Pre-Match View From Bristol City

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“We go again, unfortunately its against Sheff Utd and like Millwall,Rotherham and Cardiff do LOVE a tackle so it doesn’t bode well for our bunch of lightweights. Cant see anything but a heavy defeat, witch will be a nice warm up for Watford at the weekend. “

“If we thought Cardiff were tough watching Sheff Utd makes Cardiff look like …well a bunch of wet wipes; Tough game coming thats for sure….have we any battlers?”

“A rejuvenated Sheffield Utd in the cup midweek, so that’s going to be 7 straight defeats at least. Its almost as if Johnson never left.”

“Sheff gave Chelsea a good game, they will steam roller us and Sharpe will score…of course.”

”Please tell me you don’t complain about us or the gas being called Bristol”

“Holden may, unfortunately, get a stay of execution if we win – which is a possibility as I suspect Sheffield Utd are more focused on retaining their Premier League status.”

“We’ve now lost more games than the likes of Sheff Weds and Birmingham. They’re 22nd and 23rd in the table”

“The play offs are going to be a tough ask, even a glass half full supporter like myself acknowledges that. I think we play our strongest team with the chance of an FA Cup quarter final the carrot. “

“Avoiding relegation is now the priority. Play only first team squad players who need minutes. Rest all the others and fill the match day squad with under 23s and u18s.”

“We must focus on the league, so I’d rest some players.”

“Depressingly at the moment I really couldn’t care less!
I suppose our last decent performance was in the cup so fingers crossed for another one… “

“Sheffield United are a club who have done a lot right in recent years.”

“Just watching MOTD and commentator said Rhian Brewster is yet to score for Sheffield Utd. I don’t really bet, but I’d stick a tenner on him scoring Wednesday. Our identity is basically to give every stuttering, winless, struggling side or out of form player the boost they need to re-start their campaigns. I’d love to see the analysis to support it, but it does seem we’re basically a charity on this front. “

“Yeh he will probably will score as in championship he did well with Swansea. Luckily for him he’ll be playing there all season next time out.”

“I hope someone breaks McBurnie’s leg. I’m sure he must have pads of some sort on but they must be about an inch high or something. Firstly he looks a right plonker as his legs are nearly 6 feet long, secondly he is setting a dangerous precedent (literally) & thirdly he is setting an unbelievably bad example to the kids. He should be reprimanded by both his club & the Premier League but it won’t happen.”

“He looks like an even bigger **** than he did in the Swansea end v Cardiff, thinks he’s proper hard”

“Not sure why you would wish someone to have their legs broken whether they are wearing shin pads or not..”

“Weird world we live in. Getting angry about someone’s shin pads is baffling. Hoping they get their legs broken is just sick”

Pre-Match View From Chelsea

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“This is an away banker, as the squad owes the supporters one after last seasons debacle”

“I still cannot figure out how we lost there 3-0 last season. Utter shambles.”

“Sheff United gives us a chance to rest players”

“Irrespective of Sheffield being bottom. They can be a very tricky team, they beat Man U, and city barely scraped a 1-0 win. We can’t take this game lightly”

“Just don’t underestimate them and remember we lost 3-0 against that same team in July. Yes they are having a terrible season but most of the games they’ve lost by a one goal margin.
I still think they have a slight chance of staying up. “

“It’s still not too late for them”

“Poor Sheff United cannot catch a break. Just as they are closing the gap a little to safety Liverpool go and hand wins to Burnley and Brighton.”

“Had Sheff Utd beat West Brom away like they should have they would still be in with a slim chance”

“Sheffield’s been very good lately. I still think we are too strong to them in this current form. 1-3. McGoldrick scores a worldie”


“McGoldrick must be due a goal”

“Brewster certainly is.”

“I am sensing a lot of worry already here. Maybe respect to the Blades for the results last season. They are deserving of respect certainly for their work ethic and passion however they are not the same side as last season.
While the blades are better than their position imo, and miles better than Fulham and WBA, they have been hit hard by the loss of O’Connel, Berge and Henderson. (They are my dads team therefore my second team so have watched them a lot).
They are as hardworking as anyone but Ramsdale is not a patch on Henderson and O’Connell was their best defender last season. Those are big misses for a side like them, as is the fact McBurnie and Brewster are big money signings and their attack has been poor most of the season baring odd spurts from Sharp and McGoldrick.
If we do as we have been doing and match their work ethic we win, and can afford to make some changes and still do that. At home and in need of points they wont park the bus like Wolves and that space we can get at them.”

