View From Ipswich

“Inept, incompetent and amateurish spring to mind.
89th minute and Ipswich have their first shot on target from 35 yards! I feel sorry for any single fan that gave a second of their time to support the team today. 95% of these players never deserve to pull on the shirt of this once great club EVER again. (exc. Judge, Bishop, Downes). I’m devastated, absolutely devastated at the state of the club, words can’t describe it. Let’s hope there is some serious signs of rebuilding this club in the summer from one its lowest points ever. “

“It says something when I’m kind of “pleased” we only kept the opposition restricted to two goals.”

“Shameful. We’ve looked a distant second best in a two horse race.”

“The gulf in class was immense.”

“The gap was just so massive tonight it brought it home”

“They are the best team I have seen this season”

“They are just much better than us, in fact they are better than everyone else in this Division as well, there looked like there was Two division’s between the Two sides, well guess what there is !!. it will be a completely different animal at a far lesser standard than Sheff Utd every week. “

“It really does underline the ineptitude of the powers that be at ITFC, that a club who has spent similar money to us finds themselves heading into the Premiership, while we are routed firmly to the bottom of the table and heading into League One. Good leadership, strategic vision, scouting and management goes a long way in football, and like Sheff Utd, we have been a ‘McGoldrick’ away from becoming a strong force in this division in previous years only for our squad to be dissembled and patched up again, by managers of varying qualities.”

“Most of their attacking p,any came down the wings…. Yet we wete slow to react , even from throws or corners ,too slow, outnumbered and another cross goes into the box… Look at what Wilder has done at The Blades… I am sure he had just as many players who weren’t up to it but found a system and instilled it quickly”

“before Wilder they dominated possession but couldn’t break teams down. Wilder came in and they became more direct – not hoofing the ball but getting it wide early and getting crosses in rather than trying to pass through teams. ”

“Wilder and others improve things when they come in ….Lambert hasn’t at all”

“Boss, what defensive preparation are we doing this week?
Wilder; None, weve got Ipswich this weekend. “

“Congrats to Sheffield United”

“Well done Sheffield Utd”

“They deserve this promotion”

“I have nothing but admiration for them”

“so so so so glad Sheff Utd got 2nd instead of Leeds. sheff u proper decent club+fans”

“They’re a good club, better than Leeds”

“nice to see a proper club get promoted”

“Sheffield United fans clapping the Ipswich coaches. Class act. Big clubs recognise each other”

“Huge respect to Sheffield United fans as a whole, proper nice bunch. before today I didn’t know which Sheffield team I prefer, but now I do. Good luck next season in the Prem”

“Not only did they get McG but he stayed fit for the whole season. Good luck to them, big city club, they’ve ventured into the lower tiers and now return to the top tier.Won’t air the negative thoughts about them and a handful of their fans / players. Nope will zip it on that.Most Blades I’ve met over the last 30 years have been good people. spent the weekend in Sheffield back in early March 1995, returning back there after “that” game @ OT, had a great evening in a Blades pub.They also have the “pleasure” of sharing the same city with their local rivals and can really give it large to supporters of the owls…”

“there use to be so much animosity between us and sheff utd, personally I feel sick with how loved up some are now with them. The scum of the north we use to call them, after epic battles in the play-offs. fjortoft hated by us, Taricco hated by them…Good luck to them and any promoted team but I’ve not a nice thing to say about them I am afraid.”

“Happy for Didzy. A player of his ability deserves a season in the Premiership sun.”

“He and Sharp will not look out of place in the Premier League.”

“If those 2 are their strike force next season they will struggle…..! Premier league is a massive step up than this league. I rate Sharp but completely unproven in the PL”

“they will both be good enough for the Premier league. They both have the quality required.”

“Hah Sharp!, not a chance in hell he’s good enough for the PL”

“Didzy would enjoy the extra time he will get on the ball next season, especially if he sits deep. We may not have seen the very best of him yet.”

“MacG one of the best if not the best to wear the Town shirt in Evans ownership. Should never have let him walk. We were always a different team when he was fit. Glad he did this gesture as felt he never said goodbye to Ips fans”

“Didzy does have a track record of performing well in his 1st season at a club, and then go missing. “

“he will be one of those players who looks outstanding in the Championship, but out of his depth in the top flight”

Pre-Match View From Ipswich

“Sheff Utd’s game against us must be the biggest in their history given the £££ for reaching the Prem these days.”

