Pre-Match View From West Ham

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“Up against a team that ain’t won a game this season?
Step up West Ham.”

“West Ham will always be West Ham. Some things will never change.
Nailed on routine Sheffield United win.”

“This has a Sheffield United win written all over it”

“Went to this fixture last year and though we weren’t bad (Rice’s VAR handball apart) they got the better of us second half. We may have improved since then, and they have been losing by ‘the odd goal’ most of this season, but think it’ll definitely be a tough one”

“Rightly or wrongly they’ll have this down as a targeted home 3 points….and they need them. Hopefully that means they’ll come at us which should suit us more?”

“Not sure why but I’m feeling confident about this one. Maybe it’s because I think they’ll be so desperate to win that they’ll come at us and that suits us. It’s crucial, however, that we don’t fall behind early. That would suit them down to the ground and I could see us struggling to get back in it.”

“They have scored 4 goals in 8 league games.
They have this ridiculous international break to somehow regroup and make a decent fist of staying in this division, so they will be targeting another smash and grab victory over us.
Whereas they have conceded 14 goals in that many games, we have scored the same tally.
This points to me to a score draw as the likeliest outcome.”

“A tougher game than it looks given their current predicament.”

“i have some concerns about this one. While Sheffield Utd are, indeed, bottom they’ve only had one big loss (against Chelsea 4-1) and have been competitive (losing by a single goal) against Liverpool, Man City and a much improved Aston Villa.”

“I think this one is going to more difficult than some think. We’ve done well so far this season playing a certain style against certain teams but we got bogged down against Fulham.”

“Almost every individual statistic and piece of information from the form line points to us getting at least a draw, and very possibly a win.
From their perspective, they will try to make it physical. The only things where they are marginally better than ours is aerial ability, tackling and winning penalties.
They have been vulnerable in open play and at set pieces, and they have the lowest possession percentage in the league (Fulham , by contrast, usually have the majority of the ball).
I’ve seen a couple of their recent games and thought they were a bit better than the table says, and I like a couple of their players. Berge has been really good in games I have seen. The ‘keeper appears to be a bit ropey.
If we score early-ish and they have to come onto us, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if we win by a pretty clear margin.
Last season, I actually felt we played better in the game we lost at theirs than the one we drew at ours where they looked much the better team.”

“Bloody ‘ell, what a game..
They still haven’t won a game yet this season & this will be their first chance to, after the international break. Just lucky that their fans can’t be their 12th man..
With Antonio back I could see us winning.

“They way they line up should play into the hands of our two wingbacks as the likes of Bowen, Benrahma (if starting) and Antonio (if starting) will all find themselves matched up one v one and leave plenty of space for the wingbacks to overlap and get involved. The issue there is that you condense the pitch and need something special from someone to unlock a defence. That is where we will look to Benrahma and Bowen.
Tough side to break down at home so won’t be easy. All hangs on Antonio for me.
If he is fully fit and firing, I can see us going there and getting a win. Without him, I really think a draw will be all we get. Antonio is now THAT important to us, insane.”

“Tough game . If Antonio is not 100% then we should not play him”

“This will be a much tougher match than most expect. Sheffield United are the only team to have played tougher opponents than us. They’ve not conceded that many, especially considering who they have played. Their problem is scoring. The key is not to concede early , the longer we keep a clean sheet the more likely we are to win. If we take a lead, their heads could drop.
What we do have going for us is that Wilder has recently blamed the players, so all may not be right at what was last year a very tight group. They also have a few injuries, especially in defence. What is going against us is that they have very few players away on international duty, compared to our 10, and McBurnie and Brewster are desperate to open their accounts.”

“Its strange, I think im more worried about Wilder than I am his side. Or at least I would be if we didnt have someone as equally strong minded and determined in our own dugout. Football games are won or lost on the pitch. However, I am more assured going into a fixture like this with Moyes in charge than I would be if Grant or Pellegrini were at the helm. “

“Also big fan of Wilder. He spoke very well and was quite sympathic towards us after the shambles of a decision at there place last season.
Having said that, I did back them to get relegated at the start of the season. There squad is full of bang average hardworking championship players who have got second season syndrome written all over them.”

“Sheffield United are still very much a side of Championship players. No proven PL players prior to last season. They massively over-excelled last season through hard work, finding the perfect tactics, playing without fear, and obviously, having a fantastic team spirit.
I think it was inevitable they’d struggle massively this year, especially with David McGoldrick up front (guaranteed to score now I said that!). However, I’m expecting this to be a really, really tough game, and with no win under their belts yet, that work-rate and determination will be at the fore when they face us. We’ll really need to match them to get anything methinks.”

