“Was hoping Sheffield Utd would get a drubbing on saturday – they will really be up for it on Tuesday night after their result”

“We will thrash them…”

“I admire the optmimism”

“One very average team will make the play-offs, unfortunately it won’t be us. The points needed to avoid relegation will possibly be quite high this season, maybe 51 or 52. By no means out of the woods on that front yet. “

 “The likes of Oldham and Chesterfield were 5th and 6th and have lost at home to Orient and Colchester today, regarding the former quite a few were saying on here that it wasn’t supposedly much of an achievement to beat them last week and didn’t mean anything. The likes of Doncaster, Gillingham, Scunthorpe and Crewe have been woeful all season, arguably a lot worse than us at out worst (the latter three for sure) and now their fans have their tails up and are talking about maybe nicking a play-off place. It’s a weird league and how good you are and what your previous form has been seems to count for absolutely nothing most weeks. “

“Great win for Sheff Utd ton Saturday I think a point would be a very decent result on Tuesday. “

“After their convincing win at Bristol City today, I expect there to be more Sheff Utd fans at Meadow Lane than our faithful. Shame the match was rescheduled for midweek as this could have been a real money spinner for Notts – regardless of the result.
I feel home defeat number 9 coming on BUT you never know, a Bonkers-Bajner-Party moment might see us scrape a draw !!”  “

“Possible – but unlikely. Hopefully, we’ll top 5,000 for a midweek game tho’.”

“Think we’ll outnumber them…just!”

“We’ve not had the best of luck with our home fixtures against them … it should be our big money spinner and best atmosphere of the season at ML. Thinking back to night game 11/12, barely survived the weather 12/13, awful home form and freezing weather 13/14 (but finally a cracking win for those of us who were there! ), night game again this year “
“2800 Blades, 4000 Magpies I reckon”

“ Should be a decent game tuesday, depends if we have finally stopped the rot with that win last week – or was it a flash in the pan!.
I see they have have dropped Campbell-Ryce…part of me wants him to play so we can give him stick and part of me thinks that it’s the kind of game he will fancy doing his party tricks and skinning us. I’m sure Derry will have a plan for someone to ‘upset’ him “

“If it was a Saturday match Blades would bring about 3500-4000 but with it being Tuesday night I reckon about 2800 as well. “

“It truly is wide open for that 6th play-off spot.
If only, and I know it is a BIG if, we can beat Sheff Utd on Tuesday, then I honestly think SD and GA can pull off a spectacular end of season run-in.
Unfortunately a loss on Tuesday, and our “make-up” game being against Preston, could mean we end up looking behind us rather than above us! “

“Massive win for Sheff Utd, which suggests that they should win at Meadow Lane on Tuesday but they are very inconsistent. “

“If Che Adams scores I’ll chuck myself head-first into the Trent.  I’ve had mates who played for Ilkeston in recent years so I knew about him ages ago obviously because they all raved about him being in the yoofs and training with the first-team, so I rather relentlessly hounded Notts in a one-man campaign to sign him (they could have got him for a nominal fee in the summer) – to me it was kind of like unearthing a gem but when he scored against Spurs and my Twitter mentions and phone went a bit mad I realised it was probably closer to a weird obsession with an 18 year old boy.
When he signed for Sheff Utd I was in a car crossing the Channel tunnel on the way to Belgium and I think I spent a solid 5 minutes having a rant telling Notts to fuck off and ‘we’ll never learn’.
The moral of the story is, as ever, listen to me.
We’ll lose this comfortably. Although our record against Sheff Utd isn’t the worst and there’s no Harry Maguire to score his obligatory goal either – remember when we beat them last season with Showunmi and Fotheringham scoring?! – I’d be embarrassed if that happened to my powerleague team. “

“Sheffield United watched Adams several times before they eventually made their move, which left Notts County fans asking how this talent had slipped through their grasp. Notts were certainly aware of the Ilkeston striker’s availability but the transfer fee, which was around £150,000, was way out of their reach.”

“We’ll probably lose, hopefully United’s win at Bristol means Tues might be a bit of after the Lord Mayor’s show? He says.
Don’t they have a few injuries? JCR’s reception will be ‘interesting’ “

 “a piss poor team beat them last year and a piss poor team got a draw at their place this year. They even struggled to beat us last season on opening day when we had 10 men for 81 minutes or whatever it was. We always seem to play better against them than the other ‘big teams’ in the division. “

“I’d take a draw now”

“My affliction with Sheffield United since going to uni up here continues and me and a couple of flatmates are going in the Blades end
Baxter and Murphy always stand out as United’s star players for me”

“I Personally think we miss JCR more than anyone else who left last summer. As poor as he was for 18 months, the last few months of last season he was absolutely brilliant.
As with Sheehan, though, deserves a shit reception after being a bellend at the end of last season. “

“Unchanged team? Not sure our management team know the word “unchanged” surely if we were it would be the first time this season it has happened ? “

 “Sheff Utd seem to switch things up more than we do so no use over-thinking it. “

By Roy

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