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“Sunday is a big one against Sheffield United. Like us, they’re yet to get off the mark, so they’ll be looking at it as a must-win game. But we just need to go there and play our game, be up for the battle. They’re a very organised, workmanlike side who had a great season last year. They haven’t started as well this time around but, as we know, there’s so much football still to be played. We can head to Bramall Lane with confidence after our last performance, and hopefully we’ll come away with a result to get things rolling.”

” we really need to win this one.”

“It’s a ‘biggie’, the clock is ticking to get some points on the board.”

“Absolutely Huge now. Have to get what we can from them.”

“Big game against another team who have struggled so far this season.”

“Sheff United don’t scare me…but we have problems scoring.”

“Only team that’s scored less than us after 4 games has been Sheffield United.”

“we have just signed a 1 legged footballer at 3/4mil per year. The bookies make Sheffield firm favourites against us,pundits forecast vary from 1 : 0 Sheffield to 4 : 1. I feel its a win for us”

“If you start off with a win and improved team performance with new players leaving a clear mark of their quality etc than it would/could definitely be a springboard. Especially seeing as there’s not a huge amount more we can do re transfers until Jan.
If we get thrashed by a in freefall Sheffield Utd who have players injured and isolating, then sayonara to our season, unless they all pull their fingers out and really kick on.
I think if we have a solid defensive and midfield base (which I think we may have if Joachim and one of CB – tosin/Hector/Ream/Aina or Kongolo can provide the goods), giving that platform to our attacking players to actually play then we may be in luck.
We’ve definitely got talent in each key area, it’s just a question of if it’s enough.”

“We need to finish the job by adding the power pace and sharpness we need up
front which is the pathway to scoring goals that will keep Fulham FC away from the relegation trap door and leave West Brom, Burnley Sheff Utd, Brighton and Southampton to fight and scrap it out between them, and it would not surprise me if Leeds and Palace get dragged into the mix and also finish below Fulham. “

“I’d add Newcastle into the mix- they look the worst of the teams I’ve watched this season. 8 shots on target, 5 scored, 7 points. Incredible. They did the same last season too. They concede a load of shots on target too- I’m not letting their good start fool me, reckon they’ll be in trouble.
The others- WBA don’t look strong, Sheff Utd haven’t got going but I expect them to improve, Leeds are shining something out of somewhere (according to pundits) that I don’t see and Burnley have been punching above for years. It’d be amazing if we actually got 3 points there now fans can’t witness it!”

“West Bromwich Albion, Burnley, Watford, Sheffield United, even Southampton, Newcastle and Brighton & Hove Albion will all possibly be in the mix, so if we can boost the strength of the forward play with another striker and maybe a winger, and the team is organised down to the last detail, and make sure our throw ons reach one of our players we have increased our chances.
It’s catch up time and we can over take a number of candidates if we can score goals and lock up that defence which is looking a lot healthier.”

“I thought we were going to embarrass ourselves – but I think we will make a much better fight of it than our last pl campaign”

“Mitro has just played 120 minutes for Serbia and has 2 more games in the next week, he should be nicely shattered for Sheffield United then.”

“Adarabioyo may not have played in the P.L. but he’ll have come up against Ageuro, Jesus, Sterling etc. in training. I don’t think he’d be overawed at the prospect of marking Eddie McGoldrick.
Whomever we pair with Andersen against Sheffield, it will be a partnership with less than two weeks’ practice together. “

“I’d be worried if he was overawed at the prospect of marking Eddie McGoldrick, even I wouldn’t, he’s 55”

“Stay COVID free…work….work….work…. repetition… fight for starting spots…
work… work…
Set piece and corner marking. Ball in the air drills… back line communication…
RUN RUN RUN RUN… watch game film of upcoming opponents (Sheff United next) Notice tendancies….
Rewatch game film from the Leeds and Villa matches… TWICE…point out errors…
That’s all.”

By Roy

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  1. To the guy who said Watford are in the mix , They beat Derby tonight in the championship pal , come on , keep up with premier league!!

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