View From The Republic Of Ireland

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A collection of quotes taken from fans of The Republic Of Ireland on the performances of John Egan , Enda Stevens and David McGoldrick in the penalty shootout defeat to Slovakia

“Stevens was solid defensively”

“Stevens was offered few opportunities to make an impact going forward in the opening period but used space well in the 2nd”

“Got forward every chance he got”

“Stevens did excellent setting up Browne”

“Great ball to set up Browne’s chance.”

“Gave a great option in support when Ireland were going forward but was caught out of position on the couple of occasions that the ball was coming the other way. Two or three incisive runs had the Slovaks worried.”

“Stevens again has been dismal”

“Egan and Hourihane were our best in the 90”

“John Egan is some player”

“Solid in the air once more”

“an excellent performance from Egan”

“NEVER put a foot wrong defensively as he won tackle after tackle and made some big interceptions. Stepped into midfield when possible to push Ireland forward but his passing was erratic.”

“he already looks to be a key player”

“Distribution could have been better but his defending and covering was top notch.”

“The partnership with Duffy displayed a far better understanding, looking more solid and composed than last month. Not unduly troubled defensively as he read the game well.”

“Duffy, McGoldrick & Egan been outstanding”

“McGoldrick was unreal”

“Mcgoldrick was great! “

“What a fantastic performance from Didzy”

“Really impressed with Robinson and Mcgoldrick tonight.”

“David McGoldrick is a treasure”.

“Mcgoldrick different gravy tonight”

“McGoldrick was lights out tonight, only thing missing was a deserved goal. MOTM”

“David Mcgoldrick is our best player by miles”

“Mcgoldrick exceptional”

“I’ve never seen McGoldrick lose possession or not do something productive when he gets it”

“McGoldrick should play in midfield. Strong and makes great runs with the ball.”

“David Mcgoldrick deserves more respect from football fans.”

“A brilliant performance.”

“David McGoldrick is the bottom half Roberto Firmino. And I mean that absolutely as a compliment. Ireland’s most important attacking player”

“McGoldrick is the Irish Zlatan but better”

“McGoldrick looking like Iniesta at times with some of his touches.”

“David Mcgoldrick is playing like a hybrid Messi and Pirlo”

“Hard to believe he is 32 and he was running the show out there.”

“Seen milk turn quicker than McGoldrick”

“He is terrible and never scores”

Wales Fans Views On Ethan Ampadu

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“We were playing well with Moore as a focal point and 3 very good midfielders – Ampadu, Morrell, Joniesta”

“Ampadu 9/10”

“Ampadu played well. “

“Really like ampadu”

“I rate Ampadu as a future DM considering his age and experience”

“Man I love Ampadu”

“When Ampadu went off Grealish + co had run of midfield”

“Ampadu kicking Grealish off the park tonight. Respect: “

“Ampadu clattering grealish is absolutely brilliant viewing”

“Ampadu living out something most people can only dream of – twatting Jack Grealish”

“Ampadu flattening Grealish love to see it”

“I wish Ampadu would have given Grealish something to go down about! Diving all over the place”

“Grealish has skinned that bum Ampadu for 60 minutes straight ffs”

“Ampadu as a DM just ain’t doing it for me…”

“Ampadu who is apparently premiership class was given the run around all night!”

“Ampadu looking rather average”

“Didn’t even realise ampadu was playing ffs”

“Extremely poor tonight”

“I don’t get the hype on ampadu. Two loans now and barely played. Can’t all get wrong”

“Looks like Wales have picked Kwame Ampadu instead of Ethan tonight.”

“Ampadu is criminally overrated”

“It’s really not been his game”

“ampadu is terrible”

“Doesn’t look good at offering himself for the pass. Could be a CB”

“surely Ampadu has to start in cb instead of Mepham on sunday”

Norway Fans Views On Sander Berge

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“Too bad that Norway with such a beautiful generation arriving (Haaland, Sorloth, Berge, Ajjer,…) also play badly “

“Haaland, Odegaard, Sorloth, Berge are apparently not enough …”

“What the is Lars Lageback managing this team? He makes Haaland, Sørloth, Ødegaard, Sander Berge look like chinese farmers against Serbia. We’re losing against a team who’s best player is MITROVIC???”

“Berge is a good player”

“I really like Sander Berge. He organizes, marks the time of the game, usually improves the play when the ball passes his feet … His “problem” is that he is a classic midfielder. Far from what is demanded today.”

