Liverpool Fans Views On Ben Woodburn

“Great signing for anyone, glad he’s only going on loan. Will be a good player for Liverpool in couple of years”

“Really tidy, good touch, positive intent when he’s on the ball. Will add a creative spark. Plays behind a striker, but i’ve seen him used across our front 4 and in a midfield 3.”

“He needs games. Interesting to see which position he plays”

“Needs minutes now at a stable club. Hopefully he can slot right into the gap David Brooks has left at United since leaving for Bournemouth. “

“Personally I see him as a number 10 playing behind the strikers long term and that’s where Klopp has tended to put him in the friendlies. He doesn’t really have the pace for playing out side. “

“he needs regular games. The championship at a big club will be good for him for a season. “

“He’ll get regular first team football and at his age with his potential that’s just what the lad needs and it will be a chance to look at his own game and encourage him to make that step up from a lad to a man, hard-work brings its own rewards “Good luck son” fight for it”

“I would love to see him staying. He is perfect for rotation. But I guess Klopp know what he is doing.”

“Kloop should have let him go out on loan last season then he may had the chance this season. Very talented teenager with great future ahead of him. Like any other professional players. This lad need to play.”

“Be interesting to see how he gets on playing regularly. There’s talent there but I feel he needs to adapt to the bulk he’s put on.”

“make no mistake, this kid is the real deal”

“Good for the lad. It feels like he stalled last year and didn’t give Jürgen a reason to pick him. Going out to the real world of the championship at a club that will want to play good football is perfect. Hopefully he thrives and we demand him back!”

“Good move. Club that plays decent footie in a competitive league and he should thrive”

“Glad he’s not gone to long ball merchant Bruce”

“Better than going to Villa I would say, Sheffield are one of the better teams in the Championship”

“probably more chance of game time with Sheff Utd and a more stable club, hope he does well, very good player”

“Chris Wilder plays decent footy. Should be a good move for him”

“Interesting destination for him. Go on the blades.. Sean Bean will be delighted”

“Would have preferred him to go to a premiership club second tier team”

“He’s decent but still very young”

“Good move, just think some of our other youth players have surpassed him. The game time will do him good i guess, rather than bench warming at Liverpool”

“to be honest, it’s difficult for him to be in our starting XI…even for non league competitions”

“He isn’t as yet anywhere near good enough for first team. Likely to progress more by playing at a decent club as long as he gets game time rather than being on LFC bench”

“He’s decision making can be poor plus a little light weight. Might struggle in the Championship.”

View From Doncaster

“Overall, I think this game confirmed what many people already knew. We have a strong first eleven but not much behind that.
The first half which by and large was our starting team, held their own well against a strong blades team. We were easily the better team, created the better chances but as so often before we couldn’t put them away. However you could argue that on another day we could have been 2-0 up at half time which is encouraging.
Just about a full team change for the second half and the quality from Rovers took a big dip as a result. Utd took control and we found ourselves chasing the ball too much. They pushed forward and we failed to make the required tackle and the two goals they scored were too easy.”

“a decent game to watch, very interesting to read the Sheffield United forum where one or two are very concerned how we dominated the first half, one having a rant that they could have been four down at half time but for a great goalkeeping display.I think he had forgotten two worldie saves from Morosi and slightly exaggerated the game although we did match them in the first half and while Crawford was on he looked a good player again, deserving a goal with a great bit of football through the centre of their defence. “

“Good run out against a well-organised team. Two halves two teams. I get why McCanns done it, still trying to find his ideal 11. Definite positive signs! Sheff Utd played well. Moore outstanding, McGoldrick looked good and I can always appreciate a great Billy Sharp goal”

“We simply can’t give up the midfield like we did tonight”

“We were against top championship quailty tonight so its very doubtful that we would ever take control.”

“We played against a top half Championship side yesterday so a bit of perspective needed.”

“That was pretty much the squad + new signings that finished their season against bristol city in the championship last year plus a couple of signings. I just checked. There could have been a couple with injuries but so had we.”

“We are not good enough again up front, with  too many chances going begging and little to show for the fine approach work . We can beat teams who are not in our League but not teams with better players or similar.”

“It seems fair enough and probably about right with us playing a decent championship side a week before the season kicks off.”

