“beaten them twice this season so we hav no fear just hope we don’t start the same way as we did against Bradford”

“the four blades I know have predicted a comfortable win for themselves, and I think they will find we are a bit more expansive than they think.”

“I wish them bad luck for Saturday, but overall I’d rather us and them go up. Who’s bigger is debatable.
But what can be agreed is that we are 2 clubs that have been underachieving too much, and should be in the Prem never mind the Championship. I mean come on, we get around 15k at home, they get 20k, and then you get Scunthorpe with 4K!
But football ain’t about attendances, look forward to Saturday! “

“one fact is that Bolton are a much bigger club than Sheffield. Much more recent success regarding prem and champ football. Fans who turn up regardless unlike blades.”

“We’ve not played particularly well since the turn of the year. Scraping by of late but picking up points in process.
A lot hinges on ALF getting match fit and starting to bag.
Spearing missing for Saturday is great news for them.
Billy Sharp scares me to death and I’d wank you off to sign him.”

“as for the previous meetings – we don’t have Spearing available or Clough & Ameobi anymore and will be playing a different formation anyway” “Were we to win on Saturday, I think we’d strike a huge psychological blow against both Sheffield and Scunny and I reckon we’d go on to get automatic promotion. Trouble is, I just can’t see us winning”

“I think automatic promotion went with the home defeats to Charlton and Swindon. We just couldn’t afford those with our away run in.
If we can keep the squad fit and bring a couple back I’d quite fancy our chances in the play offs. But so much of it revolves around mood and form going into them. Ideally if we are to miss out on automatic promotion hopefully we do so in advance of the last couple of games. Nowt worse than going into the play offs off a last day disappointment”

“I think that a side that can pull a 2-0 away defeat around has the spirit to go all the way, for me. Top two, deffo.”

“It’s the sort of comeback that speaks volumes about our squads desire. However, going two goals down in a key game is not exactly a glowing reference, and without playing down that achievement, Bradford do strike me as flaky this season – I would be surprised if the Blades let us come back from two down.
Parky is to be applauded for orchestrating the comeback with an extraordinarily bold tactical change, and he has consistently done well this season despite injuries.”

“Spent 2/3 years occasionally watching both Sheffield clubs when I lived in the city and Bramhall Lane is a great place – decent stadium with an absolute perfect location far better than the pigsty at Swillsborough”

“I enjoy going to Sheffield Utd, one of the better away days. Decent drink, proper ground and fans who are generally not up there own arses.
Had a few good days out there but not when we got walloped 4-0 with Deane and Agana running riot”

“There was a Sheffield United fan stood next to me at the home game this year in ESL. Only really annoying because he was a fat prick and kept filming their fans. Had a Bolton pin badge on an all the wily fat twat.”

“I see the Sheffield Star has picked up on Madine’s comments about Sharp. He’s shit anyway sick of parky playing him just to play long ball to him”

“Might fire him up he already hates the blunts”

“agree Madine is a twat , but what’s about the Billy Sharp “fuck off wednesday” clip that did the rounds last year ?
That pip squeak isn’t very clean then for balance is he ?
Is it also true that Gary Madine is an anagram of Gay n Mardie ? It does sum him up perfectly I must admit.”

By Roy

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