“Another big game beckons for City this Saturday and game which we should look to win seeing as we our the home side. The Blades are very good at home but have struggled a little bit away from home this season, however they’re in the top 6 and I will expect a tough, tough game.
Could see a couple changes for City as we’re playing Saturday/Tuesday up until the JPT final at the end of March!
Change of subject a little, I really want to watch the game but seeing as its already sold out I’m thinking of buying one in the away end? I certainly won’t celebrate or cause aggro but just want to watch the game. Is this a stupid idea? “

“If they arent going to sell out, why not? It would be very strange though, watching us from the away end.
2-0 city. “

“They’re still in the playoffs with games in hand and I for one am expecting a tough game. They also seem to step their game up against better sides. “

“On their day they can beat anyone, as they showed the other week by beating Swindon. can’t see it being comfortable at all. “

“They are a good side and will give us a tough game but we are on such a roll that id back us to beat anyone at the moment. Wouldnt be overly surprised (or dissapointed) with a draw though. “

“Almost a bonus game for us having built a steady lead. A win would be fantastic but a draw at the end of a good game wouldn’t be a disaster. Sheff Utd have got to be the weirdest side in the league. Pre season favourities, beaten some good teams but so inconsistent.
Can’t sell their allocation? Sheffield men under the thumb on V Day? Or symptomatic of them never bringing anyone here? “

“Won’t be an easy game but I do feel Sheff Utd get overestimated a lot based on the fact they’re Sheff Utd rather than their team and performances this season. Draw wouldn’t be a disaster but I’d be disappointed if we don’t get the win “

“If the Blades don’t sell all their tickets, won’t City move the segregation barrier and make more home tickets available again? They’ve done it before. “

“I wonder if there will be any more released , I see on SU site they’ve only sold 600 odd ! “

“Not like them? Perhaps they have picked up our soft southern ways and are taking their WAG’s out on Sat night as well? “

“When have Sheff Utd ever brought 1000+ at AG?
They’ve never come down here in numbers. “

“Maybe I am getting mixed up with Wednesday? My daughter always used to go on about the amazing support one of them brought to the East End a few years back.”

“That would have been Wednesday no doubt.”

 “Very poor from Sheff u, they should easily be selling their allocation, especially being in the play-off hunt!”

 “Probably thinking it will be POTD more fool them. “

“They certainly brought a lot in the 1988 play offs and in May 1989 when there was fighting on the pitch.
Sheff U travel in numbers….  “

“To be fair, those were the only times in BIG numbers, yes they bring larger numbers than a lot/most  but not a patch on Wendy for continuous high support .”

“ I’ve always been impressed by Wednesday’s consistently good away support…”

“Yep you had to go back to the 80s for the last time The Blades brough lots of fans. Proves my point! “

“Think they had all been looking forward to a nice home game against Man Utd this weekend. This must feel like quite an unwelcome come down.”

 “Sheff utd bought 900 just over last year”

“Point proven.”

“Which is about 300 more than we took to them for the opener this season, that was piss poor.”

  “I’m sure we’d take a lot more now.”

 “That was a midday kick off, live on Sky. 
If that had been a normal 3pm KO then we would likely have taken 2k to that game. 
If it was being played now, we would probably be taking 4k. “

“I have to say I’m a little underwhelmed by the number of Blades heading down for this one as they’re the biggest club in this league by some way but, after a little bit of checking, I’m surprised by their numbers at our place. I appreciate it’s one of their longest trips but I would have put my house on them selling out given it’s just 1100 seats.
Narrow home win (gulps!). “

“The fountain of knowledge that is Peter Beagrie said “We’re going off the boil a bit”.. Have I been dreaming or haven’t we lost a game in near 3 months? “

“cotterill has certainly ‘ clicked ‘ with our club….. 
As with all reasonable managers, ….. Much to my surprise, was not enamoured with his appointment to start with – like many city fans initially……
But sometimes some managers are just the right fit at certain clubs at just the right time “

“we have 5 more games in the next 3 weeks with a small squad.”

“its good having Tavernier and Saville around as they can fill in where necessary against the lower ranked teams. Otherwise, I agree we go with the same team as smhbcfc suggests. I doubt we will play for a draw or a 1-0 win. Our style is to attack this season. If you score 3, you rarely get beaten. COYR “
“ I’m worried about this. I know they have had some poor results against the likes of Gillingham but then their cup form has been class. Odd side.
A draw wouldn’t be a disaster if we follow it up by beating Peterborough. “

“I know we have to earn a result no matter which team we play, but the table shows BCFC as being the best team in the league at the moment. Let’s let other teams worry about us. “

By Roy

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  1. Can’t believe that they can criticize our support considering the match was only confirmed last Tuesday after we got knocked out of the FA Cup.

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