“ Did they have Buffon in goal??? Moore had a blinder”

View From Inter Milan


“Sheffield utd. is a decent side and their season starts in a couple of days. There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I liked McGoldrick in his 6 caps for Ireland and thought he deserved to be called up a bit more than he did considering the lack of quality upfront.”

“Honestly pre season or not this shit is worrying…our midfield was obliterated by a championship team.”

“Really nothing worrying. Normal preseason.”

“A random preseason friendly game with a random Championship team. Enough said.”

“even though that game wasnt good. People seem to forget, that perisic, brozovic, n9, miranda and vecina are missing. So we we shouldnt panic that hard right now.”

“we don’t have Perisic, Brozovic, Nainggolan, Miranda, Karamoh, Vecino and now Dalbert, that’s 7 players out, 4-5 of them which are starters, so stop panicking about the performance.
Spalletti was also playing a new formation for the first time.
And we aren’t as far into preseason as the teams we are playing.”

“Boring game”

“Not enough shots on goal against an English pub team”

“Out of all the teams in england how did we end up playing sheffield united?”

“Enjoy the first team players during these friendlies because we’re gonna be playing with Primavera this season. So many f injuries.”

“our fullbacks are really trash”

“Watching Candreva makes me sick”

“i don’t think any scudetto winning team has ever had this disastrous preseason.
not even top4 clubs play this ugly even with their second team.”

“we’re gonna get hammered in Champions League.”

“we’re gonna get crushed in CL”

Ipswich Fans Views On David McGoldrick

Wonderful player when fit and played in his right position. It was absolutely pointless playing him to track back & chase. It didn’t do him or the team any good. Ar least the idiot who asked him to do that has gone now. Good luck David & enjoy the rest of your career. “

Shame to see this one go but it is the right decision for us at the right time in his career. Injuries and wages can be deployed elsewhere. He was one of my favs for some time. Good luck DmcG”

Talented player. A dream to watch when injury free.”

Really is a lovely player on his day.”

Lovely footballer (on a large salary) who was at the end of his contract and wanted to move closer to his home. “

Awesome on his day… I guess those days were surrounded by injury. Huge shame.”

Was an excellent player, but too many injuries didn’t help his game time.”

Did well but too many injuries”

he will go all season without one now, he will probably score a record amount of goals too, just to to make sod’s law much more soddier”

On his day he’s unplayable, but how little did we see his day? Leicester offered us £8m and we turned down! Although at the time we was all glad we did so hindsight is a wonderful thing. “

Sad to see him go, on his day he was unplayable. But realistically, he became injury prone and was on a high wage”

He is quality on his day, just find him very hit and miss. Think we should have sold a few seasons back 10 million was too much to turn down for us.”

Technically very good player, but sooooooo slooooowwwwwww.”

Great on his day no doubt & a technically talented footballer but latterly injured too much & when playing often looked to be resting in past laurels.”

Our best/technically gifted payer over the past few years, unfortunately he is the football equivalent of David Haye, all the talent in the world but badly let down by his body.
And given he’s now in his thirties, you can’t see it improving. “

Quality player. Legs made of Wotsits.”

Talent never in doubt and a joy to watch.
Just a shame he’s made of glass.”

There is no point being good if you are injured a lot of the time.
No doubt t on his day he is a good player. Not many can argue we had to lwt him.go being a high earner and not playing many games”

Unfortunately he cant stay consistently fit, and was one of our highest earners.”

Everybody rates him, but he can barely do 90 minutes and is very lazy. “

good on his day but not consistent enough in my eyes.”

Poor mans Berbatov, but just more injury prone. Could light up a match with 2/3 touches of magic. Didn’t need to run or chase balls to prove his quality. It’s a shame, but as many others have said, it frees up a lot of wages. Best of luck to the chap. “

He will be injured for 80 percent of his time as he was with us. Great game aren’t but attitude and effort lacking!”

As soon as he gets a contract somewhere his injuries will start up again, only saying”

Good riddance”

Thank God he left”

another of the lame and lazy should have gotten rid of 2 years ago IMHO”

Brentford Fans Views On John Egan

“Sorry Sheffield United fans Egan is such a dead signing haha. Upgrade on Jack O’Connell nonetheless but honestly nothing special. Was a complete mess last season” “If we’ll sell him for anything more than £2m I’d be very happy!”

“dont think anyone at brentford properly rates him tbh!”

