Loan Update: Wimbledon Fans Views On George Long

“we were lucky to come away with a point today. George Long? Inspired”

“best signing has to be George Long, he’s been our savior quite a few times this season.”

“remember people raving about him and then he hit a bad patch at Sheff utd.”

“Long had come under abuse from his own fans at Sheff Utd”

“George Long’s kicking has become so iffy, he’ll probably end up with us again next season”

“hopefully we get to cheer his name next season”

“I would love 2 see George between the sticks 4 many more seasons”

Loan Update: Chesterfield Fans Views On Louis Reed

“our only consistent talent”

“Reed and Kellett totally dominated midfield”

“Reed was the best player on the pitch by a country mile.”

“Reed and Kellet as bad as they were good Sunday”

“reed man of match by a country mile”

“Reed makes such a difference”

“Only one with a bit of quality”

“reed by far man of the match , best player on the pitch by a country mile. Can’t speak highly enough of the young man to be honest and if Sheffield United don’t offer him a new contract the board should move heaven and earth to sign him.”

Loan Update: Bury Fans Views On James Hanson

“You would not bet on him scoring”

“Far too much lumping it up to Hanson – that seems to be the only tactic when he plays”

“For me having Hanson up top didn’t seem to work, we seemed to lose creativity and play more direct”

“Hanson offers as much as the lamppost outside my house and jumps, turn and runs just as well”

“Hanson is probably not there to score himself but more to create space and opportunities for George Miller.”

“Given Hanson hasn’t scored since I don’t know when, I don’t think we can expect much from him in that respect.However, when he came on he won virtually every header and at least Miller had some support up front”

“I don’t think it is about Hanson goals (yes, we haven’t seen any!) but about his physical presence and nuisance factor, and he did win a couple of headers as soon as he came on.”

“IMO bringing onHanson in the 95th minute would be too soon!”

Loan Update: Swindon Fans Views On Chris Hussey


“Very impressive”

“The strength of the side yesterday was wide on the pitch. Hussey and Knoyle are such an upgrade at full back when fully fit.”
“I think Flitcorft will try and sign him for Mansfield”

“if he can stay fit for the last say 10 games he could be pivotal.”

“Hussey has been a big miss”

“hussey put in the one and only decent cross”

“I forgotten how good Hussey is for us, what a left foot”

“Hussey stood out”

Husseys  absence has had a hugely negative impact on us. His return could end up being a season-defining boost.”

“Good to see Chris Hussey back in the team today and already having a positive effect”

“Chris Hussey is a baller”

View From Cardiff

“Sheffield were good but we were shite. You can’t do anything without the ball”

“We have just got a vital point by never giving up, even when not playing well. That is the sign of a very good team who dont deserve critiscism at this point, just support to get over the line. How we play is irrelevant.”

“Doesn’t matter , we have won loads on the trot , been to a play off hopeful , played shit but grabbed a vital point.I would have been happy with a point before the game and I am happy now”

“Credit Sheffield but we never seemed able to cope with their pace like we did at Brentford. We lost so many 50/50s. I think the heavy pitch may have had something to do with it.”

“The pitch didn’t help but I think it was more a case of simply not being at all at our best, against a very good team.”

“Never got out of our own half all game never won a tackle free kick or throw in. Sheffield absolutely murdered us with their ten goals each half. Final Score 1-1 Get In”

“Sheff. Utd were impressive”

“Worst we’ve played in months, against a good team, could easily have been 3-0 yet we come away with a point. Magic”

“We never got to grips with their 3-5-2”

“Sheff Utd are a good side  and getting 4 points off them this season is a great result”

“Got away with that, absolutely terrible showing from us.”

“Thought Sheffield United played some really good stuff.”

“we were outthought and outplayed. That happens in professional sport. After all , the other teams are trying to win too.”

“Warnock was given a tactical masterclass”

“They are one of the best sides we have played in my opinion. Coleman’s biggest mistake as Wales manager was not bringing on Brooks instead of “joniesta” against Ireland.”

