“Biggest game of the season for me, I hate this lot. Nasty bunch of cretinous fans.”

“I am confident of a Bees win. We’re a much better side and they’re on the slide. COYR’s. If we don’t reach the P.O. lets at least get 7th above PNE, SU, the Wall and Brizzle and psychologically a top side to be reckoned with next season.”

“I think we’ll be bang up for this one and they’re no great shakes”

“ A close game with chances missed for both teams but the luck is with us, to keep us temptingly within touch with the play-offs”

“a win for us and if Boro or Derby lose, we’re back within 5 points of play offs again- I know there’s other teams between us-but u never know.”

“It’s a must win”

“Looks like a decent crowd tomorrow, most of the ground is limited availability”

“Is Donaldson available? If he is then surely he will dive in the box enabling Sheffield to take the lead from the resulting penalty. We equalise when Canos, several yards offside, goes around the keeper when their back four have stopped, anticipating the linesman’s flag and scores with a minute to go. Woods wins it with a 30 yarder in the 94th minute. Can’t wait.”

“Sharp and/or O’Connell to react to some stick from Voice”

“No they’re ok, doesn’t ched evans play for em though ?????”

“He’s in their squad – but I think he plays elsewhere (allegedly)”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Brentford”
  1. What a bufoon am down tomoz an i ain’t a crettin grow up u puddin sad thing his lot of time for brentford bob booker the legend UTB FTO

  2. Very nasty comments from your people – whatever have we done to you? I don’t hate you – you are a good team but you are no Prem team hope it’s a good game and the best team wins. Hope you have some reasonable fans – it’s only a game!!!

  3. Three points to the blades, some quality football gives them an early goal from sharp later followed by a John fleck screamer for me, they’re a tough side on the day.

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