LOAN UPDATE: Rotherham Fans Views On Caolan Lavery

“Lavery looks very good at free kicks in training don’t know why we don’t give him a start now cause we have got play offs and if we get a free kick he could take them”

“Lavery is better than Ball pass it on”

“He’s similar to Ball but a bit younger. Difficult to judge what Ball would have done though, if he had not been injured/ ill early season. Ball scored 14 goals for Fleetwood in 2016/7 in League 1. Would he have managed the same or better for the Millers if he had been fully fit? Just about impossible to tell which is the better of the two. Possibly worth keeping Lavery if some of the other forwards go, but it’s not a clear cut decision.”

“Very very ordinary. There’s got to be better around. Not remotely good enough for the Championship and it may be the fact that we don’t have a decent finisher at the club that just scuppers our promotion bid. ”

“works hard and hassles defenders but something seems to be lacking. Maybe he’s not fully fit.
At the moment I’d say let him go if we get promoted but try to keep him if we don’t. ”
“From what I have seen of Lavery I think he is more effective than Ball at giving defenders something to think about. He runs at them and the goalie and seems a bit more aggressive than Ball.
I would like to see us sign Lavery but if I’m honest I don’t see any of our current strikers having a big impact at Championship level.”

“Really think there’s a player there, quick and strong and decent in the air for his size. Imo I think Warne wants a full pre season to get him fully fit. I think he will be a handful next year. ”

“To me Ball is better than Lavery, when fully fit he has the experience to open a defence with his skill, I agree  regarding Yates that he should be released.
So that leaves a option to keep Lavery, if the Blades don’t want him.
Not forgetting their will be a lot of players looking for clubs in the summer. ”

“I doubt if he’ll leave the Blades.”

“I don’t see him getting in their side but if one of their strikers get an injury then Lavery may be needed but then again he might be transferred listed.”

“a total handful for any defender. He’s strong, will attack with one aim and that is to score. he was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet against Blackpool.I find him a player that is very useful and even if initially used as a last 20 minute player, then he is a great foil to have on the bench. As his match fitness improves who knows what role he could bring to our forward line.
If I was Warne, and as mentioned earlier in a post, I’d be looking to let Yates go and bring in Lavery as he is by far the stronger and better player. We will have to wait and see. “

The Pre-Season Predictions Of Sheffield Wednesday Fans

When Sheffield United finally got out of League One at the end of the 2016/2017 season they looked forward to renewing their acquaintance with neighbours Sheffield Wednesday after a 6 year absence of Championship football. With the Owls being only a Fernando Forestieri penalty kick away from the previous seasons play off final, hopes were high from the Wednesday fans that this time they could get back to The Premiership for the first time in nearly two decades. Whilst the Owls were among the favorites for promotion their city rivals United were expected to  be at the other end of the table scrapping for survival. Nobody believed this more than Sheffield Wednesday fans who before a ball was kicked made all sorts of predictions about United’s chances in the upcoming season. Here I present just a sample of those predictions. Taken from Owlstalk, the biggest Sheffield Wednesday message board, these posts will amuse many Blades fans who with the benefit of hindsight know how badly wrong these prophets of doom turned out to be.



The Pigs Season in a nutshell: Initial good start as the Pashun and momentum from last season means they will start well and pick up a few points. Then the reality of the fact that they’re in a mesters league and the massive step up in quality will hit them. Their squad isn’t remotely good enough to cope with Saturday/Tuesday every week and I don’t think their world class strike force will have scored 10 goals between them by Christmas, leaving them in the bottom 3. Cue the suicidal calls to Pigs & Grumble saying Tufty has taken them as far as he can and that he isn’t a Championship Manager. Prince Bog Roll and McSue will then frantically cobble some money together and they’ll sign some more nobodies on the cheap before going down with a lower points total than the mini pigs.  It’s going to be hilarious. “

These are the facts; Promoted with a weak team. None of which would get anywhere near our first team. Signed weak, lower league players. See above. Manager with no experience at this level. If any Utd fans can’t see this, they’re football knowledge is also weak. Maybe they do see it. Who’d have the nads to admit it though? Roll on November when their first XI are worn out, their replacements are dogger & they’re in bottom 3 & reality dawns. “