“Second best tonight but great goal by Pilkington, he should be having more game. Two Welsh boys in United line up played well,Brooks a future star but our players never gave up and it could be a valuable point.”

“Brooks has got great movement and intelligence, he is going to be some player one day.”

“If we can clinch promotion then maybe Neil should consider giving the Blades a call and see how much they want for Brooks!”

“If we were at our best, we would have made them look very average. When we’ve been that bad this season, we’ve usually lost. Preston away early season springs to mind. We weren’t winning any second ball. Hoilett was off form tonight, same with Mendez Laing. Zohore huffed and puffed and we couldn’t really pass the ball whatsoever. If Sheff Utd were a better side they’d have put 3 or 4 more on us, but they’re not. They’re not clinical at all.It’s a huge point considering how awful we were”

“The pitch won tonight.”

Pre-Match View From Cardiff

Tough games coming tick and fast now, and Bramhall Lane is always a tough one, though we are unbeaten there in our last five visits. Our injury list is shrinking and a couple of important players are back so the squad is looking strong and fresh. Our run of wins is bound to come to an end soon and I’d be happy with a draw.”

“Sheff United is no tougher than Brentford away. They’re in poor form and we should be going there full of confidence and looking to beat them. If we score first the place will get restless. A draw would be ok in a far from easy fixture but we can get 3 points.”

“Lets cut dem blades down”

“They haven’t had a good run lately and are just clinging onto playoff hopes. Had goalie sent off on Friday so I wonder who will replace him? Simon Moore perhaps?”

“they have Simon Moore to come in so sure it won’t overly affect them”

“The dread trio of fixtures. Well, the time has finally arrived!9 days and 3 games that could make or break our season, so let’s have some score predictions and number of points gained.All matches @19.45 live on Sky Sports.02/04 – Sheffield United v Cardiff City
06/04 – Cardiff City v Wolves
10/04 – Aston Villa v Cardiff City”

” Beating Blades is the hard part.”

“I reckon Sheffield Utd, Wolves and Villa are just as worried about playing us, possibly more so. Sheffield Utd and Villa are playing catch up, so are more desperate for a win, which should play into our hands.”

“A deadly trio of fixtures would be playing Cardiff City 3 times in a row.”

“I think many of us seem pessimistic due to nerves. We have to remind ourselves that ‘everyone’ dread playing us.
We are an excellent team”

“Massive game on Monday night
Those of us old enough to remember know that we are owed something there 1970-71. Also an April game saw our season ended. ”

“I thought we looked like the early season team on friday, where we were playing with a swagger. Confidence seems to be returning at the right time.”

View From Brentford

“I think this was one of the games where our bad luck earlier in the season evens itself out. Sheffield United had a number of chances and if it wasn’t for Bentley they probably would’ve scored 3 or 4. I don’t recall their keeper needing to make many saves, certainly not any difficult ones. They’ll come away from today feeling robbed.”

“After the Boro game pretty much decided that we would not be challenging for the play offs. Just want us to now enjoy the rest of the season and unfortunately the conditions today played a large part in a very under par performance. Many may disagree but thought United were the one team whom looked like they wanted it more and felt we were fortunate to get a point.”

“did OK but we had no goal threat today. Lucky to get a point. Bentley MOM by a mile.”

“Game wasn’t great and without Bentley they could have won comfortably. Good to see an opponent really go for the win when so many have come and say back for a draw.”

“Bentley kept us in the game. Excellent saves.”

“Bentley kept us level”

“7 shots on goal. At home. Probably worst attacking performance of the season.”

“one of our worst performances of the season, despite some nice flurries. fair few players need to make a fair bit of progress. ah well – still been a fun year, and another season in the championship beckons. hopefully we’ll get a proper bloody striker in the summer.”

“Boring game – largely fault of the conditions. A fifth season in this league is a great achoevement. However, I think we need a few changes as we are in danger of starting to go backwards. Got to strengthen up front.”

