“Sheffield United are sitting just outside the automatic promotion spots and have a number of really good looking scalps already this season. So how good are they?
We know that their second string were not good enough to beat non-league Barney. In fact they didn’t really put up much of a fight and Barney well deserved their win. But that was the second string and they will likely be well up for Saturday. I haven’t paid much attention to them this season ( or any season, TBH) so I’d be interested to hear from someone who has been paying attention as to whether they are the real deal?”

“Not good enough to beat a giant purple dinosaur!
Perhaps it was just a bad hair day – Dodgy Barnet?”

“They are a good side who should make the playoffs this season, them losing to Barnet last week won’t do us any favours as you’d expect a big reaction from them but they are not unbeatable and if we defend like we have in recent weeks then every chance we can frustrate them”

“I don’t think, reading Chris Wilder, that ANY of the 11 that played in the FA Cup will play v us.”

“I hope we get a clear offside goal and a very debatable penalty in a 2-1 win….”

“Would take a point now”

“Gonna be a real tough one this. They’re very good going forward. I fear a loss but hope for a dogged draw.”

“Tough game this and I’d take a point now all day long. Washington has gone something like 12 games for Sheffield United without a goal too so you know the inevitible game of his life is on the cards.”

“Most of Washingtons appearances have been as sub so unlikely to start. Utd have been off the boil lately”

“If Sheff Utd are off the boil I’d hate to play them when they’re bubbling!”

“Our defence are gonna play the mother of games.”

“Not so sure they’re as good as people think they are? Would like to think we’re organised to get something, but you just know Washing up is going to score, couldn’t hit a cows ar$e with a banjo for us but you know it’s coming”

“Id take a draw but certainly think weve got every chance of turning them over”

“I am baffled at where they are in the table and their position gives me hope we may indeed scrape into the play off places.
I didn’t think much to them when they beat us in that early season game. They must be doing something right but I will be disappointed if we finish below them this season.”

“A team that has Leon Clarke and Connor Washington up front. Throw in Big Pat Agyemang and they’re almost sporting the QPR fans choice of the w@nkiest attack ever… “

“They have Billy Sharpe, very successful goalscorer.
Clarke has done well for them over a couple of years.
Washington, I wouldn’t expect to start but if they are wanting a change late in the game he could come on and we will all be hoping he doesn’t make us choke on our opinions of him.
A well organised, tough battling team, not unbeatable but we will have to match their effort them to get anything.”

“Clarke has a knack for scoring against us. I remember him scoring a hat trick against us at Bramall Lane what seems like many years ago. In fact, how’s he even still playing at this level?!”

“Thought Clarke got a bum deal when down here, in a very good side but mostly played wide which didn’t suit him.”

“15-1 to us,
just for the utd fans browsing this on their forum via link”

“I actually applaud them for not being like the usual and most club forums of throwing insults about at our club and fanbase. They seem like a good bunch who are just happy to be going along for the ride and happy with how they are doing just like we are. We’ve both been good and bad in the past and it’s good to see fans happy that they are doing well, not getting too much ahead of themselves. They also recognise that anyone up there at this stage is worthy of being there and that anything can happen.”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From QPR”
  1. Looking forward to playing you guys , especially after last weeks fiasco, hopefully Madine will make his debut , should be a good game, my grandad was a QPR fan born in Shephards Bush , see you at the lane .

  2. Am amazed QPR forum on about Clarke and Washington. They definately won’t be in starting 11 and may not even be on the bench. Hope your coaching staff are as misguided : )
    The Blades hopefully will make their normal quick start and play their pressing game which lifts the crowd and the team.
    The only reason Blades are not running away with championship is they do succum to silly goals but hopefully not tomorrow and don’t expect much possession – WBA/Leeds are the only teams that’s matched them over 90 mins so far. I would say best of luck but wouldn’t mean it. UTB

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