Blades 2-2 Coventry

“Threw it away again. Not good enough”

“A point away at Sheff utd is a good result but when your 2 up against ten men and let it slip you deserve to be in the
relegation zone”

“Back from Sheffield feels like a defeat thought we played very well and deserved the win”

“Just tried changing my twitter password to ‘CoventryCitysDefence’ but I’ve been told it’s too weak!”

“Shows how bad it is when today’s performance was still one of the best this season”

“2-0 up against 10 men with 10 minutes to go…. Easy… wait this is Cov we are talking about #fail”

“Former midfielder Michael Doyle said: “Coventry were passing us off the park and then they got a bit giddy.” “

“Seeing some say we’d have taken a point before. All things being equal then yes but not against 10 men for 70 mins and 2 up”

“I bloody hate, and I mean hate ,our fecking manager.
we were playing against ten men and he’s still proud of them.
Get that twat out of my club”

“You go 2 – 0 up and suddenly the players start stroking the ball around – 20 to 25 passes in total control . The fans are
cheering every time we pass . Totally in control.
What followed was a total capitulation. Unacceptable.”

“People still defending Pressley are either on the wind up or have mental problems.”

“Any manager that cant stop his team vs 10 men in the last 10 mins is not good enough. He should have brought different players
on and not invited pressure the way he did. Still had we been 2-0 down I for one would be pleased with the result.”

“In his post match chat he actually said it can be difficult to play against 10 men!!!!!!! Is it more difficult to play against
10 or 11?”

“We were great today. If you look at the game without an agenda, we totally dominated a team in the top six before and after they
were reduced to ten men.I thought the crowd had a big effect on the game. The ref gave them everything and us nothing.”

“What are you on about? The ref reduced them to 10 men.”

“Yes for a deserved red card. Thereafter he gave us nothing, and them every fifty fifty challenge.”

“I don’t see many people being unhappy about losing a 2-0 lead against ten men as hiding behind an agenda.”

“we were in total control. still probing for a third, solid at the back, even getting the rub of the ball. there wwas no way they
were gonna get back into it.
And then bang bang. Three mistakes, two goals.”

“He should go. The players didn’t look like they wanted to win. Attempting silly passes rather than going for the jugular. How
can 11 look so outnumbered?”

“7 wins out of 31. Sickening. Fuck this. I was going to go in to work and do overtime tomorrow but I’m having a beer. Fuck off.”

“Against 10 men. Shows how poor we are. Disgrace. Complete and utter disgrace.”

“Went for a shit and next thing it was 2-2. WTF”

“I used to wonder why my dad would laugh when we threw away leads or lost to shite teams, I understand now as I find myself doing
the same.”

“Please someone ask that twat why he made changes at 2-0 up against ten men.”

“We played 70 mins against 10 men, were 2-0 up. And then drew 2-2.
What a joke.”

“I guess if you would have offered us a point at the start of the day then we would have all taken that but after 2-0 up and
against 10 men and the other team beating the top tier teams, it is mentally damaging and I am not sure how he picks the players
up from that.”

“Pressley is a fucking dickhead is how polite i feel about it.”

“CWR said we were lucky to get a point, could have been a couple more in the second half.”

“well the blades fans are happy on twitter by all accounts we cheated, time wasted and were generally a disgrace to football”

By Roy

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