“Must 3 pts, we have Sheffield and Newcastle, anything less than 6 pts is not enough.”

“if Chelsea were to achieve a clean-sheet agains tSheffield United: Tuchel would be our first manager ever to keep 4 clean sheets in his first 4 Premier League games. G’wan Tommy break a club record!”

Pre-Match View From Man City

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“Any game can throw up a surprise but our side are different gravy”

“the difference between us and the scum is MASSIVE”

“We will batter them”

“I can’t see anything but a win by at least 2 clear goals.”

“they’ve just played their hearts on and that would of been a cup final feeling for them, and well done, but they will come down to earth with a bang”

“don’t worry about Sheffield United on Saturday … they’re not going to win twice in a row, especially two away trips to Manchester … they’ve used up their quota of all the luck”

“this Sheffield team is the least talented group I’ve ever scene.
Normally, these teams have one or 2 guys who are uniquely skilled but flawed. They had none. All hardworkers no flair.”

“Blades are missing O’Connell (for season) and Berge who was injured before Christmas out for a while. Egan will be back from suspension, probably in place of Jagielka who will probably be lying down in a darkened room until at least Sunday after his performance last night. Might have Burke up front for some pace. Yep, little quality but very hard workers and rarely get hammered. But we turn up, we win.”

“They are bottom of the league for a reason, we are top for a reason.”

“As much as I am thankful and happy for Sheffield beating the rags, I can’t see us defending like United so I don’t see much chance for Sheff to get anything”

“Not overly concerned about this game.
Reason being,I never bought in to the Rags were title challengers.One or two said i was wrong.I wasn’t,you take away all their Pens,and other VAR gifts,and you are left with a pretty ordinary mid table side.Rags are not much different to Sheff United.
Dont mean it will be an easy game,it wont.
I expect they will put up a bit of resistance early on.Then we will take full control,and win comfortably.
Our Football will do the talking.”

“the Blades won’t be able to hold our attack from all directions, they are just not good enough this season”

“Will be down to how we go about putting our chances away. Got a narrow win at theirs and against WBA we actually only had 7 shots on target despite our dominance but put 5 away. We saw what happens when we miss chances galore in the home game v West Brom and also Brighton where we were fortunate to get 3 points.
Hopefully we still have our shooting boots on”

“To be fair on West Brom,they didnt park the bus,they tried but we were so much better. I respect teams that try. We have taught so much to the premier league. So many teams now try to adopt our style but dont have Pep to guide them beyond the goalkeeper passing to a defender.
Every time I get on the tube in London I can not but help sing to myself,mind the gap,mind the gap man utd !!
Sheffield will park the bus sadly.”

“They will put everything in the box & defend for their lives. Take our chances we win”

“Sheffield United will completely park the bus against us, I think they’ll start Burke and Brewster to try catch us on the break, Then again I think we’ve found a way to nullify the counter attacks against these sort of teams.
For Sheffield United to get anything from us they will need to have a worldie from every single player and need enormous amounts of luck.”

“At worst Sheffield United are going to be another one of those irritating bus parking teams.
Although even though they won against United I wasn’t too impressed with them. I felt they were leaving spaces that could have been exploited. United were just that bad..”

“Winning tonight might make them think they can play a bit of football against us…which would be nice for a change…”

“Reckon Sheff Utd will be a lot more defensive against us than they were last night. Expect them to just sit back in their bank of 10 defenders and let us play, but they’ll be knackered (physically and mentally) after last night’s performance and that should lead to errors, just hope our passing is as crisp, fast and incisive as it’s been for the last few weeks, ’cause if it is, it’s an “easy” win for us and we could absolutely batter them, but I’ll take 1-0 and a scrappy bore-fest to be honest 🙂
They were given free rein to kick us off the park last time we played them in Laporte’s comeback game (Baldock especially if memory serves me right), any chance we’ll get any protection/fairness from the ref, or will we get more yellow’s than them due to our “horrible” tactical nudges which are obviously far worse crimes than two footed lunges”

“Can someone contact Wilder before the game and see if he wants any rule changes before kick off? Might save some grief.”

