“The last 2 games were very much Robins esque. Teams aren’t stupid, they know how we play and what are strengths are, if we can’t adapt our play to their style then we will struggle Badly. PLAY SOME WIDE MEN.”

“Alexander has morphed into Robins. This is telling us more about Alexander now, when the chips are down, it seems him and this team of his aren’t performing. If we don’t pick up and we stutter and fail through the play offs, I would go and get Adkins, he fits here and is great motivator. I know i will get ripped for even suggesting it,but,it’s just a thought. I know Adkins stock has gone way down since those heady days,but,like i said, just feel he fits well here. This doesn’t look good at all at the minute, not got a good feeling about this now, neither do the players either by the looks of it. Mighty Adkins…Super Adkins !”

“The players are all hiding, Alexanders has gone into negative mode and us fans are fearing the downward spiral, not a good mix. On the upside, Maddens become that bit sharper”

“2nd in the table after 31 games and suggest sack the manager !?! The mind boggles !! Is this really what modern day football has come to? “

“Something has happened in the dressing room – not sure what it is but the players aren’t what they were pre-christmas. It may be the rotation which players see as a blame culture. The changes made last night seemed to punish players for the previous games performance which seems to do nothing but reduce the effectiveness of the team as a whole. Us fans also have too many permutations to choose from when we do our team selection. Some of us extol the virtues of youth but berate when their experience lets us down. We has simply lost that cutting edge and in my eyes adding two strikers to the squad last month didn’t help as the ones we had before did perfectly well but our main contributor to the goal tally seems to be now ineffective from open play as he is marked out of the game. The inability to compensate for that is down to the manager whose honeymoon period has him checking out of his room to go home. We will have yet another line-up at Sheffield. Tinkering again. Ranieri was the tinkerman but he had the most settle squad in the Prem last season and look what that achieved. Then you look at what it achieved this season when they lose a key midfielder.”

“The last few games is like watching our former selves many years back playing hoof ball. Watching it go to a defender and the defender proceeding to hoof it up field.No thought process is there, it is just hit and hope and it is not effective one bit other than for the opposition who once again can regain possession. It is easy to blame the two strikers but when no actual service is given then it isn’t going to work.Players need to start focusing and making better decisions on and off the ball. Have a thought process of what to do with the ball instead of hoofing up field.”

“I wish they would hoof it inter the center more and we might make the keeper at least make a save,we looked like a bottom four team for the second game running their. The team is all over the place”

“If it hadn’t been for Daniels it would have been 0 points from 9 and potentially 0 from 12 after Saturday.
I hope I’m wrong but, after a great start, mid-table obscurity is where we’re heading. “

“Not confident whatsoever here. We’ve been very poor for the last few games, for a team that scored so many goals before christmas, we barely look like we can score now. Hopper and Van Veen really need to start, Toney and Davies should be nowhere near the team. Mantom may be fit, I pray to god that he is. Desperately hoping Wiseman can be fit as well, no sure Sutton will be good enough for this game.”

“1st v 2nd. Should be a good game. Hope so. I think most L1 fans are surprised that we are challenging for a play-off spot, never mind automatic. I had us down for a top 6 finish and I think we’ll make it. We haven’t dropped away yet. What with Sharp, Duffy and Knill, it’ll be like old times. Here’s hoping we can at least get a point. Recent performances would suggest otherwise, but one never knows.”

“In January we rode our luck but now the wheel has come off completely.
Signed more forwards and goals have not only dried up it is hard to see how we will score again.
Passing back is preferred to forward passing.
Passes rushed and going to opposition players.
Apparently unrest and arguments.
A squad big enough for 2 good teams is now a disjointed team with a bench that doesn’t enthuse.
I really trust GA can turn this around as I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.
Gillingham fell down the league after Christmas, I hope and pray we don’t do the same.
Rant over……..
Sheffield with a huge following is the ideal scenario to correct recent memories.
Players please, please, please turn up and play for your shirt and for the faithful fans who need a lift.”

“Lets face it, we have totally lost the plot.Where have we got all this back passing from, it is not productive, it gives the other team time to get back, and it is really pissing fans off, we are using it all through the game now, and with Alexander stating that he likes us to play attacking football it is utter bullshit.The team has just had two home games and had a total of two shots on target, and have scored ONE GOAL in the last three matches, thats one goal in four and a half hours play, and probably 5 shots on target during this long boring period, it is difficult to see were the next goal is coming from, never mind our next win.”

“Things aren’t good at the moment, no doubt about it, but it’s not unusual for a club to have such a spell during a season. There’s still a long way to go. Anybody who had us down as promotion certainties earlier in the season doesn’t understand football — likewise anybody who is now ruling us out given what’s happened over the past few weeks.It was always going to be tough.”

“Back to basics 4-4-2
Two wingers
High pressing
Get in their faces
I’ve a good feeling about Saturday. “

“The last 3 results!! LLD
We will need to score at least 2 to win as Billy always scores against us……..
However, I think we will be up for this encounter and I predict a score of 1-2, and 3,000 happy fans.”

“Here is a formal invitation for all Iron fans to join me in a rousing rendition of “Alexander’s barmy army” whilst the strange Yorkshire folk sing a dreary song about chip butties. It’s the perfect chance before kick off to show the players and the manager that we’re right behind them.Up the Iron.”

By Roy

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