Crawley 1-1 Blades

“Not a pen. The foul was outside the area”

“Just watched their goal again and stopped the action and foul was a yard outside the box, poor challenge but no penalty!!!!”

“What a truely memorable day”

“Decent point that for the Reds. Would have taken it before the game but not when 1-0 up. Still a long way to go.”

“Good game”

“Strange that one. Generally outplayed but disappointed did not win.”

“A valiant display by the Reds today, shame we couldn’t bag all three points but a positive performance indeed”

“Pre game, I’d have settled for point. Berkshire Red on way home disappointed boys couldn’t hold out.”

“Another game decided by a bent ref “

“worst incompetent refereeing display today since Darren Deadman”

“Ref 1/10 but I am generous to a fault.”

“robbed by a shocking ref!”

“The worst person on the pitch was the Referree – Spineless in all decisions !! “

“another unexpected point picked up!”

“Sheffield were by far the better team, their passing was slick and fast, but we deserved the point. “

“Thought we played well for 20 mins and then let them pass, pass and pass again. Possession seemed like 20-80% at times.I would have taken a draw before the game, disappointed that we could not hold on for a win, but a draw was a good result given Sheffield’s possession.”

“We defended very we’ll today as an entire team. Looked organised and in control. “

“We chased shadows for 90 minutes but still came away with a point,so all in all a good afternoons work. “

“They controlled the game but still didn’t test our back four “

“Couldn’t help but feel disappointed when I left the game, yes they dominated possession but we looked comfortable at 1-0 up and then gave away a penalty.
In the context of the game and considering who we were playing it was a good result no doubt”

“opening 15 minutes we looked in the game, then conceeded possession and they were totally on top
We nicked a goal but our defending deserved a good chance and it was well taken.
Then the ref had two big decisions to make – the foul on Mcleod which would have led to a red card and then the penalty.
He got both of them wrong – sadly for us
But I would have taken a point at 3pm but I feel a bit gutted”

“The challenge on McCloud was never a foul.He went down far to easy when going shoulder to shoulder with their player.He just ran out of steam at the wrong time.
I didn’t see the foul for their penalty clearly enough to make a judgement.I did think the ref was as keen as mustard to give it though,he loved it. “

“I don’t think it was a foul on McLeod, I think he bottled it and decided to try his luck and dive, let’s be honest he’s got form for that sort of thing.”

“Like most people I would have taken a point at 3pm but it feels like 2 points dropped. We got our noses in front and then let them back into it with the only real chance they had in the second half.
Personally I thought it was a certain penalty. You can’t put your hands up like that in the box – the slightest touch and the forward will always go down.
To be honest although he was poor I thought the ref got the McLeod one right as well, it looked a fall to me. “

“I would have taken a point at the start of the day as well but think it’s fair to say that we certainly deserved at least that at the end of play.
Lovely set piece goal for us and if we had pressured a bit more instead of being so deep all the time we could have made it a bit easier for ourselves.
Spot on with Mcleod, was waiting for him to go down and he didn’t fail to disappoint, not sure why it would have been a Red given the position at the time.
Penalty was spot on and given away cheaply as well. Unfortunate bit of modern day play. Push in the back and down they go. “
Sheffield pegged us back but for a 5th place side they didn’t look all that. One div was having a pop at Peglar on the way out going on about us being tin pot etc. If you’re going to call us tin pot at least have the decency to beat us easily otherwise your team isn’t good enough to beat a tin pot team. Total tool. Though Peglar did a first class job at winding him up, well played Jason.”

“My position behind the goal it looked like a foul on McCleod. Nothing horrible,nothing nasty just a foul.
There was one later as well where McCleod nicked the ball from the centre half in the centre circle and the centre half brought him down. Clear foul . Ref played on. It’s amazing what you don’t get then your reputation processes you.
The penalty was at the far end. It looked harsh but I was too far away to give an honest judgement. “

“We silenced the Chefs for periods rode our luck and nearly snatched all 3 points.”

“This may be effective football but don’t fancy watching it week in week out.
As soon as the game opens up we still look very sub standard..”

“A nice touch by the club to have ‘R.I.P Shred’ on the scoreboard before the game. I’m sure the Blades fans will have appreciated it.”

By Roy

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