Wilder will have them organised, they’ll play at a high tempo, they’ll have a few cheering them on at home. Nowt wrong with any of that, it might be enough to keep them up… But they are all expecting them to do better than that; I’m yet to speak to a Blade who doesn’t think they’ll finish mid table or above. There is literally no evidence to support this happening. I’d say the Blunts will be in for a shock from the off. “

Can’t help thinking there’s going to be some harsh lessons handed out to the pigs next season, it’s going to be delicious” 

They are in for a big big shock..  can’t wait”

They’ve got no idea what is about to hit them this season. “

Praise or grumble is going to be delicious next season when reality bites “

one season of winning ,quite frankly, the poorest third division in some time and all of a sudden they are destined for great things. Absolute clowns of the highest order. It’s gunna be amazing when they are calling for tuftys head when they are flirting with relegation.”

They’ll either languish in bottom-half-of-the-table mediocrity or get relegated, nothing else. “

They really think that they are going to make an impact in the championship with a bunch of lower league nobodies with Billy Blunt and Ched the ripper leading the line. The only saving grace is that there will be 3 sides worse than them. “

Dave Jones had us playing expansive football in our first few games back in the Champ. We thought we were going to kick major ass. Then everyone started scoring for fun against us like a hot knife through butter so Dave went turgid and defensive. I can see the same happening at The Sty just a hell of a lot quicker. They will go back down. “

If I was a Blunt I’d be extremely worried.”

They’ll certainly surprise me if they stop up. You will see the difference in class on the opening day. And Brentford are by no means a good side, but they have players who can really hurt you. They don’t “

I’ll be surprised if United reach the 50-point mark – based on the current squad and calibre of the summer recruits/targets so far. Can only see a relegation battle for our neighbours”

We tried to sign a bunch of “young and hungry” players and to rely on team spirit when we got promoted six years ago. We only stayed up by the skin of our teeth. We had better players than United do now. I think they’ll stay up but it’ll be a scrap all year.”

These blunts really don’t know what’s coming this season do they .Are we taking bets on wilder getting sacked before Christmas because I’ll have a piece of that”

The gap between L1 and Championship is an absolute chasm. Big dose of reality for dem blavdes after seeing their fixtures”

I really really want them to be on about 3 points by the time they play us. A rude awakening awaits I reckon.”

Penny will drop when they roll up at S6 in September, in the bottom three. Obviously robbed, cheated & very unlucky!”

They really are in for one hell of a shock”

I find it fuuuucking hilarious that Wilder seems to think the likes of Clarke, Sharp and Lavery wi score enough goals to keep them up next season. My word, is CW in for a shock. “

“Something that leaps out to me is the distinct lack of goals in their squad. Clarke – Absolutely useless at this level. Sharp – might get 10 but he’s way past his best and nowhere near as good as the grunters think. “

Not a chance in hell Clarke is going to be good enough “

Wilder is going to have to make them watertight at the back to get points, and they are far from that.   They need 10/12 wins, Bolton,  Burton,  Millwall and forest are the teams they will be looking to for 6 points – I’m struggling to see who they could legitimately get above other than that.“

Looking at their squad it would be wrong to nail on certain relegation tag. However, if they are to stay out of trouble I would expect Dirty and agricultural style of play. A  heavy winter would be in their favour. Hoof Ball and rough stuff on the cards ! “

Still not grasping how far the division has moved on since they were last in it. Bristol City only stayed up last season because of Tammy Abraham and they’ve had to spend £6m on a replacement, just to survive. “

Let them have their moment. Let them give it the big un. But come the end of August when they’ll have less than 3 pts after 5 games they’ll all go quiet. When the realise the best player they’ve got in the transfer window was ched bundy they’ll shut up. “

They might get the odd decent result, but these 46 games are alot tougher than the L1 46 games. If they can build up some decent home form they might be alright, but, all the promoted sides will struggle”

The team they have now is worse than the one they were relegated with and missed out on promotion with the following year. Meanwhile, the quality of the Championship has improved considerably over the last 6 years. It really doesn’t bode well for them, but of course they’re far too thick to see it. At the end of the season, if they finish 21st and take 3 or 4 points off us they’ll see the season as a huge success and will be giving it large etc. Yawn. “

Barnsley will finish above them which says it all “

I seriously cannot wait for Barnsley to beat them at home. The sight of 20,000 Blunts plus a few more dressed up as empty seats crashing back down to reality is going to be absolutely f*cking hilarious.“

My prediction is They’ll be in, and finish in the bottom 8 all year. “

I think they’ll stay up. I think “PASHUN” and fight will get them more points at home than Millwall and Bolton, and I’d also expect the quality of the division to catch up with Burton. Barnsley look like they might utterly crash as well. That’s 4 teams who I wouldn’t be surprised to see finish below United. But I’m struggling to see any more.”

