1200 tickets sold – at least we shouldn’t have the embarrassment of being outnumbered at home! Man City v Barcelona on ITV so we
wont have any casual fans coming tomorrow. Real shame the original date clashed with FA Cup 4th round weekend where we could have
expected 7000ish.”

“I have heard this morning, off one of my Shef Utd supporting mates, that Doney has a suspected fractured wrist.”

“Only until Wednesday”

“Must have done it when picking his pay cheque up”

“”You could see on highlights one chance he missed as the ball is cleared he is bent over in pain. Played on during the game and
set up the equaliser though. I fractured my wrist years ago and played with a lightweight cast on it. Cant see it stopping Done
playing tomorrow as long as its just a basic fracture.”

“Done was £450k extremely well spent. Can’t seem them finishing outside the playoffs now.”

“To be honest, they would have finished in the top six with or without him.”

“Imagine they’ll all be saying what a bargain they’ve got! Worth over a million already I presume! They’ve improved him so much
as a player in 3 games. Never mind – at least we’ve got a chance of a few more quid in the pot when he takes them up (bloody
single handedly at the minute).”

“He was clearly worth that before the transfer, no wonder he was offered silly wage increases they’ve saved that on the transfer
fee alone”

“No Probs, Daws will break the Judas’s legs in the first minute.”

“Judas? Get a grip ffs. How can you stop a player who’s been probably seen his wage at least doubled be a Judas? Get over it.
What would’ve you done in that situation, said no?”

“It’s football pal, he’s gone to the other side. He’s the enemy now. Get over it.”

“Exactly, it’s football – a sport – not a f*cking war”

“I hope Done gets a hat-trick if we get four.”

“Letting him go was the biggest mistake in the clubs modern history. Disgraceful.”

“Calling him Judas is utterly ridiculous. There isn’t a genuine Dale fan anywhere who wouldn’t wish him well. “

“I’ve just finished writing Sheffield United’s pen pics
. Every player they’ve bought in the last couple of years has been ‘undisclosed’.”

“Do they have a closet instead of a dressing room?”

“Done is disappointingly predictable in the shallow world of football. If he turns up at Spotland he’ll get grief, for letting
himself down.”

“Rochdale sold Ricky Lambert to Brizzle Rovers who were in direct playoff spot competition with us.
He went on to gain them promotion via the playoffs.
He then went on to sign for Southampton and help them towards the Premiership
He then went on to get his first touch as an England player and score the winner v Scotland.
He then went onto signing for Liverpool
He then got on a plane, flew to Brazil and played for England v Italy
Matt Done has scored 4 goals in L1 for Sheff U.
Go Compare.”

“I really enjoyed watching Done, he was part of the senior team. He could have waited until he’d given it a go with Hendo and
Vince and co until the end of the season. I’m disappointed he decided to go for the break now. Difficult decision I know, but
still I’m a Dale fan, so I think its a shame he cut and ran now. Done leaving hurts, I think he could have stuck with it. He was
going nowhere when we rescued him……
It’s frustrating we don’t know how much we got for him. If we knew, I’d maybe understand.
It’s the timing that gets me, and the fact he’s going well now. He doesn’t need my best wishes, his bank account gives him the
satisfaction he needs. I’ll boo him next Tuesday. For bailing early. He’ll be the adversary, the opposition. “

“We will lose to Sheff Utd on Tues I’m afraid. Matt Done will score. Deep down we all know this will happen.”

“you can forget sell on fees. If the Blades go up and he is still banging them in, why would they want to sell one of their top
strikers? Unless they offloaded him to the Wendies for a pound down and a penny a week, to help them in their promotion push.”

“At least we’ll have a new song to sing next Tues
“Done, Done will tear us apart ,for them”
“Done, Done will tear us apart, for them””

“Whether we care to admit it or not, Matt Done has bettered himself both professionally and financially by moving to Bramall
Lane. “

“I’d be very surprised if Matt Done plays”

“I wouldn’t. He is in scorching form and any “gentleman’s agreement” will be negated by Nigel Clough being a prize nob! Unless
such an agreement was made at a higher level I can’t see any way he won’t line up against us”

“Gut feeling tells me Clough would honour any agreement”

“Sheff Utd have paid (500k rumoured)for Done and still could get automatic promotion. Besides we need them to go up to get more
cash in the pot so best he scores to help their cause.”

“Glad he’s doing well , seems like a nice lad. Thing is, it’s incredibly important that he hit the ground running or else he
could have easily been plucking splinters out of his arse and tbh he may still have to get used to doing that if he dries up –
those massive clubs over the border are fickle bunch at the best of times.”

“Its the stuff of dreams for Matt Done. 4 games, 4 goals and scoring the winning goals away at Bristol City and Notts County. If
they had bought Aguero for 50 million they might have expected a start like that! Brilliant move for him – he is flying at the
minute. Nigel Clough must think all his Christmas’s have come at once.”

” I’m pleased Done is doing so well, especially after reading some of the derogatory comments on one of their boards when they
signed him. “

“It’ll be very disappointing if he does get booed
And Chris Basham better get a welcome back if Done does. He did contribute a little bit more than David Buchanan.”

“Yeah, but Basham’s nobody’s matey”

“I don’t believe for a second that Blades slammed down 400K considering the money they’ve got it could of been our record
transfer fee broken by a stone mile because it’s “undisclosed” we’ll never know”

“I feel it was not close to £500k , thats why it was undisclosed, record steal maybe!”

“Personally speaking, I believe Matt Done was worth more than £500,000 more like £750,000 with add ons, only going off other
known amounts in the crazy world of football transfers, even in the bottom two leagues, of the glorious football league.”

“Keith in his post match interview after Chesterfield was going on about Matt Done again. It’s still a hot, raw, topic and to me
it really shows he reads this message board in order to get the fan’s vibe.”

“Just heard him say “If we want to keep the Matty Done’s of this world and challenge for the play offs we need a rich benefactor
to put in 2 million per season” blimey! Done is on good wages at Sheff Utd!”

“In Dale Player interview:
Keith said ” Matty Done wanted to leave and we couldn’t stand in his way of possibly becoming a millionaire”.
He went on to say ” Doney was like a son to me at times. I’ve been through a lot with Doney. I couldn’t seriously look him in the eye and say you’re not going”. “

By Roy

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