Pre-Match View From Leeds

“A win here would be a huge boost for us and open a small gap between the clubs, a draw is not the worst result we could have but a loss would make them jump above us in the table.
We have only beaten them twice in the last 12 league and cup meetings.
Those stats are not in our favour but if we can get our act together on the day we can get a result, expect it to be tight and not many goals.
I’m expecting a hard fought draw to be honest but my heart always believes the best and we can nick it late for the win.”

“What an important game this is, at this point in the season. A win, and we’re 5 points ahead of3rd place with 8 games to go, a defeat and we’re down to 3rd, and hoping for the teams above us to drop points!
If we play like we did against WBA, we’ll be fine. If we don’t, we could get turned over by a resilient opponent. If you offered me a draw now, I think I’d take it!”

“We’re in absolutely tip top form at the moment playing some lovely stuff. If we continue in the same vein we will win the game and that would be just fantastic. A draw isn’t a disaster at this stage of the season, let’s just make sure we don’t lose. It should be an absolute cracker”

“Even thinking about this one is giving me palpitations. Was discussing with my dad last night and he reckons this is the biggest game we’ve had in about 15 years – I struggled to think of a bigger one. Same starting line-up for the 50th game in a row, for me.
The main challenge I can see is that nobody really understands Shef Utd’s tactics. They play a really weird form of pressing/counter-football that teams just haven’t been able to nullify. I’m praying Bielsa will pull a tactical masterclass and we can keep these amazing stylish wins going.”

“I havent been able to concentrate at work thinking about this game, Ill be worse tomorrow, I keep telling myself its 3 points at stake just like any other game but thats not working, will relax a bit if we win but would be happy with a draw to keep that gap”

“Sheffield United on a great run at the moment, something like 33 points in their last 14 games – This would be a massive win for us, I’ll take a draw”

“One things for certain, Sheff Utd will attack, and attack again. They don’t concede many. We have to score first, that’s been the trend for the most part this season. On Saturday it’s imperative. “

“Sheffield United have not conceded a goal in 6 matches. Good defence or mediocre opposition? A little of both maybe? “

“We haven’t conceded in 3”

“Surely the pressure is more on Sheff Utd? They lose its a 5 point gap. We lose its 1 point. I know it’s stating the bleeding obvious but I’m as nervous as hell already”

“If we are ‘on it’, we will win. But if we show even the slightest weakness, then they will take us.
It will require a fair and strong referee.
I think we will win.”

“Cant see Sheffield United winning tbh.”

“Do Norwich or Sheffield Utd actually ever lose a game?”

“Massive advantage for Norwich and Sheff Utd that apart from Ipswich and Sheff Weds no one gives a toss about playing them”

“Seriously what is with every other team rolling over for Norwich and Sheffield United?”

“Villa eventually drew with Sheff U after they had trailed 3-0 til the 82nd min Wilder said that Villas first 82 min goal got the crowd whipped up and Villa ended drawing. Crowd impact he said. That’s precisely what ER will deliver Sat. but our noise will wake the Gods !”

“Let’s invoke the spirit of 1990. Same opponents and similar situation. One of my most favourite matches I ever attended.”

“Wilder’s done a very decent job there. He’s also bought well. Norwood and McGoldrick have done well for them. However, I really disliked the way they set up when we played them. Clear instructions to “get into” us. Some appalling challenges. Lost my respect.”

“The blades were pretty dirty our last game.”

“They will do the same again because clubs are aware you give leeds space and they do tend to tear you a new one”

“Got a LOT of time for Wilder. Probs most under-rated coach in EFL” “Difficult not to admire Wilder. Speaks s lot of sense and from what I’ve seen/read always complementary about rivals.”

“Although I hope we smash them at the weekend I don’t mind Sheff U or Chris Wilder, would be good if we both went up!”

“The championship is tight, yet us, Norwich and Sheff Utd are so much better than the rest of the league. Not one of us deserves to miss out.If any of those teams don’t make it, but a team that finished 10 points below 3rd that’s a joke. Evil format. ”

“Whatever happens this season, fair fucking play to whoever gets autos this season. If (god forbid) it’s both Norwich and Sheffield United, they’ve played magnificently all season. May the best two win”

“know this is not the done thing before a Yorkshire derby, but I quite like Sheffield United. A real football club, a good, and respectful manager, who has class when he talks. Hope we both go up tbh”

“Be nice to see Sheffield utd go up with us perfect scenario”

“Hope us and sheff u go up no ones gives a shit about Norwich shit club with shit fans just fuck off you twats”

“I don’t care who gets the second automatic promotion spot with us… so long as it’s Sheff U”

“Would like to see Sheffield United promoted but it’s gotta be through the play offs it seems lads”

“There is no need for an outbreak of reasonableness”

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Pre-Match View From Brentford

“Real tricky one. I think a lot will depend on the injury situation. Heart says we can get something out of it, but head says a loss.”