“So so sloppy today. ridiculous amounts of unforced errors”

“Very poor today. Just never got going. Midfield v one dimensional and passing atrocious. Little movement up front. Clarke struggled at LB. Watkins improved things but we never really did enough to win that game.”

“Below par performance with poor passing and difficult conditions.”

“Really poor performance No options up front. Poor passing ,outfought, looked exposed at the back,, allowed far too many crosses in, lacked any fluidity, misplaced passes all over the shop, Maupay on his own against three big defenders, nothing created from wing play, never looked like scoring until Judge and Ollie came on. Fair play to the Blades who made it very hard. The game epitomised our weaknesses – lack of striker and support for striker, failing to close down crosses, lack of height etc. Players quickly left the pitch – they looked peed off and angry and frustrated. They worked hard but we know where we need to work . The play in the final third always bbroken down. Next season. these. Issues will be addressed I. trust”

“Good to see Clayton as deadly as ever with 1 on 1s……..”

“Deserved the point….could have been three IF we sorted our passing out……Maupay and Watkins biggest culprits amongst others.
Well done Mep’s great saves from DB…..Woods unlucky to be sent off IMO.”

“Worst performance I’ve seen in a while
Conditions played into their game
Didn’t see the incident with Woods but looking back he goes for the keeper first but never a red for either.
Oh and whoever threw the bottle of beer at Simon Moore is a c***”

“Having seen replay again, Woods possibly unlucky…..could’ve been just trying to grab keeper’s arm to get the ball..keeper definite red though……..”

“Watched the red cards kerfuffle. Woods may have touched the keepers face right at the start, nothing malicious though. Don’t think Woods should have been sent off, but the ref took the easy option in my view.”

“Two things on the sending offs;

1. Why was Woods in such a rush to get the ball? There was plenty of time left

2. If I were Sheff Utd manager i’d Be asking the keeper why didn’t you just let Woods have the ball? Sheff Utd needs the win more than us

Totally unnecessary red cards”

“Common sense would’ve seen a telling off and a yellow card at most for both. Two reds doesn’t do either team or the quality of the game as a whole any favours.”

“Two minutes before the goal there was a blatant yellow card for their number six but he’d already been booked and the ref did absolutely nothing. He was a joke.”

“That was the clattering of Sergi wasn’t it? Awful officiating, definite yellow, the player should have been sent walking back to the dressing rokm ”

“Me, my wife and kids had a fair amount of grief on the way back to the car.
I suppose targeting kids is not as bad as lamping a bloke in a wheel chair, so I should probably consider myself lucky.”

“They are right up there with the other scummy Yorkshire knobs at Huddersfield. ”

“I’ll put them just below with Huddersfield – whom are utter scum.In fairness to Yorkshire fans I have always thought Wednesday fans have been great bunch from my own experience.”

“Complete scumbags. I don’t know if I would have been so composed. Seem to be gathering a pretty horrible rep”

“Agree horrible set of fans. ”

“I’ve never seen so many middle aged men carrying an imaginary Capet under each arm. ”

“As ive stated before, living in sheffield, definately the nastiest bunch of scrubbers yorkshire has to offer. Course i’l be accused of being a wendyite, but everyone knows how they behave. That beer bottle at bentley and the random flair in the 1st half is just another 2 examples of their fans. On a seperate note I do think we were lucky today. Had donaldson put that in a tthe end, ex player n all, I’d be reaching for the suicide pills.”

“Probably not the best day to complain about beer bottles launched at goalkeepers ”

“Rarely see police horses outside GP but they were needed today which tells a story. Had several unsavoury incidents with them lot. Makes me laugh reading all the bedwetters on their forum about Millwall having their flag day at theirr place. Cowards who when confronted aren’t so big and brave. Shame as until I was old enough to know better, Currie, Sabella and the red and white stripes gave me a soft spot for  them!

Pre-Match View From Brentford

“Biggest game of the season for me, I hate this lot. Nasty bunch of cretinous fans.”

