“Thursday is Dry and sunny on the BBC forecast.
Friday and Saturday more rain so that must put this Saturday in serious doubt.
A phone call today to goretex covers for football pitches.com would not go amiss.
For revenue alone it’s vital Sheffield United gets played this Saturday.”

“The forecast for the 24hrs before and the day of the game is as bad – if not worse than last Monday/Tuesday – going off that then the presumption can only be game off. The pitch can’t have improved if it was waterlogged – all we’ve had since is more rain/snow.”

“If we did not play on Tuesday I just can’t see how Saturday will go ahead looking at the forecast…
The weather gods giving us a kick in the nuts at the moment.”

“Obviously we are unsure how much water is on the pitch and what effect the snow had last night. Snow can create a hell of a lot of water when it thaws.
Being told that we had some rain today but not much. Some rain and sleet forecast Friday and Saturday.
Fingers crossed we will be ok for Saturday but don’t hold your breath.”

“7 game winless run and sheffield at home next. Joy”

“Sheff U were always going to sell out given their league position and fantastic fan base. Plus the trouble some of their fans caused a couple of years back will not have been forgotten by the local plod.”

“i remember them in the 80’s all over the show and trying to stab my mate , horrible bunch of sods…. I am sure some will try to get in”

“I like Sheffield, a no nonsense kind of city”

“They got the best deal out of ex players – Jack O’Connell is a superb player. To be fair Steve Davies has been excellent for us getting into double figures goal wise – and some very important goals at that. He’s been a huge miss for us recovering from a knee op – back in training now and possibly close to a bench appearance.”

“Matt Done was a fantastic forward player with the pace, work rate and finishing skills to make the difference at this level – as he was doing for us when he was sold. He moved from winger to attacking midfielder to left back to forward, and the last of those was definitely his best position.
I’d take him back in a moment. “

“i still feel Done is capable at a higher level than league one…” “He, like many others has found that moving to a bigger club does not personally work out for you as well as one would hope. The highlights I’ve seen of Done is on the wing, as more illustrious strikers are ahead of him.
Not that sitting top of the pile is not working out for Sheff U of course, more him not shining as much as he would like.”
“Done never really performed to his best in any of his spells with us when played out wide. At full back he was impressive and up top centrally he was incredible, but we played to his strengths.”

By Roy

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