“More worried about this one than Middlesbrough”

“Game to far for us, injuries catch up”

“Kid in goal, kid at centre half, what could go wrong?”

“Team has to be very drilled on Utd’s set-piece routines at corners, Rovrum switched off for their 1st goal and nearly conceded another. Routine seems to involve a diagonal run from outside the D into the box to meet a flat pass from the corner kick. Also love a short corner routine.”

“Defensively … we will need to do a little better, I think and on Tuesday at Sheffield United. So many clubs in this division play boring, negative and lack lustre football … not us ! On our day, we are an absolute joy to watch.
We can still make the play offs. One game at a time and see where we stand this time next week.”

“3 or 4 points from the next two games and I think we can certainly think of a play off push. Let make no mistake Sheffield United away will be tough. They haven’t even conceded a goal in their last 7 home games. In fact I’ll put my neck out if we get 6 points from the next two games we will finish 6th. We also have the best goal difference outside the top 5 which is an extra point.”

“Last 6 in league, they conceded against Derby and lost to Barnet in the cup.
…and look at the last 6 opposition…
Blackburn (3-0 All 3 scored when 10v10)
QPR (1-0)
Bolton (2-0)
Middlesbrough (1-0 Mid 10 men for last 25min)
Reading (4-0)
Rotherham (2-0 Rot with 10 men for last hour)
Its a tall order but not as bad as their headline home form would suggest.”

“they are the best team in the league at home. No doubting they are favourites but maybe not quite as much so as their recent home form would initially suggest – and maybe they have half an eye on their match with Leeds on the following Saturday. Apologies for dealing in “maybe’s” but I guess that is the nature of this thread.In any case maybe this is one of the two or three we can afford to lose.”

“They’ve got half an eye on Leeds away on Saturday”

“Still think it’s too tall a hill…but admit I’ll start hoping in a meaningful way if we beat Utd away Tuesday.”

“I’m usually the most negative depressing person going, but I just have a feeling that we aren’t going to lose again this season.”

“We’re coming for you, we’re coming for you. Average teams in the playoffs, we’re coming for you!”

“think Utd will go up so be a good ground to tick off the list”

“3/1 away win – WOW”

“Is Mick Foley going to play ? Wouldn’t put it past SU suits their style of play.”

“I don’t think there’s any real bad feeling towards John Egan. 4 million based on his performances for us was a great deal, if he’s suddenly become Beckenbauer for them then fair enough!”

“John Egan is a player who doesn’t suit our style but suits there’s very well. Fair play, a good move for all concerned.”

“The absolute perfect fit for them. Still shaky with the ball at his feet but an absolute rock when in the air. Great business for both sides”

“he is a decent and likeable player. I hope he plays Premier League football next year, plus his Dad is a legend.”

“I hope he does well and goes up, if for no other reason than to keep Leeds down.”

“If they offered him back to us for £4m we wouldn’t want him. Not even confident we’d bother if they offered him for £2m.
Good deal for both clubs.”

“Doubtful they would get much more if they sold him now, despite their great season. Good luck to him though, I think it’s fair to say that Wilder is a much better coach of defenders than Smith, with a more suitable playing style, and they’re a very good team. Worked out for all parties.”

“to think Wilder was on our shopping list as a Manager not so long ago. Before he went to Oxford IIRC.”

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Pre-Match View From Rotherham

“Why should we fear Sheff Utd? They were very very lucky at ours and had it not been for Henderson with outstanding worldie saves they could have lost 6-2 and could not have argued at that scoreline.
Yes they are where they are by sheer effort and determination and well done to them, unlike their poor piggy neighbours.
We are undefeated for 6 and surely must go forward with a strong mental attitude. Bring them on I say, we do not fear them.
So long as we go out with a strong and positive mental attitude, it should carry us well”

“A lot better at home but they are not a footballing side.Beatable but we’ve got to get the team selection right from the start”

“same as all theses teams in this league give the too much room and they will run straight through you as corporal Jones said they don’t like it up em bring them on when the game gets stretched I can smell our first away win this season”

“3 points coming our way Saturday.”

“I do think that we’ll battle out a draw again” “Good time to play them. Straight after a derby game. Improbable that we win but certainly not impossible. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Lets have a 1980 result lads.”