“I think calling people like David McGoldrick and Sam Baldock’s brother ‘Championship players’ is overselling them a bit.”

“Berge is one of the most average players I’ve ever seen.
I couldn’t care less if he plays or not.”

“Henderson is a huge loss for them, one that could cause them to drop. Play like we have been, and we’ll thump them.”

“No crowds is a real leveller. I think we have the better players so I think we have a very decent chance. Sheff Utd are experiencing second season syndrome and will likely return from whence they came.”

“They remind me of the team that Stoke City got promoted with last time they were in the Prem. Half their players looked like plumbers called Dave. “

“This is a big game for them. To be on 1 point after 9 games is a bad spot to be in from a historical perspective.
Only one other team (in the premier league era) has been on 1 point after 9 games played and that was Man city in 95/96 (who were relegated, but did manage to get to 38 points in the end).
A draw would put them on 2 points (obviously) and in the following company:
Newcastle 2018/19 – stayed up in 13th place
Sunderland 2016/17 – stayed up in 17th place
Southampton 98/99 – stayed up in 17th place.
I think what that tells us is that points after 9 games is actually not that helpful a metric. So I wouldn’t read too much into the above”

“I want to see this lot get relegated, I think I want to beat them almost as much as I would like to see us beat Chelsea (Ok maybe not quite but they are up there).”

“Can we please bring Tevez on loan for this one?”

Pre-Match View From Chelsea

“It’d be nice to beat them (and convincingly) after last season’s performances against them.
I think Wilder is a really good manager and they’re a good side (particularly when you consider their resources), but we should be looking for a convincing victory here. They’re in a tough spot at the moment, so I’d like to see us being ruthless and efficient with our chances.”

“They put 5 past us in the 2 games against us last season, this game will show us how much we’ve developed defending on the transition in comparison to last season.”

“After last season draw and loss…3 points be lovely and another clean sheet too. “

“I can’t see them remaining in a relegation position and sooner rather than later their form should pick up. They are still quite a resilient team and may prove tougher to break down than some are anticipating. “

“This is the sort of game where we’d drop stupid points last season, hopefully that’s fully put to bed now!”

“We should have time to have more training unlike this weekend for this fixture as playing at home against Rennes midweek and we are at home on Saturday.
They are struggling just now as well.”

“Don’t want to underestimate any team in the EPL. But we should have too much for them.”

“Blades are in free fall at the mo.
Had rotten fixtures so far. Already been to Liverpool and Arsenal as well as hosting City and Wolves.
Did themselves no favours by getting just 1 point against garbage teams like Fulham and Leeds though.
They are struggling for goals, should be no charity from Mendy and co.”

“Sheffield are one of the worst teams this season. In current form we got nothing to worry about, but still we need our best players to keep the momentum going.”

“This is a dire Sheffield team who are looking like they’ll be relegated”

“top half of the table last season, Sussed out now relegation fodder”

“Ampadu looked so good as the holding central midfielder against Man City. He is so mature for his age and a natural leader. The whole time he was talking and pointing out where his colleagues needed to go”

“When you read the Sheffield United fans forum and their raving about Ampadu as a ‘must buy’ player and a future superstar. It almost makes it quite sad when you read the contrasting feedback in relation to RLC. I’m excited for Ampadu coming”

“Hope Sheffield don’t get relegated for his sake. He needs to keep his chin up and come back next season with a spring in his step.”

Pre-Match View From Man City

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“Most of us on here can remember “Typical City” so i’d just like to point out Sheff U hav’nt won a game yet”

“Season starts here, no more no pre-season excuse. Same team as tonight please with the same intense. I am convinced we will be Champions this season.

“we need to carry on playing the way we played against Marseille tonight. It will be a another tough game.
This will mean starting on the front foot. It would need us to be mentally tough as well. I will settle for a win no matter how it comes.”

“A much tougher game than the one we faced in Marseille …. Sheffield United are ‘competitive, and will be itching to put that unfortunate Liverpool defeat behind them …… we can win if we stay compact at the back, and put a workmanlike shift in , but we’re gonna know we’ve been in a match!”