They keep talking about momentum and, fair enough, they got 100 points and so yeah there may be a bit of that early on. We got 81 points in the league above and have finished in the top 6 the last two seasons; I’d muc rather have that momentum.”

So lads, how many points are they finishing behind us? I’ll say 26.”

I reckon they’ll be minding a gap of 30+ points.”

I’ll go for 32 points behind us”

How many points did ToyTown get last year? Blunts will get less. 15 points for them, If we are aiming for top two need at least 85 points so 70 point gap? We can only hope “

As for finishing above us, they will be lucky to be in the same half of the table as us “

Can see them finishing above Bolton Burton and Millwall, anything more than that and they’ve had a great season”

Been funny seeing all the optimism slowly draining from the Blavdes as the big kick off approaches.Where’s all the “we’re coming for you” bullshit now? They’re in for torrid season and deep down they all know it.”

Some of of their comments about Wednesday are astonishing. They want to believe so badly that we’re just an expensively assembled shambles. They really want to believe that they’ve got this special “team” that somehow trumps ours, just because we’ve spent a lot. Their way of doing it (lower league gems spotted by the scouting mastermind that is Chrissy Wilder) is obviously much better than our way (signing proven players with experience of promotion from this division)”

At the end of the day if we turn up (which we will) they might just need another ball. Even better if they turn up with their pashun and have a go at us instead of boring us to tears like Cloughs Burton then they could get a right Royal f**king pasting”

there’s more chance of another Boxing Day for us this season than I can ever remember”

THe best way and most fun thing to do is nod and agree with everything they say. Then in may just remind them of it. Simple but bloody fantastic “

 Isn’t it just……..

View From Bristol City

“Tables are certainly turning on LJ. I can’t get over how bad today was. ”

“I’m starting to doubt Johnson now. This was men against boys. Clueless and sad.”

“Jesus wept that was poor. No pride and worst of all no effort whatsoever.”

“Absolute pony. We accept mediocrity to easily a good manager wouldn’t take his team from 2nd to 11th. Get out.”

“My biggest question with LJ is he too nice? Look at Wilder stood up and shouting and instructing. SU have nothing to play for but he has clearly given them reason to fight perhaps for their jobs mext season. LJ sat with arms behind his back or in his pockets.”

“Someone obviously forgot to tell Sheffield Utd that this game was a dead rubber and we weren’t bothered. ”

“Looks like those who were worried about Sheffield United, were right to be.”

“Shameful, SU looked like Bayern München.”

“Better in the second half. Even so, 23 points in the second half of the season, 2 points in ten games against the top ten. Look poor, real worry for next season.”

“Another GREAT game for the neutral.Shame there are no neutrals watching.”

“so 11th position finish then. Not going to say well done boys , it was all lost after the Wolves game and the lack of good signings in January.”

“I hope those who went did not wait for a ‘lap of disgrace’.Glad I did not follow it.I sincerely hope something is changed in the managerial and player recruitment departments in the close season. Carry on as we are and we will be relegated this time next year, stating the obvious.What a woeful 55% of the season.”

Pre-Match View From Bristol City

“Sheff Utd is a must win. I’ve always wanted to start one of these threads. They’ve been so successful the previous ten times we had one, I think we have a 0% record in OTIB-appointed Must Win Games. So let’s have one last one for old times sake.If we’ve learnt anything this season it is to have as few must win games as possible. I suggest that next season we either sign a few more players like Diony or play a few of our Under-12s so that we go into games as massive underdogs and City are spared the overbearing pressure of minor expectation.For added effect let’s have the players run out at Ashton Gate to the theme tune of the magic roundabout and have home fans all dressed as sunflowers throwing small balls of cotton wool onto the pitch. Anything to create a happy marshmallowy sort of environment free of the dreaded must-win.  P.S. #1 On recent respective league form our point at Burton is looking more and more impressive. P.S. #2 For the sake of Niclas Eliasson’s poor family at least tell them where you have buried the body.”

“I want to know whose turn it is to come on the website and say we are fighting to the end, despite not having done so for the last 4 months?”