“Similar to Busquets. I still believe that this role in a 442 accompanied by a box to box still has its place”

“Berge has a lot of qualities. But he needs like all other good players around him.”

“Was good tho the whole team has been a bit shit today”

“Sander Berge. International average.”

“what the hell have Ødegaard, Berge and Ajer done today? Totally invisible and only support passes and Ajer wandering disaster behind.”

“Disappointing match by Berge. Goes terribly slow and fluent with mismatches.”

“I do not think I have ever seen Sander Berge play a good match.”

“Berge has had an absolute nightmare all game”

“Sorry but Sander Berge is very weak today”

“Berge is not quality”

“Never bought the Sander Berge hype. The impression solidly reinforced tonight.”

“Sander Berge a little too praised”

“could not show a presence”

“Sander Berge, you’re not good.”

“Sander Berge = Norwegian Obi Mikel”

“Berge 3/10”

“Berge does not work as glue.”

“Berge seems to have eaten 2 liters of ice cream a lot. Tough in the pedals”

“Not sure who I think has been the worst. Berge is not exactly on the hook”

“Can anyone tell me why Berge, as one of the team’s highest, on death and life should hit dead balls?”

“Berge is praised. I want absolutely everything Sheffield Utd hurts.”

Scotland Fans Views On Oli McBurnie

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“Mcburnie looked knackered”

“Still shyte”

“Never cap that fraud again”

“Mcburnie what does he do for a living ?”

“Oli McBurnie is absolutely utter rancid decayed horse shit.”

“Is McBurnie a footballer?”

“how does McBurnie earn seven figures every year as a footballer ?”

“Mcburnie is just a joke full stop.”

“Mcburnie, waste of space”

“I’d take Iwelumo over that fanny McBurnie. A total gimp of a footballer”

“Why Is Oli McBurnie even in the Scotland squad btw? He doesn’t even know how to pull up his socks, why is Steve Clarke putting his trust in him?”

“!McBurnie is the definition of shite.”

“McBurnie just constantly runs as if hes got sore knees”

“Mcburnie an absolute waste of a jersey.”

“McBurnie is the worst player I have ever seen play for Scotland.”

“McBurnie is 6’2 of pure dugshite”

“McBurnie was £20m. Madness.”

“Oli Mcburnie is a £20 Million player in the premier League and he’s not even better than dykes, who plays for the same team as lee Wallace…”

“His pass completion tonight must he 10%, spent longer on his arse or chasing his bad touch.”

“Oli McBurnie is rotten wouldn’t be dangerous with an axe in his hand ! “

“McBurnie in particular is the face of everything thats wrong with the English transfer market and our outlook…. some idiot paid £20m for a Motherwell level striker, but coz he plays down south he gets picked automatically… shouldnt be anywhere near a Scotland cap.”

“This McBurnie is absolutely brutal i dont think i have ever seen a worse striker looks like he should be playing sunday league or Amateurs feel sorry for Sheffield fans”

“Defenders must absolutely piss themselves when they see they are up against oli mcburnie
.Woefully shite. Wish there was a Sheff Utd reserve game on tonight he could’ve picked over Scotland again”

“He gets stick because up until a video by the SFA, he’s looked and acted like he didn’t get a shit playing for the national team.”

“McBurnie has had multiple occasions where he’s not shown the level of commitment that you’d expect at international level and has had large periods for Scotland where he’s offered little”

“I am going to stick up for McBurnie. Think he’s done ok.”

“To be fair I dont think McBurnie has done much wrong. Just very little service.”

“Amazing how much stick he gets despite the terrible tactics and lack of service. There’s some players in there that seem undroppable but have hardly kicked a ball for Scotland ever!!”

“McBurnie will get slaughtered but Robertson McGregor and McGinn have been useless yet again for Scotland.”

“Every dick slagging McBurnie is a tim? Co-incidence? Naw. Haven’t seen any of these players do anything in a Scotland jersey yet he’s always the go to”

Loan Updates

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Nottingham Forest Fans Views On Luke Freeman

“Becomes the winger we wanted to sign by us not signing a winger.
Expecting to see Colback + Sow/Cafu/Yates at the base, Arter at the top, Freeman out wide a fair few times.”

“Freeman has that look of a quality player rarely get bullied off the ball, the goal was top draw off his weaker foot.”