“A decent player but not at our level I’m afraid”

“He’s certainly more a Wilder player that a Brentford one.”

“I’m easy about it. Never felt he was great”

“When was the last time we signed a bad centre back? We seem to find them alright and Egan would be at the lower end in terms of quality”

“in previous sides John would have been a solid, popular, no nonsense defender. However we’ve been spoilt with some really good central defenders, Herman, Ivor, Sonko, Sodje, Turner, Andreas and now Meps and John hasn’t quite reached their level”

“No great loss”

“When we first signed him, I was hoping for more from JE than he’s shown so far, but maybe he’s one of those players whose progress proves to be slow-but-steady?”

“our style of football dictates we play out of defence & I think Egan is the most uncomfortable defender at the club coming forward with the ball resulting more often than not with a sideways pass that loses us any momentum.”

“A decent player but someone already summed it up perfectly, I never felt all that confident with him in the team. Let’s just say i’d be more forgiving if Mads made a mistake next year than Egan, not all that sure why.”

“I think many on here will not be too bothered if JE moves on but even i forget hes getting recognition on the international stage and winning caps for Ireland. Shows how far we have come in the last decade.”

“I never felt confident with him in our team, in a team where a no nonsense stopper is required no problem but he is not a confident ball player imo”

“Egan has done ok but isn’t suited to our playing it out from the back style of play.”

“I think Egan is a decent CB but he’s never going to be more than that and as alluded to above he’s not a ball playing centre half so he doesn’t fit our style.”

“I dont think Egan is a bad player, but has limitations. We are not sticking to the status quo, exciting times.”

“He’s solid and played well back half last season but he’s limited in his ability to play out from the back and he needs a quick partner in the centre of defence.”

“No real need to sell him with two years left on his contract so I guess that the coaches have just decided he doesn’t suit our style and we have better options which I think most would agree with. Either that or Sheff U have offered us a really good deal.”

“Egan has developed into a damn good defensive centre half who puts his body on the line.
Personally I don’t think he suits our style of play but he’s tried hard to fit in and definitely improved on the ball”

“I also see Egan as a pretty good defender at this level and replacements of similar or better standard are hardly two a penny.”

“I like him. Poorest on the ball of our centre backs but does what you want your defender to do and that’s put your head on the line”

“I was a bit unsure about him but he was really good towards the end of the season and his passing and ability on the ball were much improved.”

“He was far more composed at the end of last season”

“Egan is an experienced and reliable defender who seldom has a bad game”

“He’s comfortable enough with the ball at his feet and I haven’t really seen that as too much of an issue. Not every defender is going to play like Beckenbauer and, as someone said earlier, the first priority is to defend. He also poses a serious threat at set pieces which our other defenders lack. “

View From Bradford

“We made 12 subs. Cant see the point myself”

“Sheffield looked rather rotund should we say.. Still faster than us mind”

“We couldn’t get a kick in midfield first half” “They were sharper than us more mobile.”

“We played with credit tonight. Good stuff.”

“Decent run out against a good championship side in the end.” “We were quality tonight.”

“Our young lads had them rattled a few times in the 2nd half”

“We looked good 2nd half”

“Not a bad result whatsoever against Utd.”

“They’re a decent team”

“Very good side under Wilder”

“Great finishes by John Fleck for them and Payne for us.”

“Lee evans is a good footballer, wish we’d have pushed the boat out for him when we had the chance”

“Billy f*ck*ng Sharp, every fu*k*ng time he scores against us” “Knew Sharp would score against us. He can’t not do.”

“Can we please sign Sharp?”

Pre-Match View From Croatia

“They have a great team. And everyone here in Croatia have a great respect towards their players and theirr young and good manager. If he continues to do such a good job with the national team, there is no fear for their football future.
We don’t react good after set pieces.
It should be a good and interesting match, let all of us enjoy it.”

“Overall looking at the two knockout games England have been more convincing, they’ll be the fresher outfit and have no injury concerns to their starters.
As to how the teams match up and the individual h2h’s I think arguments can be made for both sides. England’s pace will test Croatia and their direct style and set pieces isn’t something this Croat team has dealt with in this WC. On the other side, Croatia has a much better midfield than both Sweden and Colombia and has the ability to control that part of the pitch. They also have pace and direct goal threats out wide.
The Croats also have the edge in experience but England are young and hungry, to me they look more likely to be the team playing to win. I think that’s where their edge lies.”

