“this is probably the easiest Prem game you can get, tbf. “

“Really hope we start hard and fast, would be nice to boost our goal difference. If we score a couple I can see them folding.”

“I’d like to think we could have this game locked down after 60 mins and then get the kids on.
And there’s absolutely no reason to think we won’t or can’t…we’ve got PL title chasing gameface on and Sheff U are probably one of the worst PL teams of all time”

“Hopefully it won’t come down to GD but if it does, this should be the game for it. “

“Ideal game to build up the goal difference!
That have had quite a few absolute pasting this season, and one or two nh
very recently!”

“Sheffield Uniteds goal difference is minus fifty. It should be a case of how many. “

“We need to absolutely smash them. Wave after wave of attack.”

“Should be straight forward.”

“We should smash these but with us we never know. Goals galore would be great to boost our goal difference. “

“Any win will do but prefer 8-0”

“This is our last game against the promoted sides this season and we made hard work of the other 5, one way or another.
Any win will do, but it’d be nice to win it comfortably both for goal difference and physical/mental exertion levels.
Never underestimate our ability to make heavy weather of these type of games (added to game raising opponents and shit refs/VAR).”

“I notice Sutton has predicted 5-0 -no way this is happening. Will be 3 at the very most and im going for hard fought 2-0”

“In recent weeks Sheffield Utd have conceded 6 to Arsenal, 5 to Villa and 5 twice to Brighton but all these results were at home.
They definitely seem to concede fewer away.
We should win this but it could be another frustrating match. Once we get ahead we will be fine. “

“Sheffield United were very unfortunate to end up with a draw at the weekend against Fulham after leading 3-1 and then having a fourth goal ruled out for a very close off-side decision. There are no easy games in the Prem. “

“Having watched the highlights of the Sheff Utd 3 – 3 Fulham game I didn’t see anything that suggested they’ve turned a corner. Massively outplayed, three goals out of the blue, massively outplayed. Hopefully Holgate and McBurnie can resist the urge to put any of our players in the stands.”

“Concentrate on winning anything else is a bonus. Some people thought we could top up the goal difference against Brighton.”

“I’d be very happy to see a solid, somewhat measured win for this one and reserve the full-throttle battering for Manu.”

“We should absolutely batter these.
So I’m going 0-1 down after 12 minutes.”

“Everyone expected us to thump the last team in the bottom part of the league and it took a goal in the 99th minute. With Utd Sunday it could easily be a trickier game than many predict.”

“SU have caused many teams problems but hopefully they just come and role over.”

“Hahaha what?! The team estranged at the bottom of the PL with just 15 points, having lost 20 of 29 games with a -50 GD (one of the very worst ever) causes many teams problems”

“Duno if it’s just me but anyone else really hate Chris Wilder?”

By Roy

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