“After a slow and fairly under energised first 20 mins from us, we looked perhaps a little too confident in our own abilities….And the next 25minutes showed everyone why…
We have Mitrovic….
Great combination one touch passing is tearing an otherwise organised team apart. In Mitrovic we have a the forward we have been calling out for a long time…The perfect combination of strength, hold up play, poaching ability and quality finishing.After apparently taking an elbow off the ball early on from Stearman it was wide smile stuff and brought a hearty laugh to see Mitro react in the right way. His flexing his biceps and smiling his arse off at Stearman after he’d scored was a fantastic moment. Not too aggressive but brilliantly playful and enjoying putting him rightfully in his place….Sit down Richard. Brilliant football last 20 mins from us, truly all over them and we look unplayable when we’re in that flow. ”

“Mitrovic is a tidy, shrewd piece of business. He bullied the Blades tonight and every touch of the ball had a purpose. With the way he holds up play and dispatches, he’s basically a train station.”

“Its not just the result, its the manner of the result and the way we are dominating teams. Very impressive”

“dominated possession, passed with gusto and finished with precision in one of the finest displays at the Cottage. Champagne football.”

“The real Pride of London cut another pretender down, make them look average, and send them packing with zero points from the Cottage.”

“in the last 20 minutes of the first half it was like a Prem team playing a lower league side.”

“We absolutely bossed them. The second half was embarrassing, genuinely felt sorry for the fans that travelled”

“We looked so dangerous when they were in possession”

“Not conceded a goal at home for 495 minutes.”

“What is good to note is that we are playing teams off the pitch.”

“did we get out of 2nd gear ??, That was a master class performance. Blimey how good is this side right now”

“We crusied past them” “Boring just another 3 points”

“Oh I do love thrashing Sheffield United”

“I think the current top 6 will be the same at the end of the season, hopefully in a different order.”

“The only team we need to worry about are the officials! the match officials! I really hope we don’t experience the same as last season! There is no doubt that along with Wolves we are the top 2 teams in the Championship, we were probably the best team last season in the league but where did it get us? Like every Fulham fan I am over the moon at what we have achieved especially in the last 14 games, but it might again become a lottery, surely if we play our style of football we cannot again be robbed by FL officials? As much as I hate V.A.R. analysis, there must be a case to adopt it for the play offs? I can’t believe I suggested that!”

“I think the clappers are terrible but with our ground at least they help generate noise albeit extremely artificial”

“I personally like it creates a good atmosphere before the game albeit a bit American !”

“Luv em myself,loluv the stuff about em.hilarious.”

“Can’t stand them but concede they help make a bit of noise which might spur the lads on.”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Fulham”
  1. Impressive performance from Fulham tonight. Dominated for most of match and looked like a team that’s going places. But you must admit If Blades were as good as their fans we’d have been back in the Premier League years ago. If the pros and cons of Clappers is all you’ve to worry about it’s looking good at Craven Cottage.

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