“If the good Posh turn up, we could win quite easily.
If the horrendous Posh turn up, we will get hammered.
Who knows, really?
It’s a game where the likes of Maddison normally pop up with something special, so here’s hoping again.
With no Bostwick, I’m a lot more confident in our defence keeping out more too.”

“We’re very hit and miss. Sometimes we really are unplayable and sometimes we really are unwatchable. I think we’ll be defeated heavily on the day. McCann will play some bizarre tactic to try and counter Sheff Utd and will backfire massively as usual. Problem is we just never regularly look like scoring and a fat dwarf from St Albans isn’t the answer.”

“I think we’ll go for it. McCann doesn’t like defensive at home, which has cost us at times because he’s played 6 attackers and it just gave us no shape, but he’s learning.”

“Big crowds and Sky cameras are when we seem to be at our best. Hence the performances against Sheff Utd away, Northampton at home and Bolton & Bury at home (on Sky). Hopefully now the January transfer window has shut some of our players can remember they play for us and didn’t get that move they thought they “deserved.””

“never knowing which Posh will turn we may go and win…. Lottery football”

“if CMS, Morias, Anthony Grant play well and if Forrester plays we could give Sheffield a very good run for their money.”

“Sheff.Utd are a very good side. Great support, noisy fans and picking up plenty of points. We will have to be TOTALLY on our game, 100% effort, determination and teamwork, no excuses and then we have a good chance of producing a shock. I reckon 2-2 or 2-1 to us at this stage, see later in the week what the teams are. Should be a good game for those that go for the standard of football and not the result.”

“the likelihood is that the blades will both be getting promoted…and leaving fortress abax with 3 points on saturday.”

“Looking at the last couple of months of results for the Blades they have had some easy results against teams that have been poor and inconsistent. But recently they have been tonked by Walsall 4-1 and Fleetwood 2-0. They are beatable and if Posh are on their game Saturday, we will win.”

“It’s a big IF.
barring Millwall..Bolton and Northampton, we’ve been poor at home all season. 5 wins in 14 says it all really.
We have the 16th best home record in league one.
We’re going to have to be ‘on it’ to get anything here.”

“Big day for the club this…and a big crowd.
They’ve been allocated 4k tickets and the motorpointless stand…it’s the only time this season it’ll be full.
If our core fan base show up we could push 10k
As for the game…They’re even money favourites and rightly so….
They’ve had a little blip but appear to be out of that now..They’ll be too much for us.”

“Game now All Ticket for Posh fans.”

“Mainly due to excited Blades fans who will be filling their quota……just because they are top of a poor league. Anyone would think they are getting promoted this season. I reckon it will all go down the pan for them starting this Saturday. Here’s hoping…”

“Are we in danger of being outnumbered here?”

By Roy

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