Completely outplayed Sheffield today, good win, some missed chance”

“We were fabulous. Just a bit of bad luck. Performance was fine, loads of chances, just needed better finishing. Sometimes results just don’t reflect that”

“Closer than it should of been. Really should have buried them earlier in that game but delighted with the win.”

“Won a scrappy game, always scrappy with relegation teams. Maybe we didn’t score as many as we should but another great win”

“Good to win but feel we could have got some much more from that. Too many players being greedy”

“Made far harder work of that than we should have. Very happy to have won, but I suspect Bielsa will not be happy with the overall performance. I know I’m not!”

“We were piss poor today. A competent team would’ve buried us”

“I thought we dropped down to their crap level but we won so lets forget about the game and move on to beating City next week!!”

“Good win, poor display. Our passing was below standard all game, but at least we looked reasonably solid at the back.”

“Felt like we had one eye on the beach and the other on next season.”

“struggled at times with sheff utd’s pressing and 4 attackers, but a brilliant ground out performance, something that is slowly being learnt by the squad.”

“blunts are all but relegated, Wilder has just been sacked, and they have arguably our worst manager ever in charge. Funny old game ain’t it”

“Ironically Heckingbottoms best Elland Road performance.”

“Why did the referee VAR desert us again today? Baldock should have seen red for two footed challenge on Roberts. Does he have to lame him or break a leg to get a red?”

“Got sick of hearing Sheff Utd players cry out every time they got tackled “

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Pre-Match View From Leeds

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“Proper football is back….Oh wait a minute the blunts are on the pitch”

“SU are a poor football team with the worst manager in our history”

“Hecky is an appalling manager as his career shows.
He is used to taking clubs backwards (Barnsley were in good form when he arrived and Lee Johnson left to go to Bristol City).
Hibs were in decent form when Neil Lennon left to go to Celtic.
And we hadnt had that bad a season when he arrived either.
The man is a crap manager and all clubs suffered far worse form under him than they had before him.
Sheffield United are bottom for a reason, Hecky got the job for a reason (they were desperate) .
Fully expect to batter them, why should we expect any less?
Wilder may be a grumpy, sour faced bloke but he did a great job there generally.
Hecky isnt a quarter of the coach or manager Wilder is.
If they dont win another game between now and the end of the season it wouldn’t be at all surprising.”

“He is statistically one of the worst managers in our history and the fact MB is still using players Hecky couldn’t get a tune out of says it all.
Hate is to strong a word for football but ive never disliked a manager of ours more.
Total fraud.”

“.I don’t doubt Heck is a s**t manager but you cannot judge him from his time here, he got a team with Klich banished to Holland, Saiz playing angry and suspended, a team so unfit it was dead by half time, attitude stank, and it seemed everyone had given up. He had no pre season, no chance to bring on his own players, no time to establish any youth and he probably knew he’d be gone in 3 months …I know I couldn’t work under those circumstances but he at least got us fitter and a touch more cohesive… That post Christmas LUFC was probably the lowest point for the club since relegation to Lg 1 …”

“Not a team I particularly like if I’m honest. It’s their fans I dislike, would love a decent win against them but with them struggling and Heckingbottom combination you just get that feeling, don’t you ?”

“Really dislike the Blunts, know a few fans and bragging rights come into it, must win game for me”

“Let’s have a bleedin’ massacre. Absolutely no better time for our sides to play each other and end up in our favour.”

“Would love if we thrashed them”

“I see us giving them a sound walloping also. Whether they come out to play or set up to defend we’ll get an awful lot of chances. And I see more than a few going in”

“they’ll park the bus playing Hecky hoof”

“Thank god Billy Sharp is injured. I don’t really rate him, but you know he’d probably score against us”

“Jack O’Connell, Jack Robinson and Jack Rodwell all out. Appears the blunts are completely jacked out.”

“Obviously, I’d like us to win this one but I actually don’t mind Sheffield United. I certainly prefer them to Sheffield Wednesday who have always reminded me of Newcastle a bit, with all their claims about their amazing history, being a ‘big club’ etc.
Plus, there’s the Tony Currie connection. Always one of my favourite players, Tony Currie.”

“Weirdly I feel the opposite, but for the same reasons. I see too many similarities between ourselves and Newcastle and Wednesday to really hate them, but I can’t stand Blades, mainly because of Warnock and having encountered some objectionable fans while at university in Sheffield). Owls and Newcastle fans have been through as much as us, and have almost as prestigious a history as we do, so I feel more sympathy for them than anything else”

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International Update

Republic Of Ireland Fans Views On Enda Stevens

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“Attempted to link up down the left, but was often let down by his teammates in delivering the incisive pass.”

“Enda Stevens was muck”

“Enda Stevens dropped an all-time stinker”

“Strugglkng to remember a worse performance in an Ireland shirt.”

“Never seen Stevens give the ball away so much”

“Stevens terrible but plays the 90.”

“Enda Stevens couldn’t hold onto his own balls tonight never mind a football. Shocking”

“what has happened Enda Stevens”

“ he lost the ball on a good few occasions. Like the rest of the Irish team, he looked off the pace and low on confidence. “

“Moved to the centre of a back three when McClean came onto the left wing and didn’t do much better.”

“Not overly impressed with either wing back but Stevens has actually been actively bad with his distribution and efforts to link the play. Which isn’t helpful. Kenny is on record about the importance of Egan to what he’s looking to achieve ”

Wales Fans Views On Rhys Norrington-Davies

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“Really like Rhys Norrington-Davies”

“Norrington -Davies looks a competent player”

“Norrington Davies good”

“Natural successor to Davies, defensive fullback who can slot in a left centre back in a three”

“From what little I’ve seen, Norrington-Davies is a proper wing back, not a full back, so a different player to Davies.!”

“Played well LCB”

“So far in his handful of caps though has done really well. Bit of steel about him too”

“superb young defender.”

“RND didn’t give an inch.”

“stand out performances from Cabango, RND + Smith.”

“Decent performances from Cabango, RND and Matt Smith”

“Cabango, Rodon and RND ideal back three”

“Gunter, RND & Hennessey have all stuck their hands up tonight.”

“Did OK in a makeshift backline. Lost his runner at a corner in the second half when Mexico really should have levelled.”

“Done a alright job tonight and there’s no other decent player that can play cb”

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