“Shame as it would’ve been a great game if this would played a few months back. Unfortunately both of us have collapsed a little bit. Still a good season for both of us imo”

“what was looking like a play off decider cracker to end of season damp squid.”

“Nothing can be proved in an end of season damp squid.”

“Didn’t you hear? Johnson said that he wants us to go out with a bang and the players will be really up for it. I can’t remember him ever saying this before so we must mean business. ”

“I have a season ticket and haven’t seen a home win in the league since Cardiff in November. Literally the only home games I have missed since then have been the wins. I even went to Sunderland and Hull games haha!Sorry to say I am going to this one. Feels like we should be 24th from what I have seen!!!”

“I’m waiting for LJ to come out in the week and say “Let’s make it a party occasion at Ashton Gate for the final game of the season, just like we have done in the past”. ”

“I honestly believe that Lee Johnson doesn’t have the faintest clue on how to manage or head coach a Championship football club.I know it will be a long time in the future but I really do hope that I will still be compos mentis/alive when he leaves Ashton Gate for the final time.”

“if SL really wanted premier league football he’d have appointed a proven, successful championship manager….we haven’t had one since Steve Coppell….we ain’t going anywhere soon in terms of promotion….but being in the championship ain’t the worse thing in the world…I just wish those at the top would tell us what they really want….because appointing Millen, McInnes, SOD, Cotts and LJ is not any signal of positive intent with regards to getting out of the championship in an upwards fashion rather than a downwards one….”

“Is anyone bothering with this game?”

“I aint going. Being on a Sunday for me is not a good day, if we were pushing for promotion/play-offs I would have moved heaven and earth to be there but we are finishing on a whimper. 60 odd years of going to the Gate can drain a bloke”

“I want to win to record yet another ‘double’. We’ve had quite a few in a really good season and one tends to like more of a good thing. Just hoping the woodwork is as kind to us as it was at Bramall Lane (was it 5 times they couldnt find the net but hit the white stuff??”

“9 points from the remaining fixture will see on 76 points, and into the play-offs by the skin of our teeth, just ahead of Derby who are going to bottle it yet again. With that in mind I think a front three of Kent, Diony and Woodrow should get us over the line on Sunday. Live the dream people. ”




View From Preston

Well it was painful to watch. But somehow we got the win. Rudd MOM for me. Made some good stops and didn’t bottle any crosses. It’s great that we still have a glimmer of hope even if it’s all rather unlikely. Still not sure the value of repeatedly wasting time when it’s all very blatent and the ref adds on 6+ minutes. Although we did well playing it in the corners though (legit wasting time I don’t mind).

“We havent done that for ages, glad it came back today. Well we go into the final game with something to play for. Deffo would have settled for that preseason.”

“We were like Sheff Utd under Warnock”

“Lol so it’s all Rudd’s fault they’ve not been able to convert all their chances etc… ”

“We aren’t the best be we scrap and battle and “needs must” for what we can get,as for the time wasting name a team that doesn’t do it when required.”

The ref  had a message from the Prem and the press. Add on as much time as poss and help Sheff Utd. We don’t want #teams like Preston in the Prem. ”

“Where are they in the league ? Where are we ? Job done, enough said !”

“Can we please appreciate the mental turmoil Ben Pearson must have put himself through by not receiving a booking in the last 5 games”

Pre-Match View From Preston

“Big game… or not, depends what happens elsewhere.
Huntington went off injured at half time and Clarke looked like he was playing through the pain barrier as well. Hopefully Maguire is sharp enough to start and I hope Alex Neil gives Harrop his chance as he’s looked great coming off the bench.”

“We have next to no chance of getting the play offs but I think we may well still take it to the last day of the season. I can see Villa beating Derby now that they still have a slim chance of automatic promotion, whereas had Cardiff won tonight, they may have rested a few key players like Huddersfield did last year. And Sheff Utd can no longer get the play offs so they may be tempted to go on their holidays whereas our players may think a miracle can happen. If both we win and Derby lose then regardless of other results, we take it to the last day of the season. I then believe Derby will pick up at least a point from Barnsley and we’ll be out of it but it’ll still make for an interesting last day Vs Burton and who knows we may even find a miracle from South Yorkshire on the last day of the season again… “

“Sheff United’s chances are not too far behind PNE’s. We both need two victories and we both need to climb over Derby, Millwall and Brentford (they also need to climb over PNE and Bristol City… but that’s who the Blades play in their last two matches, so that would happen naturally.). If Derby Millwall and Brentford do lose on Saturday, then a Sheff U victory would have them going into the last match just 2 points (and lots of goals) off the play-offs and praying for Derby to slip up in their last match… And that’s not too far from our situation if we win at Bramall Lane. There are clearly some additional permutations that can work in our favour but Sheff United will NOT be on their holidays on Saturday!”