“It’s what the play off final would be if third place got to hand pick their opponent.”

“If you were a Blunt, you wouldn’t have picked a better game than to play us, or maybe Bolton or QPR given the form they’re both in as well.
We’ve had our run-ins with Sheff Utd over the years, but I’ve got to admit I’m incredibly jealous of the position they’re in.”

“They’re great fun to watch too.”

“I can assure you that Sheffield United will beat us with a minimum of 5 goals!!”

“They will probably stick 10 past us! We live in hope but we are not fit for purpose and sound like they are already on the beach”

“A heavy defeat again… The team have given up.”

“There is no way they won’t beat us.
We could put in our best performance of the season & we will lose. They’re up.”

“We’ll try to play to win but they’ll barely notice.”

“Paul Lambert does not do park the bus and grab a goal on the break-if he did we might not be getting relegated.
I imagine it will be like most of our games from our point of view, we will play some nice passes but rarely get anywhere.
I suppose if they do not score early then their support will start to get a bit tense which in turn will make your player’s tense.
I think Leeds have made things pretty easy for them with their last two results because if they were still level with them(or better) then Saturday and our game against Leeds would both be ramped up a few more notches.”

“We’ll approach it by playing 4-3-3/4-5-1 (whichever way you look at it). After 45 minutes, Lambert will once again realise that Judge is cr*p out on the wing, so he’ll give him the license to roam where he wants in the second half. We’ll have a couple of half decent chances, but our strikers couldn’t finish their dinners, so they won’t have to worry there. They’ll then waltz down the other end, and score what could only be possibly described as the easiest goal they’ll score all season as our defence is shot to pieces as well. We’ll huff and puff a little more, then we’ll concede another soft goal and they’ll end up winning the game 2-0.”

“If any Leeds fans are hoping for an Ipswich miracle- sorry! Us Ipswich fans have been hoping for one since October.”

“Championship promotion race is who can bottle it most don’t worry Sheffiedl United you’ve got an easy 3pts”

“Can we just forfeit the games against Sheffield United and Leeds? With the season we’ve had it’s just written in the stars that we will take points off one of them to send Norwich up as champions”

“Happily give Sheffield United and Leeds United the 3 points each to see Norwich mess it up this late… surely all Ipswich fans agree… would make the season a tiny bit less depressing, even more so if they then lost at Wembley?”

“I know it won’t happen but I would love to see us take a point. Nothing against Sheff U, in fact I quite like them, but the constant comments from pundits like it’s a done deal are annoying me”

“I’m sure we’ll go & give it our all but we just won’t be good enough.”

“The only thing that we have got to fight for is to possibly make our game against Leeds interesting again.”

“Their biggest game since they bottled a straightforward home game against Wigan to stay in the Premier League (for all the moaning about West Ham’s cheating that was poor). THey’ve got an awful play-off record too, four defeats in finals I think.
Not that it will be a problem for them on Saturday, Leeds bottling everything this weekend sees to that.”

“Give over saying it’s their biggest game.
They’ve won the league and four FA cups.
Winning promotion and some money doesn’t compare to any of that in the historical sense unless you’re selling a tv subscription.”

“They won the League in 1898 and last won the FA Cup in 1925, so it is the biggest game of nearly all their supporters that are still alive and almost certainly everyone who’ll be in the ground on Saturday.
And while money isn’t everything, the kind of money in the Prem now just for one season can make an enormous difference to a club that’s not been in it for ten or more years.”

“I’d also argue that an FA Cup semi-final against Sheffield Wednesday was far bigger, which happened in the lifetime of a lot of their support
This may be the most consequential though”

“while I would love us to upset the applecart against the scum of the North I just cannot see it, I think it could be a very uncomfortable day for the Boys in Blue with a pretty emphatic win for the Blades, at least we should get out in One piece !!! Oh the Joy.”

“Will be watching the game from behind a cushion as I fear a horror show Saturday. I wonder how McGoldrick will celebrate his invevitable goal. 3-0 defeat. I can’t find anything positive to say about this one.”

“I expected to see Waghorn do well this season but Didz has surprised me not going to lie.
2 more for him today to take his league tally upto 15 and Sheff Utd on the verge of promotion. Crazy how things go.”

“Opposite for me, didn’t think Waghorn could have the same season but was absolutely certain Didz would leave and just nail it for someone.”

