Pre-Match View From Spurs

“IF we win then you know it could really be a reset.
IF we win Pochettino may have got away with some weird calls.
BUT this is no gimme. I just say this. Kane will be itching to score, Son will be wanting to repay the faith and support afforded to him by the fans and Alli is inching back to form. Add the new 3 and whisper it quietly but you know. “

“We simply must win this. We have to get some mojo to move up the table. Play the new guys and smash em.”

“Seriously worried about this one. We are an extremely talented but currently disorganised looking side and they are completely the opposite. Individually nothing special but as a coherent team they’re a force to be reckoned with.
We need an early goal to knock them back and restore a bit of confidence in ourselves. If they manage to get one first then we’ll need to break them down and that takes some doing once they dig their heels in.
Hopefully a good CL result midweek will have the team thinking positively and we come away with three points”

“I think Sheffield is actually quite scary. A hard working, well drilled, effective team – and a manager that wont settle for any slip – up against us? Unless we really raise our game I think they could take a big scalp at the weekend.”

“Sheff United will probably come and play for a point, try and nick it on set pieces, but the way Wilder sets them up is impressive. 3 at the back, but the right and left centre halves to the overlapping. John Eagan is a proper leader, Mousset is in some form and their midfield know how to win a game dirty. I like Sheff United, hope they stay up, but not by getting any points this weekend”

“Lys Mousset at United looks very handy”

“He was poor at Bournemouth. Sheffield United are all about their manager and how he coaches them
saw it when he was at Northampton and Oxford too
He is a great manager”

“Lundstram is FPL gold.”

“This could be a really difficult game. They will look to get a single goal and then shut up shop. And they’re good at it.”

“Sheffield are a very very good team and statistically have one of the best defences. I have a bad feeling we will lose this”

“Sheffield United are more of a footballing side than their getting credit for”

“I think this is a harder game than it seems, they’re pretty decent”

“Sheffield United will make it very tough for us”

“Sheff Utd gonna dick us in our own back yard”

“Buzzing for us getting battered by Sheffield United”

“Home to newly promoted Sheff Utd and nobody can call a win, or even a draw with confidence
What a collapse “

“The fact we’re worried about Sheffield United at home this Saturday should be considered gross misconduct of our manager. Shocking”

“We will probably loose to this lot of organised cloggers, we are going to be lucky to finish 12th at this rate.”

“Would like to see more of the Dier/Sanchez duo as they are probably both here next season and they should be able to deal with Sheffield.”

“Red Star are like a league 1 team – it’s Sheffield Utd that will turn us over and put us in relegation battle!”

“Sheff Utd will be much tougher than Red Star so will need to step up again.”

“The passing and tempo was quick and pacey against Belgrade – just need Eriksen back in the team to slow it down a tad and allow Sheffield Utd a chance to regain the ball.”


Not Eriksen
Not Eriksen – Not Eriksen, Not Eriksen – Not Eriksen
Not Eriksen – Not Eriksen
Not Eriksen – Not Eriksen – Not Eriksen
Not Eriksen”

“heard from an Arsenal fan that you you cant beat sheffield this time of year”

“The one thing I feel most comfortable predicting is that I won’t enjoy watching the game and afterwards will wish I had done almost anything else.”

“I honestly can’t go to games this season unless I’m absolutely battered, the only way the stress doesn’t make me cave one of the jobsworth stewards heads in”

“Good news if you have an umbrella under 1 metre , you can take it to the game at the weekend”

View From Burnley

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“Out fought and out thought” “A newly promoted team playing football. It is possible Sean !!!

“It’s a sad day when we stop seeing Sheffield United as relegation rivals during their first season in the top division. That’s very worrying in itself”

“November and we have already given up on teams like Sheffield United”

“beat the ones around us and don’t worry about the top 6, which includes Sheff Utd.”

“A shocker.. but can’t take anything away from Sheffield United. Chris wilder spot on”

“Firstly – well done Chris Wilder – what a good manager he is and what a fantastic job he’s doing. Reminds me of our first PL season under Sean but with a cutting edge. That being said they will find the second half of the season far tougher than the first so they need to rack-up as many points as they possibly can before the turn of the year.”

“I thought they started very impressively, but it’s concerning that we had no clue how to deal with them and that basic balls in the channel caused complete mayhem. They’ve been playing the same way for a good few years. We’re also fairly useless against a midfield 5. Note that no strikers scored today.
I think we should acknowledge that they were excellent but it doesn’t make me feel any better after that.”

“Sheffield realised our full backs were the weak link and exploited this to the fullest.” “There are bad days, and there are bad days to be fair.
That was a bad day.”

“That was one of the worse performances I have seen from a Burnley Team.”

“0 shots on target. That is pathetic.
Worryingly can think of multiple games just last season that this happened. Istanbul, Wolves and Man City at least from memory.
That is the worse stat of all from today.”

“When teams like Sheffield United,a newly promoted club have sussed out your weakest links and expose them for what they are,have after all this time Dyche and his tactics have been sussed by everyone,we never mix it up,a weakness everyone has sussed,we made them look like world beaters today in that first half”

“They are not exactly mugs and have surprised pretty much everyone this season. Mixing it up is one thing but not getting used to an opponent with an unusual set up and making basic errors is why we lost today.”

