“Relegation 6 pointer, if we play like we have last two games at home we’ve got a decent chance of getting something out of this.”

“I don’t think they came up with as good a side as we did”

“I’d take John Fleck and possibly Edna Stevens. That’s about it. I’d love them to go down, as well as the other set of piggies.”

“They’re a good solid side, but just taking a bit of time adjusting to the championship and they will be fired right up for this one. 2 defeats away, one very unlucky.
Wilder will have them well drilled and buzzing.
The first goal will be critical for me. They do have vulnerabilities. Sounds like Cardiff absolutely bullied them. A quick goal for them and Bramall Lane will be buzzing. A quick goal for us and they’ll get very nervous.
Be a good game hopefully, and a baramoter for both sides to see where we are against opposition we’re likely to be around come the end of the season.
Ideally would have liked us to be more settled. Just hope young Williams is ok to go as he ran his proverbials off. He is critical if we play 5 in midfield.
Big game for Moncur and Potts to show what they can do. Also Angus and Jackson need to show they are comfortable against Sharpe/Clarke/Evans.
Be a good Derby game I reckon. They obviously have bigger Derby games but atmosphere should be decent.
Hopefully Hecky has them prepped. They look vulnerable down the flanks as Fleck is struggling to get up to the pace of championship. “

“They shouldn’t be under any pressure or have any fans booing ffs, they are 3 games into their first season back in 47 years with 3 points on the board.
Another tough game and a derby for extra measure. Usually a tight game so I reckon a point apiece, which wouldn’t be a bad result for either side.”

“Want a clean sheet on saturday against that lot , feckin league one fodder .”

“The Blunts are giving it the usual ‘we should be beating teams like Barnsley’ and ‘if we don’t beat them we’re in trouble’ etc and words to that effect.”

“To be fair it’s took em a long time , but they did well last year , however some of their fans are getting WednesdayIitus , gerrin above themselves , in general I hope they do well , good Manager H/C a fan same as Hecky to us , Both of us to finish mid /bottom hafe”

“Think they will bully our inexperienced team”

“It’s a shame we’ve got them so early in the season whilst we’re still trying to work ourselves out and they’re on a high after finally escaping League One. It will be a tough game for sure, but there confidence seems a little misplaced. They appear to be an entirely ordinary side, with very average players who come together to form a solid, effective, but ultimately rather steady team. I’m not overly concerned about their attack, I think Sharp/Evans/Clarke will be found out a little at this level. I reckon they’ll finish about 16-19th, decent enough but probably way below their fans expect. Score draw I reckon at the weekend, although if we were pleying them in a month or so, I’d be very confident of all three points.
As an aside, I note there is no let up of the delusion and self appointed ‘massive clubitis’ amongst supporters of Championship teams. Forest fans seem aghast that they lost to us and now the Blades. Clearly 7 years of towing to beat the likes of Swindon and Gillingham has had little effect on expectation levels. The real big big clubs have yet to play us this season so that should be fun.”

“Billy Sharp is always a danger man but it remains to be seen if he can really cut it in the Champship.
This will be hard for us and it won’t surprise me if we lose, and although it might sound negative Id take the point now if it was offered.
But some of them are being extremely arrogant with those suggestions. A lot like the Notts Forest fans as well, the Sheff United fans also seem to think they should be a much bigger club… but they are NOT. “

“Teams like Sheffield United. Championship club at best. Not won a post war trophy. That sounds like us. “

“Makes me laugh how illiterate members of the S2 board are. Then they have the cheek to suggest we’re a bit thick and shag our sisters. Obviously didn’t read up on the Fritzl copycat from Sheffield.”

By Roy

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