“ Nooooooooooooooooo. I blame carruthers.”

“Would be sorry if this happened. He played so well this last season. He and George Williams were the best full backs in league 1″

“Didn’t actually see that one coming. Best of luck to him. “

“Fuck. Still the people who like defenders to stay within our half will be happy.”

“I’m gobsmacked by this.Genuinely didn’t see this coming and it seems a bit of a worry if we cannot keep a player like George. Not to say he can’t play in the Championship, just would have expected a bit of loyalty and not hard to persuade him to give us more time.Shocked.”

“Good luck to him, should be given thr chance in the Championship.”

“Will miss his forward running….but Williams is probably a better defender and it means he can be first choice RB with Brittain as a handy cover. Williams is also more versatile along the back as opposed to Georgey B.”

“I’m gutted.Really rated George. Really thought he’d give us another season to try and get in the Championship and failing that, then would have moved on. Very surprised by this.”

“Seriously hadn’t even considered that we’d lose George as well. Like KR said last season, he was intended to be a real foundation/the future of the club and potentially a future captain.I know it’s only one player, but losing George has seriously weakened our attacking threat. Will be difficult to replace him.”

“In my opinion, not the end of the world”

“Can’t cross a ball and can’t defend. Other than that…..Easily replaced”



By Roy

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