“We were completely overrun in midfield”

“We never once drove at the Sheff Utd back line creating an angle, an overlap or taking a man out of the game.
We looked slow, weak, ponderous and lacking in any sort of an idea.
It’s not over reaction to say this has very much been coming.
We are a very reactive side, who dont change personnel or tactics regardless of opposition.
We dont seem to exploit weaknesses the opposition may have, nor do we try anything different, and by that I mean approach play, free kicks, corners etc.
An extremely poor day at the office, and if we dont change the starting 11 and/or approach soon it could prove very costly.
Final point, can we please look to improve the first 11, it’s been 2, maybe 3 windows where we haven’t moved forwards in terms of quality or style regards with people we bring in, in the starting 11.”

“I had to endure this in the home end and it was embarrassing to hear the opinions of the Blades fans on us, and I didn’t blame them at all for what I heard.”

“We have the worst style of play in the league by some distance. There is little to no variation either and we are all too predictable.”

“I’ve read a few comments saying how good the Sheffield players were today.
On the one hand I agree with that, they were excellent and played with full commitment and lung busting stamina to meet the demands of their playing script.On the other hand our tactics ( or lack of them ) made it very easy for them. They simply had to turn up and do their regular job against a team that offered no surprises. “

“This was as bad as I’ve seen us under Dyche, all 3 goals were poor ones to give away, especially the two just before half time that finished the game off.
This result was more about how bad we were than them being any good and some changes need making.”

“Absolutely terrible performance by the players. Embarrassing for the club. Do I get a refund for my ticket and travel.”

“More than dreadful feel gutted”

“Sheff Utd were also sh1t so not a good show at all”

“Wade Elliott scores ten year ago tho”

Pre-Match View From Burnley

“The Chelsea game + Chris Wood – massive individual errors = result.
That’s the formula for Sheffield United” “I’m not sure we played as badly as the score line last weekend, we did OK. Perform that well again against Sheff Utd and I think we’ll get a result whatever personnel are on the pitch”

“Most unlike us to be so poor defensively but fair play to Chelsea for being so clinical. As you say i don’t think teams like Sheff Utd or Newcastle would have punished us as much”

“November’s schedule isn’t unduly daunting,Sheff Utd(a)West Ham(H)Watford(a)Crystal Palace(H)we’ll definitely collect points in those 4 games,like it or lump it they’re the type of games which will determine how comfortable or not the 2nd half of the season will be”

“We’re 10 games into the season and the table is taking shape. We’ve lost 4 games but they’ve been against Liverpool, Arsenal, Leicester and Chelsea (4 of the top 5). We’ve taken points from everyone you’d hope we would. The signs are good”

“If we lose to Sheff Utd on Saturday and make it 3 in a row, I’ll drive Dyche to bloody Morecambe myself!!!!”

“Reckon Sheff U will roll us over. Especially at their place and if we continue to be appalling”

“I’m intrigued by Sheff United. They’ve done better than I thought they would. However, we tend to do well against promoted sides under SD.”

“I think Sheffield Utd are doing a Burnley,but better at doing a Burnley than we are at the moment.”

“they were very good at West Ham although should have lost, will be a very very tough game against them” “It will be a physical battle,and if we’re not up for the fight they’ll run over us.”

“it’s only October,but they have a good chance of staying up,admittedly they don’t score loads,however they are hard to break down.Wilder’s doing a brilliant job with essentially a Championship squad.”

“He’s a good manager and very similar to Burnley they all know their roles and the system he wants to play.
Really pleased for Norwood – local lad who loves playing and has worked really hard to get where he is. He’s had plenty of ups and downs in his career but always worked hard.
Will be interesting when we play them – their defensive record is excellent. Will be a tough game for us.”

“Sheffield United’s superb start to the season sees them come into the game as favourites, and for good reason. Tactically astute, they have proven very hard to break down – and shown they are more than capable of mixing it with some of the best teams in the league. Burnley aren’t great on their travels”

“It’s a game we could do with winning, 3 points and we’re probably back in the top ten, lose and we’re getting ominously close to the bottom three. A point would do me as well.”

“Sheffield not lost a game where they’ve been leading at half time since 2014. It’s almost unbelievable”

“In last 30 years or so I think the 9000 we took to sheff utd in the cup would be our best outside of wembley. I remember it well. “

View From West Ham

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“Much the better team and should have won.”

“We would be winning these games If we just shot more.”

“2 dull teams, boring”

“a better side would have buried us there”

“Sheff utd are a rubbish football team because any decent side should have slaughtered us today.”

“4-1-4-1 formation at home to Sheff Utd. Another poor performance and embarrassing result” “A draw is embarrassing.”

“First half was pretty turgid. We matched them for effort (which I didn’t believe we would) and had a lot of possession and field position without really doing too much threatening. It was notable how much time they were wasting and how many times they fouled Haller in particular but also anyone else they could with almost no protection from the ref and few fouls given. The time wasting was odeous as well. Second half they had to come on to us and it meant we had space to run into and created 4/5 chances that should have resulted in at least one goal, After that the theatrics returned, rolling about, throw ins that take 2 minutes, throwing the ball away to stop us playing it. All endorsed, allowed and facilated by a ref who occasionally blew his whistle at people but declined to enforce the laws an book anyone.”

“Baldock should have been second-carded twenty mins ago for screaming foul and abusive language on the touchline and dissent / intimidation of an official.
That tactical foul on Haller was shocking – would have liked to see the ref give a straight red for tackle from behind with studs up.
I really hope the FA crack down on these snidey fouls. They ruin the game as much as anything.”

