“Sad about Samir. Although hot and cold, he does change games as he did on Friday with his Maynard assist.”

“one of our best players”

“If someone is going to pay us good money for Samir to play at a higher level (Sheffield Utd will be promoted) suggests they see something in him. I think he’s been our most talented player since Dele, though hasn’t always delivered and we will miss him unless Robbie pulls someone out of the hat (which I don’t think he will).”

“Samir’s stats – 2016/17 season
Appearances: 28
Goals: 1
Assists: 4
Yellow cards: 7
Red cards: 1
Glasses pissed in: 0 reported after pissgate
He’s not bad but there are plenty better in league one, I think.”

“Had some great moments but always capable of underpassing and the ball going to an opponent between Samir and the intended target. We have a lot of similar midfield era and if selling Samir means we hold on to Reeves at least until the end of the season I am happy with that.
All the same good luck to him”

“Have to say, I always thought he would be part of our future going forward. He clearly has talent and on his day is probably one of the best passers in the league, but all too often he has a bad day and his passing comes up short. Too inconsistant – has a good game once in every 8 or so. If he can become more consistant in his game, he’s potentially “Championship quality”. He also needs to up his goal scoring rate.
Not irreplaceable though.”

“I don’t think we’ll miss him that much, he makes me cover my eyes when he starts trying to trick his way forward in front of the back four, often giving it to the opposition and on more than one occasion leading to conceding a goal. “

“I wish all the best to Samir. Not many players who have played for us with the personality he has and the likability of Samir Carruthers. He is a massively committed player and I will never forget the look on his face when he scored against Rochdale the promotion year. A player who genuinely cares. Although I do wish hi all the best I do also believe there is no point in keeping the same players every single year if you want to move forward and he has been here a long time for a League One club so he is entitled to move on a be try something new.
Seriously likeable guy and will always be welcomed back here by me. Love Samir. “

“In my opinion, Samir’s not a bad player but I’ve always felt Robbo and some of our supporters overstate his quality.”

“it’d be unreal business if we got rid of carruthers and then brought in forster-caskey on a permanent to replace him. A far better player”

“It’s been confirmed Samir has gone to Sheffield United. I wish him all the best as long as he mucks it up with one of his turns when he plays us.”

“Can’t say i’m too bothered tbh. He was pretty good on a good day but they were far too rare.
(I’ll be gutted if we lose Ben Reeves who I think is our most talented player and adds proper flare to the squad).”

“I reckon he is a player who we notice more when he doesn’t play. Him and Reeves were our only real engines in the middle, driving us as the counter-attack players.”

“He’s a very good player”

“Agree with much of what’s been said, sad to see him go from a sentimental perspective but understand the reasons. Frustrating player that can be a game changer on his day. Not seen it much this season though.”

“Sad to see Samir go, really good lad and in my mind a very good player, yes he made mistakes but who doesn’t as they learn and grow up.
3 1/2 year deal and I am sure he will be on better money than at the Dons so good luck to him” “Massive loss in my opinion. Probably our best player. Don’t blame him for leaving though, while he is still young. Sheffield United will go up and stay up. No reason to stay at MK.
Edit to add: We’ve also probably lost our most passionate player. Alwags bang up for it and a leader.
Fingers crossed we get a similar character in” “

“Our best player” give over, couldn’t pass 5 yards. Did a great job with fancy flicks but couldn’t find his teammates and didn’t contribute with assists or goals. Not bothered at all.”

“On what I’ve seen he would struggle in the Championship.
Hard to forget his Cheltenham antics and got himself sent off in his first game under Robbie.
Not a huge loss.”

“Top player that just needs to work on his decision making. Needs to learn when to take players on and when to play it simple, with the right manager he will make a decent career for himself. “

“Chris Wilder said “I am glad the board has backed us with this level of investment” – considering Sheff probably have one of the biggest budgets in the league, is that possibly hinting we got a reasonably sized fee for Samir? Would be interesting to find out how much it was.”

“Fee rumoured to be no more than £250k apparently.”

“I’d be surprised if it was that much given he only had four months to go here. “investment” probably stretches to cover wages, sweeteners to Samir and his agent, and to any fee we get directly.”

By Roy

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