“Even though they have improved recently they’ve still looked poor defensively.”

“They’ve not proved easy to beat in previous games so this may require a patient approach but that has often been the story of our season. As ever we need to make sure we don’t give anything away on the break or concede daft set pieces.”

“Massive Banana skin”

“I was impressed with how hard Sheff Utd battled on Wednesday. They were running through walls for each other putting in strong challenges all over the pitch”

“Fleck was the best player on the pitch in the first half last night, someone we really need to keep an eye on.”

“Their result against United is a good warning shot for us not to take them lightly, strongest lineup possible please”

“Sheff Utd have 16 games yet have a 21 goal differential , they are nowhere near as bad as their results have shown.We are in good nick but Sheff Utd can beat anybody and our run will come to an end sometime this season its how you bounce back from a poor result that matters most.”

“Sheff utd gave us a really hard game at home last season, and played nice football in the process, incredible how far they have fallen and how quickly”

“It’s been tough watching us struggling to score against them the last three games we have faced each other.”

“They will come to ours with their tails up and we must be wary. However, they gave it their all tonight so if we keep it tight at the back and score early their heads might drop and fatigue set in from exertion of a non stop battle in beating the rags. We can punish them and put them sword but having watched them beat United you never know. They need at least a draw so will need to try and counter us and take any chances they get, and hopefully (touch wood) we can keep another clean sheet.
it is the strangest season in the history of the PL and anything can happen
Any Sheffield United fans reading I wish you good luck in avoiding the drop. Good luck and best wishes starting after the game on Saturday of course”

“Sheffield are quite fortunate they had such an easy midweek fixture. Allows them to rest up and conserve energy before playing us this weekend”

Pre-Match View From Man Utd

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“No excuse for not beating these”

“The Blades are woeful”

“Can’t let these cnuts score against us, they’re shite.”

“Lads, its Sheffield united. Lets give some of the stiffs a chance to get a last minute January move”

“On paper should be an easy win but you never know with midweek games – they can sometimes produce funky results. However, we should win and quite comfortably. SU have been very toothless this season and also not as strong at the back.”

“Can’t underestimate them.
But it’s definitely an important game”

“It’s a league game and despite them being cut off, Sheffield United haven’t rolled over for anyone when I’ve seen them.”

“Sheffield seem to give us a good game every time”

“Treat this one with total seriousness.”

“Proper banana skin, last time they played us I felt they’d get points and get to safety easy… maybe they were just game raising cnuts.”

“Has anyone watched Sheffield United closely since we last played them?
I saw them draw vs Brighton with 10 men and they were up for that game, since then they beat a poor Newcastle but around that lost to Everton, Burnley, Palace and Spurs.
Their through to 5th round of FA cup but against lower league sides have just got through.
This will be a typical bottom of the league team game, if we breakthrough early then we could be on easy street, if not then they will play out of the skins and raise their game massively. I am more confident them versus Burnley and even Fulham but we will need to match their physicality and rely a lot on Harry in defending set pieces.”

“Please can we have a comfortable win for once?”

“Expect to win this – and should win big. but I said that about West Brom and Watford! We do need to give the goal difference a bit of a boost”

“I’ve not been looking forward to our games as much as I have in the past couple of months. Feels good to have our team back again!”

“Got a rum feeling this might not be the satisfying win we’re all hoping for. I expect we’ll win, but it might be a bit of a slog. Yes, they’re hopeless, but they’re desperate too. And desperate teams tend to show up for games against us which feel like a bit of a ‘free hit’.
Despite proving our mettle with this unbeaten run, it does feel like we need to give someone a thrashing to give certain a players a shot of confidence. It’s been a while since we’ve put in a really good 90 minutes. Hopefully my gut is wrong and we can do that here and score a hatful.”

“As shite as they are, we only squeaked past them in the reverse fixture where they almost grabbed a draw at the end.
We can’t have one eye on Arsenal at the weekend.”

” really like what these boys have brought to the league and it’s a shame they will go down, hope they go down with some dignity and get some points on the board (not Wednesday though).”

“I really rate Jack O’Connell from whenever I watched them play last season.
I seem to remember their form collapsing then when he was injured for a bit too.”

