Blades 1-0 Barnsley

“… After the first 2-3 minutes I actually called it on how Sheff Utd would score, low cross from the wing to be put in by a striker in the middle! We just were not marking the players on those wings at all… Period! It was disgraceful at times.”

“I know we shouldn’t entertain kneejerk reactions after a defeat but I am going to anyway. If things don’t very quickly get a lot better than that then we are going down.
I know the side needs time to gel and we have players to come back. But on the basis of that pathetic showing, we have an enourmous amount of improving to do to just give us a chance. I feel relieved that it wasn’t 6-0.”

“Lucky to lose 1-0 today.”

“It was dreadful.
Never have I been to Bramhall Lane and seen a Barnsley side so uncompetitive and uncaring.
It was painful and embarrassing.”

“The fans should be refunded after watching that today.”

“United look a proper ‘team’ by the way. Hate the club. The way they cheered Evans on as though he was Christ resurrected. The handball claim every time. The time wasting. The amount of luck that went their way. But honestly, Wilders a good manager, good bloke and got a team there that will be ok. They’ve finally realised how to prosper. Stevens at left back was something else and I liked Brooks when on.
Their wifi though was shite.”

“Two poor teams today. But we were the poorer”

“Disagree, United were a class above, incisive one touch football, combative in all departments, should have score 5 at least, has great wide men, always had a pass available.
We on the other hand looked like a clueless pub team”

“Have to agree with this. Not sure if it was just because we were so bad, but they looked pretty handy coming forwards in the first half of the second half (which is all I saw).”

“Totally bossed today.”

“Our centre back were oft as s**t, got bullied by Leon Clarke up until the sending offs.“ “The blunts defenders were a different class. They did what they get paid for, which is win headers and get tight.

“They were Head and shoulders above us.
We looked tired
They looked fresh and up for it”

“Sheffield United weren’t great at all, but they could pass it along the ground. Something we couldn’t do.”

“Both sides were league one standard”

“We weren’t over run at all
It wasn’t that one sided from 30 mins onwards which is from when I got the stream from. We were just very poor, they were marginally better”

“Been listening to Praise or Grumble. Doh. Numerous dim wit Blades phoning in
professing them to be world beaters. They need to get real. They are nothing special..”


By Roy

One thought on “View From Barnsley”
  1. Thought we played very well today, we played better than when we played Brentford but they were head and shoulders better than Barnsley, Duffy man of match, but I thought most of our side put a shift in today, Jake wright don’t make much headlines but to say he’s been left out of the team because of spearman well lets say he’s got the shirt now,ched looked way of match fitness so think that’s going to be a problem now Clarke’s got 3 matches, think he’ll have to bring someone in, but overall pretty happy with our start, Barnsley they’ll be ok passed it around ok but a bit short up front bit like us really

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