Blades 1-2 Bristol City


“To the United fans. A little slice of karma. 
After complaining about every hard tackle from City, you boo an opposition player who was clearly badly injured by a terrible tackle. Now fair enough, you may not agree with the decision, but surely after he hobbles off with the assistance of two physios and gets substituted, you could maybe stop shouting “cheat” at him. And maybe not boo him after the final whistle as he’s limping badly down the tunnel. Haven’t been so happy to inflict defeat on a team in a long time. Both of our goals came after the referee let play continue following bad challenges from your players too.  You played well, but you met a resilient team with leaders and playmakers. Unluckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

“Agreed. Utter cocks.”

“Horrible club. Tinpot to the core. All the media hype around them makes this even better. Media lap them up for no real reason. Haven’t really done anything of note in football….probably in their history. Ground is old as hell and never full. Fans that think they’re great but really aren’t. Give that whole “northern steel” crap but today cried and whinged over every shove.  They are literally a northern version of West Ham. Wilder is a **** as well”


“United played some nice stuff and I can see why they’re up there. Don’t think we deserved 3 points at all but we rode our luck and took our chances.
A shame that their fans don’t know what a dangerous challenge looks like.”

“If Korey is out long term, our season could be proper fucked. He’s so vital to how we play. We’ll take those 3 points as compensation thanks very much Blades.”

“Didn’t play well but rode our luck. 
This is what promotion winning sides do – grind out tough wins away from home. Make no mistake, this is a City team of the like we haven’t seen for 9 years, arguably even better. Genuine promotion contenders now.” 

“Whilst we were bemoaning we were lucky first half TS saying  it was a perfect away performance, and overall we deserve it”

“Dirty basdeds… got what they deserved. Well done, City… totally took over possession after the deserved red card and was only a matter of time when we won it.”
“I don’t know but would genuinely love to know what Sheffield United have done to make them a marmite team that people love to hate…in fact I don’t know many people who really give a monkeys about them,. In my opinion they will fade away and finish outside the playoffs”.

“Good team, better than I gave them credit for previously.  The manager is an utter cock though.” 

“They are one of those teams who people love to hate – I am not particularly fond of them myself, but they were phenomenal this evening. Brilliantly set up from the get go, I’m not even sure we played ‘badly’ pre-red card, I think they just played very well. Couple of very good technical players, before seeing them I had presumed they were just over-achieving. How wrong I was.
Make no mistake about it, that’s a tremendous result. They will be up there come May!”

“I do think their team are solid. They played a good game and were unlucky not to do better. Ah well. “

“I thought they were excellent up until the red card. Fleck cost them the game and deservedly so.. if Korey is out of action for a long time, we could really suffer. He’s so vital to the way we play.”

“Sheffield United played well, we rode our luck and snatched it Good teams find a way”

“Best team i have seen this season. Very unlucky tonight.”

“Interesting result.
I believe Wilder is a future England manager.
But horror tackle that lost the game for his team.
Look they are a good team at this level but I don’ think they have what it takes for promotion.
Don’t think we do either but enjoying it all the same.”

“blades were decent, agree with the above they were perhaps unlucky tonight but that was brainless by fleck, cost them the game.”

“Great result, even if undeserved.
Red card had a massive influence, but wasn’t undeserved.”

“Fair play to Sheffield Utd, played some really good stuff and you can see why they’re around the play offs, as a neutral I would have been loving their CB play and how they got forward themselves, used the wing back system to great use. As others say Fleck cost them that.”

“First team go get behind us so easily this season. Looked good. But I will take that all night long. One word resilience”

“Day light robbery and I don’t even careeeee”

“Would love to sign Mark Duffy. Would fit into our system a treat”

“Harsh on the woodwork not getting motm”

“Sky really don’t want to give us any credit, do they?”

“Big credit to the referee, great advantages played for both our goals.”

“Micheal Brown biased cunt”

“Brown and Keith Andrew could barely give any credit to City. How many times did they mention. United hitting the woodwork 4 times?  Dear oh dear………”

“The whole commentary was a Sheffield United love-in.  Totally biased as was Mr Brown and Mr Andrews. Tough luck chaps “

“Now Higginbottom calling it smash snd grab. W&nkers!”

“Not sure what he issue is. He has been pretty much spot on. They on the face of it should have won if they had kept 11 on the pitch and Reid did have a bad game. I think he called it spot on. But I will take that win every day. Happy days”

“Christ we get worked up dont we over what in reality was a fairly fortunate win for us! **** me lets just take the points be grateful and move on like..”

“Wilder could be in trouble for those comments”

“How the hell can he blame the ref? What a complete knob & bad loser.”

2 thoughts on “View From Bristol City”
  1. Hope your lad is OK. It was a horror tackle that cost us dearly and a clear red. To that point we were good for the win. Great finish for the last goal and ultimately you take the wins however they come. I agree. Your defence were superb.

  2. It’s a pity that a some of Bristol fans are complete dickheads. Yes, a bad tackle from Fleck seemed to cost us the game. The true Blade fans wouldn’t have booed off your player, myself included. We could all see it was a bad tackle and fleck got what he deserved, but we have also been on the end of reckless tackles, not including the one on Paul Coutts. that cost us our best player. Your second goal should have never stood. Jack O’Connell nearly got his head kicked off a few seconds earlier and it should have been a free kick to the blades. Can’t believe the referee didn’t give a free kick, so in affect, it wasn’t Fleck that cost us the game, it was the Referee. If anyone doesn’t agree with this, watch the events on Youtube leading up to the second goal. It was a good game from two good teams, but I think after hitting the woodwork four times, we should have won the game out of sight. Looking forward to the return game.

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