Scunthorpe 2-2 Blades

“Massively disappointing not to win that, going up 2-1 and dominating the 2nd half against 10 men and not winning is annoying. We’re still top though so not the worst point.”

“Ref Deadman confirms he is still the worst on the planet. Never a free kick, which led to Blades cute and clever opener and a very harsh penalty given against Mirfin, which was converted for a point. The Blades lad sending off looked very harsh from my angle sitting just up the stand. Maybe the reruns will show what it is that the ref saw. Before the game in the pub, I predicted a score draw, although it could go either way. Exactly what happened, even with a braindead referee”

“had a look on their forum last night and could not believe what i had seen,i will agree they should have had the far corner but then there was talk of one of their fans being evicted from the DRE with a steward grabbing hold of his b******s,and belittling our club big time,and being over the moon that they had got a point against a tin pot club with a tin pot ground. but the truth is they should look at their own club and wonder why a club of their size and excellent ground and large support can be playing in league 1 with the like of Scunny,Fleetwood and Bury etc.its not as if it was they were relegated last season and expected to be promoted this season,this is their 6th season is league 1.”

“They can revisit their delusions of grandeur next season when they’re playing Aston Villa – they’ll get as many tickets as they want for that away game.”

“,at half time would have took a point,but when we got in front against 10 men I would not have expected to drop a point with minutes to go,but though I thought the sending off looked no worse than some other tackles during the game,I also thought Mirfin had a rush of blood when he gave the penalty away.two cracking goals by Morris and Holmes and their first goal from a softish free kick was a cracking bit of play from the Blades.”

“Quite happy overall. We meet another team that was pencilled in for one of the
top 6 places and no lost.There was a time when games like that 1 down we would have conceded more and lost.”

“Great game – the future looks bright. I’ve stopped telling the wife I’m never going again!” “I noticed yesterday Ebanks-landell won every single header against Hooper in the first half and in the second kvv won a couple but was flicking the ball on to no one! However a point against a team that will be up there come the end of the season is acceptable.”

“Overall it’s a choker that we only
Got a point from the game, however, the 2nd half performance really was excellent. The through ball over the top had their back 3 in all sorts of trouble.”

By Roy

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