“this lot will defend defend defend and they’re pretty successful at doing that on their day. Remember last season’s game at Bramall Lane where we made real hard work of it and scraped the win, I expect the same here”

“They are in poor form and struggling for goals so will see this as a free hit but they are decent defensively. We must start well and press aggressively. If we score twice we’ll win and possibly comfortably. Foden and KDB are vital for this one.”

“I wonder if we are gonna replicate the match v Marseille, or will it drop down a gear, 70% poss, as slow as a boat to China, and Sheff (the only other side from last season in the top ten with any morals) United are gifted a goal with out creating a chance of their own? No matter how hard yer try pessimism is hard to shake off!”

“I think we can beat Sheffield Utd next week without Aguero or Jesus”

“Looking forward to us reverting to type against SU and watching Mahrez walk up and down the wing all afternoon”

“Marseille were poor….we can’t expect a similar “welcome” in Sheffield !”

“Sheffield could have scored 3 goals at Liverpool”

“Sheffield will go at us with aggression”

“Gundogan will be the first on the team sheet for this , he will control the midfield against a workmanlike team like Sheff Utd.,and enable KDB and Foden to do the damage , but if we dont get an early goal they will grow in confidence and we need to avoid giving away set pieces its the only way they will score.”

“Sheffield United are the new Stoke”

“We can’t even be confident about beating Sheffield United at this point, they will just park their bus and our impotent forwards will somehow manage to miss a few. “

“We will get nowhere with Mahrez and he himself will not fancy the SU boys giving him a kicking.”

“Sheffield never stop fouling”

“I have the feeling our already disastrous injury record will look a whole lot worse after a game against Wilder’s animals. He’s allowed to use such tactics as they don’t have as big of a transfer budget as we do apparently.”

“It’s going to be a tough season for Sheffield.”

“they’re not the same as last season so what is everyone so worried about?”

“Sheffield United are in ruins”

“Sheffield are totally wank”

“they’re crap”

“Be playing Sheffield Utd and Officials. Why does Oliver get so many games which involves us and the Dippers. He is so pro Dippers and anti us, it must be a 10 point swing per season due to his officiating”

“Oliver motm for Sheffield like the scumbag was for Leicester!!!!”

“Sheffield will be a dangerous side with Oliver leading the attack”

“At least they won’t have their thick as pig shit fans booing every refs decision they don’t like”

“Sheffield United close to my worse ever away game last season . Horrible yorkies.”

Pre-Match View From Liverpool

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“The Walking Wounded v Sheffield United”

“More than enough quality there to put an also depleted Sheffield Utd team away.”

“we should have too much for Sheffield, who are struggling as well with injuries, i believe.”

“Sheffield United don’t look like the awkward, impressive outfit they were last season, and this one may well have come at a good time for the depleted Champions, following a hectic run of fixtures and a bruising derby at Goodison. It’s a game where I expect us to impose ourselves early, get an early breakthrough and control possession through the match.”

“Sheffield United have been poor this season.”

“Should be a comfortable win this one as these have seriously regressed this season.”

“I think we’ll win quite comfortably.”

“Sheffield are not the impressive team of last season. Wouldn’t surprise me if Rhian starts for them. God knows they are desperate for goals and Rhian might want to prove a point against his former club. Good thing is, our defenders should know him quite well, so I’m confident we’ll deal with his threat. I’m confident we’ll get the win here and hopefully another clean sheet “

“this Sheffield United team (on current form) are the poorest team we’ve faced so far this season”

“Any win will do, but I hope we smash them to bits”

“If we have an off day and Brewster wants to prove a point, jeez it’ll be RAWK carnage.
Quietly optimistic that won’t happen though. Mo seems to really want that golden boot again.”

“They’ve been shite so far.
So naturally, they will be bang on it and put a right shift in against us. Especially Rhian”

“their so far poorly performing keeper is bound to have a blinder!”

“Playing a shit boring team. Expecting a shit and boring match.”

“Not much of a turnaround from Wednesday which is why I think we may see Jota or Minamino start and another different midfield. Should have enough though”

“Sheff U are a decent side, just had no goal threat. Now they’ve got Brewster though and he’ll be up for it if he’s playing.
Their a fit and physical side so it’ll be a difficult game after playing away in Europe on the Wednesday night. This is where the schedule gets crazy and Klopp has to do things like take the front three off after an hour to rest them up and we don’t get the 5 subs in PL.
Going to be tough given the players missing, but obviously a game we should and need to win.”

“Hopefully a much cleaner, fairer game than the last league game as we look to get back on track with a victory.”