“I am confident of a Bees win. We’re a much better side and they’re on the slide. COYR’s. If we don’t reach the P.O. lets at least get 7th above PNE, SU, the Wall and Brizzle and psychologically a top side to be reckoned with next season.”

“I think we’ll be bang up for this one and they’re no great shakes”

“ A close game with chances missed for both teams but the luck is with us, to keep us temptingly within touch with the play-offs”

“a win for us and if Boro or Derby lose, we’re back within 5 points of play offs again- I know there’s other teams between us-but u never know.”

“It’s a must win”

“Looks like a decent crowd tomorrow, most of the ground is limited availability”

“Is Donaldson available? If he is then surely he will dive in the box enabling Sheffield to take the lead from the resulting penalty. We equalise when Canos, several yards offside, goes around the keeper when their back four have stopped, anticipating the linesman’s flag and scores with a minute to go. Woods wins it with a 30 yarder in the 94th minute. Can’t wait.”

“Sharp and/or O’Connell to react to some stick from Voice”

“No they’re ok, doesn’t ched evans play for em though ?????”

“He’s in their squad – but I think he plays elsewhere (allegedly)”

Former Players Update

Back in September I took a look  at how the players that helped us win promotion last season had started at their new clubs.  Now with the season drawing to a close I see how those same players have fared in their first campaign with their new clubs. 

Last time out we saw that Stefan Scougall  had made a solid if unspectacular start to his career at Scottish Premiership club St. Johnstone.  Back then there was debate about what  his best position was and 6 months later those issues are still unresolved. 

“I’m utterly seething that TW signed the perfect “10” in Scougall  and played him on the wing, and has now signed a winger, and is playing him as a “10”. UTTERLY SEETHING”

“He’s tidy on the ball, keeps possession well and clearly isn’t a winger.”

“Playing him out of position after a few good games in his position ,is one of the reasons I am so critical of Wright.”

” He hasn’t been unsuccessful, and not playing in his position hasn’t helped him, but he hasn’t been a roaring success. One goal, not a lot of assists. As I’ve said before, he looks a decent player and I hope he goes on to be a Saints great, but he still has plenty to do.”

“Whilst he hasn’t hit the heights we hoped he would, that’s the kind of player we should be looking at again IMO. ”

“Whilst he’s not hit the heights many expected, I’d put that simply down to the poor performances around him. His vision is way beyond all of his team mates at Saints just now- put him in with players willing to make runs and he’d look a different player.”

“We have a crafty wee player like Scougall  who arrived showing having a nice footballing brain with some creative sparks, but it’s like he’s been shackled by management and our style of play. “

Marc McNulty was being widely criticized by Coventry fans back in September but after notching 15 goals for the Sky Blues this season, the Scot has totally turned opinion around.

“We are solely reliant on Mcnulty creating or scoring goals”

“If we’d had a decent striker alongside McNulty we would have been top 3”

“I think if we are in League 2 next season, we will lose McNulty. I think he has proven that he is at least League 1 level.”

“Got to hope McNulty stays fit to have a chance of promotion”

“Obviously McNulty is obviously a hot favourite for Player Of The Season but I need more goals on the run in to cement that spot. ”

“I couldn’t split Doyle and McNulty for the player of the season”

“overall McNulty has always been there or Thereabouts all season, even when he wasnt scoring you could see he caused defences trouble. His touch , pace and movement are a class above this league & I think he’d walk straight into every team in this league”

Harry Chapman had made a promising start for Blackburn Rovers as he attempted to complete a personal achievement of three consecutive promotions from League One with there different clubs.  Unfortunately whilst Rovers look like bouncing back to The Championship at the first attempt, Chapman has missed most of the campaign with a hamstring injury. After a 5 month lay off he made his comeback in an U23 game but was sadly forced off after just 10 minutes with a re-occurrence of his original injury

Just gone off injured in tears in his comeback game. Looks like a hammy again.Proper gutted, him returning would have been a huge boost”

“Gutted for the lad, he’s going to need some real morale support. A bright talent and nice lad by all accounts. Hope he gets through this.”