“freeman deserves his goal for his individual performances this season”

“Luke Freeman is head and shoulders above the rest. Excellent footballer”

“He’s magic”

“I thought we’d sent Freeman back for being too good.”

“Luke freeman shows the bollocks no one else”

“Imagine if Freeman had someone to pass to!”

“He is class – sign him up”

“Buy. Him.”

“Freeman in an out, but always dangerous”

“He must be pissed at Osborn for persuading him to come here.”

Luton Fans Views Of Rhys Norrington-Davies

“Rhys Norrington Davies will be the new Gareth Bale, Mark my words”

“Gutted we couldn’t manage to get an option to buy in the deal!”

“Get him on a permanent now!”

“Chris Wilder, how much?”

“Great player”

“Been excellent. Keep up the good work RND”

“Norrington Davies is class”

“He could do it in The Premier League”

“I love him”


“V promising”

“Massively deserved call up for Wales”

“Cranie and Norrington-Davies have been great for us!”

Swindon Town Fans Views On Tyler Smith

“I am going to go out on a limb here and say he scores 15 plus for us next season if he stays fit. I have seen a few of our games and every time his movement has impressed me. He seems to be sniffing in and around the area at all times, i like him.”

“Bags of potential and should have lots of opportunities to bag a hatful”

“It’s already been said that we may be getting goals from a range of players this year. Tyler is certainly one of them”

” he looked quite sharp and could have bagged a couple more if he’d managed to just stay onside – but I like the risk he takes on the shoulder. Keeps a defence honest.”

“for me hes a better all round player than Yates.
he has much more pace and control than Yates and he knows where the net is, I think he could easily get 15 to 20 if he plays in almost every game.”

“based on Saturday (and I think we need a few games before writing players off as not good enough) – I don’t think his hold up and linking play will be as good as Yates. Some on here underestimated how important Yates was to our playing style last year, and Tyler’s rather slight physique will mean he has different strengths.”

“had little chance to impact the game”

View From Arsenal

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“Ugly day. Ugly victory. Could easily see recent Arsenal vintages snatching a draw or a loss from that game.”

“Ugly, boring, uninspiring football”

“3 points. Meh performance. “

“Thankk f*** for that.
really poor performance.”

“Unconvincing again.
But a win is a win. “

“I feel we were far more convincing today than we were against West Ham. That one was really fortunate. “

“We won, we put them in their place and the goal slightly skewed it (good goal but did Leno dive a bit late?). When we use our skills we beat less skillful teams, kinda elementary.”

” It was tough as Sheffield Utd were really disciplined but I liked how we kept the ball moving side to side stretching play, staying patient and waiting for an opening.!”

“Not lucky but very clinical with chances we got. Today total 6 shots! 5 on target.
Win today is great but don’t let fool you that we desperately need creativity in side and Arteta need to tell his team to be more adventurous”

“There was nothing lucky about this win. We deserved it. Scored two great goals. Sheffield didn’t create a single decent chance apart from a long range goal from outside the box”

“they deserved nothing from this game “

“Sheffield was winning all of the crosses with a flat 5 at the back.”

“Sheffield didn’t create anything besides the goal at the end. Very comfortable, albeit quite a boring game.”

“Well deserved win. They didnt create anything to talk about except the goal”

“I don’t care too much that we have won. We ain’t doing shit this season. Bar a 10 minute spell we were total shit. Sheffield united went for it and almost got a draw in the end despite them being ordinary themselves.”

“Happy for the team, but this ain’t good enough.”

“We had no control last 10 min when they decided to press our midfield.”

“We drew this game last season, of course Sheffield have started the season poorly but still a tough opponent so it was an important win.”

“Sheffield is a tough side to break down despite them being 17th. Theyve been losing games by a goal mostly. Against Leeds it was very late, about the 88th minute.”

“Really annoying how the pundits are rubbing one out over brewster like he is messi. I swear souness was touching himself when he was blowing smoke.”

“McGoldrick should have been sent off twice before he scored, **** “

Liverpool and Swansea Fans Views On Rhian Brewster

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“Sheffield United fans seem very happy. Let’s hope he does well there.”

“quite surprised we’d sell him after how much we were told about him being the future for the last few seasons.”

“To sell him is criminal.”

“For me, this has shades of Raheem Sterling written all over it.”