“Anything is possible in this league and if we show a bit more positive and confidence away from home then why can’t we get a result.”

“We’re 6 unbeaten lads, we should respect their position but do what we do, it’s a funny old game innit, you never know, do you…”

“expect the worst and hope for the best. I doubt we will win its not a happy hunting ground better record at the sty.But you never know we could nick a point if things go well.”

“I’m going and looking forward to the game but more in hope than expectation. Watched the blades turn west Bromwich over on sky and they were very very good, but this is a huge game for both teams with us scrapping for our lives.
I think 1-0 either way.”

“If the blunts are as shyte as they were on Monday we will be ok but I suspect they won’t be.”

“It was a bore draw that’s for sure, but maybe the Blades didn’t want to risk any injuries ahead of their real cup final on Saturday.
If the Blades play like that against us then we’ve every chance of returning home with a point or three … ha-ha”

“We could get hammered if we aren’t careful”

“We don’t have a prayer
Wilder is an excellent manager and he has said countless times since we payed them at NYS, that we were the better team. This clever management is a safeguard against complacency. Sheff united will not underperform again against us”

“A Sheffield u win looks the only outcome thought in a derby game who knows”

“I’ve been to almost all of our games at the Lane since 1980 when we lost 0-1, but later on in the same year/different season came (probably) our best performance there when we beat ’em 2-1 in our title winning season. I’ve seen us slaughtered 0-5 but for me the worst performance came on my birthday (boxing day), when we lost 0-3. Another memorable game was our 2-2 draw, but on our last visit we saw Harry Maguire score a late winner for the Blades, very frustrating as he scored right in front of our fans and pumping his fist in the air toward us, git …
This weekend’s game will be extra tough because of the fine form that the Blades are showing this season, but you never know, we’ve been known to cause an upset before, haven’t we?
Our games against the two Sheffield teams this season have ended in similar results/scores i.e. draws/ 2-2 scorelines, so why not another? … you never know ha-ha … we live in hope.”

“We need to frustrate them right from the kick off and quieten the crowd.”

“I think Taylor will keep his place and also because he had a terrific game against the Blades at NYS.
Sheffield United like to get their full backs/wing backs forward and it’s an area where teams with pace have been able to give them problems by exploiting the gaps this creates.
Taylor and Williams are both pretty quick so maybe they could be our main threat if they can deliver a decent end product”

“Taylor might not be fit enough after he had to come off last game.”

“Should be a really good atmosphere inside and outside Bramall Lane.”

“Good on Sheffield United for the Bring A Quid For Western Park Collection, I will definitely be putting more than a pound in”

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Pre-Match View From Reading

“Bring on Sheffield United”

“Im not fearing this game so much now the back line looks solid. I think we can make things very uncomfortable for them.”

“Saturday is a bit of a free-hit”

“for me this game is a bit like a free hit, we are expected to get nothing out of this game and if we played like we did in the first half against Blackburn then we’ll get slaughtered!!
So let’s go there with nothing to lose and see where it takes us, anything out of this game will be a bonus.”

“This has to be seen as a “bonus ball”. No one expects Reading to get anything whatsoever so the pressure is right off and all heaped on the Blades as they will look to continue their great from this season that has seen them become genuine promotion contenders.
United have won 7 of their last 12 in the league and are unbeaten at home in the league since losing to WBA in mid December. They have scored in all but one of those games. They have shown grit, fight and determination but also can be subject to a little bit of panic from time to time like in the 3-3 draw with Villa a week or two ago. this will definitely need a performance akin to the Forest and 2nd half v Blackburn to get anything out of it. Last thing we all need is another Blackburn first half performance otherwise it’ll all be over after half an hour. “

“Goes to show that fancy, fast-flowing football isn’t necessary the recipe for wins. The team showed enough grit and bottle to see out the Blackburn game, even after a setback. Pressure massively off for Sheff United. Same next weekend please!”

“Not the greatest performance but it brought out the true fight and spirit in this set of players. Simply wanted it more than Blackburn tonight, dug deep and got a crucial 3 points.”

“With the Blackburn win we can go to Sheffield United with the pressure off a bit. Nobody expects us to get anything there and if we do it will be a huge bonus. A draw would be a huge result if we can get it. It’s all about Rotherham on the 23rd, that is the big one”

“Couldn’t have been landed with a more annoying game after a good victory.”