“I’m not surprised McGoldrick is scoring goals, I’m more surprised he’s stayed injury free.
Good luck to him”

“I loved watching Didz and creswell 🙁
Easily the best 2 players for me in the last 10 years”

“Just a lovely “proper” footballer. Can control, pass, dribble and shoot. Not sure the current strikers on our books have that ability when combined.”

“I’ve always said it – the most gifted player we’ve had over the past 10 years.
Whenever you’d ask the players about him, they’d say he was the best player on the books.
Even Chambers said publically last spring that you should never allow a player of his quality to have his contract wind down. He should never have been allowed to leave, simple as that.” “the best player we’ve had in the last ten years. But I was happy to see him leave. His injury record primarily but also it just felt time for him to move on. As it’s turned out he had plenty to offer, but clearly not for us. He has had a brilliant season and the move has been great for him.”

“That’s the one summer departure I can’t argue with.
His injury record here didn’t justify a new contract at the time. In hindsight it was a bad decision but seemed justified then.”

“The blunts have played to his strengths and protected him.
someone on the chatrooom earlier was saying how much running he had to do under mick; the lack of that has helped his contribution massively and maybe even helped reduce the injuries.”

“good luck to him and the Blunts. Not so long ago they were in League 1…”

View From Hull

“Disgraceful performance, gifted it to them ****ers.
I will say though it wasn’t just us that were ****, they were also annoyingly good.Could not take watching them celebrate, had to leave early. “

“That was abhorrent. Played like a side on the beach and rolled over for Sheffield United. They were more than happy to let us have the ball to do nothing with it to conserve energy once the first half ended.”

“Embarrassing beyond belief this afternoon for all the wrong reasons. Fcuk knows were it will all end up whilst the Egyptian Virus remains here but today was arguably a warning of what’s yet to come until somebody,or something runs these pair of kunts out of town.”

“Worst performance in terms of giving a **** I’ve seen in ages
Can’t remember doing this in decades, but I bailed out after 70 (Askew convinced me to not leave at half time!)
Can’t watch those ****s celebrate”

“Be outskilled never out battled.Weak as piss against a nightly set ofcwankers only fc prepared to mix it”

“Hope they enjoy their temporary Premiership football at the bottom.”

“Ridgewell would have provided more experience against McGoldrick who was a real problem for us today. A very disappointing performance regardless. Particularly for the unchallenged headed goals 1 and 3.”

“Joke club after today. Rolled over for McGoldrick. Delete the club ASAP”

“When someone called Edna scores against you. You’re going to lose.”

“What sort of a name is Enda Stevens anyway. It’s as daft as Gonzales Smith.”

“Adkins should walk, for his own sake.It’s not worth staying. He’d get much better jobs elsewhere.”

“Disgraceful performance by the players, stewards and police. Utterly embarrassing”

“Can’t believe after watching that …that people on here were actually saying they wouldn’t mind us losing if it meant Leeds didn’t go up….there both a set of ****s.”

“Not a good situation to be in with either Sheffield United or Leeds going up, but I’ll take the former doing it before Leeds any time.
Thank fook Wednesday are not in the mix with those two. That’d be unbearable.”

“We didn’t lose to stop Leeds getting promoted, we’re lost because we’re shite”

“Losing to these is hard to take, so by way of a diversion I’ve been rummaging around other sites. It’s softened the blow a bit reading tws melting over this result. Having an ex-blade in goal is rubbing salt in for them.”

“Shame our team couldn’t apply themselves in the same way Brentford did.”

“Leeds can’t be complaining all over Twitter at our result when they put up that display!”

“HULL and Sheffield United fans were involved in a massive brawl.
One fan even had his sunglasses knocked off his head.Shocking, absolutely shocking…”

“Hull City…The club who cares more for visiting supporters and their needs rather than home fans who have had their loyalty rewarded with the stripping of concessions and the annual gutting of the team. No wonder no fucker comes anymore.”

“Officers from @
hugging Sheffield fans in the City end as they leave. Astonishing. We have long had the worst police force in English football, but this has been a new low. “

Pre-Match View From Hull

“Those of a certain age will dislike them as much as I do , will be tough but here’s hoping for a decent win.. the fact our home record is so strong is promising”

“I hate them. I hate them more than I hate Leeds, and would love to **** them over on Monday.”