“Appalling run of results. Home defeat to Palace. Awful away defeats to a League One side and team in the bottom 3, and now can’t beat Sheffield Utd at home.”

“I find the first thing I have to do is say congrats to Sheff U. They carved us open on at least 6 occasions but weren’t clinical enough in front of goal. With the one exception we saw repeated instances of great chances going straight at our keeper or being blasted wide. Depending on your perspective you can say that Sheff U were wasteful or that we rode our luck big time. Three at the back worked well for Sheff U”

“A point is a fair result in the end.”

“Thought we were awful and lucky to get a point.”

“blades far better side second half”

“we were cut open with ease”

“Frustrating as hell, but props to Sheffield. Make it tough to find a gap or clean shot.”

“That’s the most shot on target Sheff U have had in a game all season and they missed the target twice from 8 yards out… I’d give Pellegrini a break if we were playing free-flowing football up the other end but we aren’t. We have good individuals but a rather poor team right now”

“Sheffield deserved their equaliser. a point at home against a newly promoted team that had more significant chances than us is a problem ”

“great one lads, we almost looked like a championship team this time

“we looked like a championship side”

“The standard set by the captain is just laughable. I’ve never seen such a slow, lazy tackling performance from him over a number of games. John Fleck ran towards him today and did half a dummy, then just strolled past Noble like he wasn’t there. Yes he makes the odd good pass, but he’s done.”

“I bet Haller would have scored 7-8 more a season playing for Sheff Utd. They can actually cross the ball”

“Chris Wilder wudnt accept the level of effort and desire shown by us if he was our manager…a lot of our lads need a kick in d hole badly

“Pelligrini is utterly useless. A lot of money spend on a tosser. Chris wilder owned him”

“Anyone else amazed to see the amount of people in the stadium wearing West Ham / Sheff Utd half and half scalves? Absolutely baffling.”

Pre-Match View From West Ham

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“Don’t like the look of this match “

“I can sense the tension in the crowd already…Hope we come out all guns blazing and nullify them before they get going”

“I think it’s an absolute nailed on away win. We dont have the players for a good old fashioned battle, and that’s what this will be”

“This is exactly the type of team we lose to.”

“sadly I think Sheffield Utd will bully and press us off the park, deny us space and limit our ability to create anything. They will then only need to score one or two.
Another Palace result beckons because I do not see who he can bring in to up our physicality, pace and stamina. Sheff Utd fans will love to turn us over too to rub salt in the wounds.”

“Based on what I have seen so far this season, you can bet that Sheffield United will want this more than our players.”

“A physical battle is what we’ll get and a physical battle is what we don’t deal well with.This lot will be better than Oxford and just as committed. I expect they’ll go 9 behind the ball when they go in front and then nick a second on the break.”

“We have the better team on paper but i dont think we will match their heart and desire.”

“On paper this isn’t even a contest.
On the pitch every time we have come up against a team willing to work harder than us, harry more, push more and generally wants it more we have failed miserably. That is their whole game.
I think we’ll be lucky to take a point. Our only real hope is to get an early goal, let them come on to us and smash them on the break. If we go one down we might as well go home. “

“Man for man we should absolute slaughter them but they will want it more we will have players who don’t like being kicked… so a drew is best we can get”

“They will win easily, simply because they will work harder and want it more.”

“As for Saturday’s game against the bus parkers imo given our recent form I doubt we’ll even create a chance, never mind actually score”

“Their defensive record so far this season is excellent, but they have yet to face us. Our manager will have done his homework, identified their weaknesses, selected the personnel and a system to break them down, their defensive record is about to be smashed.
Maybe I’ll take that lie down.”

“crunch time again for us as we are on a bad run and playing an inform hard working team. mind you doesn’t matter if we play an out of form team as we still lose !
lose this and the rot has set in and we will be bottom 3 by xmas with the games we have coming up after Newcastle.”

“seen them a few times this season, yesterday, away at Everton and one other, more from morbid curiosity than anything else.
the battle. are difficult to break down and are very well disciplined. they probably won’t score a bucket load this season but unless someone finds a way to break them down, or they completely are knackered by the New Year, I see them staying up”

“Got to not be left baffled by them tactically. They seem like a team to me who will, eventually, be worked out in the Premier League. Once one manager really beats a new system, often the others learn from it. But I don’t think it’s happening any time soon.”

“As much as I would like us to tear at them from the off and pulverise them, that is unlikely to happen against their two banks of four and we could slip up against a set piece, or get caught on the counter. We should therefore, learn to be patient and remember that at 0-0, we are not losing. Eventually, we will get a set piece of our own and one moment of quality will make the differece”

“On paper this looks like an awful game for our technically gifted players that don’t really like a scrap but I have a sneaky confidence based on nothing at all that we will win this one”

“I honestly think we will see a positive reaction after the shambles against Everton.”

“be happy to scrape 3 points against a newly promoted team.
no offence but we should be rolling over “a team like them.””

“The players need to be prepared to run their socks off for this one, or we’ll lose. Their cup final.”

“Sheff Utd coming here and their fans want revenge on us on Tevez affairs 12 years ago, so this match will be scrappy as ever”

“I can’t help wondering how many of the players
truly understand the significance of this game.”

“Random newly promoted nothing team. No significance.”

“I see Wilder in his pre match comments has been complimentary about us. Hope we dont fall for his mind games and come out fighting for the 3 points.”

