Rochdale 1-2 Blades


“very disappointed with the Blades. Long ball rubbish.”

“Says it all when they’ve paid our seasons budget on one right back.”

“Didn’t deserve that, a keeper cock up lost us that. Very disappointed in with Sheff U, nothing special just hoofers. At least
Done didn’t score.”

“Very little football from the away side it was all played by us. We conceded to a very nice first goal. Second could of killed
us, horrific goalkeeping, but we kept on going. Didn’t deserve to lose.”

“All they did was hoof tonight. We weren’t great by any stretch of the imagination but we were the better side on the night and
ultimately lost to a piece of horrific goalkeeping.
Still only one team to actually come to us and outplay us completely on the day, that team was Donny.”

“Sad fact is over 90 minutes theyre still hardly better than us, when they’ve spent 1.5 mill on a RB and nicked our top scorer
too. Money talks for sure but they were bang average at best tonight, great first goal, calamity second.”

“Well done for beating the smallest team in L1 and doing the double on us, bet you’re so proud.”

“if they sold 1700 tickets before the game, plus some pay on the day, they easily brought more than the home crowd tonight. “

“Sheff U were far better than us in most departments.”

“Shambolic performance by Dale. “

“No shame in losing tonight, just frustration in losing to that goal”

“Maybe the goalie cost us a point? Who knows had we equalised – would Sheff Utd have gone for the win instead of wasting time.”

“Was obvious we would lose today”

“Can’t afford square pegs in round holes against teams with the quality we witnessed tonight.”

“We sold United our best player, showing zero ambition. Why would your regular armchair fan go to the Dale, to watch a team with
little ambition and pay up to £20 for the privilege, when they can watch the Champions League for free and have a good laugh at
the same time?”

“Done got a good reception. Then got a little bit of abuse from some for his constant fouling.”

“expected better from a team that cost so much, I’m not wrong to expect a ‘big fish’ in this league to come and try and play football against us, they closed us down well and made it pretty difficult for us going forward, just expected better all round from them though and was disappointed.”

“Dones departure seems to have deflated the supporters and there was a subdued atmosphere today, the team also looked flat.”

“It was flat, the whole game was in fact. Neither team played at a tempo or created much.”

“It wouldn’t have been the first time a team that didn’t deserve it could’ve snatched a point tonight – could easily have happened. Yes, we’re not going to match clubs like Sheff Utd in the longer term but just think of all the struggles we’ve had over the years – this season is like paradise compared to those years! “

“With the players they have at their disposal, bypassing a midfield that has that much quality is criminal.”

By Roy

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