“They have always been w*****s ,..made even worse by their new found big time persona despite playing in no mans land for **** knows how many years”

“I hate Sheff U with a passion with their aloof and arrogant fans, worked in Leeds for many years and have more friends there than in Hull so although I don’t particularly want Leeds promoted I would much rather them than the c(bl)unts any day”

“If there’s anything worse than Sheffield U itself , it’s their fans. It would make my week to thrash them tomorrow.”

“I think I now slightly favour the vermin over sheffield.
I was thinking earlier which sheffield player I have disliked most over the years, the one that most epitomises the boastful cockiness of these ****s. The list is a lengthy one:-
Alan Woodward- unsmiling grey haired s y ****
Len Badger- dirty thuggish defender
Paddy Kenny- utter **** of a human being, goads fans then retreats as they get nicked
Billy Sharp- archetypal cocky bluntsman, proper badge kisser
Geoff Salmon- had some verbals with this **** in the Anglo Scottish in 1980?
Colin Morris- another old bastard like Woodward mark2
Keith Edwards- guaranteed to score against us, even if he was guaranteed for us against them.
Chris Morgan- archetypal bluntsman dirty ****, Warnock disciple
Bob Hatton- how did he escape ? How come he ended playing for them of all teams?”

“Edwards was a dirty sod as well by the way, lot of off the ball stuff. But look no further than their current manager for unfavourable traits, always mardy always moaning away to the 4th official when they’ve been on sky and things don’t go his way ,…proper bellend, i can see why the blunts like him he reminds me of that twat Warnock.”

“My dislike for Sheff U is greater than my dislike of TWS but I think there’s more chance of The Blunts coming straight back down and for that reason I would prefer them to go up before Leeds”

“I dislike SU more than TWS but hope SU go up as they have more chance of coming straight back down.”

“The danger is that sheffield would spend the money wisely, take a relegation and then go again. They yoyo between the divisions, don’t need these ****s to go up.”

“Can’t stand either of them, so it would be ****ing hilarious IF they both lost 2 and drew 1 of their games and west brom won all 3 of theirs”

“I normally do not want my team to lose but if Sheff Utd beat us I will be relaxed about it”

“I hope Sheffield United go up and not Leeds”

“I don’t want Leeds to go up. I’d much rather Sheff Utd went up. If we were to lose on Monday at least there would be a silver lining …. even more so if Leeds lost.
Just think about the TWS replica shirts in Hull & ER if they go up. Rich pickings given the way the Allams have decimated our fan base. Doesn’t bear thinking about.
Only time I wouldn’t be so bothered about them going up is if we were up there too. Now that would be good. No chance of that happening for a long, long time.”

“Both repulsive clubs but there aren’t any Sheff U fans in Hull waiting to emerge from the shadows.”

“I hate Leeds more simply due to the amount of Hull born Leeds fans, especially those now claiming to be Hull for a day . Utter ****ers . I still hope city win, Leeds will **** it all up themselves”

“Probably because I’m a bit younger but I don’t hate them anywhere near as much as Leeds.I really fear Leeds going up. The media love in whenever they go back up to second is sickening enough. I’ve actually found myself more bothered about Sheff Utd and Leeds’ results than ours in the last few weeks, since going up might end up being a bad thing if it meant the Allams stuck around even longer.”

“The Schroeder’s cat of a game, how to win and lose at the same time …”

“How can you hate anyone more than Leeds? Except maybe Wednesday.”

“Can’t wait for us to get rolled over by sheff utd 4-0 on monday”

“I have a grudging admiration for the way that Warnock and now this badgekisser has managed to get the players, crowd, ballboys,stewards and even weak officials to bend to their will.
I think after many years our ballboys have finally been taught to vary the return of the ball depending on the score and whose ball it is. “

“wilder is a proper ****.”

“Let’s control the controllables, beat The Blunts, lots of laughter and “we’ll see you all next year”…Sheff U aren’t very nice…FACT…..then repeat v Brizzle…could be good fun these last 2 home games.”

“Hopefully our football will do the talking and there will be no room for their antics. All the pressure on them”

“play like we did against West Brom we turn them blunts over”

View From Forest

“The opposition were without a couple of key players and nervy given their need for a win and recently dropped points. Probably due to Sharpe missing and according to the Sky punditry to simplify things for the players given their relative lack of confidence, Sheffield had been set up to play long (They flashed up a stat showing the percentage of their passes hit that were long balls at one point, was higher than usual for their season). It was the sort of circumstances that could be capitalised on. It can’t be that you can tear apart a near playoff squad, lose to the likes of Rotherham and then call a battling performance with one shot on target as progress. “

Gave Sheff United far too much respect when they were missing 3 of their better players.
Showed nothing going forward while keeping it relatively solid at the back. Obviously the sending off was the turning point and Sheff United took full advantage.”

