“Sheffield UTD should have had 5.”

“Regardless of gamesmanship for the 3rd, they could have scored 5 or 6 tonight.”

“We could have lost by 7 or 8 tonight. Yes their last goal was a bit scummy but ffs play to the whistle. We look every inch a relegation team.”
“TBH bar 15 mins we were utter dog turdNuances of football and all that, if the pen had gone in there’s a fair chance we’d have gone on and wonBut doesn’t disguise the fact we were pretty awful”


“We could have been 2-0 down within 10 minutes after two defensive unforced mistakes so nobody was really surprised when we gifted them their first goal. To be fair there was some fight back and a great save from Blackman stopped our best chance of the half.We did pretty well nothing else for the rest of the half then just as half time they scored a wondergoal, similar to Kellys on Saturday. Since it was -5C I gave up. The end result was no surprise but I’m really past caring.”

“I know everyone is frothing and all… but we were only a saved penalty away from 2-2 and serious momentum. And it sounds like their third was a bit questionable.Whether or not that would have been deserved, or that we would have held on for at least a point is a different matter.”

“We actually played well(ish) for 15 mins until their goal. Didn’t see exactly what happened for their goal, but we basically kicked it out for an injury. Instead of returning it they crossed it in where they finished itP.layers and fans obvs not happy. Was a clear Penalty btw”

“Can clearly see we were expecting the ball back to MannoneVery naughty and hope for karma they stay down now. Cheating northern t***s. As a side note, and this is no defence of Stam, this was what finished the game off. Even after the missed pen, we had the momentum and were looking dangerous. It’s not only a lot of gamesmanship but it was the decisive moment of the game”

“Moore and Richards were down injured so Reading played it out.Rather than playing the ball back as every other team in the world does they smashed it to the box where sharp was obviously unmarked to slot in.Disgraceful”

“Sheff Utd 3rd goal – a bloody disgrace – I would be ashamed if we benefited from such gamesmanship”

“Wouldn’t expect anything else from the spawn of Warnock. They’d be crying for a replay if the ball was on the other foot”

“the kind of club to beg for a replay or to try and stay up on a technicality, but don’t know the basic etiquette of returning the ball to the oppo who kick it out for an injured player.”

“Sheff Utd did nothing wrong for that 3rd.I’d have been livid if we’d given the ball back to another team after one of their players stupidly let the ball roll out of play after their player had already got up. It was obvious the ball wasn’t going to come back”

“let’s talk Sheffield United. Astonishing. I have never seen anything like that, that is BASIC football etiquette and sportsmanship and all of them should be absolutely ashamed. Unbelievable to see that in the professional game”

“been victim to the worst bit of sportsmanship ever.Hound is exactly right.United just did to us what Kanu did to them all those years ago – and that resulted in a game being replayed. Disgusting and I cannot believe the lack of uproar by Reading commentators on social media and on here.Massive kick in the teeth when you’re struggling.”

“the absolute bedwetting by our fans was embarrassing and rightly called out by their fans. Our ire shoudlve been directed solely at JVDB for being outfought by a fat billy sharp for said goal. Weak in all facets. oxf*rd this team”

“that was all on our stupidity, Sheff Utd did absolutely nothing wrong.”

“Fair play to Billy Sharp for tonight, played for us and was mistreated and not given a fair chance, signs for his boyhood club, scores and gets abuse. Why wouldn’t he celebrate his goals and give a little bit back to the fans that abuse him!”

“Billy Sharp had a cracking game”

“Billy Sharp is easily one of the best poachers you can get at this level, really enjoyed his little loan with us even if he didn’t deliver as much as he should of.”

“Decent travel from their fans”

“Nice to hear the Chip Butty Song get an airing.”

By Roy

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