“It’s a pretty sorry indictment of how low we’ve stooped when we’re talking like this about Sheffield f@@@@@g United.”

“If we cannot be optimistic of beating Sheff Utd then i might as well take up knitting on a saturday afternoon.”

“I’ll be disappointed if no one is selling Tevez masks”

“We’ve already played them since 2007. That was the time for the kids and easily pleased to get the Tevez thing out of their system. Doing it every time there’s a SUFC fixture is right up there with putting a “funny” sticker on your car’s bumper.”

“Lets mock them for being above us in the league.”

View From The Neutrals

The view from logo

A selection of quotes from neutral fans on the victory over Arsenal

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Norwich Fans

“Impressive from the blades”

“They look very solid at the back unfortunately.”

“Blades have been very good, wont be troubling the rele spots unfortunately”

“They really aren’t very good though. They are exceptionally well drilled and good at defending but Arsenal were pathetic in the last third (had their final ball not been a joke they would have won that) and I will still be disappointed if we finish below Shef U.”

“They’re only 6 or 7 injuries away from being in the shoite.”

“Hate the feckers”

Aston Villa Fans

“I’m still amazed Enda Stevens is a regular for them. Was s*** for us. “

“Sheff United are a championship team that massively over achieved last season and have manage to continue it in to this season with hard work and team spirit. It won’t last and they’ll go down.”

“Solid defensively but they are nothing special.”

“The few times I’ve seen them play they actually quite remind of the way Wolves play, sit deep and are very hard working, but are comfortable on the ball as well and dangerous on the break.”

“Have to say whenever I catch a TV game of theirs I enjoy watching Sheffield United. Like us they will stay up as they’re decent at both ends. Respect Wilder plenty and he really makes that 3-5-2 work. Of course they can knock it long when required but they are also very capable of playing quick 1-2s out wide quickly which means with their overloads their wide players get plenty of space to get crosses in. They build up plenty of corners from that tactic and eventually they score from one. We’ve also struggled defending against them in last two seasons. At the other end they also have more grit than Norwich who are simply too easy to score against. I said in August they were most likely of the promoted trio to go back down and haven’t seen anything to change my mind.”

Bournemouth Fans

“Mousset scores. Mings plays for England. Bit Weird. They obviously fit in square holes”

“Part of my frustration with Solanke is we lost Lys… who I thought was a better player. We also never gave him the run of games we have afforded Solanke.”

“Whatever you think of Solanke I think you’re looking at Lys with Rose tinted spectacles. Average player.”

“Even Solanke wouldn’t have missed that tonight.
Solanke has looked far more effective than Mousset ever did. “

“Leaving Solanke aside and just talking about Lys I always thought he had so much potential. Blistering pace and shot and good awareness of team mates. Funny how we all see the same players in different ways!!”

“I liked Lys but he put on weight every year, not in a good way and never really took his chances when given them.”

Brighton Fans

“ Fair play to SU but dear me Arsenal are shocking”

“Blades brilliant tonight. This is a tough division, no shit sides. Pundits saying division is weak because Lpool so far ahead. Bollox. Most competitive top flight ever.”

“It’s easy to write Sheffield United off (and all the lazy pundits have) because they’re a small and unfashionable club but if you actually watch their games you’ll know they’re a fantastically managed side with an effective style of play. “

“We certainly have better players but they look so much more solid than us.”

“Wilder is doing a great job on that budget imho.”

“They are like a better version of a hughton team very very impressive every time I’ve seen them this season. I can’t help but think their style will get them more points than us even though we are nice to watch
Olly Norwood as well. Excellent. Mistake to get rid in hindsight.”

“They have some Hughton traits but overall I disagree with that. I think they’re a much more energetic and dynamic team than we have been in the last two seasons. I think they play with no fear, regardless of the opposition, which is great to see. I also think they have a far more ambitious and occasionally expansive style than we had. All on a minuscule budget. As long as it’s not at our expense, I hope they stay up as I think they’re a great example of what can be done if every man buys into the manager’s plan.As for who will get more points, I’m not sure. I’d probably just about back us. But as I said, I don’t think either team will go down. “ “Should beat these two any day of the week”

“Arsenal are a joke team away from home. Every single team in the division would expect to beat them at home. “

Watford Fans

“Another record signing misses an open goal v Sheff United.”

“Many ‘experts’ say Arsenal are going to finish in the top 4. Why do they think that? “

Newcastle Fans

“I honestly think Sheffield United will finish bottom of the league.  They are hopeless. The Toon are crap yet I wouldn’t have one player from Sheff Und.   Billy Sharp is their star player ffs. ”

“ Sheff Utd are hopeless? 9th in the league and unbeaten away from home I think. Billy Sharp is not their star player, he doesn’t even start for them.They don’t really have any star players but play so well together as a team”

“Mad, I don’t think Sheff Utd are in any real danger of going down.”

“Strange post saying they will finish bottom”

“They don’t have Steve Bruce in charge, as an organised unit they look easily better than us.”

“ Christ if Sheffield United are hopeless what the hell are we? “

Southampton Fans

“had that been us instead of Sheff Utd, then we would almost certainly have still found a way to lose to them.”

“Sheff Utd have fight and endeavor along with playing some very decent football, which IMO will keep them up. “

“4 points behind Sheff Utd and Burnley at this stage of this season tells you everything you need to know about us. Average teams on paper but they have fantastic workrate and organisation. Something we’ve lacked for years. We currently dont have any identity in the way we play”

“We got quite lucky against them. Our defence was all over the place and we got a letoff with a disallowed goal, a non-penalty that should have been given to them, and a pretty harsh red card.
They worked hard all game (harder than we did) and were unlucky to lose it really.”