“I did harbour some hope that they’d panic without half their defence and Sharp. “

“Even with three of Sheff Utd’s key players out, we still created little.”

“Thought we were doing well till the sending off myself. Even after that we did well to make them nervous.Not upset at all with how we played”

“Didn’t play bad by any standards, didn’t have a chance to win the game as we have such a lack of creativity and possession…it’s genuinely disheartening to watch.”

“They didn’t have many more shots on target that us, so that’s something to cling to.”

“We never looked like scoring all game”

“In our last two games the opposition didn’t even need to play a Keeper to win…”

“we don’t have a ‘good’ team sheff utd have a ‘good’ team. No amazing standout individuals like we have with Lolley they all work together and know each other inside out and play as a cohesive unit with a balance of defensive strength and attacking flair. I love the system Chris wilder plays it really works for that squad. Our system, pfffft, men behind the ball, give the good players the ball and hope they conjur up something”

“Who knew McGoldrick could put a shift in…never saw that when he was with us.”

“If only we could attract creative hard working players like McGoldrick and Sharp!”

“They were more ruthless than we’ll ever be”

“interesting that the team that creates more opportunities wins the game”

“At least McGoldrick and Dowell didn’t score.
As I expected, Blades just brushed us aside like we weren’t even there. The ref helped.But blades were extremely average. Absolutely nothing special and we still just got swept away. “

“Enda Stevens was a free transfer for why dont we see these guys.”

“Lolley was £500k and is worth 20 times that now
Never even noticed Stevens until he scored. “

“I thought they were bang average and their crossing was shite for most of the game.”

“Sheffield Utd weren’t great we were worse. “

“Sheffield United in the Premier League would be a travesty”

“Honestly Sheffield United never good enough to go up”

“What a wanker Mark Duffy is.”

“This was the season to get up, Norwich n Leeds are half decent the rest pushing to go up are very average”

“I’ll tell you what, if O’Neill hadn’t been so pig headed with his shit team selections we wouldn’t be far off the top six if not in it.  Look at Sheffield today, they’re pretty shit, top two.  
You don’t have to be great, you just need a bit of talent, which we have when they all get picked, and a manager who can organise their team.  
Most of the teams above us haven’t got a vast amount more talent than us, Norwich, Leeds, West Brom and Villa, that’s about it.”  

“A referee shouldn’t be on the pitch if he is biased before the game
Benny was not last man and there was barely contact. We don’t have a reputation for chopping players down while running through on goal.It was an absolutely shocking decision that makes a mockery of the rulebook. And it typifies quite a chunk of those disciplinary points we have been getting. “

“Colback went over easily but contact was made – unlike MdGoldcheat who went over easily and didnt get touched”

“If Colback is yellow for diving then McGoldrick is also yellow for diving”.

“We have seen several sides outright cheat against us this season, get away with it and benefit from it- West Brom, Leeds, QPR, Preston and most likely McGoldrick today. “

“Colback intention was to go down, he was going down before the defender even put a leg out, it was a dive and a deserved yellow.
Yohan dived in, got nowhere near the ball and the only reason contact was avoided is because the striker hurdled the challenge but lost balance and went down after. The only argument is if he was the last man or not.
If the boot was on the other foot we would be screaming that the ref made the right decisions.”

“I know in general people aren’t fans but we need VAR in the championship. We’d have been already promoted. There also needs to be a better & more transparent way of appealing yellow & red cards.”

“We went down to ten-men when Sheffield United were flying (won 5 in a row) and going for automatic promotion in 2009 and we were fighting relegation. Kelvin Wilson was sent-off after 15 minutes. We magnificently held on to draw 0-0.
The KING was in charge.”

“Nottingham Forest – making shit teams look good since 1865”

Pre-Match View From Nottingham Forest

“If we lose we can’t be relegated and and if we win we can’t get promoted. The players appear to be in holiday mood already so even if we won or lost Ten-Nil who cares?”

“difficult to see where our next win is going to come from this season.”