.”I don’t think we’ve played them yet without Jagielka playing”

“Ramsdale has to be the worst keeper that’s ever played in The Premier League”

Pre-Match View From Plymouth

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“it’s the classic combination of a game we probably won’t win against not very interesting opposition a long, long way from home.”

“shame we can’t be with the boys, because beating Sunderland followed by sheffield away would’ve been something else”

“Hopefully an easy route to Round 5. Shame we’re not allowed fans”

“Hopefully an easy route?!! Nothing easy about being away to a premier league side!!”

“Their current form gives us an advantage. Although this is Argyle so even a Conference side can be a challenge for us”

“Couldn’t have asked for much of a better Draw to be honest! Sheffield United winnable then a home draw to a Championship side!”

“Sheffield United are mid table championship club at best based on results and football at the moment! Hello 5th round”

“Perfect chance to get through, I mean they have won once in 6 months and scraped passed rovers in the last round”

“Sheffield United is definitely winnable given how poor they’ve been”

“4th round draw much harder than the 5th round draw!”

“winnable the state there in atm and potentially then a championship side at HP ! Won’t get a better chance to make then 1/4 Final”

“Sheffield United away and then either Millwall or Bristol City gives us a huge chance”

“No doubt Sheffield United wouldn’t want a cup run as bad as they want to stay up? Really struggling in the prem, so a good chance”

“A hard away game for us….but who knows they might play their youth team….but maybe not….they are literally already relegated from the Premiership….so the Cup is there only chance of glory this season. “

“Can’t wait for the greens to plant 7 past Sheffield United on Saturday, allowing Sheffield FC to be recrowned biggest club in Yorkshire”

“Nice free hit on Saturday”

“Mayor masterclass incoming. Will have a lot more freedom in the Sheffield game… won’t be triple marked.”

“I hope Argyle play in their ‘home’ kit on Saturday. Spurs played in the same colours and defeated SU last weekend. I hope that ‘green’ proves as lucky for Argyle as it did for them.”

“I reckon Spurs could have played in skins and beaten SU so doubt green will make a difference.
We will actually still win though. “

“Roy Keane in the Sheffield United v Spurs game (0-2) said “Sheffield United are going down as the worst team ever to play in the Premier League”.
Jus sayin………”

“He’s never watched us
just sayin…..”

“I watched the Spurs game, Argyle will have their hands full with them.”

“for those of you who think a win is unlikely this Saturday can I refer you to 1984 and League One Argyle away to Premier League West Brom in the FA Cup.
A certain Tommy Jephcott scored the only goal of the game which was a typical Tommy Jephcott goal. West Brom were pretty much at full strength for the match and were struggling in the League as I recall. Spooky? Well here’s more.
This game was 27 years ago who has scored nearly 27 goals for Argyle? Yep Luke Tynan.
Also the game in 84 was played at the Hawthorns where do Sheffield United play? Brammall Lane! Hawthorn spikey bush and Brammall sounds a lot like Bramble a spikey bush.
Lump on this one’s written in the stars.”

“It will be the first time that the Pilgrims have played in a game with VAR available.”

“Whatever happens, I’m just looking to winning a pen awarded by VAR”

Pre-Match View From Spurs

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“We will win.”

“Sheffield United is a heavy set team and I think we could cause damage to their lack of pacey players”

“if Jose or his team are reading, please give us all a fucking massive hard-on and play that side. Just for a laugh. It’s Sheffield f Utd, one of the worst teams in the history of this league FFS.”

“Need Doc and Davies picked to cope with the aerial threat if Sheffield United, similar v Burnley.”

“Sheffield United rarely play the long balls there game is over lapping wingbacks and cbs”

“We must set up to not lose to the mighty Sheffield united. We must worry about their great attacking threat and make sure bergwijn is there to get behind the ball. 5 at the back is a must and if possible put 2 keepers in goal. Then hope kane or son score within 20 minutes then hold on for dear life against one of the most fearsome sides in europe.”

“So we are all over them and go one up in the first half and then we come out in the second half and just. stop. playing.
We let them crawl all over us for 30 minutes and then they score.
Jose is then spurred into action but the game ends 1-1.
There, saved you 90 minutes of your time, you can do something useful instead.”

