Walsall 4-1 Blades

Started off great, brilliant goal.
Then was ok till our defence decided to stand there whilst Sheff players were jumping around them.
After conceding we’ve done the usual reaction of looking completely clueless and cacking ourselves.
Then 2nd half this team showed what it’s made of with some passion and a game plan! After 1st Half didn’t see this coming but it’s gratefully received.
Brilliant goals and could have had another from a penalty for handball.
The ref was a complete moron… but thankfully his decisions were cancelled out by us actually being very good!”

“brilliant to see the entire team put in a real shift today
Obviously it’s easy to get carried away with a 4-1 win against anyone but to be honest, against the top team it was clearly a massive game today. We certainly enjoy playing against the blades!!”

“We had to dig in, we had to have a bit of a luck but that second half performance was class. Lovely counter attacking. Easily the best we have played al season. We were so clinical and made all the right decisions. It was clear Sheff United had come with arrogance and hadnt the foggiest about our tactics.
First half was very even and had they scored first right before we hit them on the break for the first goal i suspect it would have been different.Bakayoko played much better second half too, other than the goal in the first he was ball watching. Had he scored his overhead kick it would have been one of the best pieces of skill ive seen, he gave Ebanks Landell a really tough game second half. Easily his best performance. “

“fudge awesome, where did that come from. I expected to lose by 2/3 today, but Whitney has stumbled on a formation when I suspect that it was mainly designed to nullify the blunts. We were a touch lucky to be level at half time, though there wasn’t much in it. At half time, I still expected to lose against a really good team, but the general view was that the formation/lineup had tons of promise and that Whitney should stick with it whatever happened in the second. Should be a real no-brainer now. “

“I know that we had already beaten them twice this season but they should at least try otherwise beating them every time will stop being fun.
Wilder has been getting some credits this year and rightly so but mr Whitney had him today”

“The team had to work very hard throughout, but especially in the first half, to contain them, as they found space and passed the ball very well around us.
Defensively we were all over the place early on, but improved as the game went on.
For all their dominance I don’t think Sheffield created too much and we struggled to keep possession and as such were under constant pressure.
We took virtually all of our chances and turned the game on its head, giving us a big reward for all the effort.
I thought that Edwards had a very good game and he showed great quality and composure to score his goal.
I’m sure Sheffield will wonder how they lost, especially so heavily, but we stuck to the task and made it difficult for them.
Everyone played their part.
Cuvelier is getting better with each game”

“What I expected. Watch us lose the next three”

“Well that was brilliant wasn’t it?”

Credit to Whitney and I’m genuinely pleased he’ll have an enjoyable Saturday night for a change.We played some reall good football today. Rode our luck a bit at times, but as I said earlier in the thread, I just love beating these. Thrashing them is exceptional.”

“We quite rightly abandoned the 4-4-2 and played a 3-5-1-1 and I don’t think Sheffield were expecting that at all.”

“2 massive victory’s against what is statistically the best team in the league does not make a successful season. It’s a great feeling when it happens but we could still find ourselves in trouble at the end of the season if we don’t push on from here. In my mind this is either a massive piece of wallpaper or the catalyst to push us into either the top 6 or even the top 2.Let’s just hope it’s the latter, and for now lets just bask in the glory of not just a good victory but a fantastic one.”

“A well deserved win against a good Sheff Utd team complete contrast to away game where we got a smash and grab win.”


By Roy

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