“Sheffield Utd are likely to be more physical and direct so a lot more contact is likely to take place and the 50/50 challenges need to won. A lot could come down to who wants it more. With it being the end of the season expect to see Clarke or Hunts play strapped up and injected with pain killers”

“I believe Sheffield United play a 3-5-2 and most of their attack is fast breaks, going forward in numbers with the wingbacks bombing down the flanks at every opportunity. Keeping the wingbacks pegged back in a defensive role should be a top priority, which means pace on the wings, forcing Baldock and Stevens to keep tight to them and be hesitant to join the attack. Without them united have very little width from what I’ve seen of them, so Robinson and Barkhuizen on the wings is a must in my opinion, with Bodin either benched or played centrally.  O’Connell, Basham, and Stearman are all around 6’3″ so we’ll have no luck with the long balls forward we resort to at times, so keeping the ball on the ground is an absolute must as I doubt we’ll win many duels. Set pieces will pose a problem too, as we’ve been weak defending them recently and having tall centre halves and the likes of Leon Clarke and Clayton Donaldson attacking the ball will be very dangerous. ‘m expecting a few goals for both sides in this one. Both teams will be at each other’s throats from the off “

“We should basically do the opposite of what Alan Irvine did the last time we had such a huge game at Bramhall Lane. “

“The opposite of how we played there in the FA Cup this season would be very

good. “ “ our away form has been excellent this season and AN has the mindset in the players that we can go and get something at any ground in the Championship. Just keep that mindset and lets get 3pts “

“What I’ve found funny and interesting is that their fans have this down as a dead cert 3 points and expect to struggle against Bristol City. I know we’ve not been as good as we can be and not been finishing chances, but we’re still more than capable of going there and winning. The players do need to turn up though and deliver if they really want it this season.”

“tbh I can’t see it happening now. If we’d have beaten Norwich we’d still be well and truly in the mix and taken another 1,000 to Sheffield Utd. There’s too many permutations for it to be likely but there is still a small chance so the seasons still interesting. I honestly don’t think we’re clinical enough at this stage of the season to win the play offs anyway.
Whether we make it or not, we’ve improved on last year and even with exactly the same squad it shows that with a little bit of luck we could well have made it. We have money to spend in the summer so if we can get the right players in for Neil’s style I really don’t see why we can’t improve further next season. Overall whilst a tad frustrated I’, happy with the club, management and players. “

View From Birmingham


“I can’t remember the last time we came from behind to win a game.”

“A brilliant performance. Brilliant management from Monk.”

“tbh we are not a bottom half team, this season has been a disaster from the start even pre season was a washout. As you say can`t wait now for next season and pre season.”

“not only will we be in this division next season, we will be in th Top 6”

“Great win today against a decent Blades team who had everything to play for, fair result, what was with Duffy? he didn’t cut it at Blues get over it son, you just didn’t warrant a place in the team simples.”

“Really deserved that bit of a funny game but the thing with football is it ent over till it’s over. Very soft goal to conceed and not sure why a player that a lot of blues fans wanted to see given a chance thinks there’s a vendetta against him. Looks a right **** now anyway.Great following to from UTD, and a great season after being promoted.”

“What’s Duffys problem? Apart from being ginger. And crap.Maybe he is still scarred from being unable to dislodge Lee Novak from the starting 11 during his time here”

“Duffy was the worst player I have seen this season”

“Poor man’s Jacques Maghoma.”

“our fans really were the twelfth man today as well as in other games. There is no other fans in this league like our Fans”

“..that sheff player faking injury for 6 minutes the only way to quiet us down”

Pre-Match View From Birmingham

“This is must win but a point could do (Strange football isn’t it?)

This is huge, the biggest game of the season by far. I think we are in it till the last day which worries me as surely we don’t get out of it three times with last day drama.
Difficult one to predict as I think Wolves away has really unsettled quite a few.”

