Bristol City 1-3 Blades

“Great day for Preston! Sheff Utd have an outside shot at it now after today as well “

“We werent good at all but its a loss we can totally live with providing it doesnt signal a bad run. The table is still looking great from our point of view! “

“Ha, looking at the results our loss doesn’t seem so bad now”

“ Nice to see the glory fans leaving before the end… Shows the true fans”

“I know it wasnt our best performance,but god how many people leaving after 3rd goal.this city team have done us proud and are giving us our best season for ages.just think its poor and disrespectful that so many thought..’f### it im off now,”

 “We’ve had a good run but today we were beaten by a side who played much better on the day.
Clough had done his homework and closed the good parts of our game down really well..
SU won just about every 50:50 ball and wanted it more today..
Their movement was far better than ours..
Despite us leading at half-time being honest we were poor throughout the first half and they looked the only team destined to win the game..
They took their chances well and we didn’t ..
The good news is we’ll quickly have the chance to put it right on Tuesday – well done to SU today, they deserved the three points but let’s quickly move on and focus back on the many positives! “

“Quality of opposition was much better today and they gave us a masterclass in passing and moving in the first half. We didn’t deserve anything.
 They took their chances and we squandered ours, such as they were.”

“They were also clever enough to not jump with Smith ( outside the box) in the 2nd half.
They let him flick it on and just picked up the pieces.”

 “ What’s the betting we get a five-minute slot on the FLS now we’ve lost at home? “

“Credit where credit is due,today sheff utd were excellent,first half was even stephens,second half they were by far the better side.
Made us look very ordinary.played the better football and dominated the play.
I went to Bramall lane first game of the season,wd won the gane,they have come on big time since then.
I say they hsve been the best side to play us at Ashton Gate so far this season.
I said we would finish top and them finish second,don’t discount them from doing it.
Today was always going to be a hard game,However we have a big lead over them at present.This should be too hard to catch up. “

“Agreed, best team I’ve seen at AG since MK.. Very surprised we have 20 more points than them. “

“The best team won and fair play to them,second half they were by far the better side.
Us very very poor,i hope just an offday.
I said us and sheff utd would be top two,do not under underestimate them. “

“ We made their number 19 looks like Franco Baresi, “

“Fair play Sheffield Utd……Gutted but wish them well for the rest of the season”

“Well done Sheffield Utd winning at the league leaders is no mean feat “

“Bit of a weird one that. Sheff Utd were a good team and it was a pretty even game, but I never really felt our goal was under pressure for any extended period and yet we conceded 3 goals!
Don’t think it was a bad performance, just they were clinical whereas we paid the price for missing several chances at 1-1 “

“These things happen, fair play to Sheffield United for punishing us and it will hopefully give our players a wake up call, always was going to be a tough game as United raise their game when they are underdogs. “

“We are perennially crap against Sheffield Utd”

“ well played Blades. You came with a game plan and executed it perfectly. “

“You have to say well done to Sheff Utd. Threw bodies in the way especially 2nd half.
First half it should have been 0-0 but we scored with our only decent chance.
Second half, we created much more but they also looked dangerous. Was their first goal offside?”

“Can tell why Sheff utd are good against the better sides to be fair, good counter attacking team. “

“Fair play blades. Got to say, what a day to lose! “

“I don’t think any team is going to win it easy, I would say that first is there for any of the top 3-4 to take, still a long way left and incredibly close, good luck to the blades though- biggest club in this division and should be in the championship “

“Knew it would be tough. The Gills fans saying they were shite will probably say the same about MK Dons now they’ve beat them… 
Sheff Utd were the better team in the first half and dominated possession, our first goal was lucky via a deflected cross. Second half I actually thought we played better, created some chances but have ended up conceding 3 without reply!  “

“Sheff Utd did well tactically and scored their only chances so good luck to them. Wouldnt like to face them in the play offs. “

“Well that was a kick in the teeth. Forgotten what defeat feels like! Not meant in an arrogant way, just feel like complete shit. ”

“An annoying game .We had three shots cleared off the line & they scored with every chance. Hey ho, at least Mk & Swindon lost. “

“Bad day at the office”

“I know it’s Valentines Day and all but we didn’t deserve to be fucked that hard! “

“Fair play to Sheffield United”

“Not used to that happening!”