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We are asking that those fans who support our boycott of PPV, make a donation, whatever is affordable, to Fans Supporting Foodbanks online here or Text: FOODBANKFC to 70460 to donate £5.”

Pre-Match View From Fulham

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“Sunday is a big one against Sheffield United. Like us, they’re yet to get off the mark, so they’ll be looking at it as a must-win game. But we just need to go there and play our game, be up for the battle. They’re a very organised, workmanlike side who had a great season last year. They haven’t started as well this time around but, as we know, there’s so much football still to be played. We can head to Bramall Lane with confidence after our last performance, and hopefully we’ll come away with a result to get things rolling.”

” we really need to win this one.”

“It’s a ‘biggie’, the clock is ticking to get some points on the board.”

“Absolutely Huge now. Have to get what we can from them.”

“Big game against another team who have struggled so far this season.”

“Sheff United don’t scare me…but we have problems scoring.”

“Only team that’s scored less than us after 4 games has been Sheffield United.”

“we have just signed a 1 legged footballer at 3/4mil per year. The bookies make Sheffield firm favourites against us,pundits forecast vary from 1 : 0 Sheffield to 4 : 1. I feel its a win for us”

“If you start off with a win and improved team performance with new players leaving a clear mark of their quality etc than it would/could definitely be a springboard. Especially seeing as there’s not a huge amount more we can do re transfers until Jan.
If we get thrashed by a in freefall Sheffield Utd who have players injured and isolating, then sayonara to our season, unless they all pull their fingers out and really kick on.
I think if we have a solid defensive and midfield base (which I think we may have if Joachim and one of CB – tosin/Hector/Ream/Aina or Kongolo can provide the goods), giving that platform to our attacking players to actually play then we may be in luck.
We’ve definitely got talent in each key area, it’s just a question of if it’s enough.”

“We need to finish the job by adding the power pace and sharpness we need up
front which is the pathway to scoring goals that will keep Fulham FC away from the relegation trap door and leave West Brom, Burnley Sheff Utd, Brighton and Southampton to fight and scrap it out between them, and it would not surprise me if Leeds and Palace get dragged into the mix and also finish below Fulham. “

“I’d add Newcastle into the mix- they look the worst of the teams I’ve watched this season. 8 shots on target, 5 scored, 7 points. Incredible. They did the same last season too. They concede a load of shots on target too- I’m not letting their good start fool me, reckon they’ll be in trouble.
The others- WBA don’t look strong, Sheff Utd haven’t got going but I expect them to improve, Leeds are shining something out of somewhere (according to pundits) that I don’t see and Burnley have been punching above for years. It’d be amazing if we actually got 3 points there now fans can’t witness it!”

“West Bromwich Albion, Burnley, Watford, Sheffield United, even Southampton, Newcastle and Brighton & Hove Albion will all possibly be in the mix, so if we can boost the strength of the forward play with another striker and maybe a winger, and the team is organised down to the last detail, and make sure our throw ons reach one of our players we have increased our chances.
It’s catch up time and we can over take a number of candidates if we can score goals and lock up that defence which is looking a lot healthier.”

“I thought we were going to embarrass ourselves – but I think we will make a much better fight of it than our last pl campaign”

“Mitro has just played 120 minutes for Serbia and has 2 more games in the next week, he should be nicely shattered for Sheffield United then.”

“Adarabioyo may not have played in the P.L. but he’ll have come up against Ageuro, Jesus, Sterling etc. in training. I don’t think he’d be overawed at the prospect of marking Eddie McGoldrick.
Whomever we pair with Andersen against Sheffield, it will be a partnership with less than two weeks’ practice together. “

“I’d be worried if he was overawed at the prospect of marking Eddie McGoldrick, even I wouldn’t, he’s 55”

“Stay COVID free…work….work….work…. repetition… fight for starting spots…
work… work…
Set piece and corner marking. Ball in the air drills… back line communication…
RUN RUN RUN RUN… watch game film of upcoming opponents (Sheff United next) Notice tendancies….
Rewatch game film from the Leeds and Villa matches… TWICE…point out errors…
That’s all.”

Pre-Match View From Arsenal

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“ Sheffield United sit in 20th place.
They have lost every game so far this season.
They are the only team in England yet to score a goal.
Next weekend, they travel to the Emirates.
Don’t even think about it, Arsenal”

“Sheffield United are the only club to not score a goal in 3 games this PL season. They play Arsenal next. What do I say now?”

