“I’m so annoyed this have been moved to a Friday, especially given the two aways after this we’ve been given shite allocations for no explicable reason. Who’s going then & how many we gonna have up there? Should be pushing 750 you’d think given how big a game this is”

“I often get the feeling fans think we are a big club. And that we are almost owed premier league football? Or better years than we have recently have.  We’re really not a big club and in our current situation (3rd in the championship) we are punching well above our weight.  I think taking around 500 to our biggest game of the season so far is pretty poor. However, this is not neccisarily a dig at fans, because it is on sky and coming up Christmas etc. But just more of a point that we are not a big club. Last season everyone was so gob smacked about what went on and felt really put out. But for a club our size, 17th is about right.  I genuinely believe a team like Rovers, would take more Friday night, if they were in our situation.  This is very controversial, but I believe it’s true.”

“It’s on sky, transport is shit going anywhere from Bristol, it’s near to Christmas, I can understand around 600-700 for this one.”

“I’m not necessarily saying i can’t understand it. I’m just saying, it proves we’re not a big club.If Sheffield we’re coming to Bristol, they would easily bring 150”

“Well obviously we’re not a big club, we haven’t had years of sustained success at the top level, with supporters clubs all over the country in the same way Leeds do.”

“Last time Sheffield Utd came to Ashton Gate was 201415, they bought 752…………………”

“Was about to post similar. Fair enough Sheffield Wednesday but We have better away support than United.”

“Sorry, but we definitely don’t..: United’s away support last season was immense and they averaged well over 2k. They would bring at least 1,000 down for this game. Last season’s midweeks they sold out at Oxford, sold out at Rovers and had 1,800 at Swindon. This season’s midweeks they’ve had 1,200 at Cardiff, sold out 1,800 at QPR and 2,200 at Bolton. Their away support is miles better than ours over difference, we take less up north on a Saturday (see Hull, Barnsley, Wednesday, Huddersfield, Leeds etc al) compared with theirs. Daft thing to say and it’s completely unfounded.”

“Oh mate behave yourself. They are newly promoted back to this league and are on a massive up. Do you want me to dig out our away attendances in 2007/2008 when we were newly promoted after almost a decade absence from the Championship?”

“Be my guest. Dig up the 200 at Hull, 300 at Barnsley, 400 at Scunthorpe by all means. We averaged 1,850 that season, Blades averaged well over 2,000 last year and will average over 2,500 this year. They also haven’t had a sub 500 anywhere for 3 years, what on earth makes you think their away support isn’t better than ours?“

“I’ll be heading to Bramhall Lane on Friday. “

“this is the best squad I’ve seen since we last played top flight football.”

“Its easy to say it’s good when things are going well. We’ve seen the flip side before.  The one thing I’ve always dreamt of was having a manager that makes the team play At a better standard than the sum of its parts. I think we’re seeing that now.  I think we’re punching above our weight. And long may it continue”

“Personally I would say that the current squad harmony is the best I’ve ever seen at City. Everybody is working for each other and we have some real team players who are enjoying their football and it’s showing. “

“I said on Saturday night that this team / squad / group of players have got something about them, and i’m beginning to think our current position in the top 6 is justified, and not a flash in the fan.”

“You know what?
We actually have a chance of being playoff contenders.”

“the current squad is about the best City have had in my time watching the City. “

“I might be wrong but I have us down as slight favourites. I was laughed at by even the fans of my club for suggesting SU were in a false position and wouldnt be able to keep it up when 2nd three weeks ago. And so it has somewhat proved due to the loss of only 1 key player, although still early days I know. Wilder seems a great manager and I will back him to take SU up in the coming years but at the moment they have average players for this League totally overperforming. Maybe you could say the same about us but we are missing loads and continue to bounce back after bad results. “

“I feel dangerously confident for this, playing Blades at the right time. “

“Tough game and we never historically do well at Bramall Lane. I’ll take a point and I think we can manage that!
10 undefeated on the road.. “

“I think there are goals to be had against the big lad in goal. I saw him play for Wycombe last season and he seemed your average clumsy League Two’er. I was most surprised to see him at SU this season”

“Only seen him make a mistake at QPR I thought he’s looked alright. Moore was here a few years back, bang average keeper. “

“It’s interesting that Dean Holden and LJ played in the same team as Leon Clarke at Chesterfield, hopefully they’ll know how to handle him Friday”

“We relegated Sheff Utd back in the 80s at Bramall Lane when playoffs included the third from bottom team in the division above. My old man always talks about that day as the most scared he’s ever been at a match and he did the rounds”

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