“We didn’t really deserve anything more today”

“However ref did miss off ball incident as an elbow was directed at Joe Bryan”

“Sheff Utd were professional, played time and the referee well. “

“We looked very average today”

“Our work rate today has been matched and more, the difference. Epitomised by their lad up top “

“I thought the player who put it away was close to the goal line and offside for their equalizer
 But it’s what the linesman and ref thinks that’s important”

“Looked offside to me. “

“I think most of the Atyeo thought he was offside “

“The intent on ayling with the foul in the build up was worth a red 2 footed off the floor attempted tackle” 

“Sheff Utd have 2 games in hand on Swindon, win those and they’ll only be 6 points out of the autos. “

“No panic here,not much between the sides,they have just out cited us today,we have won many close games when we shouldn’t have “

“grow up Steve Cotterill . Great manager and doing a great job, but we were beaten by a better team on the day. Childish attitude towards the reporter.Accept defeat gracefully, admit you f**ked up the subs….and move on”

  “Cotts does not always sound at his best when losing.
Luckily, he does not get a lot of practise. “

“Agreed. Comes across as arrogant and childish.
 We were beaten by a team who played much better football than we did, on the day. 
 Absolutely played off the park in the first half and not much better in the second. I’d rather hear him say that”

“Close game against one of the better sides in the league.”

  “Just like Fleetwood and Port Vale we allowed the opposition to turn up and dictate the tempo of the game, and keep the ball under no pressure whatsoever. I don’t know when we stopped pressing completely but it’s frustrating to see us content to hand as much possession to the opposition as they want, when we’re at home. They were a textbook example of how to pass and move today, while we were – for the most part – flat and lifeless. “

“This just goes to show, we need to avoid the playoffs.
 I thought Sheffield United worked really hard for the win and I have no complaints.”

“Typical Sheffield Utd really.”

 “They are a strange side. They’ve lost their last 3 away games! “

“Bristol City – 11 shots, only one on target.
Sheffield United 9 shots, seven on target!
Not a good stat that one.”

“ they were lucky with the equaliser so who knows what would have happened if that was ruled out”

  “Their goal came at a really bad time, and according to the radio was a foul in the build up, but just a really bad day at the office.
 Just be grateful we are a pile of points ahead of them!”

“Sheff Utd are starting a little too late for automatic promotion but they will finish in the play-offs and are very much promotion candidates.”

“Seemed like we’d had the luck when Baxter went off but … “

“ ******* wanky northen Sheffield *****!! “

“Oddly, three of Sheff’s last wins have been us, Preston and Swindon. As disappointing 45 mins as we have had this season, but need to push on and take advantage now on Tuesday. The gap to Sheff ‘should’ be enough, although as a further aside think they have now played the top four twice. “

“the Blades roughed up our wing backs and the supply to forwards dried up . “

“I said it wouldn’t be an easy game, but didn’t expect that result either.
Despite taking the lead I thought we were poor overall for most of the game compared to recent performances “

“either yku accept that Sheff Utd are a really good team and probably the only ones too nullify us oreveryone else will copy and havessimilar results.
I personally suspect the former rather than the later.  “

“Today sheff utd were very good first half but hoofing loads . In the 2nd half we dominated leading upto to their equalizing goal and we were playing alot better football . Unlucky not to be 2 nil up “

“That’s been coming for ages now, luckily we get away with below par performances because of poor opposition. Wade Elliot hasn’t been the same since he was sent off against Swindle, JET, although I love the bloke really doesn’t help the flow of our game when he just sits in the centre of our midfield without moving. Better quality defenders were always going to find playing against two big strikers easy, but it’s the perfect wake up call, and teams around us lost so it’s not the end of the world. “

“Another poor attendnance. This game was a sell out a while before the game and only a 11,000 there today? I understand its valentines day but why don’t City set up a system for non attending season ticket holders to ring up or contact the club to make more tickets available.”

 “Glad to see West Ham got their just deserts today. Bunch of cheats”

“West Ham Ha ha ha ha”

“Blow them bubbles you cheating cockney chappies!”

 “ Sakho didnt look fit to me!  “

“Cheats never prosper”


 “Wham Bam F *** You Ham ! … 4-0 Valentines Day Massacre .”

By Roy

  1. thanks for the gracious comments sounds like us blades put one of our better performances in today. love the spammers insults

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