“Watched a different game sunshine. They were sh1t and got fck all”

“Sheff Utd have a really, really low quality squad. But they’re organised and put in a lot of effort. It just shows there’s really only 2 great sides in this league.”

West Ham Fans

“Every time I see them they are very well drilled, energetic and combative.”

“This lot don’t have much quality imho although what they have is a system that they’re comfortable with and players giving their all to the cause.”

“They did a proper park the bus job against Arsenal.Could be a frustrating afternoon for us.”

“We play quite similar to Arsenal, so that was a bit of a wake up call. But can they raise their game twice in a week?”

“Actually feel better about this Saturday after the pigs beat Gooners tbh.”

Crystal Palace Fans

“Watching Arsenal tonight they look very fragile with Blades not afraid to take the game to them. Watch us barely lay a glove on them until they score”

“They don’t like it up em but are a different side at the library”

“Arsenal were dog awful tonight,keep thinking if Sheffield had a Zaha they would have won by more.”

Leicester Fans

“Remember when a lot on here were expecting us to go to Brammall lane and play them off the park in a 6-0 win?  Doesn’t quite work like that. Great result and performance from SUFC. Decent result for us too.”

“we’ve scored 2 of the 7 goals Sheff Utd have conceded this season. Pretty neat isn’t it?”

“On paper their side is Championship standard but Wilder’s management brings the best out of them, as we’ve seen so far this season he expects a lot out of them, even in the games they’ve lost and played well in, Liverpool for example, their performance got praised but he was having none of it, he was pissed that they didn’t get a result. He is obviously a manager who sets high standards, his team matched those standards tonight. I can see many sides having difficulty against them this season. Hopefully Wilder can keep them up.”

“Wilder says it how it is. Really struggling to pick any fault with him.”

“They aren’t going anywhere.  As I said after their match with us – where they flat-out deserved a draw – Wilder has them so well-organized and full of belief that they’re going to stay up for sure.  They’re limited technically but not punchless – for a lower-table side they have enough industry and flair to get by.  And they aren’t afraid of possession, either, when the moment calls for it.  Good manager, serviceable squad.”

“Eddie Howe came up with Bournemouth with a bunch of lower league players (many of them still there) and he has stayed up comfortably ever since whilst playing much better football than Sheffield United. I like Wilder but they are hard to watch. I hope he doesn’t become another Sean Dyche in this league.”

“You see plenty of players/coaches come up from the championship and do alright in the short-term but struggle to stay at the top. I personally rate Dean Smith as a better manager but that’s just me.”

“There’s an art to man management and he has done well everywhere he’s been but he’s also had little expectation on him and not had to win people over that much. I’d love him to replace Southgate but could envisage he’d be hounded out eventually.”

Wolves Fans

“Sheff Utd prove that organisation and a game plan are plenty good enough to be a decent PL side. They’ll be fine. We’ll struggle against them, organised, strong at the back and bullish up top”

“No doubt we will beat arsenal away as we will have chances, still cant break down utter shit”

Everton Fans

“ Nothing against Wilder, it’s good the game(in this country) has some English coaches doing well. Please though no more flavour of the months.”

“said before this fella is a modern day Mike Walker.
Hes doing a great job with the blades under a lot less pressure than others (or so it seems).
Hes maybe happy at his club.
Nothing wrong with being ambitious, if he were to leave,while his stock is high.”

“Sheff U were very poor against us at Goodison, one shot on target and won 2-0. They were abject, we were poor. They got lucky”

“Wilder the modern day Sam Allardyce, Sean Dyche. He is doing well getting points on board but the football is horrendous. Could you really watch Everton play like that week in week out? It is football that can only take you so far in the PL”

“Man who doesn’t want much football. They were great to watch last season”

“chris wilder doesn’t play anything like fat sam or dyche tbf, think they play decent football”

“They’ve played some great stuff moving up twice in three years.
He’s had to tighten things up because he’s taking on some of the top teams in Europe with some players who were in League one a couple of years ago.
Look at how thorough and innovative his tactical planning is.”

“this seasons Wolves”

“They’ll go on a run of about 10 games without a win at some point this season.”

Man Utd Fans

“Have to say I really enjoy watching Sheffield United play.
It’s not passing around for passing around sake (unlike their opposition tonight who wanted to get their possession stats up in last 20 minutes). They can knock it long when they want to but they are also capable of playing good quick touch football when that is required and they don’t get enough credit for that. It won them several corners tonight and eventually they scored from one.
Reason 3-5-2 is effective is they actually make it work overloading in corners of the pitch and play quick 1-2s that give their wide players space.
A very nice team to watch and think I’ve said consistantly this season they’ll stay up as to me they have more grit than Norwich who are too easy to score against.”

“Very good performance last night. They restricted Arsenal to bits and bobs and always looked more likely to score even though they didn’t have that much possession.
So much to be said for both defending and attacking in numbers, and mixing it up. Stevens is a real threat down the left and the two centre halves wide of the middle man get involved in the attack too. “

“They are a good side and aren’t bad to watch at all. The “pundits” who keep lazily calling them basic and long ball clearly aren’t doing their jobs. “

“It’s the first time in a really long time that a newly promoted team have come up and introduced a tactical innovation to the league.”