“Another 1 half performance if we’re lucky. Game Plan: Start shit, after 10minutes start playing. Score. Half time. Second Half: Camp in a low block and try counter. They equalise. Subs. We attack. Game Done. Mourinho: Controlled the game & players at fault”

“Can’t wait to go 1-0 within first 20 and defend for the rest”

“Still can’t believe we got that second against Marine”

“What’s the point 1-0 guaranteed Sheffield United will score late”

“I am nearly at who cares mode.
Team of frauds.”

“Not even arsed anymore. Doesn’t matter who plays we’ll play the same turgid way.”

“Sanchez and Dier clowning around at the back, that’s happening for sure.”

“They’ll be a lot more up for it than we are and two of our worst performances last season were against this club.”

“We lost 3-1 at Bramall Lane with arguably our worst performance of the whole season – and there was pretty stiff competition for that particular accolade.”

“I think Sheffield is a lost cause this season”

Plymouth Fans Views On The Fa Cup Draw

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“Fourth round could have been a lot worse. Potentially one for MOTD live. Fifth round is very crap.”

“Blimey if we beat a crap Premier Club in Sheffield United we get another crap club in Millwall or Bristol City. However as any of these are beatable we may be on our best cup run for donkey years.”

“Got a Premier League side that is strangely winnable, then a home game against a winnable-ish Championship side.”

“I reckon it’s a winnable tie, Sheffield Utd. After that we’d have to be at our best, but it’s not completely unthinkable!”

“two winnable (ish) draws there I reckon. Though I wouldn’t fancy Bristol City.”

“Possibly into the quarter final draw”

“Sheffield United, not a bad draw, it could have been a lot tougher. I think on current form this is winnable.”

“Maybe they will put the kids out and we actually turn up for an away match, stranger thing have happened, but it’s a shit draw.”

“Sheffield Utd will probably see a clear route to the quarters there. But come the day I think we have the best chance of the ‘davids’ who have been drawn against ‘goliaths’.
Come the day the pressure will be massively on them and their manager. If they continue to lose could he possibly have to beat us to preserve himself??”

“Given Sheffield are looking doomed in the prem, they could either:
a. Field a weakened team and hope the first teamers can sav them; or
b. Field a strong team knowing this is their only hope at winning some games and keeping th supporters happy.
I fear the latter is most likely.”

“I reckon it’s winnable whatever side they put out, bearing in mind their current position.”

“when we draw the shittest premiership team ever putting aside their run last season that’s not going to draw the money from tv revenues that make up the loss we will make from no fans attending or merchandised sold”

“Away to a prem team albeit a shit one is ok plus in with a slight chance of winning.”

“Prem but not glamour… upset given their form?”

“Eminently beatable given current form. 2 points! If we’re firing on all cylinders we could beat them.”

“They could be very short on confidence at the moment looking at their league position.”

“The Blades have only beaten Bristol Rovers all season”

“Sheffield’s a great day out on the razz. Oh, hang on! FFS.”

Pre-Match View From Bristol Rovers

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“Yes they are having a real bad time in the Prem and this is a side that you would probably want to come up against if you wanted a ‘beatable’ premiership side. Very low on confidence, a few sending offs, concentrating on the league survival so maybe wont risk they key players. BUT… they are premier league standard and such we shouldn’t take too much notice of the ‘weak’ parts of their game. You would expect them to be a physical side that are well drilled and with the overlapping centre back tactics, not many managers would have come against that before, so we need to be aware and exploit space where ever we can. Tis will enjoy this one as he loves playing against sides where we his team are the underdogs. Imagine he can get us raring to go in this match. You only have to look at the Sheffield united squad to remind yourselves of the quality they possess (current international players (at the highest level), past international players, future international players!) Solid manager and tactition who has come unstuck this term in the Prem but previously bossed the leagues and produced excellent results. This one will be tough, very tough. “

“Sheffield United

  • Strengths
    Aerial duels Strong
  • Weaknesses
    Avoiding offside Weak
    Keeping possession of the ball Weak
    Avoiding fouling in dangerous areas Weak
    Defending against attacks down the wings Weak
    Defending against through ball attacks Weak
    Defending against skillful players Weak
    Finishing scoring chances Very Weak
    Defending against long shots Very Weak
    Defending set pieces Very Weak

Sheffield United’s Style of Play
Play with width
Attacking down the right
Control the game in the opposition’s half
Long balls
Attempt crosses often

“Interesting looking at their site most of their fans think they should put out their strongest team as they need any win for confidence, however a few say play the fringe players for game time.
If we could start at a fast tempo and snatch a lead their heads will be down, so a good start is paramount.”