“We seriously need all 3 points and I dont give a toss how we get them. If they are brinking 2.8k then the atmosphere should be good, but feck em,all I want is the 3 points. “

“I honestly think we can take Sheffield United in this match. I would maintain that, even if they are chasing a playoff place, their team is no better than ours and we are at home. The way Monk has got us playing, I think a win is definitely possible”

“No excuses for not winning this. Sheffield United are not in great form”

“They are 3 points from play offs, Villa couldn’t beat them at home could they? Donaldson!!
We will show you them it’s done Saturday”

“They may be but they are not in great form and if you remember we completely matched them earlier in the season.”

“This game will be difficult, Sheff U are still in the hunt for a play-off. However we should remember that they are in this good position because they got off to a flyer at the beginning of the season, they have come off the boil since.
I don’t think I have been to a squeaky bum game in years.”

“Anyone else as worried as me about where our goals are coming from? 1-0 would be great and if Barnsley lost I think we would be close to safety- one more point in the remaining two matches I reckon would be enough”

“Sheffield will be a tough nut to crack because they are still chasing a play off place, but we are the home team and we’ve got to want and go for a win.
Adams will be available, but Dean will be missing, which is a big blow.
However, we’ve got something else, the St Andrews crowd. The noise we made at the final match of last season was deafening and helped us to victory. I’m sure it will be the same again for this match.”

“We need goals if we are to improve our goal difference compared with Bolton, so I think Adams has to start. Davis has scored goals, but he’s not a natural goalscorer.”

“Adams has scored 3 in 27 League games this season. I know he’s been injured but he is not prolific. He’s inconsistent and can go missing in games but because he was previously with the Blades and it could be a case of ‘scoring against yer old team’ I’d start with him in a 4-4-2 and hope he get’s his head down and drills a powerful one in as he did v Cardiff. “

“I think we simply have to win
Hopefully Monk feels the same way and goes all out for the win
IF we are going to go down then lets go down the right way and not trying to defend defend defend and hope that Juke somehow manages to get one goal in the 2 or 3 chances that we may be able to give him (at home) when he usually needs 10 chances to get one goal.
So come on Blues, don’t be afraid anymore, its past that point now, just go for them from the off and get that win.
I don’t want to see Jota anywhere near our box and he should be told to go wherever he likes.”

“I have posted previously about that night game in the 70s, i said then that it was the worsy hiding i had ever seen an away following endure at st andrews.
It was sureal, the police had literally vacated the ground to take up position outside the ground, leaving 6,000 sheffield fans behind. Que groups of blues climbing the fencing that had kept us apart now minus the lines of police. The sheffield fans although in large numbers didn’t know what to do and were like sitting ducks as probably no more than a couple of hundred blues fans rained down on them.
Our away games in sheffield in the 70s were also carnage with police being pulled from there horses and the city centre shops taking a batterig. So many blues fans were arrested they had to lay on a special train to take them homeo one year and the night game when we were fighting relegation was carnage, over 10,000 travelled that night.”

“They tried to come the ‘big I am’ up there in November. I know somebody who gat smacked from behind, the bloje that did it got filled in. Wasn’t the only incident that day”

“Must have been a couple of different things going on, as I know a small group of our lot came Second, this season.”

“They got a kicking at their place earlier this season and a fairly decent scrap prior and after the 4-0 fa cup game.”

“Never really minded Sheff Utd, even when Colin W*nker was in charge, although I’m still scarred by that 0-0 draw in ’98 when we missed the playoffs on goals scored – goal difference would’ve seen us make the top 6, but the FL had changed the rules that year to supposedly inspire more attacking football – after Sasa Ilic spent 90 mins channeling his inner Lev Yashin. “

“I like Sheff Utd fans to be honest.”