“They’re actually sitting 9th in the table. Not too shabby.”

“Considering their team is mede up of lower league journeymen, it’s absolutely amazing how well they’re doing. Wilder is doing a fantastic job.”

“One of the best managers in the league, no doubt about it in my mind. ”

“Got a very British team who put the work in but also have a bit of quality here and there. Wilder has done an absolutely fantastic job thus far, and even if they finish 17th he deserves the manager of the year award.”

Chelsea Fans

“I like Wilder to be honest, blends traditional and modern approaches to football together perfectly. Not looking forward to our visit there. “

“Love seeing English managers doing well
he is streets ahead of trash like Javi Gracia. most Spanish managers are SO overrated”

“Chris Wilder seems to be a lot better than the more mundane English/British managers like Pardew, Allardyce, Hughes, Moyes, Pulis, Bruce etc.”

“overlapping centre backs FTW!”

“defensive masterclass”

Spurs Fans

“Even Sheffield united play with more intensity than us!”

“Probably helps that there players want to be there.”

“Sheff fought for everything (just like Poch’s Spurs before the players decided they were above that…) “

“The passion they showed to get a goal kick at the end of the game is something we can only dream of”

“The amount of times SU get down the left and waste the good position is incredible!”

“wilder doing a great job.what’s sad though is that he’ll never get a top job because of where he’s from and how he looks. give him a spanish passport, a nice tan and a designer coat and he’d be well in there.”

Man City Fans

“best defence in league so far Sheff.Hats off to them.”

“I’ve been really impressed with Sheffield United this season. The play good football, but show fight.In fact I’d say a lot of these new English managers are doing a good job. Lampard, wilder and potter” “Always amazes me how they bottle games like this and that’s not being disrespectful to Sheffield Utd who deserved the win,but you can bet when we roll up at the emirates or they come to us they will throw everything into it as if their lives depended on it … “

“Sheffield are rough. Theyve even got a player called Basham, expect a lot of that when City go there. “

“It’s going to be absolutely horrible. They will be allowed to kick and rough us up all game with impunity, hostile crowd, biased ref you just know it.”

“Have to say it will be a tough game for us going on how arsenal tonight and even the scousers about 3-4 weeks ago who got lucky with the keeper”

“That whole game seemed to be played in slow motion, no tempo to it at all”

Liverpool Fans

“Shows how brilliant we are that we came away from Bramall Lane with the win, very tough place to go now but we found a way to win, Arsenal get beat, says it all.Fair play to Sheffield United, they are giving it a right go.”

“If they keep this up, a lot of teams will struggle there. Really tough to beat.” “Arsenal are dog muck, but tonight shows just how hard earned our win at Bramall Lane was.”

“A Yorkshire football crowd is pretty vocal, difficult places to go, these southerners look shellshocked.”

“The atmosphere is deafening, Id hate to be an away side going there in the middle of February when it’s freezing”

“fair play to united they done well so far.. only gets harder from here on in though.. lets see how they are in about 10 games.”

View From Arsenal

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“Credit to Sheffield United tonight. A club without the budget that we have, but they’re a proper team. A functional system, a coach who knows how to get the best out of each of his players & the work-rate from all involved on the pitch is superb. We could learn a thing or two.”

“They play some pretty decent stuff too! A credit to the PL”

“Quality side. Never easy for anyone going there”

“They are a team with balls. A team that will fight. A team that are not afraid. A team that we are not.”

“Sheffield United strategy is so simple when they have the ball they attack when they don’t have the ball they defend…what’s not to like”

“Sheffield United football philosophy is so easy to understand. Our is so confusing”

“United were amazing defensively. Just maybe we should get their manager in to improve us defensively!”

“Even Liverpool had a hard time against them.
We’ve been beaten by an organised team with a manager who knows how to maximise his teams’ potential.
If only we had a man in charge who could do just that.”

“Sheffield United manage really speaks honestly. I wish we had him tbh”

“I’d take the SU manager over Emery now.”

“We should look no further than Chris Wilder. He’s doing an excellent job with his team.”

“Guys like Chris Wilder that’s thier level they suited more with these kind of teams he defended with 10 men at home making big jump to top 6 club is big risk”

“First half they were all over us. That Sheffield Utd team is rank, plumbers the lot of them.
Until the last 20 minutes they were well in control, played good possession football and didn’t get bothered at all.
He’s taken them from League 1 to the PL in three seasons, he’s one of the best innovators in the country. Watch them in other games, they’re usually on the front foot.”

“I wouldn’t say we dominated anything other than possession. We had more pointless possession than in any other game I can really remember”

“Easiest money Dean Henderson will ever earn”

“Credit to them? Sheffield didn’t have to try, Arsenal were playing tippy tappy football, walking and jogging everywhere, Sheffield were under no pressure”

“Embarrassing to be so utterly dominated by Sheffield Utd from start to finish.We had the ball, but it was EASY for SU.”

“Sheffield worked hard but were lucky based on the play, scored from set piece then defended. I agree creativity is lacking from us but there were still opportunities.”

“They play the most boring football tho. at least we try to go for a second goal“

“I think we look completely limp in midfield, no intimidation factor at all, when these shitty teams play the other top teams, especially the top 2, they have lost the game before they start.”

“Beaten by pubbers”

“What knobend at Sky decided Sheffield Utd v Arsenal was a good TV selection? We all could have told them it’d be wank”

“Through large patches of the game I was wishing Ozil was on the pitch, not a good sign.”

