Blades 2-0 Bolton

“In a game that generally lacked quality, Billy Sharp was the difference. Sheff Utd weren’t great but they didn’t have to be”

“Sheff Utd thinking they are Barca because they beat a team with Dorian Dervite, Dean Moxely and Conor Wilkinson…..”

“With so many key players unavailable, we were always on a hiding to nothing and I fully expected us to get beat.” 

“Think they will go up comfortably, but after 6 years, its about time. 2nd looks like a massive dive”

“Personally I think they’ll romp it from here on in, they’re by far the biggest club in the division and probably the best team, saying that they caught us at a good time with all the injuries and suspensions, not trying to make excuses but that’s the way it is.”

“They beat a very under strength Bolton not trying to be funny I’d think at full strength we’d beat them 7 from 10 they were better on the day but far from impressed by them.”

“Disheartening result. But considering it was a 2nd rate team and Sheff Utd had to resort to dirty tackles and diving to win not terrible”

“Hahhaa did their manager say we were the worst side they’ve played all season? We’ve obviously got the them for him to say that. Weird. We’ve played them 3 times this season and won twice lol”

“Every week a manager and/or fans claim we are the worst team ever. They can’t all be wrong. #ShithouseCunts “

“we was shite end of but them are not a good side and WHEN sufc go up they will come back down they. Are not good enough”

“Better team won, would like to see the challenge on Thorpe again, but looked bad.
Billy Sharp was difference between the two sides.
Did not realise how much Beevers fucked up for the first, although took it well. Second look dodgy at the time and more so on the highlights.
Madiness absence was strange.
But we offered nothing going forward so once a goal went in never threatened,but first half they were no better. Second half after penalty we looked clueless”

“Is it fuck over. Win our two games in hand and we’re 4 points off Sheffield U.
We’re a completely different team with Jay and Taylor in it. Agree that Parky needs to be more positive though.
I think we’ll go on a run again. All to play/ fight for still”

“Abysmal team selection – Conor Wilkinson WTF….IMO Parkinson is a poor, clueless average manager
I expected a defeat today, but the team is toothless they don’t even compete – Parkinson is so over rated its unbelievable, he’s no different to any of the previous wanker managers we’ve had, there is just no fight / bottle in this team and the football is fecking awful to watch, the team is soft as shit, weak as piss all over the pitch
It appears that Parkinson’s thrown the game with his starting XI – its highly doubtful that we are going up this season that’s for sure, the other teams at the top look to have more desire & hunger than us….and our away form is disgraceful.”

“Got what we deserved today. We were utter garbage. Their keeper won’t have an easier game all season.
Long ball football all game. Shite. “

“Outplayed, outfought and generally well beaten. What can you say when you don’t create a chance in 90 minutes? Shambles”

“Outplayed on every level today, deservedly top of the league Sheff United”

“So…apparently from reliable sources (which no I cant reveal)
Madine has been dropped for Ill dicipline. Stiring it up when from week prior to arrival.”

“apparently parkinson pulled Madine up in regards to his unprofessional comments regarding sharp in a night club, so he saw hia arse and left in a taxi, can’t say i am too bothered”

“On the face of it though, we’ve had to travel away to the league leaders without our captain or main striker, for no other reason than they are both thick as shit. You’ve got to have some sympathy for Parky for that”

“I see that they sold all those tickets they took back. Cunts!”

“Well that was wank! We’re currently in the red lion pub that doesn’t serve away fans, but fook them, we do what we want.”

“Sat in sheffield utds hotel boozer watching them get steaming and having a laugh is making me feel the shittest ive felt in a while “

“Sheff utd fan in a bad way, trouble after game according to their message board , Hope the fella is alreet”

“I’d heard more than once that there were some right old tools representing us today.”

By Roy

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