“The game against Sheff Utd worries me more than the Liverpool match. Playing a team who have lost every game without scoring, you just know what’s gonna happen”

“I’m sure the same thing happened last season with someone like Newcastle or something. Not scored a goal or maybe an away goal yet all season and came to our place and scored 2”

“This is it, they’re not written to score 1 they’ll get 2”

“Nobody loves giving handouts like Arsenal.”

“After our performance against Westham,you can certainly think that if we don’t take our chances or let them score 1st,they will win”

“They’ll sign Brewster from Liverpool in the week and he’ll score a 30 yard screamer in the last 5 minutes. His only goal of the season.”

“Mcgoldrick about to score a hat trick ffs”

“Lionel Lundstram incoming”

“They were good against Leeds, . They deserved at least a point. Leeds gk saved 2 outstanding saves. But it is time for them to loose 4 in a row. They can go on an unbeaten run after loosing against Arsenal”

“they park the bus for full 90…… it’s annoying to watch”

“Sheffield Utd becomes a big game for us even this early in the season, all about the reaction”

“Sheffield United is the easiest of our upcoming fixtures considering their form.”

“I’m confident with 9-10 points off Sheffield, Leicester and Man U. Hard to say for ManCity, probably a boring draw at Etihad at our best game”

” Arsenal are going to thump Sheffield United this weekend”

“lets prepare our team to be ruthless against Sheffield Utd. We need to get back to playing top level league football.”

“prepare for a midfield of xhaka, elneny & willock with occasional ceballos plus Guenduozi input after it becomes clear that Arsenal are only competing with Sheffield United or Newcastle or Leeds”


“The following clubs have spent more money and have more ambition than Arsenal in 2020:
Man City

Pre-Match View From Leeds

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“Lots of factors pointing in our favour for this game!
So we’re going to lose.”

“I don’t think this will be that easy a match. I’m sure that The Blades will be desperate to break their duck as they won’t want to be cast adrift early in the season I’ve a mate who’s a Blades fan and he’s already prepared for relegation , they’ll be up for this”

“Happy with a draw at their place”

“I believe that if we can take maximum points here the psychological benefit for players and fans alike would be massive – I’d go so far as to suggest that I’d feel sure we had what it takes to stay up, and that we need to be looking up rather than down for the rest of the season.
A bit mad I know, but it’s just how I perceive Leeds in relation to Sheffield United at this point.
Know also that if we draw or lose I see no great significance beyond the points dropped, and that I really don’t like Wilder, miserable, whinging, graceless individual that he is.”

“Wilder fan here i’m afraid. 🙂 I even mentioned his name when TC left for the job here. He’s a real throwback in many ways, worked his way up the football ladder and done a solid job wherever he’s been. Obviously continuing it so far at Sheff Utd. If you ask me he should have been given the Chelski job not Frank. Its who you know and all that.
Make no mistake about it he will want to put one over us on Sunday especially with the extra Yorkshire edge. Bielsa is a big scalp for everyones resume. Who will come out on top in this game of Chess. My money is still on White.”

“Games against the Blunts are hard, uncompromising and not the prettiest to watch. There will be an odd goal in it in a low scoring game IMHO. I think we will edge it”

“Think Sheff Utd over performed last season so thinking we will have enough in the locker to turn them over.”

“Would take a draw, but think we are a better team than them, so want a win TBF, think they will be bottom 6,so will give us some idea where we are.”

“Think we’ll win, as I’m expecting them to play defensively, and we’ll have too much in attack for them to cope.”

“we are a team on the up, signing internationals whilst they sign mediocre championship players probably in preparation for their impending relegation. In all seriousness they are the kind of team that could cause us problems, overloads and balls in to the box for target men, conceding a penalty is extremely likely and Sharpe should be odds on to get a goal.”

“Will be extremely interested (as I’ve said before) to see how stylistically the game will be played when you play Sheffield (or another defensive team). Very very compact and can quickly counter. “

“Sheffield will let more spaces in the middle than the previous rivals and Pablo could create many game situations without so much pressing from Sheffield”

“Is their keeper Henderson injured ? Egan was sent off last night so he’s a none starter. On their forum they’re already moaning & whinging about everything creating a very toxic atmosphere on there.”

“They lost Henderson over the summer. A Blunts pal of mine was worried about that alone, not to mention voicing concern over Jagielka’s current ability.
Still didn’t make it easier when I reminded him we’re above them in the table just now”

“Could this be the season Shef united implode. I think Henderson returning to Man U is going to hurt them a hell of a lot as IMO he is one of the best keepers in the league.
The added red card from last weekend only strengthens our chances of a win here. Lets be honest these are the games we need to win.”