“Why are we comparing him with Brewster anyway? Sterling was a first team regular, already established, Brewster is still an unknown in terms of how his career will go”

“Selling world class youngsters to rival clubs is not a good thing. “

“I think Brewster is the best young player at the club. His finishing is out of this world (you’ve only seen a fraction of this at Swansea). He he rounds out the rest of his game (he’s only 20) he’ll be worth a fortune.”

“I think he is a good player, a natural goal scorer with plenty of room for learning and improvement. He is a better alternative to Origi especially for goals and more importantly, a player for the future especially from 2021 / 22 season. There is nothing worst then selling a player who is talented as him and then in two years, we need a striker, we had one but we sold him!!!”

“Fantastic deal for everyone”

“It is a very good deal; wish him all the best, he has a big future imo.”

“Really rate Brewster so does Klopp, but it could be a case of needs must for both parties”

“I know the club would have the sense to insert a buy-back clause. Brewster is too talented for them not to.”

“I’ve been watching the reserves for years. Too late to catch Owen and Fowler so with the forwards/strikers I have ever seen Brewster is the best finisher I ever saw in the reserves (by miles)”

“Brewster will get very few chances here to be able to prove himself. Unfortunately. But he should shine playing at another club regularly. Nevertheless, it is a hard one to take I think.”

“No doubt he has talent but in my view two things why this transfer went ahead:
1 – JK does not play with an out and out striker hence he was sent on loan. Also some players can adapt to playing in different positions but I feel RB struggles to do so – (perhaps similar to Origi)
2 – 23.5 million with a 15% sale on fee and option to buy back is one heck of a deal
I wish the lad all the best and hope he smashes Arsenal – City – Manure!!”

“he will be good at a club that plays with an out and out striker
I think klopp feels he will struggle to adapt to playung different positions.”

“He’s 20 years old. Only a year younger than Mbappe. We’d of seen something by now, I’ve watched him in our u23’s and at Swansea, he’s a good player but that’s not enough to get the number 9 shirt here.
He’s been here 3 years.”

“Yeah he’s not as good as Mbappe, but then Mbappe is one of the best young players ever seen in football.
Daft to be using that against him.”

“Brewster was hitting similar heights to Owen and Rooney at youth levels of those two but suffered a major injury – something neither of them did before breaking through. Brewster has in the main overcome this injury but still needs more time (see Ox) to fully heal. But given his performances since Feb, there’s no reason to doubt he won’t hit those heights. But he actually needs to be given competitive chances.”

“the problem is from the reserves onto first team the leap is massive. And you really could do with no injuries.
Wilson was head an shoulders above everyone in the reserves too, but he also got an injury when he was 18-19.
It’s crucial for young players not to get such big injuries at that age, it pretty much always stunts their progress.”

“I regret that his development was hindered so much by that injury, just at the time when you might have expected him to come through into serious 1st team consideration. At the time, he was certainly held to be ahead even of Jones in who might be next. I also think there is every chance that he will develop his game and I wouldn’t for a moment rule out the possibility of his returning in 2/3 years.”

“I think too much of the Rhian Brewster discussion is through the lens of him being an “exciting youngster”, which of course he is. Robbed of 18 months at perhaps the most important stage of his development, but still an exciting talent.”

“The injury held him back at a key moment and he may well be looking at how contemporaries have overtaken him and be feeling like he has to move to improve his chances. And, while he’s definitely a prospect, it’s not as though he’s irreplaceable if he has itchy feet.”

“To play for the best team in the world with the best front 3 in the world you need to be able to do what Salah or Mane do from “out wide” (he doesn’t have the pace for this), or the movement, vision and guile of Firmino (could come, but miles off).
Brewster playing well doesn’t equate to him being a serious option for us.”

“I’ve said before that Brewster is one of the best finishers I have seen (at youth level) but I guess the game as moved on.”

“he isn’t a good enough all-round footballer for us.”

“SU gonna be in serious trouble at this rate.
THey needed a proven goalscorer with experience, relying on a 20 year old who’s only scored in championship to keep you up is a big ask especially when
there is no creative players around him.”

” I am not sure Brewster is going to be the answer on his own as they have looked so poor all over the pitch.”

“He’ll touch the ball 5 times this season at Sheff Utd.”

“They were 5th for big chances created last season.
Not sure if you saw the Wolves game, but they were crying out for a finisher.”

“This is Sheffield United not Burnley”

“He will be perfect for Sheffield United!”