“Sheff Utd are a decent side, was very impressed with them against Villa until the blew up. Cant see us getting much from it”

“Don’t expect anything at Sheff Utd”

“I think we will lose, but narrowly. Sheffield United are not a spectacular team playing silky football. They are well organised, work hard and keep going. They will have done their homework on us and will put loads of pressure on the keeper passing it out and close all the space. The only chance we have is to keep it scoreless as long as possible so the crowd, turning up expecting a turkey shoot start to mutter and grumble by about the 70 minute mark, and then we get a smash and grab from a piece of quality from our man in the mask!” “Fear we will get beaten up there but the game is a bit of a bonus one. It is all about Rotherham next Saturday.”

“I predicted Sheff Utd to be around 20th this season. Spectacularly wrong – a very good side in 3rd ATM”

“I do remember saying I thinks sheff utd would go down”

“Reading4eva predicted a bottom three of Hull, Sheff U and Villa with Wednesday to win the league :lol:”

“Sheffield Utd away will always remind me of 2 things:
Nicky Forster’s bullet from outside the box on Sky & Kevin Doyle scoring after about 12 seconds in the Prem.”

“Guess who the forth official is for this one? none other than mister Geoff Eltringham himself.”

“yeah just saw that. WTAF? Surely that’ll get changed”

“I sincerely hope there’s a tactical plan for one of our staff to bump into him and accidentally land their boot in his face. Unbelievable that the FA/efl have made this decision, he should be nowhere near the championship, let alone our games.”

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Pre-Match View From Middlesbrough

“Is Sheff Utd a must win for top 2? Im thinking it is. 7 points off Leeds with a game in hand but fail to beat Sheff Utd…..”

“I’d be more worried that we might not make a play off spot, we won’t trouble the top two again this season.”

“Try again in April with the “must win” rubbish. After Wednesday we have 45 points to play for. I doubt that we will be 46 points off second place, so the answer is ……..

“A win would be great on Wednesday, but remember a draw takes points off SU. It will be a very tough game.”

“As much as a draw was still a decent result, I think it’s hamstrung us if we’re hoping to catch Leeds or Norwich.”

“WBA, Sheff U and Bristol City are more likely than us to get that second spot.”

“Well I thought we would beat Leeds and should have and I am going for a BORO win. Why over the last three games have I thought positively about BORO? Well I really can’t get my head around it other than we have what we have and we need to get behind them and support the team. Perhaps it’s simply wishful and desperation. Regardless of formation, Pulis, the players put in a performance which I hope holds good for remaining of the season.”

“Don’t know why but I think we will win this one. For some odd reason and I can’t quite say why. Think the squad might have got some belief back from 4 points against WBA and Leeds and looking at the table we can ill afford to drop points. Leeds and WBa have semi tough home games and while I expect WBA to beat Forest I reckon Swansea cuold trouble Leeds. Norwich will beat PNE though and there is a good chance that Derby and Bristol will win too. A loss against Sheffield could see us drop out of the Play Offs and we really don’t want that. Boro to win”

“they played 3-5-2 last game, with an inverted central pyramid.
So 3-5-2 would match up. exactly. It then becomes about winning individual battles.
Ayala/Flint/Fry vs Madine & Sharp. I would think we will do OK there.
Mikel vs Dowell their number 10 – we know which way that should go.
Howson & Saville vs Norwood & Fleck – would be a good battle
Shotton vs Enda Stevens who has had a great season. This will be a key battle
Friend vs Baldock again a tough battle to call
Britt & Hugill vs Basham, Egan & O’Connell. I think we would be looking to get Britt in behind Basham who isn’t quick.
Man for man we are a better team, if we are setup right we should be able to stiffle their attacks, because they play a pretty basic get it forward early and try to bully you type of game, that should be tailor made for us. “

“Basham is out. He will be a big miss for them, his overlapping runs cause all sorts of problems.”

“The only thing that makes there formation interesting is there wider centrebacks overlap there wingbacks. That’s why I would be tempted to go with VLP as we may be able to catch them on the break with a bit of pace.”

“Living in Sheffield a lot of Blades fans I speak don’t rate Stevens. I think he’s improved this season but if Shotton gets into him a couple of times early doors could win the psychological battle there.
United’s play tends to focus on getting the ball forward early (from CB, often big diagonals) but once in the opposition defensive third they play some very nice football and I think they’ll be able to move us around quite easily.
Wouldn’t be surprised to see similar to Saturday (central striker with two midfielders pushed up) to try and close the CBs, stop the balls coming over in the first place.
Sheffield United do a lot of good work centrally round the edge of the box – don’t be surprised to see Mikel and Clayton deployed.”