“This could be a spanking”

“The mediocre team from Sheffield brushed us aside with a 3-0 thrashing. The good team in Sheffield will inflict further misery. Blackburn could have scored 4 against on Saturday – this lot will.”

“Routine home win for Sheffield United”

“if anyone can get their automatic push back on track, it’s us”

“We’re going to get proper tonked in this one.”

“you fear that we could end up on the end of a real drubbing at Brammall Lane”

“No chance here, their team’s treble ours. Its like Barcelona v Notts Clownty.”

“Painful this, potentially. Hopefully we’ll just lose”

“We will lose and lose heavily.4 or 5 should see Martin out the door hopefully” “Bizarrely they haven’t had much joy playing us in recent years despite looking the better side on most occasions.
So I reckon this will be their day.”

“Blades have coughed up a couple of victories last two games & are desperately looking for a pushover away from home with a confused game plan.
Enter Nottingham Forest.
Fuck me theres some red flags here, their midfield looks two classes above ours, their manager has the ability to pick apart any weakness & theyre gonna be desperate to get their push back on track”

“Interesting comparison when you look at where they sit & their season compared to ours. We’ve not won back to back once all season. There record however is:
4 wins on the bounce Aug-Sep
4 wins on the spin Sep-Oct
4 wins on the trot Dec-Jan
3 wins on the fidaddle Feb
3 wins on the roll in March
They’ve only lost 2 games back to back once all season, which was the very first 2 games.”

“Our away record is crap, they’ve lost 1 game in the last 14 (in fact they’re record in that time has been 8 wins, 5 draws, 1 defeat. Pure Auto form), and we’re now in the phase of experimentating.”

“Our’s is not a poor squad. Is sheff us better ?
We’ve been unlucky with defensive injuries and with the loan wingers not working out, but the players are there by and large to be better than mid table” “A few ex-strikers like Sharp and McGoaldrought to come back to haunt us”

“Think Sheffield Utd had a player sent off and Sharp and Basham injured at the weekend,could get something here,but won’t.”

“With the loss of 3 key men this might be a different game to the one I initially expected.
It will be a defeat still, but by a slimmer margin than I first thought.”

“It seems like they’re starting to feel a bit of pressure, like they did back end of last season and we shouldn’t be feeling any given we’ve nothing to play for, plus the fact Sharp is likely out. Relax, play some actual football and we can win. MON surely needs a good end to the season now.”

“Been unlucky with good goalkeepers and the post so I think we might score.” “Draw best I think we can hope for atm”

“If MON plays his strongest team (unlikely, as most of them can’t even get in the squad these days) rather than his lucky dip team selection trick again we might be able to nick a draw.
But let’s be blunt… 2-0 to them and they won’t even have to break into a sweat to do it.”

“we could win if O’Neill wasnt stubborn and played our best players.”

“Pointless match with no real pressure? That’s normally the sort of match we win.
It’s when a game actually means something that we routinely fall to pieces.”

“Let’s beat the gobby shit bags. Scabs on tour victorious”

“Win this one and screw over the Blunts chances of automatic promotion. Horrible club.
Can’t wait to see which ex-convicts they sign this summer.”

“Contrary to popular opinion, I’ve met several very nice people at Bramall Lane”

“Win or lose I’m probably going to have a cry wank after.”

Pre-Match View From Millwall

“On to a very hard game Saturday, away to Sheffield Utd. Be happy with a point up there!”

“I’ll take a point tbh Sheff Utd are wobbling so good time to play them got a good record up there also. Leeds and Villa going up this year”

“will be a very tough game”

“Can’t help thinking that Wednesday night was an opportunity missed for Millwall considering the results elsewhere. Saturday away Sheffield United will be tough.”

“we looked tired on Wednesday I thought.”

“Yes, they came up with us and we finished above them last season but they are a massive club, a Premiership club. They have spent money on Madine and Dowell. Would be able to get those players? no”

“They remind me of Millwall in a way in that they have a fan of the club supporting their team. They are are hard working side but they do have talent”

“Would be a typical Wall result to win on Saturday”

“We will lose because we are crap”

“We’re gonna need a miracle at Sheffield United Saturday!”

“Looking forward to the end of the season when I know longer have to hear the crap coming out of The Jester Harris’s mouth.”

“The trouble is our forwards don’t score goals. That is why the manager has gone to playing one up front and hoping to nick a game. The other forwards apart from Gregory are very poor.”

