Sheff Utd 1-0 Port Vale

“For a second game in a row we have no shots on target. Anyone else in this league would have dicked this piss poor Utd team. Mid table is the best we can hope for. “

“So so negative against a side who didn’t do much or have to do much for the win. Same old Vale away this season.”

“Worked out I’ve spent 9 hours watching us away this season and haven’t even seen us score. So negative and to play negative against a side massively out of form is typical Page.”

“They were poor we were really poor”

“Yet another game without a shot on target!
Yet people believe Page is doing a good job!

“Page out , concede defeat before we step over the white line against the so called bigger teams away!”
“Soft defeat with no forward desire at all. Even at 1-0 we were just spraying the ball around the back four.”

“As for Sheff Utd they are a disgraceful team for the attendances they get and the budget they have, to be honest Id be more annoyed if I was a Blade then I am being Vale. Just a shame we have nothing up top as we controlled the game throughout really. Usual annual trip ends in the same depressing way again. I really hate this fixture!”

“Billy Sharpe always scores against us remember him scoreing twice at scunny against us !”

“He’s always been a thorn in our side!”

“Billy Sharp was the difference.”

“Billy Sharp’s not a £2million striker for nothing.”

“I don’t think you need to spend £2 million to get a shot on target in League One.”

“Their keeper’s not got his hands dirty today. Says it all.”

“The only thing that made us look good was that we had plenty of the ball, because they didn’t press us and let us have plenty of it.”

I feel this season will be the last of us being competitive in this league. We went to to toe with an expensive Sheffield United squad and yet we are still found lacking. We certainly get better value from Page than Sheff United have had on the £500k per year Adkins.”

“The major dissapoint for me today is that we’ve just lost to the worst Sheff Utd team I’ve seen.”

“ I said the same walking out of the ground, first saw Vale v Sheffield United back in 1988 when it was 3 all and they were easily the worst Sheffield team I have seen since.
It was a very poor game of football between 2 very average limited teams. The first half was shocking was like a pre season friendly, nothing seemed to happen. They scored with their own really decent effort on goal, I am struggling to remember any chances that either team created in the game. “

By Roy

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