Peterborough 0-1 Blades

“Best support I’ve seen at Posh for a while, fair play to Sheffield United”

“Funny how they brought 4000 at the top of the league, had fuck all last season when they were shite”

“Sheffield Utd fans celebrated like they won the World Cup, I still say Wednesday are better”

“Enjoyed the game today but obviously not the result though. Fair play to Sheffield united fans.”

“What a difference it makes having decent away support. Great atmosphere, shame about the result”

“Two stewards injured. Proud Sheffield Utd ? Great game otherwise”

“best of season so far – spoiled by chimpanzee getting into pitch after goal scored”

“League One isn’t as exciting these days now there aren’t any big clubs fighting for promotion” “Sheff Utd a top top L1 side. Wish we had a Fleck type.
Still, let’s talk about home debuts. Anthony Grant sensational. Knows what he’s good at and does it faultlessly. Communication between players seems to have improved a lot too. Guessing him and CMS have had a part in that.
Grant and CMS have improved us a good deal but we’re still a level or two below teams like t’Blades.
Reckon we’d win that game maybe once in 20, draw it three or four times, and lose the rest. Difference in class. Didn’t mind particularly when they scored. They deserved it and it was an amazing watch those celebrations! Now that’s a proper bunch of fans!”

“I felt Posh played much better at Bramall Lane”

“Proud to be posh after that fighting attitude against a very strong Sheffield team”

“Blades were good,we don’t move around,give away too much space,no real chances on way r we championship material.I’m bored”

“Best game of the season by far”

“We would kill for a striker like Sharp, quiet and still managed to find the net.”

“That’s what happens when you’ve got goal scorers in your team”

“And there you have it. The diff between going up and being nowhere near. A decent striker”

“Sharpe and Hanson 2 strikers would have them at posh all day long rather than the weak headless chickens running around that we have”

“Another week, another game that shows the inconsistency of our shit team.”

“Not going to overreact. Gutted but sheff are top for a reason”

“Didn’t deserve that. The players can hold their heads high.”

“We got what we deserved from that game. Playing for a point at home, no attacking intent. Inevitable late goal again.”

“Blades deserved that, they were dominant”

“Fuck off Sheffield Utd”

By Roy

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