“He is 20 and needs games. The, ‘if he were any good he would force his way into the team’ is ridiculous. Mane, Salah, and Firmino (who performs a specific role) are world-class in their positions so you can count on one hand the players that would push their way into the team ahead of them. So that makes Brewster a squad player. Origi is a seasoned pro so minutes here and there from the bench are going to do him no harm, he has developed as much as he is going to. Brewster is in his formative years, he needs games.
From a selfish point of view, I would want Brewster to stay as a last-ditch option from the bench but that isn’t going to do the player any good. He needs to play week in and week out and test himself against some of the best defenders in Europe. To write him off is way too premature. Maybe this time a spade is a spade and we do actually want to develop the player. As we’ve seen we aren’t flush with cash so we need to look for solutions from within the club. Loan him out and see how he does. If it doesn’t work out, fine, but Brewster after his showing last year, his pre-season, and the fact he came off a major injury that cost him a year of development deserves the benefit of the doubt.”


“I had very little hope of him returning this season, he’s gonna be a lot better than a championship club”

“Ideal move for him, sadly.
Proper player”

“Could be a great signing for them , good team ethic Ollie great work rate , Brewster to convert the chances they make”

“Played some good football last season , overlapping centre backs , brilliant wing backs hard working , and Ollie’s graft , a good fit in my opinion”

“I can’t believe no other premier league side has come in for him.”

“Physical and got pace. Doesn’t look overawed.”

“pace, power, incredible eye for goal”

“Quality player”

“natural goalscorer”

“guys a natural born finisher. Will easy make it in the Prem”

“Loved his attitude got stuck in and runs his heart out.”

“he works hard”

“Brewster is a decent player and he may be PL standard, but maybe he’s not seen as top of the PL standard, who knows. I’d be happy to have him back in Swansea.”

“Brewster was good because he was getting the service not having to fight for everything himself”

“Maybe not the cleverest decision to go there.
His work rate was his weakness at Liverpool, and often went missing in games for us. Wouldn’t expect Wilder to tolerate that, given his teams’ successes are founded on a massive work ethic.”

“For me not a team I’d want Rhian to go to, but that’s happened before.”

“I dont like Sheffield Utd, so wouldnt want anyone going there if they are any good”

“Not sure I can take watching McBurnie and Brewster up top together for Sheffield United.Both will out score Watkins in the league this year “

“think Sheff Utd might struggle this season. They had surprise value last season. and they don’t play the kind of football Liverpool do. I enjoyed watching them out-muscle many of the established teams but a repeat performance remains to be seen. Surprised Brewster went there”

“Maybe we could loan McBurnie”

Pre-Match View From Arsenal

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“ Sheffield United sit in 20th place.
They have lost every game so far this season.
They are the only team in England yet to score a goal.
Next weekend, they travel to the Emirates.
Don’t even think about it, Arsenal”

“Sheffield United are the only club to not score a goal in 3 games this PL season. They play Arsenal next. What do I say now?”

“The game against Sheff Utd worries me more than the Liverpool match. Playing a team who have lost every game without scoring, you just know what’s gonna happen”

“I’m sure the same thing happened last season with someone like Newcastle or something. Not scored a goal or maybe an away goal yet all season and came to our place and scored 2”

“This is it, they’re not written to score 1 they’ll get 2”

“Nobody loves giving handouts like Arsenal.”

“After our performance against Westham,you can certainly think that if we don’t take our chances or let them score 1st,they will win”

“They’ll sign Brewster from Liverpool in the week and he’ll score a 30 yard screamer in the last 5 minutes. His only goal of the season.”

“Mcgoldrick about to score a hat trick ffs”

“Lionel Lundstram incoming”

“They were good against Leeds, . They deserved at least a point. Leeds gk saved 2 outstanding saves. But it is time for them to loose 4 in a row. They can go on an unbeaten run after loosing against Arsenal”

“they park the bus for full 90…… it’s annoying to watch”

“Sheffield Utd becomes a big game for us even this early in the season, all about the reaction”

“Sheffield United is the easiest of our upcoming fixtures considering their form.”

“I’m confident with 9-10 points off Sheffield, Leicester and Man U. Hard to say for ManCity, probably a boring draw at Etihad at our best game”

” Arsenal are going to thump Sheffield United this weekend”

“lets prepare our team to be ruthless against Sheffield Utd. We need to get back to playing top level league football.”