“If Mousset was even slightly better than the Championship level plumber he is, they win 2-0.”

“When we look back on the Emery years & cry ourselves to sleep at night wondering why we didn’t sack him off earlier, we must always remember the one big shining bright positive from his reign. Something that will live with us forever. Those beautiful kits. But THAT. IS. IT.”

“Emery is a Dick.”

“Meet the new manager, same as the old manager but worse.”

“Emery should be left on the side of a Sheffield road. Let the locals feed off his carcass.”

“This serves us right for repeatedly calling them Sheffield.”

“After 61 years as an arsenal fan i am close to quitting, i have never seen anything as bad as this in all that time!”

Pre-Match View From Arsenal

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“I’m a huge fan of United’s manager Chris Wilder and for me he’s one of the most innovative but successful managers in the country today.
I’ve watched them most weeks and I’ve been impressed with how well they’ve transitioned to the top flight. Against similar level opposition they play on the front foot with a ball dominant style and a lot of positionless play where guys swap around regularly but they’re still very good defensively.
Hard to predict how they’ll set up because even though we’re a much better team we and they’ve given up possession to bigger teams so far, we don’t look comfortable trying to control games and have been there for the taking in every away game this year.
They’re a very poor quality side although Robinson, Stevens and Fleck are decent. Henderson’s an ok keeper but he’s got a clanger in him. Also Lundstram is a FPL god.”

“This is going to be really tricky. Has banana skin written all over it.”

“They were surprisingly good against Liverpool, pressed really well, don’t expect an easy game, especially with the way we play atm.”

“Sheffield United has only conceded 7 goals in the league so far. Second lowest in the league. It will be a tough nut to crack.”

“Particularly with how little we create”

“This will be a very tough game – defensively they are very strong, and it will be a great atmosphere up there under the lights.
would settle for a 1-1.”

“Hard to be confident for this. They are a really well organised side and will deffo raise their game for us. Liverpool only won there because of a terrible mistake from the Keeper.”

“They’ll ruin us.”

“not confident whatsoever”

“Has Home win written all over it. Newly promoted northern team at home. Our record against such isn’t that great. Hope I’m wrong obviously.”

“Not looking forward to this one. Monday night likely rain and they’ll run all day and night.
See us struggling to get into this and we won’t battle or control enough of it to win. Low point of the season coming up”

“Got a 1-0 loss written all over it”

“Don’t like the idea of playing this lot under the lights infront of a packed house. LOSS”

“Auba is my only hope. Sheffield Utd are pretty organised whenever i have seen them this season and doesn’t leak too many goals. Glad to see Luke Freeman in PL.”

“Only 4 days until I have to watch team with 9 players I really hate try to play football!”

“Let’s hope captain fannyfart isn’t playing as his wife has just given birth..”

“Amazing where we’re at with this team. Worried about playing Sheffield United. But, rightly so. And thats no disrespect to them. I guess I just expect so much more…”

“they don’t have much quality but they play with energy and the crowd has lots of passion. Doubt we win this away from home under the guidance of Unai Emery.”

“Think this will be a fairly routine win for us providing HB & KT play.
Too much quality and i suspect they will have a go against us which will work out well for us. Think everyone will see what a difference it actually makes to have first choice fullbacks playing. Think we can go on a really good run now “

“Routine win? Is this a server glitch from 2004?”

“I honestly can’t remember one time when we’ve played them in Sheffield and had an easy ride regardless of their form being good, bad or indifferent, similar to how Wimbledon often used to be a fly in our bowl of soup.”

“Emery probably nervous because he can’t set up as the underdog.”

“Ofc he can. Already forgot about Huddersfield Town at home last season? 8 defenders + Laca and Auba up front at home vs a relegation side.
Thankfully we managed to win 1-0 against the worst team in the prem by scoring a 83rd min bicycle kick on our 2nd and last attempt on target” “In days gone by we’d have beaten these easy but 2019 is a different scenario altogether (particularly with our lot) but I still go with a win for us.”

“They’re a somewhat ‘physical’ side, even so we now have some players more able to cope with that than those wenger snowflake pussies.”

Sheffield Utd are a newly promoted team.
We should be beating them by a big margin. Come the end of the season they’ll most likely be relegation fodder.
We have a good attack force…and that’s about it.”

“I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t win by at least 2 goals”

“Sheffield are decent and will raise their game, we’re **** away but with Auba we can score a goal or two.”

“Sheffield UNITED ffs. I’m picking people up on this, you’re not the only. Two teams in Sheffield so we should call them by their full name”

View From The Republic Of Ireland

A collection of quotes from fans of the Republic Of Ireland on the performances of Enda Stevens and John Egan against Switzerland

“Stevens turning into a fine footballer.”

“I thiught Stevens was one of the best of a bad bunch? He was involved all the time and didn’t shy from the ball unlike that cretin Hendrick”

“Agree no problems with his display”

“Started poorly playing in an unfamiliar position yet grew more solid as game passed by”

“I didnt think Stevens did too badly at all tbh.Lost the ball a lot but did well on a few occasions to recover it”

“Stuck to his task well and tried to get Ireland motoring”

“Solid defensively, but we have yet to see him sparkle in an Ireland shirt.”

“poor with the ball before moving back to left back where he looked much happier driving forward in the second half.”

“pathetic tonight”

“I thought Stevens was good in the first half and did okay in the second, far from pathetic.”

