“They can have him”

“I’ll agree that he is one of if not THE best player at the club but I was at the Barnet game when he started having a go back at the fans after not turning up for 3/4 games so i’m not that bothered about him leaving. I’ll take the £300k for him and watch him be a bit part player” “He certainly divides opinion”

“I find it bonkers that he divides opinion. Most people would agree he came back too early and probably wasn’t fully fit in the second half of the season. The people saying he lacks heart etc have probably never really played the game, those who have know that when you are not 100% fit it can have an exponentially negative impact on your performance even if you are still trying your best”

“One of my worries about Nathan Thomas is he still looked injured when he came back. A medical team of a Championship club would need to ensure he was right, surely? Another hurdle for the lad.”

“Nah he wasn’t injured he just wasn’t trying, Billy big bollocks, no backbone etc etc
Sorry that was a snipe at all the guano the lad has had thrown at him when probably he wasn’t fully fit and probably shouldn’t have been playing. His head may have gone in frustration by end of season but I can’t stand some of the vitriol that is being aimed at him from some quarters”

“It’s always the same with certain element of our support, if a player has any sort of bad run of form anything they did before is forgotten. They are shite, useless, hopeless and want scattering everything that went before is forgotten. Even with the clear mitigating circumstances Thomas had.”

“He is our best player and to be fair I think he was trying to hard to be the hero. He was shooting from impossible positions when he could have passed to a better placed teammate.
Then when things didn’t work out the fans made him the scapegoat for our poor performances. If it’s true he could have went before he was injured but wanted to stay to help the team, that says a lot in my eyes.
I think he’d have a field day in the national league to be honest”

“For a few months last year he was up there with the best players I’ve seen watching Pools, for or against. He was simply superb.”

“With better players around him in a good team he’d be quality as they couldn’t afford to put 2 or 3 on him.”

“I’d love to see him stay as well, let him have a break, then get an arm around him and get him back to his best. I presume Jones crushed his confidence. Did he say in one of his first interviews that Thomas introduced himself something along the lines of ‘I’m Nathan Thomas, your best player’
If what’s been said about Jones is true, he probably saw that as a challenge!”

“Nathan Thomas is the best player to play for Pools for a VERY long time and it will be a VERY long time before we see a player of his ilk in a Pools shirt again. Anyone who saw him at the start of the season will know, the lad is unplayable on his day. Good luck to him”

“For 2 months earlier in the season Thomas was completely unplayable- teams were having to put 2 or 3 players on him . I appreciate I am in a minority here, but I would happily see him in a Pools shirt in the Conference next season. With good management and some luck avoiding injuries, he could get about 40 goals for us in The Conference. Possibly 50.”

“no way I’d accept 300k for him. They obviously know what he is about and are just taking the piss/testing the water”

“If Sheff Utd have just paid half a million for Ched Evans (the fans I know know can’t understand that one esp now they’re back in the Championship) then £300k for someone of Thomas potential and age is a bit of an insult in my opinion. We all know it went wrong in the second half of the season but he showed real class before that. It’s obvious he’s off but it should be for much for than what’s on offer.”

“Given Evans went for £500k I think it’s a fair price. Evans has been prolific in the past and is far from finished. Thomas hasn’t yet proved himself over a full season and would be a gamble for anyone even if has looked a class above in spells.”

“On his game pre injury was outstanding and one of the most exciting talents we have ever had. 300k in today’s market for someone at his age and potential is reflective of the desperation in our club”

“He scored something like 9 goals in 34 games (don’t quote me there) in a team that dropped out the league. That would be a decent return for a striker never mind a winger who didn’t score or create a goal since February.
There’s absolutely no doubting his ability, the facts are we’re now NL, our appalling finances are well documented and just as importantly Thomas would have been scouted all season. That means they’ll have seen him at his best and also at his worst, they’ll have seen him arguing with fans when the going gets tough. In today’s market £300k is nothing but we’re in a terrible position to negotiate, particularly if the lad has made it clear he wants out.”

By Roy

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