Blades 4-0 Wimbledon

“At least Sheff Utd beat us better than Sutton Utd did. That helps.”

“if we had lost 4-0 but thrown ourselves into it and tried to make life difficult for the oppo then fair enough – we didn’t try and Sheffield United didn’t need to”

“Ardley blames the two-week break. Knew it!”

“It doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault if we lose. Sheffield Utd are a different league to us in almost every aspect except that we’re both in the same league.”

“Second half was a shambles. First half was okay. Can’t remember United having that many chances in the first half, in the second, they had floods.”

“Do you really think the first half was OK – you are clearly a more patient person than me !! And by now I have usually calmed down after a loss – but I am still at a loss trying to remember when I last saw a more lack lustre performance”

“what did we do in the first half that wasn’t terrible – I can’t remember anything- passing was terrible , tempo was terrible , defending was shambolic, atttacking was terrible – it was only 2-0 at half time because Sheffield Utd didn’t take all their chances – Ibsusowct they were surprised at how easy it all was”

“Although disappointing, United were a class above. As soon as we conceded early always gonna be difficult and actually we weren’t terrible in the first half without creating any chances. Really disappointed by Soares, Kelly, Taylor and Robsinon. Another abject away performance from Taylor. Quality wasn’t there. Didn’t win our second balls. Simple passes were terrible. 831 is a really decent away support, especially with it being all ticket. Shame performance didn’t match it.”

“Fuck all this overachieving bollocks. Remember back in the day Harry going mental when we lost to Everton. Saying that just because they were reigning champions was no excuse not to turn up against them. Too many excuses being bandied around for poor performances. Losing is okay but we should at least go down fighting.”

“We were abject, utterly hopeless. Ended up enjoying watching Sheffield’s sharp, incisive, flowing football. They completely outclassed us. Thoroughly deserved their dominant 4-0 win. We were slow, lethargic, clueless.”

“how many fouls did we commit today – not many I suspect and that is because we stood off them for the whole game – it was a training drill for a very good Sheffield Utd team”

“No shame in being given a spanking by Sheffield United at Bramall Lane. As others have said, they are on a different level to us.”

“There are teams you don’t want to be chasing the game against in League One and then there’s Sheffield United.”

“It’s inconceivable that Sheffield United will be in the same division as AFC Wimbledon next season.Their January outlay alone signified a team that have no intention of visiting Kingsmeadow as a League One side this time next year.James Hanson and Billy Sharp are almost unplayable as a strike partnership at this level and they know their system, a three-man defence, inside out.”

“Sheffield Utd have far more quality. .quicker..better passing in their side. Yes the ref was harsh on us but as the legend that is Terry Burton sat right next to mee agrees…our budget is tiny compared to Sheffield Utds and you can’t compete until that changes”

“To be fair, Sheff U have a championship budget, we have a League 2 budget”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Wimbledon”
  1. You say about Sheffield United’s budget compared to Wimbledon but the current manager Chris Wilder has only brought in players from the lower divisions.In fact he’s another Dave Bassett when it comes to passion and organisation and even an ex ball boy at the club!As a Sheffield United fan I was very impressed with Wimbledon’s away support and trust they appreciated the anouncer’s compliments to the club and supporters on their comeback from the mess Sam Hammam left them in.Onwards and upwards!

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