“I can’t see how we can compete for top 2 anyways, as our home form is simply disgraceful for a side in the top 6.
Our away form is sublime mind so I wouldn’t put us past us putting in a performance on Wednesday.
Looking at Villa’s goals on Friday, Sheff Utd are weak as pi$$ from crosses into the box. Their keeper and defenders didn’t know how to deal with them so I’m hoping we exploit that weakness of theirs….especially given how tall, strong and powerful we can line up.”

“I think he will go for the same lineup injuries permitting and I fancy us to at least take a point in this game. Throwing away a 3-0 lead is a lot more deflating than a 1-0 lead. Even if it is against dirty Leeds…”

“that’s gonna hurt Sheffield for Wednesday. The players were pointing and arguing with each other at the end”

“It will hurt Sheffield for Wednesday as they weren’t United.”

“They play wingbacks like us. They just play 20 yards higher up the pitch.”

“Blades ship goals an like every team in this league can be nudged off the pace.“

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Pre-Match View From Aston Villa

“It has been 12 years since we last beat Sheffield United at Villa Park. We have played them twice since that 3-0 win in 2007 (prior to which, we had greeted our returning European Cup winners 25 years after they were crowned Champions of Europe). We lost 1-2 in a 2014 FA Cup tie and then drew 2-2 last season having been 2-0 up within the first 10 minutes. Overall we have won 59 and drawn 30 of the 125 league games between the two clubs. The Blades are founder members of the Football League and have been champions once in 1897-98. They have won the FA Cup 4 times in 1899, 1902, 1915 and in 1925. They have been outside of the top flight since 2007 and were in League One from 2011 until 2017. They are currently 11 points above us and a point nearer to the automatic promotion places (3) than we are to the play off spots (4). We really need to win this one, if only as pay back for the embarrassing 1-4 defeat we suffered at Bramall Lane 4 months ago. A win would see them on top of the league at the end of the game. A win for us would see us move within a point of sixth place.  Let’s make it a comfortable win and another clean sheet for us, so that we can begin the weekend in style and with a wide smile.”

“Sheffield United haven’t won an away game since New Years Day – enter Aston Villa”

“Think we will lose this one.Sheffield United is a good team”

“Sheffield United are gonna do us in next game”

“Only hope is we up our game against the better sides because we have certainly blown a decent chance with our form over the last 2 months to get ourselves in a strong position, not picking up anywhere near enough points from a kind run of games. Need to try something different, would love Keinan to start to give SheffYoo something unexpected to think about. Another draw if we’re lucky”

“not really looking forward to it tbh as I think we will lose. We couldn’t even break down a woeful reading team don’t see how we can sheffield united? If grealish is back then it might boost the place but I don’t think he will be back”

“Since the false dawn of those fantastic results at ‘Boro and Derby we’ve played 11 games and scraped 2 wins during a fairly kind run of fixtures. If we perform like we have since ‘Boro you’d expect us to lose this one. “

“Grealish is back soon and we’re a totally different team with him in the side. Still don’t think we’ll have enough this season, but there we are.”

“If Jack plays we win if he doesn’t may as well toss a coin”

“The next 2 games are against physical sides and both need beating–but my one fear is if Jack makes a much much needed return he could well get crocked again—referees and  also our own players need to protect the lad.”

“They are direct but not in a long ball sense. They play good football but are also very in your face”

“They go top with a win. Quite the motivation. Be nice to see us try to pass the ball. Grealish to come off the bench and get clattered at least once. “

“Interesting game this – there’s a sort of meh around the whole place, season drifting into nothingness, nowt to play for, nowt to get excited about. We’re not far off the playoffs points-wise but we’re not looking like we’re going to challenge for them, it’s all a bit waiting for 2019-20. But. Win this and I think you might get a bit of buzz back, Sheffield United are good and we know it, if we can beat them, not only does it keep us within touching distance of the top six, but it might give the place a little bit of spark. A big win could set the season on fire and any kind of win will blow though the embers and provide a bit of warmth.”

“Fortunately, Sheff U rarely draw. While we are approaching half our games drawn. I so hate draws. Amazing to think Sheff U go top by beating us, having lost more games than us this season. Salute to not drawing football matches.”

“I hope we win this one but I’d love it if these lot went up via autos over Leeds and West brom”

“We’ll need to play well. Sheff Utd are a decent outfit, well managed by Chris Wilder and we owe them one after the pathetic display up there earlier in the season!”

“Hopefully this will be the game we turn up, motivated to go and press and move the ball quicker.
If not they will turn us over – Wilder got them well tuned in most games.
Still waiting Villa, a lot of talk but little action.”

“Wilder for me is one of the best managers in the league. I rate him highly.”

