“Reed is class”

“I was disappointed that Reed didn’t carry the ball more, he seemed happy (under instruction?) to play very simple balls, whereas he certainly has the skill to take a man on and create a lot more space.”

“always looked for positive passes and not afraid to put his foot in.”

“Reed was never in it and looks too small”

“seemed to show some class and despite is small size was strong and willing, think he’ll get a few assists for us “

“Reed looked out of his depth”

“reed looks lost”

“Reed was disgusting today. Another kid playing mens football.”

“Spot on – we’ve been sold short here. He’s just a kid and learning.Not his fault. What we need is a decent manager who’s been there at this level. Have to better players out there.”

“Reed is s good player
No doubt about it”

“Reeds another player that will shine in a decent team, something we aren’t”

“worked hard but a number of his defence splitting passes didn’t”

“Reed isn’t good enough as far as I’m concerned. Nice touches but you need to be a lot stronger than he is to play centre midfield.”

“He’s a capable footballer”

“Reed is ok, in fact most of our players are decent at this level, but the big problem is the lack of resilience in midfield and until Caldwell addresses this issue at the core of the team we will have decent players looking poor.”

“Reed, in his recent interview, says that he is more used to playing deeper but GC wants him to get further forward. Frankly, his ball out of defence, yesterday, to help them score a goal suggests he’s not the best defensively and, for what I’ve seen, he regularly misplaces passes when he is further forward. Yet, in the last home match, he got MOM when I hadn’t even considered him as such.”

By Roy

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