“in a way it is better than just muddling along in mid table. Won’t be easy some good teams down there with us, however trotters n tractor boys look toast. !st time Ipswich been to 3rd tier, while their neighbours the Canaries look set for premier. But we can stay up the way the boys are playing. Come on you Lions !!!!!!!”

“I’m a big fan of the word ‘shithouse’ in a football context. Hoping first line of my match report this Saturday will be: Millwall have shithoused a 1-0 win at Sheffield United to move closer to Championship safety.’”

“We have to get this out there enough that if we win he actually has to do it #Millwall #shithousesheffield”

“David Webb is tomorrow’s referee. He has officiated two previous Millwall games this season, both of which have been losses away to Reading and at home to Norwich (both 3-1). This will be the first Sheff Utd match he has taken charge of in 2018/19.”

View From Birmingham

“4 points out of 6 against two of the top three teams which means our ‘relegation battle’ lasted about a fortnight. The EFL must be gutted. Well in lads”

“Played 6 games against the top 3
Lost 1″

“Tremendous point, very happy…4 points out of Leeds and Sheffield United back to back?
Well done Blues. “

“Good game. Fair result init.”

“Fecking sensational to take 4 points off Leeds and Sheff Utd. Love this Blues team and I love the Monk.”

“I’ll be glad to see the back of this season, providing we stay up, we looked shattered, players playing who clearly aren’t fit as there simply aren’t no other options.
Sheff Utd definitely had the most of the play without creating a great deal, we definitely had the better chances without really enjoying much of the ball. Draw fair result, and a decent return for the week against two top sides. “

“Great couple of results against two teams who’ll both (hopefully) be in the premier league next season”

“Leeds and Sheff Utd are the best two teams in terms of keeping the ball this season”

“Having seen both Sheff U and Leeds up close this week I don’t there’s a huge amount between them but if I had to pick one to be in the play offs against Villa it would be Leeds. “

“whoever misses out on automatic between Leeds and Sheff utd I think it will be a massive ask to pick themselves up and get ready for a play off battle against teams who’ve hit momentum at the right time to get there.”

“Although they have clear talent, Sheffield United were nothing special on the night”

“Decent game and good following from United although I believe tickets were only £15? Double what we had to pay up there.
Great strike for the United goal, had some power but I think that was their only shot of that half. Their keeper had a good game and they played the ball out of midfield nicely. Our defence looked solid for a change as did Uniteds. Thought that we were holding on at the end.
Fair result”

“Solid, hard fought point against a good side. Sheffield United – best away fans at St. Andrew’s this season”

“Quality support from Sheffield United”

“Fair play to Sheff Utd fans tonight biggest and loudest turnout I’ve seen at home this season”

“Great turn out from Sheffield United considering it’s on sky. I may get shot down for this but I have always thought they were better than Wednesday fans.”

“Fair play to the Sheffield fans, brought some good noise… in the first half”

Pre-Match View From Birmingham

“The Blades will be in a similar position to Leeds – looking for three points rather than one. Indeed when did Chris Wilder’s team ever ‘bank up’?
The same principle applies where, where there’s tactical ambition, there’s space and Blues will get their opportunities.
Trouble is, can we keep the back door shut? Possibly not for a whole 90 minutes with the likes of Sharp, Madine, Hogan and McGoldrick in Wilder’s arsenal.”

“We might not be in the play off picture anymore but we could have a huge say in who goes up if we can win Wednesday against Sheff Utd”

“If we can take 2nd away from Leeds we can take 2nd away from Sheffield United”

“Sheff Utd we’re coming for you”

“We are blues ,and can beat anyone on our day in this division,so keep right on lads till the end of the season. “

“I actually think we could go the rest of the season unbeaten. Especially if we can navigate Sheffield Utd on Wednesday”

“I dont get why we beat the likes of Leeds but loose to mbro, QPR ,villa and many more it confuses me”

“Would be typical blues to win against Leeds then Sheffield United just to lose to Rotherham and Ipswich.”

“Loving the way these players will run through brick walls for each other, but think we’ve shown more than just grit this season at times. The odd 45 minutes here and there have been really good, showing what they can do. Need more of it over 90 minutes next year.”

“Sheffield United and Norwich kill teams off with more desire to score. I’ve saw Leeds against twice now this season and they have the quality but don’t hurt us one bit.”

