Rochdale 2-0 Blades

“How embarrassing were Sheff Utd today? Sore losers”

“Bitter losers”

“Hope their lovely BIG club enjoyed their trip with their lovely acceptant fans”

“Hope they are damaged and we can bill the morons.”

“The less about their fans behaviour the better. Embarassing.”

“Another set of disgrace horrid fans.”

“Saw same Scooby, Blades ‘fans’ rolling on floor on Willbutts Lane wrestling with police over pitch covers, I’d imagine they are ripped ! send the bill to Bramhall lane, saw Blades ‘ fans’ spitting at Dale fans who passed them, disgusting! Close call between them and Milllwall who were the more Neanderthal set of ‘ supporters’”

“Bad sports the Sheff Utd fans in defeat, after the match there was a battle between PoLice and some Sheff Utd idiots who had dragged our pitch covers out of the stadium onto Wilbutts Lane! Surprised not to see Holty Appear to hand them their dummy’s back and send them on their way!”

“Possibly the best three points of the season. Holt v the away end was ace.”

“The less said about the first half the better for me, couldn’t keep hold of the ball and I was just amaze that we got to the second half with the score at 0-0, Lillis made some important saves.
2 subs at half time worked an absolute treat. Much better, we looked in the ascendancy towards the end and special mention for Holt who had them by the scruff of the neck. Masterclass of how to turn a game round and then see it out in the last 10 minutes.
Their fans were tossers”

“Their fans reaction was something to behold.
They couldn’t stomach the fact they were being beaten by little Rochdale.
tbf Sheff Utd set off like an house on fire and looked a class above us – which considering their wage bill they should do. But we dug in, battled it out, brought out the cavalry and sent them home with their tails between their legs,. Makes up for an awful lot of shit we’ve had to put up with over the years. We’re better than them – our hardy bunch of fans”

“We ran our luck a bit in the first half with some good saves by Lillis keeping us in it. The substitutions at half time were much needed and Holt was immense. It actually gave their centre backs something to do and he was a real handful. We were much better in the second half.”
“thought they played really well and were very unlucky”

“I’m buzzing after that second half. First half we were out – tempoed by Sheff Utd. but once Holty and PV came on we out – muscled them and that gave us the space to play some of our high energy football.”
“What a win. Outstanding performance and they couldn’t handle Grant Holt”

“Dale weathered the Blades’ first half dominance and were outstanding in the second half. A fully deserved three points”

“what a performance! Result of the season. Holty was just simply too good!!!”

“So the Blades are 3 points ahead of us after today’s game. So basically. They are on our level. The same. As good as. Equal.”

“weathered a first half onslaught to steal 3 points in the second half”!

“Made Jay McEveley look like Ronaldinho but that was a top second half”


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