“this match will be a real pleasure to watch because the both teams will attack and will play with passion.
At my eyes, yes we need to be focus on some players. Especially Trippier on the right side, his runs, his calls and his delivery are always perfect. He was unknown before his arrival in the Tottenham squad but today, he’s one of the best offensive right back.
Plus the Tottenham connection is hugely present in this team and we must to contain that, not let them to play and take confidence between them. With players like Alli, Dier, Kane, Trippier, Rose, or with Walker who was at Tottenham too.
So Southgate will maybe play with the same line-up as he did in their past matchs during this world cup, with Pickford – Maguire, Stones, Walker – Young, Henderson, Alli, Lingard, Trippier – Kane, Sterling.
With Delph, Rashford and Dier as replacement for Young, Sterling and Henderson.
But yeah, as you said their set pieces are really dangerous and they’re all coming from Trippier.
Now, this will be a real test for us because by the past, we had always some problems to play against this type of line-up (look at Mexico, who is playing the 3-5-2 too). And here the stamina aspect is at my eyes really important if we want to counter them because their players are fully fit and really fast with and without the ball. (Offensively and defensively).
The key will be to see our midfield join the attack and not let our 3 strikers alone up front. We’ll need to play as a block and counter them as an unit. The croatian legs will be really heavy but this is our only chance to take a result from this match.
Plus Harry Kane is actually my favorite player out of our NT, and we need to be really worried about him because we can’t let him 2cm front of him. This guy is clearly a lethal weapon and he is able to score with both foot, header, make the call, the right passes for his lads etc…
This will be really tough for me to see our NT playing against some players from my favorite team who is Tottenham…”

“I love England football team but I hope my dear Croatia will reach the final..and I actually think we are going to play better than England om Wednesday”

“England will only get better..they have a shit of youngsters coming through ..their day will come at Euro 2020.”

“players are very tired…defence is weak, 2 goals from Russia, 1 goal from Denmark.”

“Not sure if they will have any legs left for England as they wasted so much energy beating Denmark and Russia teams they should have beaten in 90 minutes based on the big difference in quality.”

“Players are tired physically and mentally but hopefully they will have enough strength to beat the English. Dalic had a bad plan against Russia going 4-2-4 system. As soon as Brozovic came on Modric played higher up the field giving russian defense all kinds of problems. Dalic must play a 3 man midfield against England. Let them have the ball and try to break us down. England wants to play on the counter to use there speed they don’t have any natural playmakers in midfield. We can beat England for sure just need to play smart and must be organized on set pieces.”

“I guess Corluka and Lovren will partner up and Vida will be moved to RB. The only good thing here is it gives us an additional player who can clear set pieces, which brings me to my next point. England love their set pieces. Please for the love of God defend them well. I dont care how tired you are. Put yourself in front of someone, bother them, just dont let them have a free go like the second goal we conceded vs Russia.”

“I say it before every game no matter whom we play against, Luka will be the best player on the field.
Him and Rakitic will control the midfield…I don’t care how much the english run around like chickens with their heads off and pressing them, these two will be our main advantage.
We need to be ready for their set pieces. I watched two of their games partially, and on both their centre backs Stones and Maquire came flying in with thundering header goals. These two are big/strong and fearless in the air and we need to be ready. Yesterday’s goal in ot, our defending was horrific, Mandzo in particular just stood there (yes I realize he was dead but he has to do better).
If there ever was a game for Perisic to stand up and deliver, its this. He has to be aggressive and a bit selfish and take his man on to open things up.
What an opportunity awaits us. 90 minutes to play the game of our lives, and we play next Sunday for a shot at the WC.”

“Croatia are the better side. I think they will control the midfield and win. Shit , I have been saying this since day one that Croatia are going to the final. on a srs note, England has a hot keeper going in and they do have Kane .Sterling does open things up with his speed…and he is due to score a goal!!”

“After 20 years of waiting this new semifinals.
They play out of spite also, because of all those affairs with tax, false testimonies, contracts, Zdravko and Zoran Mamic. So that they show, we are nice guys.
England already thinks that they are in the final.”

“Yup they are so arrogant. This will definitely motivate our players.”