“They’d love to buy Che but I think he’s destined for bigger teams. Sheffield should’ve kept hold of him instead of virtually giving him away in todays money. “

“What would happen with the sell on clause if we sold him back to Sheff Utd? Would they get a percentage of the fee they pay back/knocked off?”

“Sorry to say blades fans he will destroy you! Mwuaaaahhahah”

“Maikel Kieftenbeld is definitely out”

“He will be a big loss”

“Kief’s high energy pressing will be hugely missed. And he’s better on the ball than Davis.”

“Davis is as bad a Kieftenbeld, so we’ve got that position covered. Just hope Gardner is fit, so we don’t have to play Harding at right back”

“I like the guy but, Davis offers exactly the same option but, better in the air”

View From Preston

“If Norwich and Sheff Utd are the best this division has to offer then we’ve nothing to worry about next season. It’s all about momentum. Although this season isn’t over yet”

“I’m fairly confident that we will be playing them again next season in the Championship. They were ok but no where near in Norwich class. Although we lost we did create at least 5 decent chances which was more than Sheff U. did. Both number 6s were the best players on the field ie Basham and Davies imo”

Sheffield Utd weren’t anything special today”

“They were nothing special….but bloody hell we were shite again.”

“SU are nothing special and on another today we possibly could have had 3 or 4 but never looked like we’d score in 180 minutes”

“SU got very lucky today. “

“Thought we played well and should have scored but missed some guilt edge chances, Sheffield Utd didn’t seem that special to me just a very solid and hard working team who I felt we got at them at times.
Did Rudd have a save to make? Just the one from Billy Sharp, apart from that I thought we looked good. “

“Seani stood no chance against their centre halves and it can’t have been a surprise that Sheff Utd were going to be horrible and physical. “

“didn’t deserve to loose against a decent Sheffield united team who just had more experience than us”

“We weren’t bad by any stretch and worth considering that this Sheff Utd has every chance of going straight up. We were undone by one defensive lapse and a couple of decisions from the referee going our way early doors and it might have been a different story.”

“Thought we played very well today, just came up against a rock solid defence and outstanding goalkeeper. “

“Sheff Utd have an outstanding defensive record and we don’t seem to have much star quality to unlock teams at home.”

“Held at arms length by an experienced and well drilled outfit. Didn’t do enough to hurt Sheff U or move their defence around”

“Sheffield united were pressing us in our own half so when we did try to play it out from the back we got caught out a few times giving the ball away in our own half”

Sheff were the better side but there wasn’t much in it, it could have gone either way if we had taken our chances.”

“Wilder is a top manager.”

“If Sheffield united got the ball and immediately passed backwards all the time they’d be 10th just like us”

“Played alright in the first half, poor goal to give away. Second half was just shite, would have been undeserved if we got something from today.”

“Ref was the 12th man where Sheff Utd was concerned, even blocked a couple of north ends through balls, love that. “

“Frustrating day today, had a couple of decent chances which we really should have taken
The ref was awful today, booked one of our players for not taking a free kick from the specific blade of grass he wanted it to be taken from, from the far end it looked like we should have had at least 1 penalty at 0-0 but we really should have taken at least 1 of the chances we created and got a 1-1 draw out of it today
chatted to a few Sheff Utd fans on the way back to the car, seemed a decent bunch, will see if we can do them a favour on Tuesday night against Leeds”

“Shocking referee today. Must be scared of Chris Wilder, shithouse”

“Can’t believe sheff united fans were allowed in the home end… sort it out Preston”

“how do you justify having at least 40 Sheffield United fans singing and celebrating in the Sir Tom Finney stand today. Disgraceful Preston”

“Fair play to sheffield, but how have 15/20 of their fans been allowed into the directors stand on the Finney, and not only that, they were left to antagonise home fans ¿ stewards sat back and weren’t even assed?? If we did that at Bramall Lane we would’ve been battered”

“I sit next to the executive area in the STFS – there were about 30 Blades fans in there.They were boisterous for sure but just singing and chanting. They weren’t in our face when they scored and never threatening. Tbh some PNE were giving them grief. Mixed aged group just enjoying their day out. “

“Sheffield United fans obviously got the tickets in the Hospitality area because they had sold out the away end.
The problem was they were mostly drunk and foul mouthed”

“To be fair to Sheff Utd fans in front of us they didn’t celebrate goal except small boy & its pne’s fault they oversold executive area. Not sure Leeds fans will be as quiet”