“Wilder dont say a lot he just gets on with his job  –and he loves Sheffield Utd” “Bloody amazing that a team only promoted last season is giving cause for concern. Their management has done a great job on them.”

“Wilder has got them well tuned, but come May he has had three years to get them there , so early days yet for Smith. ”

“Wilder won League 1 by some distance in his first season with Sheffield Utd, 2nd season top half finish in this league and now challenging for automatic promotion. He’s won promotion with 2 different clubs before that as well. I’m sorry but Deano looks a long way off matching that sort of record. I personally think Wilder is a far better Manager”

“Like Wilder very much,gives very sensible interviews doesnt slag off the opposition and has got Sheffield playing some decent stuff.”

“What I dont understand is that when Smith first came the high pressing and trying to win the ball back were an obvious improvement in our game, and then it just stopped. Are we not fit enough to play it or have some of the older players and those that dont see it as their job making life difficult for the gaffer.”

“Yeah, the first half-dozen or so games were like a breath of fresh air, and gradually we have reverted to type and stroll around with all the zip and enthusiasm of a testimonial match, just like the Bruce days.”

“I actually see a Steve Bruce parallel. Unfortunately.  The only exception is we played some decent football for half a dozen games when Dean Smith arrived, defence excepted.  At the end of the first Steve Bruce season 50 % of us thought his tactics and ability to motivate players at a club our size was very questionable.  Seems to be going same way”

“I feel positive about this, defence is hopefully gonna stay solid and build from there. I know we have been poor lately but if we can continue to look safe at the back we can turn this corner.”

“Defies all logic, but I have a good feeling about this one.”

“Big crowd, under the lights, if we’re up for it we can blow them away, Jack or no Jack.”

“Predicting a 3-2 win following a surprise super-sub return by Jack. Shef U to go 2-0 up only to collapse following an accidental face stamp on their goalie by merciless Mings.”

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Pre-Match View From Bolton

“always a good away day this”

“Looking forward to this – one of the better away days”

“Fat billy, Madine, Pukka Pie stand….what’s not to like.”

“this will get shitty, imo,pissed up kids, pissed up owd blokes,a right royal dicking,not a recipe for a happy afternoon “

“I wanted to go, my lad asked if we could go, I’m on half day so I can still go. I cant be trusted to keep my shit together with our window lickers though”

“Think I’m done with away games now until it calms down. I’m on the verge of sacking home games off too.”

“It will be cold.And the m0ngs will piss me off. And we will lose. And madine will score”

“expect us to lose & can live with that, but I just don’t want to be near to, or have to listen to,  bellends who are hoping for the worst so that they can squeal abuse at the owner, the manager or this week’s scapegoat. I’ll probably give Wigan & Blackburn a miss for the same reason.”

“Hasn’t captured many this. think last week 500 sold”

“Not surprising is it given the chance of us winning or even nicking a draw.”

“Dry bumming with no lube”

“We will get an early lead, then get battered”

“Can’t see anything other than a utter dicking by these tossers.. “

“Looking through the remaining fixures and cant see more than another 6-7 points. Bolton 0 Saturday and they will score at least 3 “

“Just 36% possession in a must win home game against Reading. Less shots. Parky has blamed the fans in a press conference One win in 16 with 17 left… 7/8 wins needed to stay up”

“So we go into the rest of the season with 2 strikers who have scored 4 goals between them all season”

“Clayton Donaldson 0 goals in 860 minutes.”

“Donaldson’s stats are laughably bad. One upfront who has less than one shot per game. “

“The situation at Bolton is that bad that we can’t even sign Ched Evans”

“Anderson told Evans club that they will get paid out of Augusts EFL payment and that they have to pay his wages until then”

“19 goals in 29 games and we sign a defender.”

“We need to beat Reading. Wigan Millwall Sheffield Wednesday qpr Ipswich and win a top team or draw some top teams. Looking bleak right now”

“Gary Madine hasn’t scored a professional goal for a year. Bolton play Sheffield next………”

“We’re gonna get murdered by Sheffield United on Saturday unless agent Madine helps us out”

“We we will win 1-0 Madine own goal and he takes his shirt off to show his Weds. shirt underneath.”

“You’ve got Madine Gary  Madine

just do not think you understand

6 million in the bank 

he is fucking wank

you got Gary Madine. 

To the tune of the Gary Madine song. 

Then applaud him.”

“Plays into our hands a target man. We are most vulnerable against anybody with the slightest bit of pace.”

“Sharpe movement is top class”

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Pre-Match View From Norwich

“This could be feisty, both on and off the pitch. I watched Sheff U against Swansea the other night, and I’m not sure how the blades contrived to lose the game, as Swansea really weren’t up to much. Not much to choose between us in the form tables.”

