“Thanks for the 4 points, played you off the park, see you next season lots of love ‘the scabs'”

“Ironic that the team who refer to us as scabs couldn’t strike for toffee today”

“Only one team in that! Shame only to get a point but will take it. Absolutely no chance Sheff Utd are getting in the playoffs!”

“They didn’t look like a play off team to me, , they became desperate enough to rely on hoofball”

“Most football teams evolve! Sheff Utd have been playing long ball route one football since as long as I can remember!”

“They are shite, big opportunity missed today.”

“And just outside the top six. One in last week and one just outside and I am scratching my head wondering how either of them are where they are”

“Oh to be 8th in the league and shite…”

“we were the better team, and yes Sheffield United are shite (at the moment at least).”

“Just had a quick look at their forum. Some reckon we dive and timewaste and the foul by Fleck on Tomlin was a good tackle (looked a clear yellow to me) . Mind you a couple on there reckon we played well and their keeper prevented us from winning.”

“Pantilimon was  excellent again”

“Unlucky there – their keeper made some brilliant savesWhat a manager Karanka is turning out to be”

“Good point and we really gave it a go 2nd half. Unbeaten in 7 now, taking points off some decent sides.”

“Good game, they’re trash for a team chasing the playoffs.”

“I’m pleased with that result. Played well in the second half and these are no mugs.”

“A very good point at a ground where we traditionally get nowt”

“A bit unlucky, thought we were a bit wasteful in front of goal but decent performance.”

“I thought we put in a very good performance. We should have scored a couple…..the referee was a homer…..yet again. We played a team who we usually have difficulties with and on balance we should have won. I can’t believe anybody would complain about our performance”

“we look poor in the final third, but still a well earned point.I’d even take that result next season at the Blades.”

“Not bad. But not good enough.”

“How boring was that”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Forest”
  1. You never played us off the field, you’re a shite team that never does anything or gets anywhere, how long have you been in the championship now? We was in league 1 last season and we’re still above you, as far as the playoffs are concerned we’ve got a damn sight better chance of getting in them than you have so wind ya necks in.. enough said UTB

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