“If they were involved in a relegation fight, then they should be concentrating on the league. But as they’re not (ie they’re not even in a fight, they’re down) they may as well put all their resources against us.”

“Very much depends on there mindset, are they of the mind that ‘we are going down so lets really give it ago in the cup’ or is it still too early to be of that frame of mind? think the fans side with the former but you would not expect the manager and players to have given up just yet besides a good cup run can only be good for confidence and moral surely? i would expect a strong side which we will struggle to contain.”

“I think from the first minute we shouldn’t give them any time, they will be low on confidence and it’s a great opportunity for us.
I rather we went for it and lost by say 3 than pussyfooting about and thinking what if afterwards”

“If ever we had a massive chance of a cup shock this is it, go for it from kick off and who knows,as mentioned it would be a cracking atmosphere and totally sh**e we can’t attend”

“If we’re ever going to beat a Premiership side at the Mem this must be our best chance, assuming we can put out a decent side.”

“I expect Sheffield Utd to beat us. I say this because they aren’t going to want to be knocked out of the FA cup by a league 1 side when they can’t buy a league point, never mind a win. They are as good as down to my mind, so will be treating T’coop as a way of lightening a gloomy season.”

“we couldnt beat or even score against them in league one”

“Their confidence is low. When AFCB got relegated last July I was talking to some I sit with at Dean Court and told them not to worry, by the time we’re all back watching football, Bournemouth would be near the top of the Championship and Sheff U and Burnley would be staring relegation in the face. I was only half joking Sheff U are going down and Burnley are making a fight of it. Ramsdale is a good keeper but I doubt he’ll play. Having watched Mousset at AFCB before he went to Sheff U I can say he’s absolutely useless with no pace. (Perhaps that’s why he needs a Lamborghini which he obviously can’t drive either).
I wonder how many of them played at the Mem when they drew here 0-0 in the season they went up? I would imagine it could be 2/3/4. Any statto know?
I like Wilder, feet firmly on the ground, he’s no billy-big-b* but I reckon some of his players have turned into one. He’s been let down by them this season.”

“I like Sheffield Utd and especially their Manager Chris Wilder who is a real class act. This would have been a brilliant match to attend as I think the atmosphere would have been brilliant.”

“Wasn’t keen on Wilder when he was at Oxford and Northampton, but got to like him. Went to the last away game against them, nice friendly people. A disabled girl was presented to the crowd before the game. We all joined in the round of applause for her achievement, which was only right. Her father then came on the forums thanking us. Now feel a bit of a connection to them.”

“Finished my reffing career at Brammall Lane in 1992.Morning KO when Leeds beat them 3.2 and as liverpool beat Man U 4-0 later that afternoon,it turned out to be the title decider.Only ran the line but nice to finish on a top game.Howard Wilkinson was manager.
Amazingly used to stage a Test Match there once and in those far off days it was a three sided ground.”

Pre-Match View From Crystal Palace

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“Think we should win this one 1-0.”

“What team do you want to play when you haven’t been able to buy a win all season ? Hmmmmm? “

“We have conceded more goals than Sheffield United!
I know that seven in one game doesn’t help but………….”

“anyone expecting a routine win is being very optimistic. They will be on fire against us. I’d take a draw, and will not read the site too much after the game bcos the ignorant bllx which assumes we should have easily won will be unbearable.”

“I don’t think we will smash Sheffield United. But points per game they are currently the worst team that’s ever played in the premier league and you’d ‘take a draw’, really ??”

“they will be desperate for a win on Saturday-. This is a real make or break match for them. I go for a score draw”

“This has a classic Palace loss written all over it. and given how the team have been playing I don’t feel good about this one.
Sheff U will know that they are already playing for their lives so they’ll be seriously up for it. We’ll stroll about the park thinking that all we need to do is show up to win.”