“Far from impressed with Sheffield united against Swansea and some dreadful finishing.  I don’t think anyone in these league can match our intensity when we’re flying”

“Hopefully as far as ‘Blades’ are concerned this will be the start of a good slide”

“This has the potential of a season defining six-pointer: win and we’re 6 points clear of those behind us; lose and we’re down to 3rd and West Brom have a game in hand. A draw wouldn’t be a disaster, but it wouldn’t change much either.”
“I still wouldn’t surprise me for us to beat Sheffield and Leeds, then lose to Ipswich. “

“I’m really concerned that Sheff Utd’s game plan will be to kick us off the park, knowing that Leeds face us next as well. I’m almost expecting injuries here. I hope the ref is strong!”

“I’ll be amazed if we get out of this game without a whole new injury list.”

“I expect we’ll get the usual pathetic referee/officials and they’ll keep ‘tackling’ Bendy (if he’s fit) and Hernandez until one of them goes off ‘injured!!”

“I would have thought Sheff Utd would have wanted us to turn over their bitter Yorkshire rivals and fellow promotion contenders so kicking us off the park won’t help surely ?”

“If we are on form they won’t be able to get near us to kick. And if they do, a win for us and a red or 2 for them will be great.”

“I have no idea where people think Sheff Utd are a bunch of cloggers.   Sure they play a high intensity game like us and Leeds, but apart from the nous of Sharp that comes with age (a la Grant Holt in his prime, lots of nudges and elbows etc.) and the occasional late tackle from Robert Fleck’s nephew John (its in the genes) the rest of the team focus on playing the ball forward, on the ground, as quickly as possible.  If we go out and expect them to clog, that would be a big mistake.  We should focus on playing our own game and we will beat them.  Try anything different and lose our focus and we will lose.”

“I’m sure Farke et al are aware of their capabilities and won’t be underestimating them, they’ve been around the top of the table all season so are far from being just a bunch of cloggers.  My biggest concern, as ever, is at the back as we rarely look solid enough to keep a clean sheet – it would be good timing to go on a bit of a ‘stingy’ run in defence for the next few games.”

“Both us and them have basically accumulated a similar amount of yellow cards.”

“Absolutely massive game, and one that I actually think will be tougher than Leeds away next week. Sheffield United losing last week though has taken the pressure off us a bit, in the sense that as we’re above them this is a must-not-lose game, rather than a must-win which it probably would’ve been had we gone into this game below them. It would be fantastic though if we won, not only would we go 6 points clear but it would send Wilder and all their moron fans into a crying frenzy just like it did when we beat them at Brammal Lane last season.
Same team as Birmingham if everyone is fit. I have to say I do have concerns about Godfrey at centre back considering the attacking players Sheffield United have”

“I hope we score early, then shithouse horrendously, just to annoy Wilder”

“Just re watched Wilders press conference after the away game, banging the table and moaning away. So let’s go two up after five minutes , be late out at half time and spend all the eighty five wasting time.”

“Couldn’t care less about the spygate stuff. However, it’d be fucking magical if they do get deducted points. Just got to make sure we aren’t turning up late on Saturday for that clown Wilder”

“Bloke is a tw@t of the first order and deserves the humiliation his team will suffer this weekend.”

“I have no respect for someone, who of the age he is, and the ‘responsibility’ of his job, comes out with such drivel, like he did at the away game last season, and expects people to swallow it, and and pander to him.”

“Let him rant an’ ramble……We’ll do our talking on the pitch…….”

“it has to be said, he was pretty magnanimous after they beat us at their place this season. If he can do the same after losing, which I hope will happen to them on Sat, then all will be forgiven.”

“I quite like Wilder tbh. He’s passionate, managing the team he supports, and does things he thinks are right irrespective of who he annoys. He may have gone a bit crazy over our win there last year, but most of what he said was correct – we were pretty obnoxious that day. Equally, he recognises that we are a threat and that his bunch will need to find a way to win. Sheff Utd are a proper football team – physical, but not much whingeing or diving and rolling around. Happy to see them up there. Still think we’ll beat them though.”

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Pre-Match View From Swansea

“this is a match that the Swans would need to win if they are to target a play-off place. Equally, this is a match that the Blades would need to win to maintain their strong push for automatic promotion. I think that the teams will have to settle for a point each”

“The Swans had a great win in Sheffield on the opening day of the season but it will be tough to repeat that at the Liberty. I’d call the Blades a typical Championship side, big and physical with limited football ability- the type of side we struggle with at the Liberty.”

