“As some of you may know and some may not we lost a very special friend Denise Webb on the 3rd December last year. Denise and her husband (mike) and kids have been and still are very true,staunchly loyal and hardened Rochdale a.f.c supporters with 42 years service to the club her loss was felt by many of her friends at the dale as we discovered on the day of her funeral. In last week’s of her life our club paid tribute to Denise by the manager, the club CEO and her favourite player Calvin Andrew going to spend time with her which to say the least made her and her husbands Mikes and families day.But on Saturday her husband mike and his family will be returning to the dale for the first time since Denise passed away I PERSONALLY AS A DALE FAN ARE ASKING YOU AND ALL THE SHEFFIELD UTD FANS TO JOIN ME AND HOPEFULLY MANY MORE DALE FANS IN CELEBRATING DENISE’S LIFE AND THE FACT SHE WAS A TRUE ROCHDALE SUPPORTER WITH A MINUTES APPLAUSE ON THE 63RD MINUTE WHICH IS DENISE’S AGE PLEASE LET’S DO THIS FOR THIS WONDERFUL LADY WHO IS GREATLY MISSED BY MANY BUT WHO CAN BE FONDLY REMEMBERED BY US AS SUPPORTERS ON SATURDAY I’LL FINNISH THIS BY SAYING THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE AND UP THE DALE “

“Have shared on Facebook to a Sheff United friend of mine. Hope respect is paid. As a long standing, but currently non-attending, fan it always saddens me when a long standing fan passes. More often than not I know the face but not the name. This could be true in this case.
Hope the family enjoy the game, there are times when you realize how much of a family Dale is, as I’m sure many others on here can testify.”~
“if you look at our record throughout the Season, played 32, Won 11, Drawn 9 Lost 12. If we continue to pick up the points at the similar rate then our record will likely look something similar to this. Played 46, W 15, D 14, L17 which will give us around 59 points. We don’t have to do anything spectacular to survive, just keep picking up points at the same sort of rate that we have been doing this season.”

“We’re on the run in now and another 2 or 3 wins should see mission accomplished.”

“A little premature maybe but if we win 8, draw 4 and lose 2 of our remaining games it would put us on 70 pts and surely in with a shout of a play-off spot.
Not out of all realms of possibility and it’s about time we put a bit of a run together, particularly now Hilly has settled on a competent back four and we have the legend back!”

“The most important thing is getting these 8 points (50 total) as quickly as possible. The sooner that happens the better for everyone. We seem to have been stuck in the 30’s for months before last night! Our first ever win or indeed a point v Sheffield United is the next priority.”

“To challenge for the play-offs would require a herculean effort at this stage and an equal god-like transformation of performances.”

“Love your positivity but we haven’t won 2 games in a row since Adam was a lad.”

“I think supporters are guilty of expecting the full package even at league one level (when it comes too players). There’s a reason these players aren’t performing at a higher level and the majority have a downside to their game. Lifestyle and fitness issues, consistency of performance, attitude etc,so maybe we have to be more acceptable of their faults and focus on the positives they bring.”

“3 points is what we needed (on Tuesday) though Saturday will be a completely different type of game, it’ll need a better performance to get anything at all. Hope a few more of us turn up. Think there’s a good chance of there being more of them on Saturday.”
“who cares if we did/didn’t deserve to win or not on Tuesday. We won 1-0, it was a massive goal, a massive clean sheet and a huge 3 points. Performances can come later – we could play superb v Sheffield United this Saturday and lose. Thats football for you.”

“No fear on Saturday hope we get at the blades from the off.”

“Treat it like a FA cup tie ( not against bury) and get stuck into them. They aren’t any great shakes and their form is very patchy. We can show them too much respect and big them up if we want and repeat previous poor home performances, the outcome will be the same though.
We are due a barnstorming all guns blazing home performance, why not on Saturday? “

By Roy

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