Rochdale 3-3 Blades


“Chris Wilder. Very refreshing! Honest – said it like it was – Dale were the better team.”

“That helps to explain why he’s so successful”

“A funny game. At two down I thought this was going to be a hammering but we knuckled down and played some good stuff. Having Lund and Davies back makes a big difference. I thought Allen had his best game for a while and big Jim was solid.
If we could stop giving away stupid goals we would be a good team. Their second was top draw as was the save from Lund’s header.”

“What a great game of football that was. For Dale to bounce back after that start after the run we’ve had is one of the most encouraging aspects of the season so far. Thought the ref didn’t help the flow of the game one bit, his use of the advantage rule after a poor challenge on NML before Henderson was denied was a very poor decision. The pitch looks in real trouble at the moment and we can only hope a work of decent work on it will help, the bobbling and lack of bounce in certain areas has to be a worry because after the first game it looked much better.
The returns of Davies and Lund are massive and along with an excellent McGahey they were among our best players for me, but most had good games. All we want to see is a Dale team really going for it and we got that today. Top marks.”

“How did we not win that?”

“A worldy of a save.
Duffy for them was awesome, they are rather poweful and there is only one way they are heading.”

“That was an absolutely brilliant match! Two 3-3s in two home games, at least we’re getting the entertainment side right.
I thought both sides played well but we just shaded it. What a shame their keeper somehow kept out Henderson’s late header. McGahey was brilliant. Just a note for the ironic cheers from the away end when the attendance was announced. Surely it’s more embarrassing for them that their attendance dwarfs ours, as does their budget, yet they still can’t beat us and they’ve spent the past few years in the same league as us?
3-3 against the runaway leaders is always a good result, but it’s a bit irriatating that the first goal was purely a mistake on our part, and the second, despite being an excellent strike, was also caused because of a stupid needless mistake. We could’ve been on the road to a real hammering then but I was so impressed with how high our heads remained and how strong our determination was. All in all, despite it now being over 2 months since we last won a league game, I feel very positive.”

“At 0-2 after barely ten minutes it didn’t look good for us, but we knocked them out of their stride and in the end both teams will have come off the pitch absolutely knackered after running themselves into the ground in what was a tremendously entertaining match. I’m very proud of how we fought back and could, with a bit more luck, have taken all three points against what is obviously a very good side at L1 level”

“Great game and an unbelievable effort from the Dale team. Early on I thought it would be a cricket score. Andy Cannon’s challenge on Duffy was about 10 yards directly in front of me and is a red card challenge. Stoods were up and caught him just above the ankle. That said, Duffy inciting fans when he got up was unsavoury and was quite rightly reported to stewards.
The second goal was unreal. Hats off. “

“Still can’t decide the best goal of the match. Their 2nd v our 3rd. Totally different goals, the break down our left and then skills by NML to finish v a sweet strike. “

By Roy

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