“ I think we are in serious danger of relegation. Why ? We are not winning. No other team in league 1 has only one win . Can’t win at home . “

“Our form is currently the worst in league 1.
With Pressley at the helm we are fucked. “

“It feels like a relegation season at the moment, only worse. “

“The way we’re playing, lack of attacking threat, shoddy defending etc, it certainly feels like we’re in the shite. Add to this we have the worst owners that have ever graced a football club. Then yep it’s not looking great. “

“I don’t think we are going to stop up and I can only see a struggle next year as well. “

“Over the last 10 games we are the only club in the whole of league 1 with only 1 win. “

“Another game, another loss. I don’t care anymore. “

“3-0. We’re shit. This may finally be the weekend we drop into the bottom four.”

“ Sold about 700 so far. Odelusi is back which (should) be a good thing. I feel we may play better against better sides (Preston) than relegation threatened sides (Scunthorpe). Not beyond the realms of possibility us getting a surprise result here.”

“Think we can get something out of this to be honest would be big points if we could. Always like Brammel Lane always a good atmosphere.”

“What on earth makes you think we can get something out of this? They have been on a great run in the league and beat Bristol City away last weekend. Plus we’re shit! “

“Probably the fact that they are only another league 1 team and an inconsistent one at that “
“Can’t believe 700 are going. Surprised it’s not less than 500. “

“Shaun Miller hasnt been given a chance”

“Cannot see us winning. Really cannot see us scoring. A lot depends on whether SP has successfully converted Odelusi and Samuel to non-goalscorers yet. I think we may score one or two but Sheffield will probably get two or three. “

“They will love tugay there ex sheff Wednesday player should be well motivated and will be booed a lot but hopefully not by the CCFC fans this time  “

“Heavy home win. And i think it will be SPs last game before the sack. “

 “As ever going to Sheffield is more about decent pubs and beer than football. “

“It will be by no means full but we will only have the lower tier I guess, which will be well populated…
Love it as an away day… great city, ground is close to the centre, and the lower tier is a carbon copy of the west terrace…. that Friday night game a couple of years ago with our last minute winner was awesome..!! “
“I remember that game well. Great Friday night game. I think kitson scored for them and Leon Clarke bagged a brace. I seem to remember who else but Connor Thomas missing a sitter in injury time to secure the victory quicker which really annoyed me at the time “

“We’ve got the upper tier. Looking forward to it. Always have a good /night up there. “

“1-1 would be a good result. “

“We are going but only because I want to go to Meadowhall before the game. “

“Be very surprised if we get anything there. “

“I think we’re down. We simply don’t have enough goals in the team, are suspect at the back & poor at home. “

“I agree, we are going down. We do not deserve to stay up.”

“even if things changed its to late, we have lost to many fans to be a big club again. “

“6 points against Sheffield utd & mk dons and we’ll be fine, had this feeling twice before “

“a point at Blades and a better show against MKD will help. “

“The Sky Blues have lost only one of their last seven league duels against Sheffield United.the Blades have proved on several occasions, they possess an obdurate streak,  “

“Remember that Sheff Utd game was the quarter final. Would have got Newcastle in the semi. We would have done ’em too “

“Had won 7 games on the bounce and then drew at home in the first game with Dublin at centre half and Moldovan up front with Huckerby – the pair of them barely got a kick. Although the Utd keeper (Alan Kelly I think) had a blinder. Couldn’t get to replay (thank God). It was a massive opportunity – convinced we would have beaten Newcastle and given Arsenal a game in the final. Hey ho “

“Was absolutely gutted with that game.
The worst was before the game, going along the wrong row to get to my seat in the next block(had too much to drink), when couldn’t get past one guy who had his head slumped down, said “excuse me mate” a couple of times(thought he might be worse for wear a bit like I was), but no joy, then realised something more serious was up, his son(I think), noticed and tried to rouse him, but his lips were blue and didn’t look like he was breathing.
Stewards were called over, then St Johns Ambulance guys came and got him and carried him away down the stairs. Think it was a heart attack and he died, but didn’t know that til after the game.
Obviously the game was gutting(will never forget Moldovan faking injury after that horrible miss and going off), but things a lot worse for that bloke and his family. “

By Roy

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