“Another new record that Micks achieved is four home games and 0 goals. Mick OUT”

“Sadly that was typical Mick out there. Game turned into scrap, no quality on display but ultimately the result isn;t that bad. It’s utterly pointless, and certainly not a good result but it isn’t a bad result. We just bob further away in mid table, the second half was as boring as you can imagine and we were lucky to walk away with a point.”

“Two points wasted, bottom line.”

“Not much to write about that one really, a boring game”

“What a complete and utter waste of time.”

“Like Burton, all Sheff Utd had to really do to shut us out was keep their shape. After that, we were far too static off the ball so the only real option for the man in possession was to try and knock it over the defence, hope for a mistake, try and win the 2nd challenge etc. Not sure we were lucky to get a point – apart from a decent effort against the post they didn’t threaten the goal. Bart had nothing he had to work for and we blocked most things before they got into a dangerous position. ”

“The result isnt ‘that bad’ but that very very minor hope of top 6 is now all but a distant dream. We cant go into home games playing an setting up how we did today. Whats happened compared to the start of the season? We were leaking goals but we were bloody scoring them as well. (We were second top goalscorers in the league at a point). Frustrating and dissapointing. The guy that sits near me SBR upper said at HT “i’ll take a point today” if thats what its come to whats the point? Why the hell would you take just a point in this situation. Crazy. “

“Sheffield United aren’t Barcelona. It’s a ‘bad’ result in my book. ”

“They are a good side”

“We were outplayed”

“we were hopeless and were lucky to get a point in the end.”

“Sheffield United were far better than us, I assume on a lower wage bill. Crisper passing, overlaps and craft. They deserved to win. Probably the quality of our centre backs held them out. Couple of good blocks. As my mate said – “even the seagulls are bored”

“They were nowhere near “far better than us” just because in the 2nd half they had a few moments of nicer passing which came to nothing other than one decent effort which hit the post. If they were that much better they’d have won or at least forced Bart into doing something vaguely challenging. They were as much contributors to it being a poor spectacle as we were today.”

“Both teams were hardly an advert for on the deck football to be honest. Utd were more culpable than us, certainly first half. ”

“Not sure you could have played Deck football on that pitch.”

By Roy

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