“Stevens needed to come off Lichtsteiner to experienced for him”

“Stevens was awful.”

“Stevens worries me”

“LWB is definitely his best position. There are still questions about his suitability though”

“crazy to think we have two top class wingbacks excelling in the premier league in Doherty and Stevens, and when we finally employ a system that uses wingbacks, we use neither in those positions”

“Distribution could have been better but rallied after a slow start”

“Made a few decent clearing headers but his distribution was poor as he was guilty of a few poor long balls forward.”

“Kicked about 4 long balls to nobody”

“Egan loves a stupid foul”

“I feel sorry for Randolph, Egan, Duffy and the lads up front! What we have on the wings and and in the middle of the park is absolutely useless!

“He made a number of vital interventions and put in an all-around excellent display.It’s mad to think he wasn’t in the team until the last game. He brings a new found calmness to the Ireland backline. Absolutely superb”

“John Egan was everywhere, solid performance”

“Probably our best player”

“Egan was a positive”

“Egan promising”

“Very solid display”

“Good performance”

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Loan Updates

It’s been a tough month for some of our loanees. Sam Graham has been ruled out for the rest of the season with injury, Regan Slater has lost his place at Scunthorpe and Oliver Greaves has mostly been used as a substitute at Barrow. Here I take a look at the players who have featured somewhat more regularly for their clubs:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is palace-pre-644x50.png

“Duffy might be absolutely fantastic in a number 10 but how would we know if he’s never played?”

“Duffy’s barely been given minutes but his creative output in the same position last year means he should probably play 10”

“Joe Allen is miles better than Ince, Powell or Duffy”

“I think we should put Duffy central advanced and support him.”

“Duffy is a quality player, a little past his best but should be seen as competition for Clucas rather than as a No.10”

“I would play Duffy to give us a bit more bite”

“Duffy has been ok today.”

“Duffy looked good towards the end, would like to see more of him.”

“Duffy was passing to his own players, we don’t like that down Stoke!”

“I just don’t think Jones wanted Duffy. Surely if he really rated him we’d have seen more of him on the pitch.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is palace-pre-3-644x30.png

“Great to see him made captain tonight”

“has impressed in his (albeit limited) time at Spotland, providing defensive solidity in addition to genuine attacking potency, making himself one of the first names on the team sheet”

“Takes a superb free kick”

“2nd most tackles in League One”

“He;s made the biggest impact of all our summer signings”

“Am I blind or was Rhys Norrington-Davies and Ollie Rathbone the only two players that turned up today?”

“Man of the match today”

“Had a fantastic game”

“well done Rhys Norrington-Davies, what a game!!”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is palace-pre-4-644x42.png

“Parkhouse must be a candidate for Young Player of the Year. But it will probably go to a player from one of the Dublin clubs.”

“If a gold medal could be struck for guts ,perseverance and a willingness to die for his club Parkie you would be the only winner”

“George Kelly should be looking at Parkhouse and asking himself whether his career his best served by sitting on the bench at Dundalk.”

“Parkhouse frustrates at times but don’t forget the youngster is top scorer.”

“I’m sometimes critical of Parkie but forget his work supporting others. His pass to Junior for first goal on Friday was superb. I’ll try to be more circumspect in future.”

“Parkie has the most delicate touch to bring in others and now his Ariel work v defenders is sublime If his touch in the box comes like Junior’s has we are into clover.”

“Parky is a very average player, but works hard and gets goals at least.”

“Bit harsh on Parky. If only we played someone with him up front to take some of the burden off him,people forget his age and the fact it’s his first season playing in this league.”

“Parky’s head must be wrecked, running around mad after 4 defenders. He must come off every game exhausted”

“David Parkhouse is an awful finisher. He puts in a great shift but misses to many guilt edge chances.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is palace-pre-5-644x34.png

“Smith looks head and shoulder above any of our strikers. .”

“Chased and harrassed defenders and showed one moment in the first half where he really showed what he was about other than the disappointing finish. He really should have put that chance away that he created himself but hit it weekly straight at the keeper when the net beckoned. He was unlucky on a couple of occasions and never gave up despite it not being the ideal sort of game with so much physical presence in numbers in the opposition.”

“Smith is a good additions that add something to us”

“Great finish by Smith.Great to finally have a second striker scoring some goals and Smith now has four and he hasn’t started that many games!”

“Smith took his goal well”

“I don’t get is why Smith was dropped? Plays well and scores on Tuesday night and is only rewarded with a space on the bench today.”

“Smith is very poor”

“Don’t rate Smith”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is palace-pre-6-644x38.png

“I think Thomas is suffering from Pressley’s coaching. He seems a pale shadow of how he started the season.”

“Another example of Pressley failing to get the best out of individuals by insisting that everyone conforms to inflexible tactics and Opta stat targets, regardless of whether they are suited to or capable of it.”

“Needs a spell out the team not good in a poor team” “it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest of Thomas was left out, couldn’t understand why people were creaming themselves over him coming back. I said last season he was a 45 minute man, may as well not exist in the second half of games, and has also been proved this season to be a one trick pony. That trick worked on the first home game but hasn’t done since.”

“Don’t get me wrong Thomas is a decent player but it was like the second coming when we re-signed him. He had a lot of very average games last season but people forgot.”

“I expect Thomas to be back firing soon enough. And then back off the boil again. And then back firing. The nature of a lower league winger.”