Millwall 3-1 Blades


“A real backs to the wall performance and a terrific result. . Their self confidence let them down. They had clearly seen many videos of us retreating back to our trusted formula of two banks of four and began to push the ball about with ease. We were not helping by backing off and gifting them space and they duly obliged by giving us the run around.. Their mob had half emptied in disgust by full time as we all knew that for twenty minutes they had the game in the palm of their hand and blew it.”

“fantastic result, didn’t see it coming, to be honest. I’ll take that any day of the week”

“Much needed points, not playing their best and winning will hopefully give them a boost, in the run up to christmas”

“Dry spell over? Three goals from open play when was the last time we managed that.”

“Classic millwall, lose at home to Burton and outclass Sheffield United. Never boring”

“for long periods cpuld have gone either way. we played.hardly any football but strangely deserved it and lioked dangerous with each break”

“We couldn’t get in their half for a good while”

“they had a 10 minute spell at the start of the second half, after that it was quite even”

“They were a decent side, much better than some of the fanny merchants we’ve seen down here, like Reading and Norwich City.
Thought they looked a better side than us, but we deserved the win – if that makes sense.”

“An entertaining clash which the Lions deservedly won. “

“Rumour has it Hutchinson is still in the changing room, he is having terrible trouble getting Clarke out of his pocket”

“Ha hahahah they were pure shit today anyone seen Leon Clarke? To me I swear he was in Jake coopers back pocket all game”

“Sheffield United, who the fuck are they?”

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