“Never injured. Think this has been lined up for a good 3 or 4 months. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Urinals made a clause in the sale saying he couldn’t play.”

“never injured he wasnt gunna play bottom league , keen enough to get him to sign a years extension , heel injury , WEVE BEEN CONNED ONCE AGAIN , havent we”

“to be fair to Ched you could never fault his effort when he played, he was in a poor side and didn’t get any service but always put a shift in
Can’t see why he’d lie about being injured, more games and more goals would have increased his standing and maybe got him a better contract should he move on
Can’t help but think this was all arranged when we signed him mind”

“He was fantastic at first then struggled as town did. With feed he’ll do well
Good luck ched”

“As soon as relegation was a near certainty i.e around early Feb, Ched was sidelined to protect himself for his summer move.”

“I speak to Ched most games and have got to know his family and he has been pretty peed off with his injury. He’s been treated for 8 weeks for the wrong injury, and I believe he has scar tissue on his ankle which he is receiving private treatment for at £110 per hour (which he’s paying). He will be having another injection tomorrow to help remove the damage. If you think he wasn’t injured then get in touch with him and ask if you can go to his specialist and witness for yourself. The lad couldn’t hop never mind train.It’s a shame that we didn’t see more from him this season because he could have improved his game with more pitch time. There are a lot more problems at CFC than bashing a player. If it’s 500k, then it’s a very good deal for us on the number of appearances Ched has made. Them signing him to play in the Championship is still a gamble, so let’s take the money and be happy. “

“Never did much for us, hope we can get a few strong players in now. No more lightweights please.”

“I also reckon Evans thought he was too good for us.”

“Best thing to happen. Evans loves Blunts and blunts love Evans.”

“I think I’d be pretty annoyed at this if I were a Blaaade. Why do they need to drag this up again when they’re finally on the up (having done something they didn’t manage with him at his best)?
The more I think about it the more I can imagine a gentleman’s agreement last summer where we took the gamble and the media flak with an fixed price sale a year later. The assumption being, miles off in hindsight, that he would have banged a good few in and his return (to a non-promoted SUFC) would have been welcomed.”

“Can’t believe some on here are going into meltdown over the ched evans sale??
What was you expecting? The club stated earlier in the yr that he would be sold in the closed season, so to get 500k plus add ons, for a guy thats not pulled up any trees in a shyyte L1 side and really hasn’t give a shyyte since his retrial is a fantastic bit of business in my eye’s, good riddance to bad blood, hope he fails miserably at the blunts and they come straight back down, glad he’s gone.”

“Same here
We signed so we could sell him. Things haven’t gone well for him on the pitch for whatever reason so if we got anything like 500K it’s a bluddy miracle”

“I’m shocked we got 500k for a player that’s done very little whilst being here. How many game? How many goals? Half a million? – Decent deal for the club and surely what everyone was expecting to happen since October”

“500k for a 7 goal a season bloke who’s had 5 years out of the game is great business” “500k? United have been truly mugged off there. They may get a lot of criticism our hierarchy but kudos to whoever managed to flog the useless, injured, non scoring striker for that much”

“I’m hearing from the blades fans I know who are really close to his family that it is nowhere near half a million”

“Not really sure why the Blades want him, especially after being promoted. A few Blades at work said he will replace Sharpe as he won’t cut it in Championship – Can’t we just do a swap.”

“I can’t for the life of me understand why Sheffield U would sign Ched, it makes no footballing sense for them at all.
I may be in a minority here but I would like to see him play for us next season. His early season form showed what he can do and a fully fit Ched could only be an asset”

“personally happy to see him go though, another disappointing player.”

“he’s not championship quality.”

“His best season was in L1 he never cut it at the level, now 5 yrs out the game he’s gunna get what back?”

“if Evans’ performances this season had been for a rival League 1 club, how happy would we supporters be to hear we’d just shelled out £500k to buy him?”

“why would shef Utd be interested in the Ched Evans we have? They have Sharpe, Clarke, Lavery,Done. Why in footballing terms want a non scoring out of form striker? Doesn’t make any sence”

“I’ve heard that a player “leaked” the deal because he felt that Ched hadn’t done all he could to help with the relegation battle, calling him lazy.”

“I don’t care that he’s going, but it would have been nice if he’d scored a few goals before he did rather than sit in a germ-proof isolation booth until his real mummy and daddy came to pick him up in their landrover.”

By Roy

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