“prepare for a midfield of xhaka, elneny & willock with occasional ceballos plus Guenduozi input after it becomes clear that Arsenal are only competing with Sheffield United or Newcastle or Leeds”


“The following clubs have spent more money and have more ambition than Arsenal in 2020:
Man City

View From Leeds

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“Champions of Yorkshire!!!”

“we look like we’re a Premier League team, we play like a Premier League team and we believe we’re a Premier League team.
We’re winning the matches we should be winning so far and we have the comfort of knowing the even if we lose against the teams we expect to lose again, we pick up and go again the next time.”

“A very good performance over the ninety minutes, we definitely deserved all three points.”

“We were clearly the better side today.”

“that was a battle, but the better team won in the end.”

“Overall we deserved the win which gives us a nice confidence boost”

“Fairly even i thought, could have gone either way.
We played the better football largely imo although Blades had there moments.”

“Great performance today. Sheffield Utd were no pushovers, and had some lively passing movements. Good to see McBurnie and Sharp get nothing from the game. I’m another who fears past players playing against us. “

“The victory was deserved, but both goalkeepers did an awesome job. Luckily for us, Meslier did even better.
Very important 3 points, Sheffield Utd is a very organized side. Leeds never stopped trying and we finally got it.”

“It was always going to tight today. Blunts well organised and don’t score much. I said last week I’d be very happy with a boring 1-0, although it wasn’t a boring game”.

“They’re still very dangerous, I think their luck will pick up soon.”

“Great win, they set up to cancel us out I’m well chuffed with the three points and clean sheet.”

“Good solid performance away from home, and an excellent 3 points against well-drilled opposition.”

“I thought the referee was very good. He was fair and didn’t buy a lot of the falling over (from both teams). It was funny to see some players fall over and get really annoyed when he didn’t give them the free kicks that they normally get.
If we can continue to beat the lower level teams and pick up some points against the top teams I think we’ll be OK.
What a great start to this season.”

“These matches are easy but the statistic that sums it up for me is the fact the Blunts conceded 18 fouls against our 4. Tells me they were the ones struggling to compete with us and the win was deserved.”

“This was a great win on many fronts, away from home, derby game, up against a very physical team and a game that they were convinced they would win – hence the bitterness from Wilder after the game.”

“Gobby Wilder will be silent tonight, excellent.”

“Wilder thinks the Blunts should have won….also that his player was fouled in the lead up to our goal”

“What a deluded twat Wilder is, in his interview I thought he was going to throw up when saying we were a descent side, he fkg hates us and me him and his team of has beens, hope they get relegated along with that arrogant twat Sharp.”

“Yep. Decent manager. Worked wonders with the club but a right ct. We had more possession, more shots, more shots on target, more corners and most importantly more goals. In his interview he says that it says it all that our keeper was MOM and that if Marcelo walks in front of him he will tackle him. Just came across as a ct as usual. “

” let`s all laugh at Wilder”

“He is just a idiot as the rest of the blades fans.”

Pre-Match View From Leeds

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“Lots of factors pointing in our favour for this game!
So we’re going to lose.”

“I don’t think this will be that easy a match. I’m sure that The Blades will be desperate to break their duck as they won’t want to be cast adrift early in the season I’ve a mate who’s a Blades fan and he’s already prepared for relegation , they’ll be up for this”

“Happy with a draw at their place”

“I believe that if we can take maximum points here the psychological benefit for players and fans alike would be massive – I’d go so far as to suggest that I’d feel sure we had what it takes to stay up, and that we need to be looking up rather than down for the rest of the season.
A bit mad I know, but it’s just how I perceive Leeds in relation to Sheffield United at this point.
Know also that if we draw or lose I see no great significance beyond the points dropped, and that I really don’t like Wilder, miserable, whinging, graceless individual that he is.”

“Wilder fan here i’m afraid. 🙂 I even mentioned his name when TC left for the job here. He’s a real throwback in many ways, worked his way up the football ladder and done a solid job wherever he’s been. Obviously continuing it so far at Sheff Utd. If you ask me he should have been given the Chelski job not Frank. Its who you know and all that.
Make no mistake about it he will want to put one over us on Sunday especially with the extra Yorkshire edge. Bielsa is a big scalp for everyones resume. Who will come out on top in this game of Chess. My money is still on White.”

“Games against the Blunts are hard, uncompromising and not the prettiest to watch. There will be an odd goal in it in a low scoring game IMHO. I think we will edge it”

“Think Sheff Utd over performed last season so thinking we will have enough in the locker to turn them over.”