View From Millwall


“A dramatic and exciting game which ended all square.We started off on the front foot and pressed them back from the off. Everybody looked up for it and was getting their foot in, closing down and denying them space. But they were up for it big time too. There was lots of good movement in the middle, people running off the ball, going wide and putting crosses in but we defended stoutly. They probably had slightly the better of the first half with chances. The ones of note was some close control by their 9 Clarke and a decent shot from 25yards which Archer saved well. We had a decent header from Cooper and some good attacking play but it came to nothing and ended all square at the break.The second half was a different story. They came out all guns blazing and pressed us back from the start. They stretched us this way and that and really our us under pressure. Their best chance came from a cross from the left which their bloke headed from 6 yards and Archer pushed it over for a corner. It was real Gordon Banks stuff. We had some decent movement forward with a great ball to Gregory from Morison on the right. He ran into the box and should have pulled the trigger but he squared it and it came to nothing. Then it was their turn. A good ball to their Clarke went off with a firm challenge from Hutch. It looked a goal kick but the ref deemed it to be a corner. We didn’t clear it very well and their winger swung it in from the left, it was headed back across goal and Clarke nodded it in from three yards. Their mob went nuts. But their joy didn’t last long. From the kick off it went back to Cooper who swung it forward into their box. It sailed over the head of their defended and Morison met it on the full and side footed it wide of their keeper for the equaliser. It was our turn to go nuts. We brought on Fred for a tiring Marshall but he did very little. Elliott came on for the last two minutes to replace Gregory and had a couple of touchesThere were two shouts for a penalty at each end. Their forward got booked for diving and ours could have gone either way. And so it ended an exciting draw….which I would have taken at one o’clock.Archer made three world class saves which kept us in it and got my MOM. Romeo was very strong and focussed and Meredith was his normal aggressive and energetic self. Hutch and Cooper were rocks at the back but had their work cut out all afternoon. Wallace was lively and threatening and both Saville and Wallace were busy and solid. Marshall played well but didn’t have too many opportunities to shine. Gregory had his normal busy game and one chance which he should have made more of. Morison showed his class with a deft finish for the goal.”

“Solid result. I had this down as the hardest of our games left. Need at least one win
from Fulham, Villa or Boro, though.”

“Fair result I thought.”

“A bit of frustration from a few around me during the first half. As a few away games this season we grew into the game, they still had the pressure, we still looked dangerous. To score immediately after gave us the lift, I thought we were gonna win it.”

“like most games this season…Sheffield United passing it around the back.Millwall more interested in going forward asap.”

“What character. They threw everything at us & thought they’d won it.”

“not the best performance by a long shot but I’ll take that.”

“On their forum there’s a few digs about us being ‘poor’; yet on twitter a fair few Blades say it was a fair result. I would imagine that’s probably because people that bother being on a forum are the more one-eyed fanatical type of fan. Personally, thought we sounded very good – it was a game they needed to win & we could afford to draw. So, we were a bit more cautious than usual – bar when we needed to grab a goal back & instantly went up a gear and got straight back into it.”

“Haven’t heard anybodys fans say we are any good this season , well the table and results dont lie”

“Great all round archer man of the match”

“Some Sheffield United fans may argue they deserved to win if not for Archer; but I don’t think they’ve got two legs to stand on.”

“Archer was great, the shot they had that was going in to the top corner I thought was a goal as Archer didn’t move to the very last second, almost like his hand teleported there”

“Archer MoM”

“Just got to keep going . We’ll get there for sure”

“What a ride, not sure my ticker can take much more! Amazing season, will go down as one of the best.”

“Chris Wilder has always been my favourite opposing manager. So honest. Take note, Warnock.”

Pre-Match From Millwall

“must-win for the Blades. Must-not-lose for the Lions. This is a big one.”

“Sheffield United is now a must-not-lose, rather than a must-win. That being said, a win would put us six points clear of the Blades, taking them out of it, and possibly four/five points clear of Boro with three games to go. So  tight. With so many of the top 8 playing each other, I think it’s possible, if unlikely, that we could even get in with 4/12.”

“This is the one I’m dreading the most of our games left to be honest”

“Imagine looking at them fixtures knowing we needed points to stay up Championship next season ? I will take that as a prize for losing out ”

“They are going to play 3-5-1-1 formation apparently.That would be completely insane. So lets hope thats what they play.”

“Makes no difference to us as we’re set up to cover every angle.
All our outfield players are covering each other,a sort of ‘total football’ Do you not think that our oppo have been trying to counter our set-up, and failed so far,?”

“Looks like David Brooks was on song during midweek.”

“Hope Sheffield United fans are embarrassed by their clubs ticket allocation for Millwall fans on Saturday…disgraceful but hey we’ll still make twice the noise they do as at all other grounds we go to”

“If Millwall gets promoted, I’m cancelling the kids’ season tickets. They can’t get a sniff of sporting glory at such a young age. It’ll ruin them. First they need to suffer decades of soul-crushing misery.”