“This is palace, you know how it goes, it’s got 0-1 written all over it “

“they’ll see this as a must win game, and we haven’t shown any urgency in a long time.”

“If they score first that could well be that i am afraid”

“watched thje burnley v blades game and blades dont look that bad , just not that good. Please note their heads didnt drop after burnley goal”

“Only twice this season have they been beaten by more than 1 goal. They can definitely class themselves as unlucky to be on the points they are. It will be a tight game.”

“Sheffield Utd continue to play neat football, but they just don’t look threatening in front of goal. It’s similar at Brighton, but they have had the fortune of a few penalties.”

“I shudder every time we come up against an opposition with some sort of bad stat i.e hasn’t won in X many matches, or striker hasn’t scored in X many matches. We are a team that loves to handout gifts and being Christmas time I’m sure we’ll be generous.I’ll be very happy to be proved wrong and we play like a bunch of grinches.”

“After their defeat at Burnley tonight, Saturday is perfect for them to get their first win.

“They kicked us off the park at Selhurst last season and Baldock was the main culprit it took a few fouls before he was booked and then another few fouls but still no second yellow. I hope that we have a neutral ref and with Zaha AND Eze we should have enough to beat them”

“They aren’t playing for their lives. They’ve got 2 points from 16 games.
If they continue as they are they will finish on single figures.
Let’s not pretend, they are fcking sht. Sht. Absolute dog sht.
Some of our fans would take a draw apparently!
Even if we lose , I’m still right , surely.
Sheffield United , not Sheffield (ever) are fcking sht. “

“they always get beaten. Apart from 2 draws, by the end of December. Dress it up as much as you want. They will need to hit top 4 form to not go down this year.
They are sh*t , is the fact. If we draw with them , we will be joint 3rd worst after 17 games. If we lose. The worst after 17 games against them. They signed Brewster from Liverpool, we swerved one there.
I actually like the club, never called them Sheffield, as I’m English , Sheffield United. Proper club, proper ground , proper fans. But a pony team this year. It’s a must win , nearly everyone else has.”

“2-0 to us and ‘Puffa Jacket Man’ gets the bullet…..”

“I predict an identical game to the infamous West Germany v Austria World Cup game in 1978.”

Pre-Match View From Burnley

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“It’s going to take a helluva run from Sheffield United to get clear of the bottom 3.”

“if they take one if the relegation places which before the season began was unthinkable thats a bonus for us because its totally unexpected”

“After the performances of the Blades last season, their abysmalness this season is a shock.
It goes to show that past form cannot be relied on and the Sean Dyche Way (Hard work, commitment, and dedication) is the only way”

“They were a breath of fresh air last season”

“Can’t see any way back for them TBH.”

“They gave it a go against Everton, but it’s looking bleak for them now.”

“it’s looking hopeless for them now”

“Sheffield United are dead in the water”

“It’s fair to assume Sheff Utd are doomed, so there’s only 2 spots remaining”

“Sheff Utd might struggle to hit double figures on their present form”

“Sheff are gone”

“Sheffield going down before the end of the year has to be good news. Just two more slots up for grabs”

“it’s certainly better having a team cut adrift, as Huddersfield & Norwich have been in recent years, makes surviving slightly easier that’s for sure.”

“Think Sheffield United have to sack Wilder now and try something new/try to get a reaction from the players. Unless they want to accept relegation and rebuild in the Championship with Wilder. “

“Their chairman had already said that relegation wouldn’t affect Wilder’s position. All the success cannot be undone by a single relegation. Quite refreshing and obviously trying to follow our way.”

“Thought they had a very wealthy foreign owner so assumed the pressure would be on given their current form. Very noble if they stick by him.”

“If they do go down, and it’s looking likely, I’d say Wilder more than deserves a shot at getting them back up.”

“I’d be very surprised if they gave Wilder the elbow.
Seems to be a situation like us and our manager.”

“He could very well bring them back up like SD”

“if we play against Sheff Utd & Fulham as we played 2nd half today, then we’ll collect points in both those fixtures.”

“We won’t. We will need a hell of a lot more of a cutting edge than we displayed today.”

“We are in a relegation scrap because we can’t score goals – even Sheff Utd have scored as many as us”

“We’ll be relegated with Sheffield United and one other.”