“Would take a draw, but think we are a better team than them, so want a win TBF, think they will be bottom 6,so will give us some idea where we are.”

“Think we’ll win, as I’m expecting them to play defensively, and we’ll have too much in attack for them to cope.”

“we are a team on the up, signing internationals whilst they sign mediocre championship players probably in preparation for their impending relegation. In all seriousness they are the kind of team that could cause us problems, overloads and balls in to the box for target men, conceding a penalty is extremely likely and Sharpe should be odds on to get a goal.”

“Will be extremely interested (as I’ve said before) to see how stylistically the game will be played when you play Sheffield (or another defensive team). Very very compact and can quickly counter. “

“Sheffield will let more spaces in the middle than the previous rivals and Pablo could create many game situations without so much pressing from Sheffield”

“Is their keeper Henderson injured ? Egan was sent off last night so he’s a none starter. On their forum they’re already moaning & whinging about everything creating a very toxic atmosphere on there.”

“They lost Henderson over the summer. A Blunts pal of mine was worried about that alone, not to mention voicing concern over Jagielka’s current ability.
Still didn’t make it easier when I reminded him we’re above them in the table just now”

“Could this be the season Shef united implode. I think Henderson returning to Man U is going to hurt them a hell of a lot as IMO he is one of the best keepers in the league.
The added red card from last weekend only strengthens our chances of a win here. Lets be honest these are the games we need to win.”

“ Sheffield United are lacking a big part of their safety net in Henderson this time around and I wouldn’t be surprised, should they not get some points early on, if they found it hard to climb back up again”

“Personally quite like Wilder and what he has done with the Blades, overlapping cbs are cool. They are similar to us with their system being the key in general over the individual.
But the loss of Dean Henderson is huge imo, he was vital to their form last season given they dont score much (only scored more than one goal in 8 or 9 league games i think).
Not saying Henderson is solely responsible but without him it would have been a relegation battle for Blades imo.
Now they have an inferior replacement and they still arent scoring.
They are desperate for attackers imo, any side that relies on ageing lower league strikers like Sharp and McGoldrick plus McBurnie who hasnt looked up to it in the Prem so far will struggle for goals.
Given there success was built on a fantastic young goalie and a well organised side (credit Wilder for that) i think they will find this season much harder.
2nd season is always harder, they dont have the momentum of promotion and they are still relying on the system over individuals which is fine but they needed an exceptional individual last season and they dont have him now.
Suppose the question is can the very clever Chris Wilder system cover for the loss of a very talented individual?
Imo as things stand it will be very difficult, with 2 or 3 quality signings especially in the attacking positions though then very possibly.
Blades are a well organised side defensively, we are very solid offensively.
They dont score we cant stop conceding.”

“I’ve been banging the Henderson drum nonstop since watching both Blunts games. Ramsdale doesn’t inspire confidence in his defenders, Egan is OOA, and if any side can take advantage of that it’s us in our current goalscoring form.
I just have this horrible nagging feeling that it’s all too convenient”

“You have to admire what Chris Wilder has done but have to worry for them. How long can they compete with clubs with far more spending power while they rely on players like an ancient Billy Sharp and David McGoldrick?”

“Wilder has done well for them, he’s Blunts through and through and is undoubtedly a good manager.
What grinds my gears is his refusal to give Bielsa credit where it’s clearly due, and his constant harping about how Leeds get all the media attention while the Blunts don’t get the recognition they deserve.”

“I said they’ll come down to earth a bit this season and already I think they’re missing Henderson. Their defence looked noticeably less organised this time around, lacked creativity and flair, and McBurnie just doesn’t look up to this level at all. “

“McBurnnie is a championship striker imo!
Second season syndrome for the blunts possibly, I’ve predicted them to finish 14th, maybe lower if their board panic & sack Wilder whom has done a fantastic job in such a short space of time at Bramall Lane.”

“One season wonders?”

“would enjoy seeing them relegated.”

“I think the signings of Lowe and in particular Bogle will prove to be good business long term.The keeper Ramsdale from Bournemouth for 18.5 million is also good business. Not as good as Henderson but still a solid signing.Not sure they will emulate last seasons results but I don’t think they will get themselves in to trouble either. Decent run club with a decent manager, play some good stuff and the team itself seems to be pretty solid. Fair play to them.”

“At least us and Sheffield United have managers who have a clue.”

“I reckon basham has missed the train and will NOT be arriving on Sunday”