“Should be a great game regardless of the result. But i do hope we beat those Brits. Their media will probably talk alot of smack against us so that will give us an extra boost. Do we go into this game as underdogs?”

“we are the underdogs, which kinda plays into our advantage if the English play that way as we are much better on the counter (see Argentina match)”

“I hope we fckn destroy the Englezi… not sure about you guys but I’m disgusted in their whining and diving etc. A real turnoff to say the least.”

“The only thing coming home is England’s team empty-handed.
Croatia will go to the finals, we were the best in our group and we play better against “big teams”.” “Sorry England, the cup wont be coming home”

“The only thing that’s coming home is England with the 4th place”

“Small country 4,5 million people, huge england 65 million people. If croatia win, you have to delete premier league”

“I hope the coach will put the second team against England to rest the first team for the final!”

“Croatia is definitely knocking England out. The english football has gotten lucky by either playing weeklings in the tournament, or having those lucky moments.”

View From Sweden

“It’s a shame Sweden did not play their best when we needed it most but if we had to exit, it’s good it was against such a good England team. Southgate has done a great job melding the fantastic talents of the individual players into a well functioning TEAM. Now Sweden is out I wish England all the best and hope they CLINCH the CUP”

“Congratulations England and well fought Sweden!”

“Congrats, England! It was a deserved victory, can’t deny it. Well played!”

“Afraid we just ran into a very good team.”

“England were better today”

“England was significantly better than Sweden.”

“They were tremendously good”

“I have tremendous respect for the England national team… especially for their humble coach Gareth Southgate. An honorable man.”

“Good tactics from England today”

“the England class was better and Sweden did its worst match in the World Cup.”

“They had class when it mattered”

“Sweden was lucky. South Korea, Mexico and Switzerland we won then lost against Germany and England so I think we should be happy with how far we advanced. We should not exaggerate Sweden’s capacity.”

“England is several classes better than Sweden. The defense was as usual best. Our attackers did the best they could according to their ability. Both Germany and Mexico played miserably.”

“think people are too worthy losers. What England is a better team? They only had luck, cheated and Sweden is the best. You shouldn’t be worthy.”

“Jordan Pickford played well against Sweden today and England earned the profit. I am proud of Sweden”

“Sweden made England look good”

“I hate England”

England were poor, Sweden were poorer on the day. Sweden’s finishing problems continue. Look to Euro 2020 with a new CB partnership of Lindelöf and Jansson and hopefully an Alexander Isak…”

“England the second most boring team behind us!”

“The BBC commentator really say that England players pushing opposition players to the ground is “Expressing ourselves strongly”? He really did.”

“England did not impress. We win with the same determination that we showed against Mexico”

“Croatia will crush England. England did not play well today. Sweden played its worst game in the World Cup so England will get a rudely awakening”

“Croatia are much better than England and Sweden”

“Hope Croatia get revenge from us”

“Congratulations to your English Nato victory over Sweden. Germany & England won.”

“Sweden cannot win over Nato. Both England and Germany are taking the help of radio Våger. The game is determined by satellite.”

Pre-Match View From Sweden

““Heja Sverige!!!! We will knock out England!!! “

“Isn’t God great, they say a week in politics is a long time, 2 weeks in football is a lifetime, lol! Bring on England, we are ready for them. Come on Sweden! “

“Historically, England has always had major problems with Sweden. Hopefully even now on Saturday”

“It’s coming home, footballs coming home! To Sweden!”

“ I really wanted a Sweden v England QF. Can’t wait for Saturday”

“Oh my God, don’t let this fairy tale run out. We want more!”

“England went through by a crossbar hit and they’re talking as if they’ve won the thing” “Sweden can beat this team”

“There wasn’t much creativity from England in the last 45 against Colombia”

“It’s all about how to mentally tackle different scenarios. Against Colombia I knew an England that had a little bit of an extension. Mentally, Sweden is probably stronger if we end up in a disadvantage plus we have Robin Olsen.”

“Difference between England’s World Cup team and ours is that England can change its way of playing to change the match picture while Sweden does not want/time it, and soon the final whistle goes.”

“Sweden has the possibility with teamwork and hard work. But it’s going to be harder now to withstand individual superstars the closer we come to the finals. England has a lot of really good players who can decide on their own. Think it’s the edge game that determines.”

