Blades 1-0 Bristol Rovers


“Good performance by the Gas. We had the first half defo. A draw would have been fair to both sides. “

“One of the best performances with a 352 formation i’ve seen from us… we completely unnecessarily change it!!”

“Unfortunately today we played so well, was right in the game and more than matched them.
We changed the system, by making the subs and it instantly cost us. Boateng was the best player on the pitch tonight and just should have never came off. We were fine playing the system we started with and were doing more than enough, shouldn’t change what isnt brokem comes to mind.”

“We were the better side even with 10 men I’m certainly not going to criticise DC for attacking subs trying to win the game. We got punished for one lapse & missed chances. Clarke Salter looks a class act & Boateng also impressed. Nothing to feel down about we’ll be absolutely fine”

“Just been told by several blades supporters in hospitality that there was a clear handball on the line at the end by United. Did not get a good view of it myself.Bugger!”

“Can’t believe we didn’t come away with at least a point last night. In terms of chances and efforts on goal I think we shaded it even though United had slightly more of the ball. It just makes you think what could have been if it was Matty Taylor who had the free header in the first half and Easter’s one-on-one in the second.
To go to BL and play like that was a sign that we can compete with anyone in this division. We can take huge confidence from that.
I haven’t re-seen the incidents but DC is adamant there was handball on the line right at the end. That would be even more gutting should it be obvious in the highlights.” “Hard to judge by the commentary, but sounded unlucky not to come out of this one tonight with a point. Days like this where you really miss Matty Taylor.
Easter has had a cracking week for us but for a very experienced player to lose his head and get a straight red card like that is frustrating and isn’t the first time either. 1-0 with 11 men and we’ve still got a chance, 10 men and it’s a really tough job.
Commentary were really harping on about thinking there was a foul on our player that lead to United getting the ball and scoring, would like to see that, but won’t change anything. Encouraging performance seemingly but nothing to show for it, still, there will be easier places to go.”

“Sorry to make such a bold statement for my first post but Easter should never wear a Rovers shirts again after tonight for me! Absolutely disgusting”

“He went up and jumped straight into the defender with his elbow, with the ball nowhere near him! We had just gone 1-0 down and he lost his head. That was the last thing we needed and possibly cost us the game. He’s a 34 year old with possibly the most experience in the side. He should be setting an example to the younger lads yet he was like a petulant child! It reminded me of and 18 year old Wayne Roomey with an attitude problem. Shouldn’t be anywhere near the squad any time soon”

“I loved the way 5 then 6 SU players surround the referee and not the slightest bit concerned about their player.”

“Gotta love DC, 1-0 down with 10 men away at Sheffield United and he takes a defender off for a striker and goes with a 3-3-1-2. The bloke has got big bollocks.”

“Did everything but getting the thing across the line”

“most shots[and on target] most corners. least fouls!! .. least goals!”

“No disgrace losing there. “

“Sounded like one of our best performances of the season, this squad has the biggest amount of strength and depth that i can ever remember, and with DC in charge, things are very positive at the moment.”

“Shit to lose like that but can’t thought the performance tonight”

“1-0 defeat v Sheff Utd in L1 or a 0-0 draw at Alfreton 2 seasons ago. I know what I would take any day “

By Roy

One thought on “View From Bristol Rovers”
  1. As a Blades supporter I’ve got to admit Rovers deserved at least a point.Looked a good side.Well done to the supporters too.Good turnout for a Tuesday night game.

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