” Positives again after that display, but a sixth game in seven without a goal is not good enough at this stage. The Blades showed that ruthlessness”

“much the better chances good saves by keeper but that’s it really isn’t it same story”

“made to pay for poor finishing in the first half. United turned on the style and it should have been more than 2-0. Chances galore in the opening 45, but the same old story, I’m afraid.”

“Duffy set both goals up again tonight. Wasn’t good enough for us apparently. Too lazy and didn’t live close enough to Burton.”

“Feel fortunate to escape with just a 2-0 defeat given the way United increased the tempo after their second”

“Zero goals again we cant survive”

“we’re 5 points off safety going into Wolves and Cardiff, we could be pretty much down by the end of March”

“Championship was fun whilst it lasted.. things could of been so different.”

“2-0 down and Luke Varney and Jake Buxton come on. Enough is enough now”

“Bringing Buxton on when we’re 2-0 down was a weird decision”

“Clough bringing Buxton on when we’re 2 down. You won’t be getting any more of my cash this season im afraid”

“1 up front all game when losing is not good enough.”

“For me, this season is written off now. If we’re bringing defenders on at 2-0 down as well, I’m not certain that Clough hasn’t written it off as well”

“Enough is enough clough out board needs to show bottle like wallsalls did”

“Still persevering with 1 up front. It’s not the effort it’s the wank inept tactics.Play 2 up front. Pressure the keeper when on corners not float them into him #cloughout”

I’ve got more chance of having a hot raunchy threesome with Kelly Brook and Mila Kunis, than seeing Nigel Clough move on ”

“Spent 2/3rds of season being too defensive & playing his mates.Paying for it now & running out of players! For me I still believe he should have gone in Nov.Was told he put his Notice in then but BR refused it?”



By Roy

One thought on “View From Burton”
  1. After watching the game, I don’t think Burton deserve to be in the position they are. I think they had some really good moments, and Jamal had to pull off some good saves in the first half.

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