“Southgate is right to try to present the question, but England will still underestimate Sweden! With English eyes, a loss would be a catastrophe”

“Well England did beat France in the qualifications, eliminated the Netherlands then Italy then beat Mexico before getting rid of the reigning champions Germany, just to easily navigate past world 6th ranked Switzerland. Oh Wait, that wasn’t England, that was Sweden….And England defeated who? Scotland you say. Panama. Oh”

“The talk goes hot in England right now about how “simple” their national team will get it against a defensive Sweden.”

“A tactic used to excuse every very narrow win by England is to accuse the other team of cheating. . Tunisia also suffered the same vile accusations and let’s not pretend upper-cutting and studs down the heels England are Boy-Scouts. “

“I’ve been a big fan of Swedish football for many years since living in Stockholm & call Sverige my #1 team. Of course want England to do well as well, but everything that goes with Eng, the arrogance & lack of sportsmanship all round whenever they win is distasteful.”

“”Dear Sweden, have we told you how much we love you lately? Knock out England and we will love you forever. Greetings Scotland “. We Love you too Scottland, you are not actors on the pitch.”

“totally stunned by the amazing World Cup support from people outside Sweden. Thank you so much, it means the world to us! Hope you’ll all be behind us against England on Saturday! “

“Classic from the media to believe that Sweden is “popular” with neutrals. Wales and Scotland have hated England since Jesus walked in short trousers.”

“It is well crass so that Scots, people from Wales and Ireland hold on to all the opponents of England more than they like Sweden”

“I met a very nice group from Manchester in a bar in Nice. I told them that I wanted Iceland to smash them. They laughed & said they understood my rationale, given the behaviour of so many England fans. I feel for the decent, friendly saes fans who get tarred with the same brush.”

“We must end the trend of mentioning matches between countries/clubs with no spaces before and after the hyphen. It’s Sweden-England, not Sweden-England. They haven’t teamed up.”

View From Colombia


“Colombia has a very good game today…Without key players, they got a good game plan.”

“Two very even teams and it came down to spot kicks.
Unfortunate that Quinterito and James were not available to take them but that is the way it goes.”

“We never had the chance to compete with the best team possible. With James, Fabra & co this England match would have been completely different.”

“God that was so frustrating. I thought that justice was happening and here we are getting ********ed again by faith…this isnt right. We should have advanced…”

“The Englishmen has the ref in their pockets

“Kane was fouling the player before receiving the ball”

“Very harsh penalty call”

“Kane grabbed the defender oulled his shirt then fell in front of him, have no idea how VAR didn’t catch that”

“The penalty was soft considering how physical the ref let play get.”

“Every dive from an English player was a card for Colombia. Kane diving holding his head from a bump in the back? Yellow. Just terrible referring”

“They were so dirty”

“Stones and Henderson are a disgrace”

“If it was Neymar diving the media would be going mad.  I want to hear a whole day of Henderson play acting and some of the diving in this game.”

“While I can’t abide Neymar’s flopping, he does get fouled a lot. Everybody in the world knows you don’t have to foul Jordan Henderson….”

“Lingarrd such scum. What a nasty guy. Dives and nasty challenges”

“Only thing that bugs me is it was the arrogant english of all people who knocked us out. So annoying, hopefully Sweden knock them out.”

“They’re arrogant and they’re not. This team is probably the most humble that they’ve fielded. And they know that.”

“there’s no denying how arrogant the english media, fans and “pundits” are. You may be right about some of their players but I can’t stand how they go out of their way to humiliate, belittle and embarrass other teams, players and nations.”

“The English are not arrogant IMO, but they have this weird solipsistic world view. They think they are the center of the universe. Be grateful you don’t live in Europe. Here all the comments are being made from the English perspective. The narrators and commentators were so biased I had to turn off the sound to be able to watch the game.”

“the English media and many fans are arrogant but that group of players is probably the least arrogant England I’ve ever seen. Not really a ton of stars like the previous generations but a bunch of guys who accepted their roles and were actually much better organized then England sides of the past”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the England versus Sweden game”

“I’m going to burn my colombia shirt”

“I’ve followed this team since 2000 and all I have to show is failure and misery and pain we never win everything and whenever we lose I spiral into depression and want to kill myself and others. I have to learn to NEVER TRUST COLOMBIA BECAUSE ALL THEY DO IS FAIL AND CHOKE.”