“They are really tough and well organised. Wilder has them well drilled”

“Sheff Utd flying at the moment, be surprised if we get anything out of this one. I think we got lucky on the opening day, Montero was the game changer for us that day.”

“They’ve come a long way since we stuffed them ,this could be very interesting”

“this will be an extremely challenging game I fear. “

“Blades can certainly be beaten but they’ve steamrolled some quality sides and managed to win tough games through grit too. “

“They have had a great season. Shows just what a good result that was on the opening day”

“Let’s do the double on these.”

“Be happy with draw. A point against a team gunning for promotion is a good result”

“They haven’t beaten anyone decent except Norwich back in August and Derby on Boxing Day. Both were at home”

“Can’t help thinking that Prutton on Sky hates us just a much as that W****R Lawrenson . . .Each and every week he cannot bring himself to give us the points and the merit we deserve . . Let’s prove him wrong tomorrow and stuff United. ”

“They should beat us, home record is awful”

“I am more concerned about our home games than i am about our away games myself……We look a good team playing some good football away from home, but at home for some reason we never look as good and you can predict the opposition will score and we struggle to score”

“We just need to keep creating chances and being clinical”

“If Fulton and Carroll give performances that their capable of great. If not a beating.”

“The blades are much better at the banter than the other lot in that city”

“Good bunch of lads. Think the Sheffield Wed fans were the worst so far”

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Pre-Match View From QPR

“Sheffield United are sitting just outside the automatic promotion spots and have a number of really good looking scalps already this season. So how good are they?
We know that their second string were not good enough to beat non-league Barney. In fact they didn’t really put up much of a fight and Barney well deserved their win. But that was the second string and they will likely be well up for Saturday. I haven’t paid much attention to them this season ( or any season, TBH) so I’d be interested to hear from someone who has been paying attention as to whether they are the real deal?”

“Not good enough to beat a giant purple dinosaur!
Perhaps it was just a bad hair day – Dodgy Barnet?”

“They are a good side who should make the playoffs this season, them losing to Barnet last week won’t do us any favours as you’d expect a big reaction from them but they are not unbeatable and if we defend like we have in recent weeks then every chance we can frustrate them”

“I don’t think, reading Chris Wilder, that ANY of the 11 that played in the FA Cup will play v us.”

“I hope we get a clear offside goal and a very debatable penalty in a 2-1 win….”

“Would take a point now”

“Gonna be a real tough one this. They’re very good going forward. I fear a loss but hope for a dogged draw.”

“Tough game this and I’d take a point now all day long. Washington has gone something like 12 games for Sheffield United without a goal too so you know the inevitible game of his life is on the cards.”

“Most of Washingtons appearances have been as sub so unlikely to start. Utd have been off the boil lately”

“If Sheff Utd are off the boil I’d hate to play them when they’re bubbling!”

“Our defence are gonna play the mother of games.”

“Not so sure they’re as good as people think they are? Would like to think we’re organised to get something, but you just know Washing up is going to score, couldn’t hit a cows ar$e with a banjo for us but you know it’s coming”

“Id take a draw but certainly think weve got every chance of turning them over”

“I am baffled at where they are in the table and their position gives me hope we may indeed scrape into the play off places.
I didn’t think much to them when they beat us in that early season game. They must be doing something right but I will be disappointed if we finish below them this season.”

“A team that has Leon Clarke and Connor Washington up front. Throw in Big Pat Agyemang and they’re almost sporting the QPR fans choice of the w@nkiest attack ever… “

“They have Billy Sharpe, very successful goalscorer.
Clarke has done well for them over a couple of years.
Washington, I wouldn’t expect to start but if they are wanting a change late in the game he could come on and we will all be hoping he doesn’t make us choke on our opinions of him.
A well organised, tough battling team, not unbeatable but we will have to match their effort them to get anything.”

“Clarke has a knack for scoring against us. I remember him scoring a hat trick against us at Bramall Lane what seems like many years ago. In fact, how’s he even still playing at this level?!”

“Thought Clarke got a bum deal when down here, in a very good side but mostly played wide which didn’t suit him.”

“15-1 to us,
just for the utd fans browsing this on their forum via link”

“I actually applaud them for not being like the usual and most club forums of throwing insults about at our club and fanbase. They seem like a good bunch who are just happy to be going along for the ride and happy with how they are doing just like we are. We’ve both been good and bad in the past and it’s good to see fans happy that they are doing well, not getting too much ahead of themselves. They also recognise that anyone up there at this stage is worthy of being there and that anything can happen.”

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