“Sheffield were good but we were shite. You can’t do anything without the ball”

“We have just got a vital point by never giving up, even when not playing well. That is the sign of a very good team who dont deserve critiscism at this point, just support to get over the line. How we play is irrelevant.”

“Doesn’t matter , we have won loads on the trot , been to a play off hopeful , played shit but grabbed a vital point.I would have been happy with a point before the game and I am happy now”

“Credit Sheffield but we never seemed able to cope with their pace like we did at Brentford. We lost so many 50/50s. I think the heavy pitch may have had something to do with it.”

“The pitch didn’t help but I think it was more a case of simply not being at all at our best, against a very good team.”

“Never got out of our own half all game never won a tackle free kick or throw in. Sheffield absolutely murdered us with their ten goals each half. Final Score 1-1 Get In”

“Sheff. Utd were impressive”

“Worst we’ve played in months, against a good team, could easily have been 3-0 yet we come away with a point. Magic”

“We never got to grips with their 3-5-2”

“Sheff Utd are a good side  and getting 4 points off them this season is a great result”

“Got away with that, absolutely terrible showing from us.”

“Thought Sheffield United played some really good stuff.”

“we were outthought and outplayed. That happens in professional sport. After all , the other teams are trying to win too.”

“Warnock was given a tactical masterclass”

“They are one of the best sides we have played in my opinion. Coleman’s biggest mistake as Wales manager was not bringing on Brooks instead of “joniesta” against Ireland.”

“Second best tonight but great goal by Pilkington, he should be having more game. Two Welsh boys in United line up played well,Brooks a future star but our players never gave up and it could be a valuable point.”

“Brooks has got great movement and intelligence, he is going to be some player one day.”

“If we can clinch promotion then maybe Neil should consider giving the Blades a call and see how much they want for Brooks!”

“If we were at our best, we would have made them look very average. When we’ve been that bad this season, we’ve usually lost. Preston away early season springs to mind. We weren’t winning any second ball. Hoilett was off form tonight, same with Mendez Laing. Zohore huffed and puffed and we couldn’t really pass the ball whatsoever. If Sheff Utd were a better side they’d have put 3 or 4 more on us, but they’re not. They’re not clinical at all.It’s a huge point considering how awful we were”

“The pitch won tonight.”

By Roy

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