“Great win 1-1. Games like this often change a team’s entire attitude.
The confidence generated today should now carry forward and optimism be restored. Okay – Bristol R. – Bring it on!”

“Great point, certainly feel a lot happier than last week,just a pity we couldn’t hang on to the lead.”

“How we got a point God knows particularly after the first half showing,if we had gone in 3-0 down at half time we could not complain.We had Daniels to thank.As already mentioned this result should get our confidence back .We played better with 10 men”

“A question for the “we’re second in the league – what’s the problem” brigade.
How many points do you expect us to get during the rest of the season if we continue with our recent average of 1 shot per game on target?”

“What I learnt from todays game:-
Thank God we have Madden “almost” back to his best.
Mirfin & Wallace might just be the best CB pairing in the division
Luke Daniels is a very good keeper
When down to 10 the blood and guts mentality shone through – The Blades threw 2 points away.
Dawson is Captain fantastic
Blades were in a different league but we held them at their patch.
25000 referees might just influence the one that matters.
Levi Sutton came through this cauldron of hate with credit. Imagine the young lad being chucked into a game like this!
Crooks looks like a player who will quickly improve given game time.
Todays point richly earned but hardly deserved might just get our season back on track.
SST appears not to be a be able to handle alcohol too well!!!!
The glass of wine I have just consumed was absolutely cack. “

“Sheffield United looked much the better team in the first half tbf, strangely the sending off might’ve done us a favour all in all.”

“I’ve been to Rotherham in the seventies ,when we’ve taken 50 Fans.
I’ve been to places like Scarborough and lost.
I went to Sheffield Utd in a league game with nearly 3,000 Scunny fans today.a gate of nearly 30,000,what a great occasion -am I dreaming?
No,it’s true,fantastic times,great battling performance,wow,supporters who have experienced bad times ,lived through very poor Scunny teams,kept supporting the Iron through thick and thin,this wasn’t just a game,it was a great day for all true Scunny fans to remember forever. “

“Great atmosphere, I don’t think we heard a peep from their lot until Harry got sent off and they started the “you’re not singing anymore” chant. How ironic.”

“That is a excellent point for us.
Alexander got his tactics all wrong. Dropping an actual winger for a striker who can’t play on the wing was a mistake. When I first saw the team I thought we’d get smashed. First half we were absolutely dominated, could’ve been 3 or 4 by half time. 2nd half we stepped it up, we still weren’t amazing but gave it a better go. The lads battled incredibly well considering we were down to 10 men, Dawson, Madden, Bishop and others ran their socks off. Red was a little harsh considering Toffolo commited two fouls and was booked for them both. Hanson must’ve committed about 8 and wasn’t booked. “

“Great point for the Iron. Fantastic second half performance. Shit ref.”

“Absolutely battered Sheffield united today
Deserved all 3 points easy
Top of the league, you’re having a laugh”

“We only had 10 men ffs and couldn’t beat us? Embarrassing”

“Playing 12 men as well! Sheff Utd cheating bastards!”

By Roy

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