“What a great servant to the club. An unparalleled work rate, a willingness to run, hold the ball up, and get the shit leathered out of him by defenders, usually playing up top on his own.
Yes, his finishing was a bit dodgy, and his technique was never the best, but he left everything out on the pitch, never once short changed the paying public, and leaves us with a goal every 3.5 games which in the grand scheme of things for a free transfer, is more than decent”

“Respect where respect is due, Donaldson has stuck with us through the SHITTEST times”

“Didn’t want to see Donaldson go”

“Donaldson has gone I actually liked the geeza”

“I absolutely love Donaldson but it’s the right time to move”

“I think he’s got a good few seasons in him yet, sad to see him go”

“Awesome player for us through some really shitty times. He’ll get a lot more game time at Sheff Utd so it’s a good call for him at this point in his career. Good luck Donaldo”

“No one could have asked for more effort”

“Thanks for everything Donaldo. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be where we are.”

“He was immense under Rowett”

“Wish him well weve brought better and its a good move for all. He did a job though and scored more than others in the past”

“He never really did have pace. Strength and a workhorse but no pace”

“he works hard but won’t bring you anymore than 6 or 7 goals a season”

“Absolutely nailed on that Donaldson scores against us, the way some fans slaughtered him. Worked his backside off for us”

“Donaldson hattrick v us immanent”

“sad but past his prime”

“He used to be good but been painful to watch the last 12-18 months”

“He’s shit ahahhaahha”

“All he can do is win a pen nowadays, was great two years ago for us, not so much anymore.”

“Sadly his lack of pace and injuries have halted him getting in the team on a regular basis and now behind Che, Vass, Gallagher and Juke.”

“We actually got money for Donaldson”

“Poor mans Lukaku.
Always tried him best… but just not good enough”

“ Ouch unlucky #sufc fans, Donaldson is terrible”

“Donaldson is the worst starting striker in the league”

“Donaldson leaving is almost on par with us signing Jota”

“Looks like Sheff Utd are going down Signing Donaldson”

By Roy

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