“Real shame for both him and us.”

“I fear we’ve just lost our trump card with Chapman surely out for the season”

“Chapman would still be a great signing if we could get promoted”

“That’s the last we’ll see of him as a Rovers player but you have to worry for his career now.For some players pace and hamstrings just don’t go well together”

“Gutted for the lad more than us. Sounds a bad injury to have so young. Michael Owen was never the same after he did his. He must not come back to football until his hamstring is 100 percent ready even if it’s a year. Coming back too soon could be a career ender. ”

“Devastating news. May well be the end of his football career”

“He was desperate to play for us again, and that’s heart rending. Can’t see him in a rovers shirt anytime soon, what a pity. He’s one we took to, and not many starts at that. What could have been, alas”

Ethan Ebanks Landell  has gone from one from extreme to the other since joining MK Dons.  After playing a big part in United gaining 100 points and coasting to the League One title last season he now finds himself with a team fighting to stay in the division playing in front of an unhappy fan base.

“All I am looking for is  are indicators/promise in our manager. He chose to bring on EEL a few weeks back. Bad enough, but in midfield FFS? The worst possession player in our squad.”

“Hopefully there will be no room for EEL going forward”

“Playing EEL is always a risk and I can’t see how a player who has played for a promoted team is so accident prone.”

“EEL is error prone but there isn’t a lot of options”

“We need a replacement for him”

“Not to make him a scapegoat, but that position is particularly weak.”

“He makes loads of howlers . Add these up at the end of the season they decide your fate.”

Finally in this round up I take a look at Matt Done. He has been part of a Rochdale side who this season went on a superb FA Cup run but are still struggling at the wrong end of League One. Playing more as a wing back than as a forward not all fans are convinced Keith Hill is getting the best out of him. 

“I just don’t get why he is playing at left back”

“I would play him up front”

“He left us as a striker who can put the ball in the net. He’s played out of position most of the season even though we lack goals! Either KH is brain dead or he has fancied another crack at League 2 all season”

“not the same player since he has come back from blades, you can tell he’s not playing for the big move”

“Matty done has lost of resemblance of being a footballer. He’s gash and i wouldnt be sad to see him go in the summer”

“He still shows great commitment”


View From Forest



“Thanks for the 4 points, played you off the park, see you next season lots of love ‘the scabs'”

“Ironic that the team who refer to us as scabs couldn’t strike for toffee today”

“Only one team in that! Shame only to get a point but will take it. Absolutely no chance Sheff Utd are getting in the playoffs!”

“They didn’t look like a play off team to me, , they became desperate enough to rely on hoofball”

“Most football teams evolve! Sheff Utd have been playing long ball route one football since as long as I can remember!”

“They are shite, big opportunity missed today.”

“And just outside the top six. One in last week and one just outside and I am scratching my head wondering how either of them are where they are”

“Oh to be 8th in the league and shite…”

“we were the better team, and yes Sheffield United are shite (at the moment at least).”

“Just had a quick look at their forum. Some reckon we dive and timewaste and the foul by Fleck on Tomlin was a good tackle (looked a clear yellow to me) . Mind you a couple on there reckon we played well and their keeper prevented us from winning.”

“Pantilimon was  excellent again”

“Unlucky there – their keeper made some brilliant savesWhat a manager Karanka is turning out to be”

“Good point and we really gave it a go 2nd half. Unbeaten in 7 now, taking points off some decent sides.”

“Good game, they’re trash for a team chasing the playoffs.”

“I’m pleased with that result. Played well in the second half and these are no mugs.”

“A very good point at a ground where we traditionally get nowt”

“A bit unlucky, thought we were a bit wasteful in front of goal but decent performance.”

“I thought we put in a very good performance. We should have scored a couple…..the referee was a homer…..yet again. We played a team who we usually have difficulties with and on balance we should have won. I can’t believe anybody would complain about our performance”

“we look poor in the final third, but still a well earned point.I’d even take that result next season at the Blades.”

“Not bad. But not good enough.”

“How boring was that”