“I think this was one of the games where our bad luck earlier in the season evens itself out. Sheffield United had a number of chances and if it wasn’t for Bentley they probably would’ve scored 3 or 4. I don’t recall their keeper needing to make many saves, certainly not any difficult ones. They’ll come away from today feeling robbed.”

“After the Boro game pretty much decided that we would not be challenging for the play offs. Just want us to now enjoy the rest of the season and unfortunately the conditions today played a large part in a very under par performance. Many may disagree but thought United were the one team whom looked like they wanted it more and felt we were fortunate to get a point.”

“did OK but we had no goal threat today. Lucky to get a point. Bentley MOM by a mile.”

“Game wasn’t great and without Bentley they could have won comfortably. Good to see an opponent really go for the win when so many have come and say back for a draw.”

“Bentley kept us in the game. Excellent saves.”

“Bentley kept us level”

“7 shots on goal. At home. Probably worst attacking performance of the season.”

“one of our worst performances of the season, despite some nice flurries. fair few players need to make a fair bit of progress. ah well – still been a fun year, and another season in the championship beckons. hopefully we’ll get a proper bloody striker in the summer.”

“Boring game – largely fault of the conditions. A fifth season in this league is a great achoevement. However, I think we need a few changes as we are in danger of starting to go backwards. Got to strengthen up front.”

“So so sloppy today. ridiculous amounts of unforced errors”

“Very poor today. Just never got going. Midfield v one dimensional and passing atrocious. Little movement up front. Clarke struggled at LB. Watkins improved things but we never really did enough to win that game.”

“Below par performance with poor passing and difficult conditions.”

“Really poor performance No options up front. Poor passing ,outfought, looked exposed at the back,, allowed far too many crosses in, lacked any fluidity, misplaced passes all over the shop, Maupay on his own against three big defenders, nothing created from wing play, never looked like scoring until Judge and Ollie came on. Fair play to the Blades who made it very hard. The game epitomised our weaknesses – lack of striker and support for striker, failing to close down crosses, lack of height etc. Players quickly left the pitch – they looked peed off and angry and frustrated. They worked hard but we know where we need to work . The play in the final third always bbroken down. Next season. these. Issues will be addressed I. trust”

“Good to see Clayton as deadly as ever with 1 on 1s……..”

“Deserved the point….could have been three IF we sorted our passing out……Maupay and Watkins biggest culprits amongst others.
Well done Mep’s great saves from DB…..Woods unlucky to be sent off IMO.”

“Worst performance I’ve seen in a while
Conditions played into their game
Didn’t see the incident with Woods but looking back he goes for the keeper first but never a red for either.
Oh and whoever threw the bottle of beer at Simon Moore is a c***”

“Having seen replay again, Woods possibly unlucky…..could’ve been just trying to grab keeper’s arm to get the ball..keeper definite red though……..”

“Watched the red cards kerfuffle. Woods may have touched the keepers face right at the start, nothing malicious though. Don’t think Woods should have been sent off, but the ref took the easy option in my view.”

“Two things on the sending offs;

1. Why was Woods in such a rush to get the ball? There was plenty of time left

2. If I were Sheff Utd manager i’d Be asking the keeper why didn’t you just let Woods have the ball? Sheff Utd needs the win more than us

Totally unnecessary red cards”

“Common sense would’ve seen a telling off and a yellow card at most for both. Two reds doesn’t do either team or the quality of the game as a whole any favours.”

“Two minutes before the goal there was a blatant yellow card for their number six but he’d already been booked and the ref did absolutely nothing. He was a joke.”

“That was the clattering of Sergi wasn’t it? Awful officiating, definite yellow, the player should have been sent walking back to the dressing rokm ”

“Me, my wife and kids had a fair amount of grief on the way back to the car.
I suppose targeting kids is not as bad as lamping a bloke in a wheel chair, so I should probably consider myself lucky.”

“They are right up there with the other scummy Yorkshire knobs at Huddersfield. ”

“I’ll put them just below with Huddersfield – whom are utter scum.In fairness to Yorkshire fans I have always thought Wednesday fans have been great bunch from my own experience.”

“Complete scumbags. I don’t know if I would have been so composed. Seem to be gathering a pretty horrible rep”

“Agree horrible set of fans. ”

“I’ve never seen so many middle aged men carrying an imaginary Capet under each arm. ”

“As ive stated before, living in sheffield, definately the nastiest bunch of scrubbers yorkshire has to offer. Course i’l be accused of being a wendyite, but everyone knows how they behave. That beer bottle at bentley and the random flair in the 1st half is just another 2 examples of their fans. On a seperate note I do think we were lucky today. Had donaldson put that in a tthe end, ex player n all, I’d be reaching for the suicide pills.”

“Probably not the best day to complain about beer bottles launched at goalkeepers ”

“Rarely see police horses outside GP but they were needed today which tells a story. Had several unsavoury incidents with them lot. Makes me laugh reading all the bedwetters on their forum about Millwall having their flag day at theirr place. Cowards who when confronted aren’t so big and brave. Shame as until I was old enough to know better, Currie, Sabella and the red and white stripes gave me a soft spot for  them!

By Roy

One thought on “View From Brentford”
  1. And I was just about to say what a great set of fans Brentford are. Went in pub near ground. Lord Nelson I think in Ealing road.Went in with club shirt on. No problems mixing with Brentford supporters. We’re not all neanderthals.Unfortunately we have some and I don’t agree with flare throwing or any other kind of throwing on to the pitch or at any player. I came for a day out with my mates.Wasn’t the result we wanted but still enjoyed the day.

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