“ Sheffield United are lacking a big part of their safety net in Henderson this time around and I wouldn’t be surprised, should they not get some points early on, if they found it hard to climb back up again”

“Personally quite like Wilder and what he has done with the Blades, overlapping cbs are cool. They are similar to us with their system being the key in general over the individual.
But the loss of Dean Henderson is huge imo, he was vital to their form last season given they dont score much (only scored more than one goal in 8 or 9 league games i think).
Not saying Henderson is solely responsible but without him it would have been a relegation battle for Blades imo.
Now they have an inferior replacement and they still arent scoring.
They are desperate for attackers imo, any side that relies on ageing lower league strikers like Sharp and McGoldrick plus McBurnie who hasnt looked up to it in the Prem so far will struggle for goals.
Given there success was built on a fantastic young goalie and a well organised side (credit Wilder for that) i think they will find this season much harder.
2nd season is always harder, they dont have the momentum of promotion and they are still relying on the system over individuals which is fine but they needed an exceptional individual last season and they dont have him now.
Suppose the question is can the very clever Chris Wilder system cover for the loss of a very talented individual?
Imo as things stand it will be very difficult, with 2 or 3 quality signings especially in the attacking positions though then very possibly.
Blades are a well organised side defensively, we are very solid offensively.
They dont score we cant stop conceding.”

“I’ve been banging the Henderson drum nonstop since watching both Blunts games. Ramsdale doesn’t inspire confidence in his defenders, Egan is OOA, and if any side can take advantage of that it’s us in our current goalscoring form.
I just have this horrible nagging feeling that it’s all too convenient”

“You have to admire what Chris Wilder has done but have to worry for them. How long can they compete with clubs with far more spending power while they rely on players like an ancient Billy Sharp and David McGoldrick?”

“Wilder has done well for them, he’s Blunts through and through and is undoubtedly a good manager.
What grinds my gears is his refusal to give Bielsa credit where it’s clearly due, and his constant harping about how Leeds get all the media attention while the Blunts don’t get the recognition they deserve.”

“I said they’ll come down to earth a bit this season and already I think they’re missing Henderson. Their defence looked noticeably less organised this time around, lacked creativity and flair, and McBurnie just doesn’t look up to this level at all. “

“McBurnnie is a championship striker imo!
Second season syndrome for the blunts possibly, I’ve predicted them to finish 14th, maybe lower if their board panic & sack Wilder whom has done a fantastic job in such a short space of time at Bramall Lane.”

“One season wonders?”

“would enjoy seeing them relegated.”

“I think the signings of Lowe and in particular Bogle will prove to be good business long term.The keeper Ramsdale from Bournemouth for 18.5 million is also good business. Not as good as Henderson but still a solid signing.Not sure they will emulate last seasons results but I don’t think they will get themselves in to trouble either. Decent run club with a decent manager, play some good stuff and the team itself seems to be pretty solid. Fair play to them.”

“At least us and Sheffield United have managers who have a clue.”

“I reckon basham has missed the train and will NOT be arriving on Sunday”

Pre-Match View From Aston Villa

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“This is a must win game”

“Have to get 3 points here.”

“Just noticed they will play Monday, Thursday and Monday. 3 games in 8 days for the first week of the season .Welcome back”

“This is a really good opportunity to start the season with a win, especially when you think we play Fulham the week after. We could potentially get 6 points from the first two games. I’m not going to predict a win though, we’ll have to see how it pans out”

“We should win, but I said that about 38 times last season “

“Sheffield were abysmal against the Dingles in the opening round. Will they ‘do an Ipswich’ by over-achieving in their first season and morphing into relegation fodder this time around?

“One things for sure. Sheff Utd didnt look great against WolvesCan you imagine the uproar on here if we went into a season with McGoldrick, McBurnie and Sharp as our strikers?”

“I think Sheff U will struggle this season and anything less than 3 points is disappointing”

“I don’t think Sheffield are going to have a good season at all, winning this one could be key come the end of the season if we do end up in a battle down there again.”

“We need to beat teams like Sheff Utd. No doubt they will be around the bottom 3 this season”

“ As I said at the time, Sheffield aren’t very good. They do put in energetic performances, apply pressure, but we should be able to cope. “

“Sheffield United are not the same proposition they were when riding on the crest of their promotion wave before lockdown. They were pretty poor after the restart and haven’t really bought anything worthy of naming. To the point Wilder is pointing fingers as to how unfair it is that we can pay what we did for Watkins.”

