“Wore the Old Gold with great pride! Never ever gave less than 100% for the cause!
We have had countless players passing through our club picking up a wage and not getting ‘the idea’ of what this club represents, its history, its traditions, and what makes it special in our eyes as supporters!
Here we had a fully committed player, one of our own, who loves this club as much as any one of us, and for whom crossing the white wash, wearing the Old Gold, actually meant something!!
Reading his farewell twitter message made this supporter feel very sad indeed….. “

“Always one of ours, had some great games for us, and delivered 18+ entertainment for both sides, whether clearing it off the line or surging forward [just before clearing it off the line].”

“Stearman, for me, has been synonymous of the club during my time as a supporter. Been here since 08′, and has been with us on the roller coaster that is Wolves. I’m sad to see him go, too, since I hink he’s a better option than say, Ebanks-Landell.”

“Although prone to the odd mistake, no-one can doubt his commitment or passion for the club.”

“would run through a brick wall for this club and their loyalty abounds.
I know we need to be ruthless if we want to achieve great success, but it is very sad that we have to say goodbye to a thoroughly decent lad like Richard, I am very sorry to see him go and the club will be the poorer for his departing.
I hope we will all wish him well for his future. Lads like Richard deserve it, they give more in life than just what you see on a football pitch.
The very best of luck to him, wherever he ends up in the future, I shall always look out for him, and know deep down that he would prefer to be playing for Wolves, the club he’s always loved as much as we do.”

“Stearman played over 50 games in the premier league, won fans player of the year and players player of the year awards, captained this big club and moved for a seven figure sum.. he isn’t a failure in footballing terms”

“Stearman was a bit of an enigma for most of his time here, capable of looking rock solid and dependable for several games and then being shockingly bad for a game or two before being dropped.”

“Wish him all the best for future he’s an average to good champ defender”

“Stears should have been ahead of batth without a shadow of a doubt”

“So much better than batth. Gave his all and should still be at the club.”

“Must admit that I thought that Williamson and Stears were our best CB pairing but not to be”

“Many People just underestimate how good Stearman is. Yes there are errors, but over many games who can be error free? Defenders and keepers have it tougher in this respect: errors are more obvious since they might lead to goals. I loved his skills which, unusually, were combined with a do or die attitude which saw him make an extraordinary amount of body blocks. I was sad to see him leave previously and am sad this time too.”

“ Like nearly all players at Championship level he has his faults, but we tended to play the ball out better from the back with him in the team and he was always fully committed on pitch and ready to put his body on the line.”

“Kicking goal posts, shouting, last ditch blocks, running his hands through his lovely hair. I’ll miss all those things Stears.
No secret I don’t rate the lad but he’s got a great attitude and I wish him all the best. “

“Stearman is a great character but surely we can do better?”

“He has been in and out of the team as he has struggled to find form, but he has had some superb seasons with us when he put in some classy performances.”

“His efforts over the years have been very much appreciated but we have to look at this from the point of view of the here and now. As others have said, he’s been in and out of the team this season. His performances have been a mixed bag. On balance I think the right decision has been made. “

“Shame to see Stearman go but hoping we can attract better.”

“I think from a footballing perspective, this is the right decision. Aside from one or two colossal efforts (Liverpool away, Leeds away), we haven’t really seen the best of him this season.”

“Capable of being good, but invariably he wasnt for us, and only really looked quality in league one.”

“No not good enough if we want promotion”

“So glad he has gone”

“His body blocks were normally caused by his errors”

“Didn’t think he was very good”

“Best days are behind him”

“I’m sorry but Bennett is much better than EEL, Batth, Stearman, Hause & Iorfa.”




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