Back in October I took a look at how the players United had released in the Summer had started at their new clubs.  Now with the season over I see how things eventually panned out for the same players.

Mark Howard was first choice for Bolton Wanderers for the majority of their successful season that saw them gain automatic promotion along with United. It’s maybe surprising then that the Trotters fans have not been impressed with the goalkeeper in his first campaign with the club

“We need better than Howard next season”

“Don’t want Howard in goals at an higher level”

“Howard can’t kick a ball up the pitch without it going out”

“Sack Howard Off”

“Deffo not a goalkeeper.Twat”

“We have two vampire players, Howard scared of crosses and Moxey scared of making crosses”

Ryan Flynn ended his 5 year stay with The Blades back in May last year and joined Oldham Athletic. It’s been a tough season for the Scottish winger and a change of manager doesn’t seemed to have helped

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see Flynn leave as he hasn’t featured much since Sheridan took over.”

“Flynn weren’t what Shez wanted for the scrap we’ve been in.  If we’re playing more football and creating more chances next season though both could feature a lot more and do well.  I agree it wouldn’t be a surprise if Flynn moved on though – he must be a high earner… I hope not though – 5 years in this league in a side that always finished way above us suggests he’s a lot better than what we’ve seen so far…”

“In a side with money we could only dream of that one of those 5 seasons they spent in relegation for a lot of it. I’d suggest he dragged the side down to the level they were at and the first season they get rid…hey presto. Ok, that’s not ALL on Flynn but the lad just isn’t a winner in my eyes. Happy to coast and put in a bit of effort sometimes. Loves the idea of being a footballer and offers very little to warrant trusting to be any better than he’s shown this season. “

“Flynn is still under contract but hasn’t delivered much yet.”


Although made club captain under former boss Nigel Adkins, Jay McEveley found himself surplus to requirements under Chris Wilder and was picked up by Scottish Premiership side Ross County. It’s fair to say he has divided opinion in his first season

“Hope we can get rid of McEveley, an absolute sorry excuse for a footballer.”

“McEveley’s been alright and I think he has another year on his contract, so I doubt he’ll go anywhere.”

“Jay McEveley has performed well for us over the place”

“I’d much rather we got McEveley off the books though, I think some are being generous to him here. Although he does 99% of things fairly well he probably costs us a goal every second game and where we are we just can’t afford that. He’s too expensive to be the bombscare backup that he is.”

“I concur with this, McEveley is decent enough most of the time, but he is too expensive to be a back up. I think a lot of people, myself included, expected him to be a step forward in defending for us, given his experience, but it just hasn’t worked like that!”

“Agreed on McEveley. Watched him from a distance of 20 feet during the away match to Partick and it was agonising. He always seems to be trying to do more than he needs to/is able to with the ball and I think that’s what gets him into trouble- he ends up spending too much time on the ball and either gets closed down by the opposition or muffs it when he realizes he’s gotten himself into trouble.”

Journeyman  Jamal Campbell-Ryce chose Barnet to be the 12th club of his nomadic career after being released at United and despite his frustrating traits he still has the ability to excite the crowds

“End of season ratings awards: JCR: 6”

“he was poor at the start of the season and whilst he got better towards the end of the season but still lacked end product”

“I thought he was poor when he first came in then he started getting better but his end product still was not there. One of the few good players under Nugent though” “he is somewhat lacking in an end product but he has by some distance been our best winger this season”

“I do hope we keep him on”

“JCR was on fire at the end of the season as he was being picked regularly and could focus (15 starts in last 20 games). We all saw what he could do the moment he arrived and playing him every game is a no brainer for me. He is a player who when he receives the ball the buzz starts around a ground, we know something is going happen to lift us. “

“JCR has been fantastic towards the end of the season” “JCR is the only player we have who can beat a man and unlock a defence on his own.” “Hopefully he can learn how to shoot over the Summer. Cannot hit a cow’s arse.”


Harrison McGahey never held down a permanent place at Bramall Lane despite being seen by many as a replacement for Harry Maguire. A move away was best for both parties and it seems he is now really showing his quality at Rochdale

“He’s a monster”

“Improved massively as the season went on”

“He is our best centre half”

“He’s hands down our best defender.”

“A really valuable part of our team.”

“McGahey has been excellent and with a solid, experienced head alongside him he can only get better.”

“Big strong lad who has some pace when he gets going!!
If he can just get the defensive side improved 5% we have a player!
Incredible the lad is still only 21.”

“It’s great that he’s showing the footballing ability to be adaptable and the confidence to take on defenders when marauding upfield, but his future lies at cb and given the current rate of progress I reckon we have a potential star in the making
Another brilliant signing by KH”

Flo Cuvelier has a torrid time with injuries at United and unfortunately for the former Belgian u21 international things don’t seemed to have improved at Walsall


“Breaking: Flo Cuvelier out for 2 months with a calf problem following the kit launch.”

“He says he wants to put his injuries behind him. Same thing different season “

“See he has signed a one year contract with us. can’t build your team around injury prone players”

“I think just getting him a season ticket would have been cheaper, spends a lot of time in the stand”

“injury prone has offered very little.”

By Roy

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