“This is the financial fair play problem playing out in our favour for once. Their wage bill is destructively too small and they can barely increase it year on year because it is so small. We came up for a large wage bill by Championship standards, increased it significantly last season and now that gives us even greater breadth to increase it again this season.
The rules are a complete joke, and it may be unfair but we’re also operating within the bounds of what we’re allowed to do. We can’t compete with Everton, Shef Utd can’t compete with us, its a funny old game. “

“The thing about them is they need everyone to be right on it for the whole thing to come together. No disrespect to them but they are a team that are greater than the sum of its parts. The danger for this kind of team is that it only takes 1 or 2 to not work as hard or as diligently as they did last season and the whole thing falls apart. See it in sport the whole time when a team has had a good season. Ego. Complacency. It’s dangerous. Infects a place.”

“I think Sheff Utd will be fighting relegation this season, although they look the well drilled, organised type that will survive. They looked poor against Wolves, but I can’t say I was too impressed with us last night either (obviously will be a different midfield on Monday).
Should be a tight game and no doubt they will be looking to kick Jack up in the air from the first whistle.”

“Part of me thinks they massively over achieved last season and they’ll now find their level in the bottom 6.
But on the other hand they do seem to have that never give up mentality. “

“If we keep things tight as we did after lockdown we can stop them scoring. We have enough now to score against them. good chance of a win.
Hope DS remembers to drill it into them what to do after they put their boots on. Sheffield will try for an early goal and if we’re not tight they will get one.”

“Got to be at them, and also not relax at any point. Despite them losing the other day, they never let their heads drop v Wolves and did keep trying. “

“I think we are in danger of talking Sheff Utd down. I’ll be ready for a tough, close game with a single goal between us.”

“I dont think they’ll fall any further than 14th I see them landing in and around 12th-14th places and pretty much being a fairly consistent figure in those 3 positions.”

“It’ll be a tough game, as Wilder will have them riled up as this is a key game as silly as it sounds with a team that will probably be around us, and the goal that wasn’t debacle last season. “

“Sky will be licking their lips for justice to be done after the blunted Blades missed out on the Ghost Goal of the century in our last meeting at Villa Park.”

“Do Wednesday fans get pissed off when other clubs fans call United, Sheffield? “

Pre-Match View From Burnley

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“Good draw for us, last pre-season game before Leicester.”

“Well at least it’s at home”

“Hmm! hardly the easiest tie, I guess both sides will field 2nd string line-up’s, due to it intersecting PL weekends.”

“Do we have enough players to do that!?”

“Just about as it stands, but the bench will likely be filled with kids again, their squad depth is no doubt better than ours, hence why I’d make them favourites to advance.
Most people don’t seem that fussed about this comp anyway, so they won’t lose any sleep if we go out early once again.”

“We should play a full strength team to beat Sheffield and then have an easier match in the 3rd round. Excellent chance of reaching the 4th!
Time to go for it!”

“Would not surprise me if Sheff Utd turn it on with their new batch of players. “

“oh well, we can concentrate on the league.”

“I have very little interest in this Mickey Mouse competition. Sooner we’re out, the better”

“After Sheffield’s excellent season,ambitious manager will go for a win,our manager has absolutley no interest in this and has little ambition in cup games”

“Last season sheff United bucked the trend for a promoted side, they did increadably well.
This season will be different, all three prompted sides with struggle as usual”

“Leeds could do a “Sheff Utd” of last season”

“Leeds will stay up. Liverpool, Spurs and Sheff. United may struggle to do as well as last season.”

“Sheff Utd going down this season. I just don’t think they are as good as last season made them out and may struggle if they don’t start well. “

“Wilder is a top manager, Sheff Utd won’t be anywhere near the bottom imho (I’ve been known to be wrong nearly all the time though !)”

“we are in a state of limbo and a position where they are unable to compete for some of the players pursued by rivals such as Sheffield United, Aston Villa and Newcastle United. “

“Sheffield Utd, Palace, Brighton, and a few others have made good purchases”

“Championship clubs are feeling the pinch just like we are. Example being the two Derby full backs who went to Sheff Utd for less than £15m combined when Derby were reportedly asking for that figure for just one of them (Bogle) around 12 months ago.”

“Sheff Utd are willing to pay more than us”

“Sheffield United are owned by Saudi Arabia, we’re not.”

“Sometimes it’s easier for the clubs on the rise like sheff United to sell the excitement of being the place to be.”

“none of sheffield united’s new signings look good enough to make the first XI”

“With Seffield Utd increasing their squad with players likely to be in the starting 11 or around it, there may be some players become available. One is John Luscomb who I have been quite impressed with this year in the PL.Has 12 months on contract and apparently not signing, plus I suspect well in our wage range. I know he is 30 but he is more athletic than our 3 current midfielders and harder to knock off the ball, and looks very fit. Reminds me of Scotty Arfield at his best and has goals in him. Definitely a Dyche player. A two year deal, the option of a third for the club to activate him might get him. I can just see one of the promoted clubs going for him if we dont”

“John lundstram who is 26 plays for sheff utd
John luscombe who’s 30 I can’t recall seeing turn out for sheff utd”

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Pre-Match View From Wolves

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“It’s so weird to think our season starts on Monday and most of our squad haven’t reported back for training yet. It’s also going to be extremely odd going in to the season having had no pre-season matches etc. I’m expecting a very slow start to the season in terms of pace and sharpness. Other clubs have had weeks to prepare and I worry for us on that front. I think I read Liverpool were off to Austria on pre-season training a week after we finished our Europa League campaign – how can you compete against that?! Anyway, unprecedented times etc.”

“I think we’ll probably lose due to being undercooked/stitched up by the PL”

“It’ll be a day short of 5 weeks without as much as a friendly for most of the starting 11. Difficult to see how they won’t be rusty”

“as it stands our starting 11 is certainly weaker than last season but our bench and (more importantly in my view) our potential is so much stronger.”

“Currently on the raw face of it I feel like Wolves and Sheff Utd both have weaker starting 11s than during the last match up. Them through having a much worse keeper, and us through losing our starting wingbacks.”

“One thing I am mighty relieved about is having Sheff Utd first game of the season, they play a very unusual style with overlapping centre halves, Guardiola even said he had never seen such movements on a football pitch before and I think this caught a lot of teams out last season, having had time to study them and us in particular having more time than most in the lead up to this game I hope it gives us an advantage, although maybe they benefit in the same way I guess.
Can’t see them having as successful a season this time though mainly due to their forwards but they were brilliant last year.”

“I think Sheffield will struggle this season. They don’t realise how much Henderson will be missed. We should be good for at least a point”

“Like last year six will struggle Albion, vile, West ham. Newcastle, Fulham and one surprise possibly sheff utd or West ham”

“if Wilder can get Sheff Utd there [or almost, fell off at the very end], I’m sure Bielsa can do it”

“us and sheff u funishing well has put pressure on any organised decent team that comes up. Pressure from media and fans. Good!”

“I’m still hoping we can win this….even if Traore is at rwb. While he’s no Jonny, I don’t think Vinagre will let us down at all, rest of our team is just better man for man than Sheff ( no disrespect intended for them)”

“Safe to say Adama is in the box seat for RWB on Monday – which probably isn’t a bad thing against Sheff Utd”

“Sheff utds strength is overloading the wings which could expose traore but hopefully he has them on the back foot.”

“Don’t see how Nuno can possibly start Marcal ahead of Saiss. Not been here long enough and no way do I want a 5’10” CB against Sheffield United”

“Marcal just played in a semi-final of the Champions League. We didn’t sign him as one for the future, or as a back-up. We signed him to play him.”

“Personally I would stick with Saiss for this game; I though sheff utd ended up winning the last game against us due to their height advantage at set pieces.”

“Sheff Utd aren’t the sort of team that I would throw in youngsters against, no matter how good they are.”

“With Sheffield United already having adequate cover on the left, it’s difficult to see how Max Lowe would fit into Wilder’s plans for the upcoming campaign. That’s unless, of course, the Blades end up sanctioning an exit for either Robinson or Osborn before the deadline.On the contrary, United can look to bring in reinforcements further up the pitch after scoring just 39 goals in the top-flight last season, which was among the worst scoring records in the entire division.”

“Ampadu is good business for them really, I’d have been happy for us to pick him up.”

“It can be hard to pull off a pink away kit but the Blades have managed to do it with their shirt for the upcoming season.
It’s a softer shade of pink than some clubs have opted for in previous years and really works well.”

“Is the away pub still the one opposite the station? ….oh wait”

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